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  1. Every day at some time I cannot make the connection to MCF although all my other sites work well. Unable to connect may last for an hour or so. Why is this. Does MCF carry out daily upgrades or something??
  2. abt last wk, saw a news headline by SM about alternate ways of increasing birth rate... then last sunday on zaobao, saw the report on Russia. Imposing tax on those couple who dont have kids. 6% tax impose on their monthly salary.. See liao.. i was wondering whether this is what they mean by alternate ways...
  3. Authorised dealer some more. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/dealer-buys-back-problematic-car-from-customer-and-puts-it-back-on-sale
  4. In one week there was several tragic deaths on the road 1) NUS student take Taxi at Commonwealth - Killed taking Taxi http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/teen-who-died-in-clementi-crash-was-an-only-child-said-to-be-very-close-to-her-parents 2) Lady at Bukit Timah - Killed in a Mercedes http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/23-year-old-woman-killed-2-others-injured-in-collision-between-car-and-smrt-bus-at-bukit 3) Pedestrians at YCK - Killed walking http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/lorry-driver-arrested-after-3-pedestrians-killed-in-accident-near-yio-chu-kang-mrt-station Take Taxi die, Drive Car Die, Walk also Die... It has been disturbing me all weekend, what do you think is the root cause Is it a road design issue in general, or are drivers here in Singapore become more callous and careless? Or is everyone so tired, stressed/over worked that rushing around with no concentration while driving?
  5. I started smelling fuel outside of my car after a full tank refill. The smell is strongest at the wheel arch on the passenger side. THe smell would go away after the fuel levels goes below 3/4. I thought this was an isolated issue but doing a google search, people in the US are filing a class action suit to get MB to issue a recall. Has anyone in Singapore had this problem and has MB fixed it? The repair cost in the US is around the region of $2000 USD. Not sure of the price in Singapore but I shall be going to the dealer very soon. Check out the websites. If we can get more publicity then perhaps MB singapore will assist. http://jalopnik.com/...-from-customers http://www.prweb.com...rweb9725192.htm http://www.sandiego-...complaint.shtml Forum discussion: http://mbworld.org/f...11-e-class.html
  6. People As we know, in this modern world, Gout problem is a common disease for city people...Some call it the ''rich man'' sickness...well of course I don't agree as I'm not rich and yet kana it...The issue of this sickness is that it will affect your daily movement when it attacks and you live a life that is so miserable and at times, you feel like dying....It will go away with some medicine after some days but it is undestood that the root cause is very hard to cure.....Let's share your expensive on this.. 1) What food to avoid? 2) What alternative cure, beside western medicine, that you seek to prevent it? 3) How you deal with the pain and what happen to you when it attacks... Open discussion...Hope this helps to share useful info for all...
  7. Has anyone tried renewing hdb season parking today? I keep getting errors. Don't think it's due to my cc - tried with 3 different cc also cannot go through, plus the error msg says sth like "contact merchant" Don't think i can just go down to a hdb office to renew rite? the website only mention online renewal method...
