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  1. Singapore starts the competition today against Malaysia...what you think of their chances? Come-on Singapore!!!
  2. Although the company has still high expectation of the previous years of production, the Volkswagen China has announced that it will be burying the highly-accepted Santana by 2012. The company foresees Santana sales to hit 85,670 this year and will taper down to 62,640 in 2010, 48,440 in 2011 and only 30,440 by 2012. To back this claim it must be noted that the company has produced, since 1983, 3,213,700 Santanas. It is not clear why the company will be doing this, but VW China was still manufacturing an older version of Santana, which is popularly known in other markets as Passat. With many taxi companies utilizing Santana as their cabs, the car surely was totally highly-accepted in this particular market. However, rumors concerning the lack of safety of the vehicle that comes from across China might be the reason behind the German carmaker
  3. Hi all brother and sister would like to seek your help to choose between honda civic 2012 1.6cc or toyota altis 1.6cc . as im new to cars and this is my first time getting a car i dont wish my car to keep entering the work shop. also checking if honda civic 2012 have a default as i heard that the engine light will keep turning on. kindly advise below Thanks
  4. Any bros driving a tiguan 2.0 tsi or sports? How's the ride in terms of Fc , control , leg room , and the famous dsg Tran ? All feed back welcome thanks!
  5. The Azera fits in between the Sonata and the Genesis in Hyundai
  6. For sharing pics of chio atheletes at the London Orlimpigs Sad to say I have yet to spot any chio atheletes till now . Watched the gymnasts, divers and ping pongers but nothing good so far.
  7. SG-Ipoh-Penang-KL-SG road trip : 20/09/12 (Thu) We set off from Singapore at 5am to MY thru EDL onto NSH. 7am first pee stop and pump petrol, at Ayer Keroh rest stop. Then we turned off at Nilai to bypass KL to Seng Huat Bak Kut Teh (under the flyover one) at Klang for breakfast. It
  8. Anyone checked out the new Ford Focus ST 2012 at the showroom? Anyone in this forum already bought the car? http://www.regentmotors.com.sg/vehicles/focus-st/
  9. Tonight, Lion XI vs Kelantan opening match at Jalan Besar Stadium for Malaysia Super League season 2012. My predicton Lion XI 0 : 2 Kelantan
  10. Anyone has bought a new BMW through such discount sales? Is it a wonderful deal? BMW
  11. Novitec Exhaust Group Buy Please prepare a list for the group buy, and make it a really good sized one so that both sides win, you save money, they make money. and build good rapport. 1 cyanide27 2 Firestorm9 3 Vinil 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 end of the day, the numbers should make sense for all involved. if not, we can take these numbers and I will check with alternative suppliers for it ok? You will need to have it installed, and then visit LTA to have it inspected and approved.
  12. Yeah, over the weekend, entered into this TNP SUVival Challenge. I was not that interested but my bro need a co-driver, navigator and clue solver, so helped him out. this was our first time entering n no hopes of winning anything and we did not. Basically, there were 10 clues/task given out and four are compulsory. These four will lead you to the GPS coordinates of the Adventure and Offroad challenges. Adventure challenge was easy, it was like a mini SOC. The real interesting part was the Offroad challenge that bro was looking forward for. His SUV has not tasted mud before. There were several task to be completed in this offroad challenge, picture speaks louder than words so view the video taken by my Blackvue DR400G-HD car camera. The time taken for this challenge is extremely long, ard 1.5hours, so I have trimmed it accordingly. Do pardon the in-car comments between my bro n me. BTW, there was a Fast Forward envelope given in case u give up and want to go straight to the final destination. I shone my powerful 10W LED torchlight under the envelope, and saw the GPS coordinates. So we knew our final destination and planned the route accordingly. Enjoy the offroad challenge video : Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Lastly, really kudos to the organiser, SUVEC, the officials were really frenly, helpful and fun!!! U guys done a great job and to stand under the hot sun whole day cooked like a lobster. P.S No part of these videos to be used for commercial purpose. Share it if u like it.
  13. The world economy is not doing well and there are reports everyday that expect the situation to worsen due to the European crisis. A quick check on the internet shows that a few companies have started/are starting their retrenchment exercise, e.g. HP and NOL. Have you heard of any other companies which are retrenching?
  14. Teaser image Spy shot sorry guys , updated :)
  15. 35.4 km/l achievable? Normal sedan 20000 km @ 12km/l @ $2 per lit = $3333/yr 3G Prius 20000 km @ 24km/l @ $2 per lit = $1666/yr Prius C 20000 km @ 35km/l @ $2 per lit = $1142/yr Savings ~2k/yr or 20k for 10yr Specs Now ~$108k @ 57k coe, who go test drive liao?
  16. Interesting.... so pty go up or go down?!?! http://www.kitco.com/reports/KitcoNews2011..._deflation.html
  17. Hi bros, I was offered good price for 2012 made kumho tyres. Is it still considered ok and safe for 2012? Not too old?
  18. Fan of raffles mooncake ... deadline for DBS 25% discount is 31 July 2012 http://www.raffleshotelmooncakes.com/mooncakes_promotion.php Feel free to add if aware of any promotion
  19. Sure a not? Sedan car of the year 2012
  20. Anybody from here going? Jus checking. SGMERC got some folks gg. I am slated for the 23rd http://www.mercedes-benz.com.sg/content/si...nz_driving.html
  21. Anyone going this year???
  22. For the past two years been fully utilising the free 15% discount from Shell... plus use UOB card get additional 5% rebate, for a total of 19.75% discount. but i ask for 2012 voucher, they say no more. Very sad liao. Have to say kthxbye to Shell liao. Anyone knows which Shell station has for 2012? Also, because this month run around too much, i'm down to last piece liao and will be using it today or tomorrow. Anyone has an extra voucher for Dec 2011 to spare me? pls send me a pm! thanks!
  23. Jman888


    those above 45 should take note [laugh]
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