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Found 25 results

  1. Rustycar

    Any Ssangyong Owners around?

    I know it's like searching for a needle in a haystack but it's worth trying.
  2. Lycanthrope

    Ssangyong Korando 2020

    anyone bought the above suv ? any real time comments are much appreciated
  3. clarencegi75

    Ssangyong Tivoli: Needs some polish

    I am sure that there are few greater pleasures in this world than KBBQ. Don't get me wrong, the Koreans produce plenty of high-quality stuff: The world of battery technology, electronics, cosmetics, and er, their K-pop groups (I guess) all speak to the dizzying ambitions of the great nation. But I think many will agree that there is likewise something ephemeral in the pleasure of being able to cook and stuff your face for $24.99 an hour. Perhaps its that fact that you sit cossetted in the knowledge that you got a decent deal anyhow, and is thus immune from buyer's remorse once you're full, or maybe it's the fact that for the next hour, you are empowered over your own gluttony, free at will to toe that sublime division between excess and restrain. Whatever it may be, if you, as I myself often do, find yourself in need of cheap transportation to hop from restaurant to restaurant, Ssangyong has the perfect solution for you. Ssangyong needs the facelifted Tivoli to do well. On the international front, Dacia has already firmly established itself as the go-to frills-free brand, and Nissan's all new Juke is once again raring at the heels of the compact crossover segment. But more importantly, think of this facelift as the initial assault, a market acid test if you will, before Ssangyong's more expensive offerings such as the Korando makes it to our shores. So, the headlines first: The new Tivoli comes into the competitive and crowded segment with a new, 161bhp turbocharged four-cylinder unit hot enough to fire up any BBQ joint. Combined with its 260Nm torque output, the Tivoli will be able to see off what will be local close-rivals the Honda HR-V and Toyota C-HR. Sweet. But better still, the facelifted car also now sports refreshed head lights and integrated fog lamps which manage to lift the look of the entire car into something that is do I dare say, handsome? (Edit: Those that have seen how I dress on our parent site best cast doubts on my aesthetic judgement!) Step inside and you will find space aplenty even for four with pork-bellied stomachs. Opt for the deluxe spec car and you also find a new central 8.0-inch infotainment display that comes with Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility. Abundant use of gloss black in the interior means you will struggle to keep contact points clean from your greasy fingers, but do will to lift the perceived quality of the entire cabin, which is, once again, pretty sweet, especially considering that you're still looking at a $109,888 car (price as of press time). I cover all this in the full review here. But since there is less nannying when it comes to blog posts I shall take the opportunity to speak more freely here. The car needs polishing. To drive at speed, the car makes its high kerb weight and centre of gravity felt, running wide far earlier than you would expect. Quick lane change manoeuvres are met with that sickening sensation that your bum is no longer travelling in the direction your arms have intended, and the suspension has no qualms about constantly making itself heard over bumps. That new engine may be a riot, but it sure as hell sounds like one when climbing into the rev range. Which is all a damm shame. Like finding out your favorite haunt no longer serves fresh entrees. I wanted the Tivoli to do well, mostly because for a while there it seemed like they were starting the make the right noises here and here, and diversity is the spice of life right? Still, its important to remember that this is only a facelifted model. Come 2020, we dig into the meat proper and see the firm's latest efforts. I'm already hungry for more.
  4. Spartan

    Ssangyong Stavic

    Hi Folks May I know who has tried or own this car? How is the drive like and maintenance support?
  5. Xcalibur

    Ssangyong Actyon

    Hi all guess SUV (esp compact ones) is getting more popularity these days. Toyota has Rush, SY has Kyron & Actyon. Just some pics to share... ================================================================================ ========= In the Korea Herald of Friday 14 October it was mentioned that SsangYong introduced the Actyon on October 13. The article starts with: new SUV's rollout to stimulate market. It appears that less than 160.000 SUV's were sold in South Korea the nine months to September, down 20 procent from last year. The five-passenger SsangYong Actyon should give sales a boost. This car probably replaces the outdated SsangYong Korando although SsangYong did not confirm this rumour. The SsangYong Actyon should compete with other compact five passenger cars like the New Kia Sportage and the Hyundai Tucson. SsangYong expects to export the Actyon to Europe somewhere in the second half of next year. ================================================================================ ========== Have a good day! xc
  6. Rustycar

    Ssangyong Actyon Sports

    Please refrain from saying " WTF is that???" or "That's the ugliest FCUK I've ever seen" Here goes : It'll be replacing the Musso Sports next year with 2.0L Turbo Diesel or petrol engines. Just don't get a scare when you see it on our roads then.
  7. Clement

