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Found 4 results

  1. With reference to this thread http://www.mycarforum.com/topic/2701259-road-rage-unequal-treatment/page-5 Where @Darryn and @Ingenius talked about the number of teachers f**king students. So here is the official figure reported in the news. Please note that he figure given is "sexual misconduct", not necessary f**k. And the figure maybe higher as some cases are not conclusive or unreported. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/14-cases-educator-sexual-misconduct-prosecuted-2011 Now the question is, is this figure higher than the number of ang mo beating up anyone since 2011? Which is more common in your perception?
  2. From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1181839/1/.html SICC sacks GM, accuses him of "grave misconduct" By Conrad Raj | Posted: 09 February 2012 0546 hrs SINGAPORE: A complaint is understood to have been made to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau regarding the alleged actions by persons linked to the Singapore Island Country Club (SICC), playground of the country's rich and famous. It is not known whether the investigations are linked to the dismissal on Monday of its general manager J P Schneider, who was also the club's secretary. Mr Schneider was sacked by the club, which has about 7,800 members, for claiming in his application for employment dated March 19 last year that he possessed a "master's degree in corporate management". However, according to club president Tay Joo Soon in a notice to members - a copy of which Today has obtained - when Mr Schneider was asked to produce proof, he is said to have failed to do so. Mr Tay also alleged that Mr Schneider "demonstrated grave misconduct" in relation to the participation of Motion Capture Golf Pte Ltd (MCG) in a tender process "and thereby he had breached not only the provisions of the employment contract, but also the club's code of ethics". The club president said more details on the matter would be given in due course. In September last year, an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) was called to establish a committee of inquiry to investigate whether the club's tender policies and procedures were complied with, concerning such things as the purchase of buggies, tickets for this year's Augusta National, construction of the starter huts and the appointment of a project management consultant. The inquiry committee was to also look into whether the club's code of conduct and ethics policy had been breached regarding these matters. The club had previously clarified that, regarding the tickets and flights to America, Augusta National Golf Club had issued two official invitations to the treasurer and golf captain to attend the 2011 Masters Golf Tournament in April. "In compliance with the club's financial protocol, the SICC bore the cost of the airfare of the treasurer. All other expenses for accommodation, transport and meals were borne by the general committee members themselves." It is not known why the checks on Mr Schneider's qualifications were not made earlier. Following the call for the EGM by more than 400 members, former club president Jimmy Yim, a partner of law firm Drew & Napier, and three other general committee members - vice-president Chua Tiang Hee, treasurer Eugene Yang and tender committee chairman H C Chew - decided not to seek re-election. Mr Tay also informed members that, in order to avoid any disruption to the club's operations, the general committee has decided to appoint former Stock Exchange of Singapore general manager Yau Meng Fai (a retired legal practitioner and an economics graduate), as acting general manager, "until a candidate is employed on a full-time basis, following proper employment procedures". The post of secretary will be temporarily held by Ms Rajita Suntharalingam, currently director of corporate services, Mr Tay added. - TODAY
  3. I left see right see also see that this doctor is cheating but they classified it as "misconduct", machiam the recent CNB & SCDF cases whereby the two dogs were suspended for "serious personal misconduct". Why is it not a chargeable offence in this case leh since the SMC also say it is no trivial matter? BTW are public hospital doctors, other than those private consultants/specialists, considered as civil servants? I believe a court fine is at least warranted and in serious cases they should be fined heavily and report to prison go squatting to send a crystal clear message to all these public officers that such hanky panky tricks are serious breach of our laws and will be punished if found out. Wonder why so many of such negative news popped up lately? [confused] From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1180275/1/.html Doctor censured by SMC for misconduct Posted: 01 February 2012 1050 hrs SINGAPORE: A 35-year-old doctor has been censured by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) for having engaged in an improper act or conduct that brought disrepute to the medical profession. Dr Ho Mien had made claims for monetary compensation on the grounds of having completed night call duties, when in fact, he had not actually performed such night call duties. Dr Ho was practising as a House Officer at the Division of Medicine at Singapore General Hospital when he made the claims in 2008. The Disciplinary Committee of the SMC said Dr Ho's conduct was not a trivial matter, and that if left unchecked, such conduct would have a detrimental effect on the training of doctors. The committee added that the wrong message would be sent to doctors under training if it were to condone Dr Ho's conduct. It said that a substantial punishment would be appropriate so that practitioners are deterred from such conduct. But the committee considered several mitigating factors in its deliberation. Dr Ho had produced substantial and impressive testimonial in favour of his abilities as a doctor and of his contributions to public service. The committee also noted that the incidents of misconduct took place early in Dr Ho's career. The committee was therefore reluctant to impose a financial hardship on him as an "act of mercy". Thirdly, the proceedings had taken some time, during which Dr Ho could not complete his training as a doctor. Apart from being censured, Dr Ho has to give a written underaking to the SMC that he will not engage in the conduct complained of or any similar conduct. Dr Ho will also have to pay the costs and expenses pertaining to the disciplinary proceedings. -CNA/ac
  4. 3rd one in less than 6 mths...ok..one of them is just normal trainee...but still...altough we do not expect them to be angels...definitely we won't want them to be evil...3 in 6 mths...can we consider it as 50 yr storm ??? or is it a situation that it happen last time as well...but just they goes unreported?? and well...i don't expect MOE to be flawless in their selection system...but then what are the qualities they found in this candidates? I would be very interested to know...or they are just great on papers?? http://sg.yfittopostblog.com/2011/03/04/an...for-misconduct/