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  1. Totally agree with this guy. Time to clean up and get rid of foreign trash. ST Forum Mar 1, 2011 HIRING SINGAPOREANS FIRST 'Foreign' doesn't always mean 'talent' WHILE I agree that Singapore needs foreigners to stay competitive, there are levels of foreign talent ('Levy hike 'not a push for locals''; last Thursday). At a basic level, there is a need for work permit and S Pass holders in the service, construction and manufacturing industries, given the shrinking population and comparative lack of appeal for these sectors among most Singaporeans. There should be some control to mitigate the negative effects of attracting foreigners at this level, like falling productivity; and this year's Budget has started to address this issue with the revised levy. However, when it comes to foreign talent on employment passes, are we certain that Singaporeans who graduate from one of the best education systems anywhere are unable to fill such vacancies? As much as we need multinational companies (MNCs) to invest and create jobs here, there must be a delicate balance to reap the optimum benefits of combining local and foreign talent. To achieve optimum balance, the Government should have a process of checks to manage the quantity and quality of white-collar foreign talent. I have been working in MNCs for more than 26 years and my experience informs me that it is not always the case that the foreign help is cleverer or more productive than his Singaporean equivalent. In fact, there are many Singaporeans who are better and cheaper. In fairness, I have also worked with talented and experienced foreign managers from whom I have learnt much. However, it is troubling when the term 'foreign' becomes synonymous with 'talent', though that is not always so. James Ang
  2. http://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-goes-...e-photo-gallery
  3. Was chatting with a fellow brother and we were arguing about how having turbo will contribute to FC. I was on the camp that having turbo, FC friendliness will only be achieved if the required gear-ratio vs RPM is achieved. He was on the camp that turbo is FC friendly regardless, only the max BHP is the difference at the correct gear-ratio vs RPM. so, just to generate some chit chat. i am bored. share your views.
  4. Interesting article: http://www.todayonline.com/commentary/why-everyone-mean-and-stupid-and-getting-worse
  5. Saw this powerful quote from someone who post this on Facebook and decided to share. In life every thing we want to be equal, but there are some less privileged human who are being dropped out to being not enjoying as much as others if everything else being equal. So perhaps at times we actually neglected those who are far worst off then us and we should actually provide them not just equal opportunity but lend a helping hand to help them succeed. What say you guys?
  6. I v innocent. TEach me more here.... http://www.sliptalk.com/2014/03/13/misplaced-advertisements/#.UzEaAPmSySr ooooh, i yearn for cock...er, i mean coke
  7. Dear all, Yup to relocate ecu, I read how to better prevent car from stolen. The highly rated solution is yo relocate ecu( I think only can delay a while longer only). My questions are is it legal, I dont see why it is illegal. Anyone know where got such service. Lastly any better suggestion to prevent such unfortunate experience. I understand the top 2 option is dont go malaysia and dont drive. Please share valuable input Thank for reading
  8. Hi I'm driving a Nissan Latio and just notice this light from my dashbox lighted up. Anyone know what this light mean for? Thanks.
  9. What will they think of next?! Wow!
  10. Either that or angmo really have strange taste in Asian woman. Very gossipy topic but I cannot tahan
  11. STOMPer Karen said a foreign woman, who was apparently a Chinese national, refused to give way to an elderly woman on a bus who was about to alight. The STOMPer said the foreign woman was also rude to the elderly passenger. The STOMPer, who took a video of the incident, said: "This happened this morning (Nov 16). "The bus was crowded and the elderly woman wanted to move to the back of the bus as she was going to alight soon. "But the China woman was standing up and blocking the way, even though there was empty seat in front of her. "When the elderly auntie asked the foreign woman to either sit down or move in to the back so that she could make her way to the door, the younger woman ignored her. "The woman sat down when the auntie asked her a second time, but she later started to argue because she wasn't happy about being told to sit down. "The auntie told her that she shouldn't be rude, as she is in Singapore, and the foreign woman replied that she lives in Singapore too. "When the old woman was about to alight, the foreign woman told the auntie that just because she's old, it doesn't mean that she has to give way to her."
  12. Hi.., SKA plate does not mean use current coe right? example: people sell car, but the seller want keep the plate no. so the new buyer of that car will use current plate no (example ska/ skb) right?
