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  1. Just starting a thread so members can post about any discounts, offers, promotions that can help us save $$$. This thread covers all brands (I noted some chat on adjacent threads about specific brands, and some chatter in the petrol thread too, so if this thread isn't appropriate, please merge) And some other threads are getting long? Anyways, please share any discounts and coupons, and if you have some, you can post here so others can get it from you. If you know if any new promotions, please post - location - brand - type of offer Thanks!
  2. Do u all feel that with the shift in our attention towards rising coe prices, we have forgotten how crazy petrol prices have become? Are we getting used to rising petrol prices too?
  3. Electric cars are known to be efficiency powerhouses, but how much can you really save? Charging an electric car will likely cost significantly less than filling up an ICE car with gasoline or diesel. But, how much can you save, and why is it cheaper to run on electrons than liquid fuel? Before looking at the price comparison, it's essential to understand that the lower ownership costs are not just about electricity versus gasoline prices. Here are some aspects of electric cars that yield lower overall fueling prices. Aerodynamics In typical gasoline cars, aerodynamic
  4. Porsche Is One Step Closer To Producing Synthetic Fuel This could save the combustion engine. With new combustion car sales being banned within the next decade to lower global emissions, many automakers are switching to EVs. Porsche has already started embracing electrification with the Taycan and will launch an electric version of the Macan next year. At the same time, the German automaker is also fighting to save the combustion engine. Last year, Porsche announced a partnership with Siemens Energy to develop a new, almost carbon-neutral synthetic fuel that will extend the life
  5. Well my 10 year old car got the COE renewed so am thinking of replacing the fuel filter, not oil filter, not air filter. The fuel filter is in the fuel pump near the fuel tank. CnC quote 600 to replace both the fuel pump and filer as it comes together in as assembly, should I change it, it is pretty ex but the filter should be already dirty.
  6. Cars that run on hydrogen and exhaust only water vapor are emerging to challenge electric vehicles as the world’s transportation of the future. At auto shows on two continents Wednesday, three automakers unveiled hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to be delivered to the general public as early as next spring. Hyundai Motor Co. will be the first to the mass market in the U.S. It unveiled a hydrogen-powered Tucson small SUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show that will be leased to consumers. Honda also revealed plans in Los Angeles for a car due out in 2015. Earlier, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota prom
  7. 7.5km/l on my last tank yikes! I can do bad fc but this is super duper bad on a tiny 1.5L car. Was on Esso 95 previously on the 7.5km/l, just pumped Caltex 95 + Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner and monitoring but so far no improvements. Any suggestions to achieve better fuel consumption so that I can at least make it to KL in one tank? Deciding to stop at Ayer Keroh R&R for A&W should be by choice, not by force. 😆 Please help me get from very bad fc to okok fc hahaha. 🥴
  8. https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/01/army-tankers-will-be-drafted-in-to-deliver-fuel-from-monday-15351790/ what a joke for this to happen in the UK!
  9. i chance upon this HKS DDR (Direct Deposit Removal) on a mag recently and it say until got dragon got tiger like tat. it claims tat it has more cleaning properties compared to the usual market bands and is supposed to restore much of the engine performance after using. price wise i believe should be ard 30-40/bottle (220ml+ i think) i also taken alook at the old STP fuel system cleaner and it's supposed to haf the same properties wif HKS DDR. but ard $19 per bottle. juz curious if anyone of u had use the above items b4? or other brands? do they really work or juz snake oil? my c
  10. Ladies & Gentleman, I would like to have your attention for a minute. As I was surfing the net to look out for newsworthy content (actually, I am looking out for goondu blueSG drivers) to share with everyone, I happened to chance upon the 'crook of the century' bullying a petrol attendant by insisting that he only asked to pump $15 worth of petrol instead of a full tank. Fortunately, Kelvin the Samaritan, who shared this piece of news on social media after, decided to help the petrol uncle attendant out. Here's the recap of the post. Kelvin the Samaritan paid
  11. is it toyota prado? 87L
  12. My Avante 1.6 (2008 model) has been great and no major issues so far. However, it gives me headache when each time I go to petrol station. As shown in the pic, the white color plastic sleeve inside the fuel pump is sunken (moved inside) over the years. Therefore, need to pump petrol manually. Meaning we cannot lock the nozzle and let the tank fill automatically. Instead have to manually half-press the fuel nozzle handle and hold it to slowly fill the tank. It takes almost 12-15min to fill the tank fully. This is very troublesome. The technician in the workshop pulled the plastic sleeve up a bi
  13. I started smelling fuel outside of my car after a full tank refill. The smell is strongest at the wheel arch on the passenger side. THe smell would go away after the fuel levels goes below 3/4. I thought this was an isolated issue but doing a google search, people in the US are filing a class action suit to get MB to issue a recall. Has anyone in Singapore had this problem and has MB fixed it? The repair cost in the US is around the region of $2000 USD. Not sure of the price in Singapore but I shall be going to the dealer very soon. Check out the websites. If we can get more publi
  14. due to sky high fuel price, have to switch over from Caltex to SPC to earn another 7% discount (Caltex 11% vs SPC 18%) but some friends told me SPC fuel quality is not as good as other world famous brands (Caltex, Shell, mobil etc), FC and performance both are discounted, and if long term using, might shorten engine lifespan is it??
  15. wat with the rising fuel prices, just wonderin wat are the best gadgets the bros here put in the car just to save fuel thus saving $$$$.pls dun say remove spare tyre hor.....
  16. Hi, Anybody using Sinopec xpower? I tried last week and after travelling 400km on my 12years old honda, I encountered my engine oil turning green. My friend who drive a new Toyota also has the same issue. Anybody face the same problem?
  17. I take the trip meter km reading and divide by the filled up litres at the pump, getting km/l. I then compute the monthly average to judge economy vs driving trend. Anyone else with other methods?
  18. As above, the honda civic 1.8 fuel tank capacity how much ah?? Thanks!
  19. For those driving how the FC for this suv? Thinking of switch to 20' wheels, anyone can share before and after when u change ya rims?
  20. Do all these so called Fuel Saving Gadgets really works? Some of those in the market are shark plug. panther plug and some magnetic gadgets to be inserted at the fuel cable etc.
  21. I am currently considering b/w these 3 models-> BMW 320i, E200CGI or an audi A4. Does anyone know which brand gives the best fuel consumption?? For servicing, i know all will be expensive.. but is there a difference in cost b/w these 3?? (Generally, which will be more expensive in servicing?) Thanks
  22. lai lai lai... we are 1/3 into the month of May. Oil price has risen to new heights.... so will the greedy petrol cartel raise fuel price in May?
  23. 5.5 Years 110k KM. Should I change out the entire assembly or just the filter?
  24. Anyone tried Redline SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner? Any effect on FC, performance, etc?
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