  8. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/problem-gambling-60-more/1982730.html The increase is due partly to greater public education efforts, which have raised awareness on problem gambling and encouraged help-seeking behaviour, says Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin. Yeah right. IMO this is just a tip of the iceberg. I will point out why later. SINGAPORE: The Thye Hua Kwan Problem Gambling Recovery Centre and the National Addictions Management Service (NAMS) at the Institute of Mental Health saw 1,000 more cases of problem gambling in the last three years compared to the three-year period prior, Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin said in Parliament on Tuesday (Jul 14). Mr Tan said the two key service points for treatment saw a combined total of 2,700 cases between 2012 and 2014 - almost 60 per cent more than the number seen between 2009 and 2011. “The increase is due partly to greater public education efforts, which have raised awareness on problem gambling and encouraged help-seeking behaviour,” he said. Responding to questions by MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC Christopher de Souza, Mr Tan said that the two institutions are available to help problem gamblers and their families, adding that Thye Hua Kwan treats less serious cases, while NAMS also sees to the more severe pathological gamblers. There are also other private and non-funded community and religious organisations offering similar services, he added. On the types of counselling used to help gamblers “break out of the vicious cycle”, Mr Tan said the treatment plan for each problem gambler varies depending on the severity of his addiction: “It usually involves a combination of counselling and different types of therapy, conducted on an individual or group basis. "Psychiatric services may be extended for the more severe pathological gamblers. Financial and legal counselling services, where necessary, are also extended to help the problem gambler and his family cope. Recovering patients are encouraged to join support groups for longer term support.” While tackling the "complex" issue of problem gambling requires the combined efforts of personal responsibility, family involvement, community involvement and government support, the Minister highlighted that the family is “often in the best position” to detect signs of problem gambling in their loved ones and assist them in seeking treatment. “Studies have shown that treatment works best if the problem gambler is accompanied by family members,” he said. Mr Tan also spoke of community support, saying that more Family Service Centres have stepped up efforts to train their counsellors and social workers to provide the first line of counselling and assistance when meeting families faced with problem gambling issues. Now we look deeper to see more of the iceberg I mentioned earlier. http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/some-cabbies-seeking-bets-not-fares It's Friday evening and it has just started to drizzle. You try to book a taxi, but find there are none available. It is frustrating but not really surprising - it is a known fact that demand for cabs skyrockets when it rains and on weekend nights, including Fridays. However, besides demand spikes, there is a lesser known contributor to the dearth of cabs when you need one: gambling cabbies. Industry observers estimate 5 to 10 per cent of taxi drivers are habitual gamblers. Checks at carparks of the two integrated resorts reveal a sizeable number of parked cabs - often during peak demand hours for them. On horse-racing days - Fridays and weekends - carparks at satellite betting centres are also filled with taxis. There are 10 such centres here, and the most popular one is in Bukit Merah. A recent check revealed more than 50 parked cabs there between 6pm and 7pm on a Friday. I have been to the old HDB HQ in Bukit Merah on a Friday evening before and couldn't find a spot to park...now I know why. Said Neo Nam Heng, chairman of the Prime group of companies, including Prime Taxi: "This is the worst problem of taxi drivers. And there's no rule to stop them." Prime Taxi general manager Eric Ang said: "Gamblers do not only miss rental payments, (but) they are not meeting service requirements too. "Their mentality is strange - instead of making money during the peak period, they'd rather gamble. Some of them will say: 'If I win, I will win more than the rental.' " Premier Taxi managing director Lim Chong Boo said: "It is not a new problem, and it has worried us a lot all this while." Trans-Cab general manager Jasmine Tan said gambling is one of the top causes of drivers missing rental payments, "but so are drinking and womanising". "We try to help them by giving them a repayment scheme. But if they don't follow it, we terminate (their services)." A ComfortDelGro spokesman said gambling is not a major problem, but that it is keeping a close watch on the situation. The phenomenon is no comfort to commuters, who complain that it is often hard to find a cab even though Singapore has the highest taxi population per head among developed cities. There are 5.2 cabs per 1,000 residents here, compared with 3.3 in London, 2.6 in Hong Kong and 1.5 in New York. The situation is such that commuters are now choosing parallel taxi services on apps such as Uber and GrabTaxi - even when the cost of a ride is often much higher than that of a conventional cab. Human resource consultant Alex Yew, 43, once saw close to 100 cabs in a carpark where a Singapore Turf Club betting centre is located. He said: "That was just one carpark - there are three carparks in the vicinity. If you multiply that by the number of betting centres around the island, it is a significant number of cabs. "So I can understand why people feel that's it's difficult to get a taxi during peak hours." The Straits Times talked to a couple of cabbies at the Resorts World Sentosa carpark earlier this month on the condition of anonymity. Said one of them, a 40-something SilverCab driver: "It's my first time here. I've been to Las Vegas, Macau and Perth, but I've not been here." Asked why he was visiting a casino when it was peak period for fares, he replied confidently: "I'm only driving part-time. I work in a logistics firm, I work 15 days, I get 15 days off. "So I thought I'd drive a cab when I'm off. When I'm not driving, I'm with my family. We've a three-year-old, so I can't come here when I'm with them." Another cabby, with leading operator Comfort, denied that he was there to gamble. "I am here to meet friends for dinner," the 50-something said as he was getting back into his taxi in the VIP section of the carpark just before 6pm. "I was in the area, so I thought I'd call them to meet up for dinner." This fellow lie also can't lie w/o picharing his own lobang.
