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  1. Transpasser162

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    Hi,Who should I reach out to for the group chat if it's still active?
  2. Transpasser162

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    Wondering anyone have this issue with their B9? Assume you're in a traffic jam where we are going on the 1st/2nd gear, so when we need to repeatedly press & release the pedal, that's when you will hear "clunk clunk sound"....The sound is very obvious on the 2th gear n soft on the 3rd gear. Other than that gear shifting is quick n smooth. I went to my regular workshop to check, they jack up my car searching for the problem, but when they try to hand rotate the front wheel, we can hear loud "cluck cluck" sound coming form the gear box. Is that abnormal? Please advise. I drove to Audi service centre request for a check and the mechanic said it's normal maybe due to the new gearbox, it doesn't work like an auto gear box. But nevertheless,I've since book an appt with Audi service centre, so just want to know if that's normal/abnormal just in case the Audi mechanic tell me it's normal.
  3. Transpasser162

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    Any idea whats the ideal offset for A4B9 18" rim? I like the Enkei SS05 and the offset is 40 but the mechanic told me that the wheel will not flush with the fender, it will be "inside" abit. Is that true?
  4. Transpasser162

    Travelling during Seoul P.holiday

    Sorry the travelling date should be 14th-16th Sept which happen to be the Chuseok holiday.
  5. Hi there, will be travelling from Seoul to Busan on the 13th Sept - 15th & it happen to be a P.Holiday. I've make the reservation for the Korail Pass but i realise all KTX seats have been fully booked. So i can only opt for the standing tickets provided it's still available. So may i ask what if even standing tickets also no available, will i be prevent from boarding the train? Please help thanks x 2
  6. Transpasser162

    Wifi EGG (MIFI)

    i already have my own wifi egg, hence just need a sim card. Have you tried on a korean network? Or is it just insert the sim card into the EGG and do the setting then i can use already?
  7. Transpasser162

    Wifi EGG (MIFI)

    Hi there, i'm going to Seoul next week, as i have my own wifi EGG, can i just buy the SIM card & use it on my EGG? I've email KR & EG but both reply their SIM card only usable on mobile phone. Please help thanks.
  8. Transpasser162

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    $400 for the original pedal? Wow that's very ex
  9. Transpasser162

    Volvo 2011 V60 or S60 t4

    Still undecide which model to get, is there any different between this 2 models beside 1 is sedan while the other is Wagon? Is there any different in the drive? which boot space is bigger? Please advise thanks :) Lastly why is it that wagon is always more expensive than sedan?
  10. Transpasser162

    2014 X-Trail

    Congrats on your new x-trail, i also like this car but no $ to buy haha.....
  11. Transpasser162

    2014 X-Trail

    Went to see the new X Trail last sun, i would say it's really worth the price. At slightly less than $150k. You get panoramic sunroof, cruise control, electronic tailgate, keyless entry, rear aircon, 7 seaters etc. Just doesn't know will it be underpower as it's a 2.0L CVT engine?
  12. Transpasser162

    Troubleshooting of remote cctv

    Hi, any recommendation of freelance IT guys who're able to troubleshoot remote cctv and charge reasonable. Or anyone guru out there can help? Currently using the Minix 7 (Remote function) to monitor the cctv at my parent house (Using cable 100mbps), but the transmission got cut off after less than a minute. But when i use my tablet/Hp using the same router, it doesn't get cut off. So i bring the Minix 7 back to my home (fibre 200mbps), no problem with the connection. So what's the problem here? Please help
  13. Hi, currently my side mirror LED indicator is not working anymore, went to accessories shop and was told that the LED Bulb can't change, have to change the whole side mirror. As my model is quite rare locally, so i need to check with you guys is what i was told true? Please advise.Thanks.
  14. Transpasser162

    T-shirt printing

    Thanks Venom
  15. Transpasser162

    T-shirt printing

    Hi, anybody have any ideas where i can find those t-shirt printing shop that can provide printing services whereby i provide the t-shirt while they provide the stickers and labour to print? I ask afew in queensway but they don't provide that. Please advise.Thanks.