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Found 287 results

  1. Abachee

    2011 Hyundai Elantra

    Guys, as the number of 2011 Elantra owner is getting bigger. Think it's time to set up a new page for our Elantre group. Avante is History, and now a New Dynasty begin... Hehe Roll call: White Skydevils - white (collected) - east abachee chief - white (collected) - east droidwork - white (collected) - south mcfck - white (collected) - east Black peripheral - black (collected) - east deek - black (collected) - west teraine - black - west horava28 - black (collected) - central Sleek Silver gah - sleek silver - north kuokht - sleek silver (collected) - west spidercool - sleek silver - north Hyper Silver joe - hyper silver (collected) - north delwinho - hyper silver - west realm_ong - hyper silver (collected) - west soundsurround - hyper silver - east cat -hyper silver (today) -north -north Tomato Red Bayside - Tomato red (collected) - north watme - tomato red - east identiti - tomato red - west Terry_gerrard - tomato red(S2R) - east Blue lowln - santorini blue (collected) - north This post has been edited by Abachee: Today, 12:38 PM
  2. Article: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1231508/1/.html
  3. Stanley30949

    COMAND APS for Merc S Class (2011)

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know where I can retrofit an original Mercedes GPS system to a W221 FL S350 CGI (2011)? It already has a bluetooth telephony factory fitted but it would be nice if it came with a GPS and BLUETOOTH audio. If anyone knows who can do it please let me know! Thanks!
  4. Yahgo22

    2011 VOLVO S60

    http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/imag...=2011+volvo+s60 OH GOSH, DAMN COOL The rear lights no longer look like the ancient chinese coffin. Will this car be sold here and at what price?
  5. Dezouk

    VW Tiguan 2011-2012 feedback

    Any bros driving a tiguan 2.0 tsi or sports? How's the ride in terms of Fc , control , leg room , and the famous dsg Tran ? All feed back welcome thanks!
  6. LancerJay

    Cayenne diesel 2011

    Hi, I am looking at buying a COE Porsche Cayenne diesel, I would like to 1) know the common issues and 2) cost of servicing expectations For road tax, I have worked out a installment plan for monthly payment, so not much of a issue. Just worried if the car have major repairs needed every now and then. Kindly just shoot whatever your have in mind
  7. Mustang

    2011 Proton Saga Facelift

    Proton Saga Facelift
  8. With reference to this thread http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2701259-road-rage-unequal-treatment/page-5 Where @Darryn and @Ingenius talked about the number of teachers f**king students. So here is the official figure reported in the news. Please note that he figure given is "sexual misconduct", not necessary f**k. And the figure maybe higher as some cases are not conclusive or unreported. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/14-cases-educator-sexual-misconduct-prosecuted-2011 Now the question is, is this figure higher than the number of ang mo beating up anyone since 2011? Which is more common in your perception?
  9. Halo111094

    2011 Jaguar XF

    At the New York show Jaguar has pulled the bandages off the XF after its mid-life nip
  10. http://drivemecarleasing.com/ Year 2011 Toyota Altis at $1400/month
  11. Ake109

    2011 RS3. Anyone here?

    Tempted by the used RS3 (not the new one, too ex for me). Anyone here owns or used to own one? Never had an RS car so a bit worried about crazy maintenance (esp the DQ500 and the Haldex). I am prepared for more expensive maintenance compared to other cars but its the time factor if the damn car needs workshop visits every other month. Anyone?
  12. As abv 2011 Nissan Elgrand 2.5(E52) vs Toyota Alphard 2.4, mind give me some advise???
  13. Transpasser162

    Volvo 2011 V60 or S60 t4

    Still undecide which model to get, is there any different between this 2 models beside 1 is sedan while the other is Wagon? Is there any different in the drive? which boot space is bigger? Please advise thanks :) Lastly why is it that wagon is always more expensive than sedan?
  14. hi all, i was viewing a kia forte 2011 model but the rear power windows don't go down all the way. They seem like stuck when they are 3/4 on both rear windows. Is this normal?
  15. Hi to everyone We had a drive-up in the previous year [4/7/2010] to Sim Koa Yen Durian Farm "SKY". * reference : http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...2382&st=200 [from post #210 onwards] Now we are planning a drive-up for Jun
  16. The diva wants me to share this and I gladly obliged.
  17. Hi all I am in desperate need of help. My Hyundai starex H1 year 2011 has got a burnt clutch and its flywheel is broken I called stockist and they quote me $3,500 just for the flywheel alone and $1300 on the clutch replacement kit. all this are parts only, no labour anyone know where I can get spare parts for my van at a cheaper price?? $5000 for a flywheel and clutch combo, i think very ridiculous considering omv of vehicle 20+K only..... pls advise =(
  18. All-New 2011 Mazda5 Revealed - Public Debut in Geneva
  19. Hi all, Reposting from HWZ EDMW, bermudas posted: "Happened on the ECP (left-most lane) towards Changi, he was on his way home from work. TP informed that he was hit from the back and dragged few metres. Taxi did not stop. A motorist followed the taxi, captured the plate number and informed the police. Male, Chinese uncle has been arrested. Appeal for eye-witnesses and hopefully the motorist who called the Police can give me a call @ 92722437. Dad died instantly. I am not able to post in mycarforum since i do not have 50 posts yet. Appreciate if someone can help me post this there. I am only looking for witnesses whom i can speak to. Thanks for reading." If anyone witnessed this accident please proceed to help out the guy mentioned in the post.. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/showthread.php?t=3247019
  20. After a virtual boycott by several manufacturers of its 2009 event, the Tokyo Motor Show will return in 2011. The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association has decided that the show will begin on December 2nd, instead of its usual October start date. Media will be invited for advanced previews from November 30. That takes the Japanese showcase away from the Frankfurt Motor Show, and nestles it in between the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show and the North American International Auto Show. The relaunched show will take place at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center, also known as Tokyo Big Sight, a facility with 72290 m2 of exhibition space. From 1989, the show had been held at the much larger Makuhari Messe based in Chiba. That facility is nearly three times as large as the new location. Aside from the typical showcase and demonstration of the latest vehicles, the show may put increased emphasis on transportation in future societies. Other exhibitions could include talks and demos from coachbuilders, energy researchers, information and communication technology professionals and urban planners. Source : Worldcarfans
  21. Cactus

    2011 Kia Sportage

    The European Registry must be a bigger thorn in the side of automakers than the likes of Brenda Priddy and her minions. After all, the new-vehicle images the Registry keeps in its database are devoid of camouflage, and the latest to show its face (and rear, and roof, and flanks) appears to be the 2011 Kia Sportage. Based on these images, the new Sportage looks to be a big step up from the friendly but aged current model. Underneath slick new sheetmetal that's in keeping with Kia's current family design themes, the Sportage will likely share much with the just-unveiled Hyundai Tucson. No word yet on when we'll see the trucklet's official unveiling, but given that Kia's usually good for a significant reveal at the New York Auto Show, we'll wager that at the very least, we'll see the Sportage's North American debut in the Javits Center in late March/early April. Stay tuned. http://www.autoblog.com/2010/01/16/europea...1-kia-sportage/ If the real thing looks like this, it's really fabulous,what ya think?