  9. Can anyone help me? I am trying to post my ads for sale but encountered the following error (checked that my files are within the 2Mb limit): 413 Request Entity Too Large nginx/0.7.65 Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi guys, I have been facing transmission problem with my 2008 Toyota Harrier 2.4A Whenever I shift the auto gear to "D", the car will take 1 to 3 mins to engage into the gear. During the wait, the car is as though it is in "Neutral" gear. I do not face any problem with the "R" gear. The "D" shift responds much better after a 20mins drive (when i reach my destination). This is very annoying as sometimes I have to wait about 3 minutes before moving off from carpark. It also poses a danger when i'm doing a 3 point turn and the car stucks in the middle of the road until the "D" gear decides to engage after 2 to 3 mins. I have checked the auto gear fluid and it is at the optimum level. Gear fluid colour is also in a clear red colour. Anyone here knows what is wrong with the auto gear? Where can I bring it for a repair and how much would it approx. cost?
  11. For maybe a week there's been a da da da da etc noise coming from a 60mm diameter water pipe in our utilities cupboard. The da da da noise is extremely loud and the da da are as fast as you can say them. It kept me up most of last night as it seems to travel up and down the floors of our 40 story HDB, sometimes loud on our floor sometimes loud on another floor. My missus has spoken to Town Council and yesterday they sent a plumber to fix it, don't know why because I doubt if he has a clue - no disrespect to him. He removed a small pressure gauge from our Utilities cupboard and that was the sum of his work. He didn't even put a plug in the hole the pressure gauge left. I think this is water hammer, anyone confirm and who best to contact to deal with it. Driving me mad, like.
  12. Hi Appreciate if you can share your experience, recommendation or advice should you have had this similar problem I'm facing now........ Hired a 9 yrs experienced Indonesia maid - paid more hoping she can help my wife........Maid arrived & complained not happy, wanna transfer on her 3rd day. Called maid agency....... was told to hold on to her, no new Biodata available yet. Waited & waited, while bearing with her bad, 'bochap' attitude towards us despite treating her like one of our family.... makans, short tour, outings etc. Of course, gotta bear with her mistakes made........ she spoiled 2 TVs by wiping with wet cloth, choked toilet pipe & many others. Despite lecturing her, she continued her 'bochap' attitude. On the 4th week, she ran away (w/o our knowledge) to the agency & accused that my wife slapped her. Last I heard from maid agency that police report was made by them & she is now under investigation. I guess she's now either in the Home or agency's lodge. Obviously, agency is not helping us at all, for all this matter! We (me & wife) are concerned but not worry in proving our innocence. Yes, my wife chided her at times on her mistakes, but we do not lay hands on her! We lodged a police report for our perusal to further actions, if needed. Called MOM, they adviced to speak with concerned IOfficer for permission to cancel WPermit. Called police, they dunno if any abovementioned report was made against us, just asked us to wait . . . Called maid agency, I summarized the answer: 'no disclosure until investigation ends' Now, what can we do besides waiting........ WPermit is still under my name, I'm still liable for her & I'm sure there will be $$$ charged onto me during this 'investigation period'. Your Best Advice Please. . . . .
  13. Daughter has flat foot pain recently.....she don't have this pain when young but as she growth up and into teenage...the pain started when doing sport..I know this happened to quite a number of people.....did bring her to sport medicine clinc for dynos and pysio session......any kind soul can share a place for reasonable price custom insole?
  14. Sosaria

    Maths problem

    Calling the maths experts: Given three unknown square numbers add up to 109, what are these numbers? The conditions are that these numbers are all not equal, and they are whole numbers. Is there a systematic, methodical way to determine these numbers, without resorting to "guess and check"?