    Ssanyong Tivoli

    Has anyone seen the Ssanyong Tivoli, reviewed in Straits Times here: http://www.stcars.sg/guides-articles/ssangyongs-small-suv-surprise-146212 Looks good. Anyone test drove it yet? Does it feel under-powered? It will be on my shortlist as I am looking out for a Japanese / Korean SUV.
  8. Hi, On 22, March 2016, my car (Ssangyong) was seriously damaged due to a hit-and-run incident at Ikea Tampines; (Park Level 1; parking lot 230). We found some broken parts at the site of the accident which belong to a silver Daihatsu Terios or Toyota Rush. Please find enclosed the picture of a similar car. The Terios/Rush must be damaged on the left front bumper with dark grey scratches, it might be that the bumper is very loose as we found many clips and screws all over the accident site. In the enclosed picture, I have marked the missing piece and also where the Terios/Rush must be damaged. Actually, Daihatsu Terios and Toyota Rush are the same cars with the only difference being the company logo. Please have a look out to help to find the Terios/Rush with the missing part and dark grey scratches driving around. For anyone who can send me any information (such as an image of the car, car plate number, name of driver, video, etc) which eventually helps to find the culprit, will get a reward of 500,- SGD in cash. All information given will be treated with 100% confidential and will only be handover to the police. I will not reveal the name of the person who gives me the information without his/her permission even to the police. Please send me a message here on MyCarForum. Many thanks for your help in advance. ROGASI
  9. Lycanthrope

    2016 Ssangyong Korando

    http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/article.php?AID=13715 something to look out for .. quite nice .. aisin gb somemore
  10. Does anyone know anything about this pickup? like bhp, torque, fc, etc... i called up several dealers, they all don't know, i tried to search online, no info at all, finally, i even called Ssangyong singapore, amazingly, the person over the line say its a discontinued model so they have absolutely no information on this pickup truck. can anyone advice me on the specs of this vehicle. if you need to know the specific model i am talking about, this is the one. http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.ph...635&DL=1000 even better if there are first hand users here to share their opinion of this relatively common truck. like reliability, comfort, performance, maintenance and fuel economy etc...
  11. Lycanthrope

    Ssangyong Korando

    hi guys has anyone tried the new Ssangyong korando -diesel version ? any comments
  12. Hi guys, Was looking at the new Ssangyong Actyon Sports pickup truck and was wondering how it fare against the L200 or other comparable double cab pick up truck. Also, how is the reliability/after sales service of ssangyong like? Appriciate any help
  13. Planning on getting a bigger car but dont want to spend too much on monthly repayment Thinking of trading my 2008 Latio sedan preimun for Ssangyong Actyon 2.3A CNG http://www.sgcarmart.com/used_cars/info.php?ID=303245 Do you think is worth it ??? any comments on Ssangyong Actyon 2.3A CNG
  14. Rosicky

    SsangYong Musso Sports

    Saw this at a showroom, look see look see oni. Looks impressive. 120bhp 2.9L turbo diesel enigine (Mercedes), 2WD manual version going for $60k (commercial COE).... any bro own one or went for test drive? Good alternative for the matrix?
  15. Lycanthrope

    Ssangyong Kyron

    anyone own this or tried the above ... not bad lookiing
  16. Dragos

    SSANGYONG Rexton

    Saw this the papers today.... looks nice....anyone know the price?
  17. [extract] Anyone here remember Ssangyong? Yes, it
  18. Bankruptcy looms as Ssangyong dispute escalates. The fifth largest korean car maker has been in court-approved bankruptcy protection since February amid falling sales and mounting red ink. Troubles have deepened in the past two months with hundreds of dismissed workers occupying its a paint shop packed with flammable materials at its main plant to protest the massive layoffs. Unionists have been occupying the Ssangyong factory for more than two months to protest a major restructuring plan that calls for the shedding of 2,646 workers, or 36 percent of the work force. Some 1,670 have left the company voluntarily but nearly 1,000 opposed the move. Ssangyong motor is now waiting for court order for bankruptcy in Sep 2009. news reported from 腾讯新闻 03 Aug 09
  19. Yr1985

    Ssangyong SUT!

    http://paultan.org/archives/2007/06/26/ssa...uck-test-drive/ Next time, I'll buy a truck like this.
  20. strange... musso stavic all missing in showroom now displaced by mitsu -i. anyone noticed?
  21. Genie47

    Ssangyong Stavic arrives!

    Saw the full page ad on Today. 98,888 with COE. Free 24mths fuel vouchers worth 4,800 Free 6mths road tax worth 1,750 Free DVD entertainment system worth 1,450 Lets see.... 3199cc IL6 MB licensed engine 312Nm peak torque available at 4800RPM 5 speed Tiptronic 4WD system with small 5.8m turning radius More than 5m long can take 9 adults. They say go check at www.ssangyong.com.sg for details. Oh yes, can molest it on 26, 27 Nov. 2-5pm at Crown Hotel atrium. Of special mention is Vtim! With this kind of seating capacity, you can still own a car instead of a minibus!
  22. Very interested in getting the Ssangyong Musso Sports SUT. Cabin very car-like and 2.9 TDI 5 cycl merc engine quite quiet. Price is also attractive at $60+K. Only downside is that it's a 'G' plate vehicle (even for private register) and 60km/h limit adheres. Anyone here drives a Musso or has any comments or feedback?
  23. Dear all Something new from Ssangyong I think. Any idea? Regards Lester