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  1. Sunny

    Watch Part V

    icbc bank 6months 1.75% any amount above 20k saw "watched" aunty at bank with $100k cashier's order..jin rich p.s. keep topic intact hor :p
  2. Sunny

    Watch Part V

    Sub TT with aftermarket pvd buckle and camo strap Bo pian on budget..sharing this strap between 2 watches. Nx time switch over on my sd4000 also
  3. Sunny

    2016 Audi A4 sedan & avant

    Need to change Topic title liao 2020 A4 cuming
  4. If like that...we better eat seedless guava...99% yield
  5. Sunny

    Watch Part V

    Ya lo Most watch brands, dealers squeeze till no water drip
  6. Sunny

    Watch Part V

    I think RM = rolls Royce Hung Cheng quite bad (part 2.1) At home drink self made milk tea
  7. Sunny

    Watch Part V

    Sifu @enye today on leave Really my idle...oops idol
  8. Sunny

    Mercedes GLC

    Mine 25.4k kmNo sign yet Maybe long distance driving But 25k km a little fast (in my standard) Maybe big car
  9. Sunny

    Watch Part V

    Watch is limited edition.I think called Violet tuna Sbbn042 Got it pretty good price $1800 bnib at hour boutique at peninsula shopping center Original is a rubber strap Got this shark mesh black pvd from the same shop Nice watch, bro
  10. Sunny

    2019 Mercedes Benz GLB (X247)

    Dimensions comparison with between GLB vs GLC (not so much with GLA)
  11. Sunny

    Watch Part V

    Hung Cheng Pai (part 2) * Pardon...Pic sideway when post via hp
  12. Sunny

    Watch Part V

    Black sunbeam dial 36mm116234