  13. :angry: :angry: Sick fella
  14. Are our Singaporean bosses really that bad? Somehow from personal experience I don't think so. Most bosses seem to be very reasonable and pro-family. ----- Singaporean bosses found to be mean Lianhe Wanbao - 5 days 18 hrs 32 mins ago Singaporean bosses are found to be mean in a regional survey. (Pic / Internet) Are Singaporean bosses so mean that they want to get hold of their employees 24/7
  15. so when you get salary increast dont be too happy PR can get subsidy why we true blue singaporeans are denied this has nothing to do with politics but policy who is in charge Long wait for bed 2 June 2011 Straits Times I WOULD like to recount my unpleasant experience when my father was admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) for inpatient treatment from May 17 to 24. He was admitted at noon on May 17 but was wheeled out of the hospital and made to wait for a bed in a makeshift tentage area. No bed was allocated even after a wait of seven hours. When a bed became available at a B1 ward, we were advised it would push up the bill by $900 for seven days' stay. However, we were told it might be possible to downgrade to a B2 ward and enjoy subsidised outpatient specialist fee if we were to explain our situation at the admissions office and to the relevant specialist. The interim bill on May 21 came to $3,700. So we requested a downgrade to a B2 ward at the admissions office but were advised that only the medical social worker at the care and counselling department could approve this. By the time we met the social worker on May 23, the interim bill had increased to $7,800. We were informed that our household income for our family of five exceeded the limit of $10,000 per month and so we did not qualify for the downgrade. When I discussed discharging my father with the doctors, they advised against it. We were caught in a situation where we could not downgrade to a B2 ward or safely seek discharge. In the end, on May 24, we secured discharge against the advice of the doctors as we could not afford to pay $1,000 each day. How could the hospital policy be formulated in a way that allows patients to be admitted to a ward of their choice regardless of their household income and yet, when a request for a downgrade is made, the criterion boils down to household income? Chong Gek Syn (Ms) Hospital to improve communications WE REFER to Ms Chong Gek Syn's feedback and would like to apologise for her father's long wait for a bed on May 17. Our bed occupancy rate reached a high over the long Vesak holiday weekend and we were doing our best to expedite all the admissions. As shared with all the patients awaiting admission, priority in bed allocation would be given to patients who are in a critical condition. In such a situation, patients who are stable and awaiting admission, such as Ms Chong's father, would continue to be cared for in an adjacent building near the emergency department, where they would be checked on regularly by our team of doctors and nurses. Ms Chong and her father had opted for a B2 ward originally, but decided to opt for a B1 ward, where beds were more readily available. As with all such requests, we informed them of the estimated bill size and the payment implications. We shared too that any request to later move to a subsidised ward would be subject to an assessment of their household income. This is to ensure that needy patients who require the heavily subsidised B2 or C ward beds more urgently are given priority. Ms Chong put in a request to move to a subsidised ward after her father was admitted in B1. They went through the means test and were unfortunately not eligible. The final out-of-pocket component of the hospital bill, after deducting from Medisave and insurance, was about $2,800. We empathise with the family and are in contact with them to see how we can further help them. We will also strive to improve our communications with patients to ensure we can help them make better informed decisions. Dr Eugene Fidelis Soh Chief Operating Officer Tan Tock Seng Hospital
  16. it's interesting ... A big shop quotes 800 for car dent scratch repair while another small one quoted 400 for same thing
  17. Below is the list of "Sports" car commonly found in Singapore road. Almost all the Japanese ones can't do 0-100 under 10 sec or above 200km/hr. As for Golf, the real "Sport" should be the R32 rather than this junior, despite fast but still entry level machine. What does the "Sport" tell you? To highlight that particular car model is NOT a Sports Car and Please don't handle like one? Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6A GLX Sports Mitsubishi Grandis 2.4A Sports Gear Mitsubishi Colt Plus 1.5A Sports Nissan Latio 1.5A Sports Premium Toyota Vios 1.5E A Sports Mitsubishi Lancer EX 1.5A GLS Sports Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6M Peugeot 207CC 1.6A Sport Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 Sport TSI Suzuki Ignis Sport 1.5M Volkswagen Golf 1.4A Sport TSI Volkswagen Jetta 1.4 Sport TSI
  18. Additional Voluntary Excess You can save on your premium by choosing a higher voluntary excess, which will only apply in the event of you making a claim against your policy.
  19. Never figured out this button near the climate control.
  20. I thought crime prevention means to prevent criminal acts fm being commited. But 2day, SPF enlightened me on new meaning. I came back fm week end trip last nite. Reached home, saw a IOU pasted on my window wif IC belong to previous owner. (Shifted in couple of months ago) Went to n'hood police centre to lodge rpt. 1st thing officer asked me wat I want the report for? I was for a moment. Told him I wud like to paste rpt on my window to inform wud be aggressors dat previous owner no longer here. Then he said he tell me first dat even wif rpt, wl not prevent debt collectors fm painting my door. So I told him I still want to lodge rpt. As he was typing away on his pc, I asked him is it not a crime for people not to change address to current address? He said no. Then I asked him if they wl try to find where the bustard is and all dat. He said as long as no criminal acts committed, they wl not initiate investigation, dis rpt is for record purposes only. I was thinking to myself, like dat if my family's safety is compromised then they wl investigate? Cukoo rite. Some more can tell if recieved govt letter meant for previous owner, I shud pass it to ICA. I was like u think I so free to be delivery boy? Then I asked him if ICA wl go look for him? He said he doesn't know the current procedure on dat. After having signed the rpt, the bugger can still tell me if anything happens to my property or I encounter problems, just give them a call. I was thinking to myself I wud rather keep a baseball bat handy since they won't do anything if a fight ensues. Good thing it was a licensed money lender with name card. Met up wif the tao gor and straightened things out.