  15. Watch Us Fix Toyota Supra's Most Annoying Problem with Cardboard and a Roll of Tape source: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a30380806/toyota-supra-wind-noise-problem-fixed/ The Supra suffers from buffeting with the windows down. Our solution? Homemade A-pillar vortex generators. We're big fans of the Supra around here, as evidenced by its presence on the 10Best list. But no car is perfect, and the Supra exhibits one particularly aggravating tendency: severe buffeting with the windows down. It starts at about 45 mph and then steadily intensifies. By 50 mph, it feels like you're in a four-door where someone suddenly opened a rear window—there's a rhythmic bass-drum flutter accompanied by the unpleasant sensation that your eardrums are trying to escape into the slipstream. watch the video here. A few years back, our own John Pearley Huffman wrote a piece explaining why this happens. Basically: if cars are well sealed and have clean, controlled air flowing past the windows, they'll be more susceptible to the Helmholtz Resonance, which is the fancy science name for that throbbing wind noise that causes you to mash the rear window button while screaming, "Why are you even rolling the window down back there? It's 27 degrees out!" Kids love to set up a good Helmholtz Resonance. You usually deal with the problem by rolling down the opposite window. But that doesn't help in the Supra—the problem is at its worst with both windows all the way down. But if the airflow over the window openings is the problem, then that suggests a simple solution: disrupt that airflow. To do that, I decided to fashion makeshift vortex generators out of some spare cardboard left over from a flat-pack basketball hoop. Now, before all the aeronautical engineers chime in and claim that you can't make vortex generators out of cardboard and tape, let me point out that I have only a very rudimentary grasp on how these things work, and anybody with airplane wing problems would be best served consulting someone else. But I do know that the Civic Type R has vortex generators on the trailing edge of the roof, with the idea that they detach the air from the rear window and keep it up high, where it can act on the wing. Hey, I want to get air away from the glass, too! So let me tape a row of shark teeth to the A-pillar. And, because this is a Supra, your modification decision tree inevitably includes the question, "What would Ludacris do?" The answer, in this case, is that he'd paint his vortex generators neon green. Good call, Luda! With these handsome and understated aftermarket aero devices firmly taped to the windshield, I set off to test my theory. At 40 mph, I rolled the windows down and gingerly accelerated into the Helmholtz Zone. And . . . no buffeting! I went a little faster, settling in at 50 mph, and to my surprise the Supra cabin was serene. The cardboard air disturbers actually worked. Perhaps they weren't working as actual vortex generators, but the thesis held: If a resonance depends on a rhythmic cycle, then introducing some chaos might just prevent that cycle from getting established in the first place. In layman's terms, I made the air go all kablooie to who knows where. And it was effective, although we have to add that we don’t know how much our homemade contraptions hurt fuel economy. At the Supra launch, Toyota engineers told everyone that they expected the car to be modded. Well, here you go, Supra owners! Effective as they are beautiful, our A-pillar flow-messer-uppers are your next aftermarket must. They might even work in other colors, too.
  16. wanna ask MCFer hiadees/hiabuays. My brother had a tour booked through NATAS that was cancelled. The tour company agreed to refund the deposit. He signed a paper with the company which states it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get his refund via reverse credit card entry which the bank will advise and update in his credit card account. 8 weeks had passed, nothing. Now brother is thinking of complaining to the relevant authorities. CASE as we know is toothless. Should be go to NATAS? anyone can advise or perhaps share similar experiences?
  17. My sil who has had fiber internet and phone for 9 years or so and had fiber TV installed last December had all her fiber connections fail a few days ago. Nothing, nowt, zilch on TV, internet and phone. A Starhub technician was at her HDB yesterday and diagnosed that the fiber signal strength was too great and the fiber termination point box could not cope with the high strength of signal and an Open net/Net Link will have to send a technician to sort it out. Although her system has been working well for four months it seems strange that it failed because the signal was too strong. Apparently no one else in her block had developed this fault. Anyone else here heard of this type of problem and how soon can it be repaired? PS My sil is even less of a techie than I am, if you can imagine that ha ha.