  21. Another STOMPer spotted this woman standing up in the back seat of a convertible, using only the car's front seat backrests for support. On Jul 18 at about 6pm, a STOMPer spotted three women in a red convertible speeding on the road from Tampines to Simei East Point Mall. One of the women was standing up on the back seat. The STOMPer thought that this was dangerous and irresponsible, as any sudden braking can cause her to "fly off and injure herself". STOMPer dazzLaser also spotted the women on Jul 17: "A woman was seen sitting precariously on top of the car seat of a sport Merc last Sat (Jul 17) morning along Tampines Ave 2." does it really feel different? if so i must try .. lol .. and tot this kind of thing onli can try in my .. seems like sg oso relack la
  22. The TPC system facilitates tire replacement for GM customers on GM vehicles, meeting the same critical performance specifications of GM vehicle original equipment tires. Tire Size and Construction Tire Type: Identifies vehicle type. P denotes passenger vehicle*; LT denotes Light Truck. Tire Width: Measured in millimetres. E.g. 215 Aspect Ratio: The ratio of the height of the tire's cross-section to its width. E.g. 65 Construction: R denotes radial, whereas B indicates a bias construction. Wheel Diameter: The greatest distance across the wheel from tread to tread, measured in inches. E.g. 15 * May also include pickup trucks and SUVs. Load Index and Load Capacity Load Index: The maximum load in pounds (lb.) that the tire can support when properly inflated based on the Load Index Chart. E.g. 89 Load Index Pounds Kilograms 75 853 387 76 882 400 77 908 412 78 937 425 79 963 437 80 992 450 81 1019 462 82 1047 475 83 1074 487 84 1102 500 85 1135 515 86 1168 530 87 1201 545 88 1235 560 89 1279 580 90 1323 600 91 1356 615 92 1389 630 93 1433 650 94 1477 670 95 1521 690 96 1565 710 97 1609 730 98 1653 750 99 1709 775 100 1764 800 101 1819 825 102 1874 850 103 1929 875 104 1984 900 105 2039 925 Load Capacity: The maximum load in actual pounds (lb.) and kilograms (kg) that the tire can support. E.g. 1300 lbs. or 580 kg Speed Rating Speed Rating: Indicates the maximum service speed for the tire based in the speed-rating chart. E.g. " H " indicates a maximum tolerable speed of 210 km/h (130 mph). Rating Symbol Maximum Speed (km/h) Q 160 S 180 T 190 U 200 H 210 V 240 * ZR W 270 Y 300 Over 300 Uniform Tire Quality Grade (UTQG) Labelling UTQG stands for Uniform Tire Quality Grading. Developed by the US Department of Transportation (DOT), all tires sold in Canada feature this identification number moulded into the sidewall of the tire. Treadwear Treadwear Grade: A comparative rating (E.g. 220) based on the wear rate of the tire when tested under controlled conditions by the manufacturer on a specified government test track. E.g. a tire with a 200 treadwear rating would wear twice as long as a tire with a 100 rating. More than 100: Better 100: Baseline Less than 100: Poorer Tread wear grades are only valid when comparing tires from the same manufacturer! Traction and Temperature Traction Grades: : Identify the tire's ability to stop on wet pavement measured under controlled conditions by the manufacturer on specified government test surfaces of asphalt and concrete. The test is based upon "straight ahead" braking tests. E.g. Traction A AA: Very Best A: Best B: Intermediate C: Acceptable Temperature Grades: Denote the tire's resistance to the generation of heat when tested under controlled conditions by the manufacturer on a specified indoor laboratory test wheel. Excessive temperatures can lead to tire failure. E.g. Temperature A A: Best B: Intermediate C: Acceptable Tire Identification Number All tires sold in Canada feature a Tire Identification Number, which provides retailers with information about when and where the tire was produced. Example: B3 : Indicates the manufacturer and plant code CD : Tire size code E52X : Optional 2602 : Week and year of manufacture (in this example the 26th week of 2002) The maple leaf symbol indicates this is a Canadian made tire and certifies that it meets all of Transport Canada's requirements. All Season and Winter Tire Markings M+S (Mud + Snow): Indicates this is an all-season tire. Every all-season tire must carry this symbol. For more on all-season tires, click here . Four Seasons Ico Indicates this is an all-season tire. Sometimes used in conjunction with or instead of the M+S symbol. For more on all-season tires, click here . Winter Symbol: Indicates that this tire has been specifically designed for severe winter conditions. For more on winter tires, click here . When you buy new tires, fill in and return your tire registration form. In the event of a recall, the manufacturer will contact you. In many cases, you can register online.
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