  18. Breaking news on Yahoo today... Thailand declares martial law this morning http://news.yahoo.com/thailands-army-declares-martial-law-224020589.html "Quote" BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand's army declared martial law in a surprise announcement in Bangkok before dawn on Tuesday, intensifying the turbulent nation's deepening political crisis. It was not immediately clear whether a coup d'etat was underway. The move came after six months of anti-government demonstrations aimed at ousting the government and one day after the Southeast Asian country's caretaker prime minister refused to step down. The army said in a statement that it had taken the action to "keep peace and order" and soldiers entered several private television stations that are sympathetic to protesters. A ticker on Chanel 5, an army station, however, denied the military was taking over, saying "the invocation of martial law is not a coup." Thailand's army has staged at 11 successful coups since the end of absolute monarchy in 1932. "Unquote"
  19. I have a genuine problem and I hope brothers here who are familiar with BCA, Strata rulings etc will be able to help. I just bought an old Condo Apartment recently. As it is more than 10 years, I can see that the outlook or aesthetic of the building has been marred by owners doing their own stuff. For example, residents using the fire exit stairwell to house their pet dogs; aircon trunking were ran out of a few apartments; windows were differently colours; Window drills for many apts were placed inside and some placed outside. In short, the entire block is riddled with differences. Std Procedure, I applied for reno permit and was approved. No rules and regulations were given. Except what time we can do our reno. To cut the long story short, we changed all the windows in the apt to plain silver ones. The next thing that happened was the Managing Agent came over to my Flat and fugged my contractor (which hap to be my fren). He demanded that my contractor removed them immediately as it does not conform with the aesthetic of the bldg. We then contacted him via phone and asked him to take a look at the building itself. His reply was: Why dont you write in to complain the individual owners who has not conformed? What u see is BEFORE my time! So not my business. I have not time to talk to you, you know, I manage many other condos! U better remove it or I will sue u. My reply was simple: Go ahead then. I am quite tu lan with this a**hole. I read thru the rules stated on MCA wensite and many are broad based. Any one who is an expert on this matter, care to comment objectively?
  20. Hi My car is facing this problem. When I clutch in, I feel very hard to clutch in when the car get hot. When the car cool down, the clutch is easy to clutch in. What happens? Please advise
  21. i'm driving a fl06 vios and had some problems recently. 1. there is a werid vibrating sound coming from the left of the engine bay whenever i stop at the traffic lights with D engaged. not too sure wat happened. the car is about 87,000km now.. 2. the suspension seems to be gone liao. somehow abit rocking like boat. juz wondering how much for a set of 4? thx!
  22. got a 2005 lancer 1.6A. having problem starting, sometime need to crank very long for it to start. mechanic suspect wiring problem but cant solve. anyone encounter this before?
  23. Hi all, Can anyone here advise what cld be wrong? After the car has been stopped for 30mins or more, there will be this harsh rattling sound from the engine during start-up.. The sound is somehow like 'clattering'.. 'Clak clak clak' for abt 1s or so... Car no more warranty thu cant go back to borneo. Any current/ex is250 owners and experts here can give sound advise? Tks for all inputs.
  24. Rumors have been surfacing in India about dangerous problems with the Tata Nano. One unit of the ultimate entry-level car reportedly burst into flames while being driven in Mumbai. While being driven home in his new Nano just after taking delivery, Satish Sawant noticed a motorcyclist signaling there was a problem with his car. Indian Autos Blog reports that the biker furiously pointed to the rear of the car, which was apparently in flames. "I have no idea what happened," Sawant said. "The engine was behind me and I did not realise that the car was on fire." The driver and passenger got out of the car safely. Firefighters successfully extinguished the flames, and police in the city have begun an investigation. Vehicles of all types and brands catching fire on their own is nothing new. However, stories of other Nanos have recently surfaced about smoke emerging from the car's steering column, wheel bearings that spike in temperature, and general overheating. With the engine in the Nano's rear, it leads one to wonder if the car has the same design flaw as the original Abarth 500. Owners of the original Abarth 500 had to use a stick to keep the trunk propped open to keep the car from overheating.
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