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Found 47 results

  1. Just joined a new team. This senior like to stand too close when he talk. When I back off, he close the distance. Got any polite way to handle? Might be a little sensitive to tell him directly. Advice appreciated. Kum Siah.
  2. Join 3M™ Car Paint Protection Survey and Stand a chance to win 3M auto care products worth $30+! Hello MCF car perfectionists! Car coating protection is now almost a must-have for most car owners. From waxes to sealants, to now silica coating, the search for the perfect protection and shine for our beloved ride never ends. In light of this, 3M™ would like YOU to share more about your paint protection experience with us and tell us what you want and need in a paint protection coating. Simply fill up the survey by 24th July 2017 and stand a chance to win 3M™ auto care products worth $30+! Winners will be chosen on a random basis and will be announced on this thread by 7 August 2017. Kindly note that winners will need to self-collect the prizes at SGCM Office (from 28 August - 15 September 2017, Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 5 PM). Thank you for your participation. We look forward to receiving your valuable comments and insights! Join this survey! About Sponsor 3M has been improving lives in Singapore for 50 years. Since its founding in 1966, 3M Singapore has grown from its humble beginnings with only 8 employees, to a company with more than 1,600 employees and established local capabilities to serve the needs of local, regional and global customers. 3M’s presence in Singapore includes two manufacturing plants at Woodlands and Tuas, an R&D Center at Woodlands, and a Customer Technical Center, laboratory and other supply chain and business operations based at Yishun. The company serves diverse consumer and industrial markets and is a market leader in many of these markets, which include electronics, chemicals, building and construction, transport engineering, health care, and consumer retail. Some of the Giveaways Items!* (Please note that you will receive a randomized combination of 3M™ Autocare Products) 3M™Car Wash Soap 3M™Car Wash Soap gives a cherry fragrance and removes dirt and grime without removing your wax protection. Clear coat safe. 3M™ Quick Wax 3M™ Quick Wax is a sprayable detailing wax. Recaptures that “just waxed” look, either for touch ups between washes or streak free drying after a wash. Easy mist on and wipe application. 3M™ Leather and Vinyl Restorer Deeply cleans dirt and grime from all vinyl, leather, rubber and plastic surfaces. Does not leave a greasy residue and has a fresh lemon scent! Join this survey!
  3. Dear Sifus, kindly help, afraid was caught picking up my daughter just 45 min ago (around 1810hrs) at Tanah Merah MRT 2 taxis there waiting, stop behind the second taxi to pick up my daughter who is already waiting LTA officer nearby taking camera photos (seems like taking photos of the taxi and my car) Did not block any vehicles for that few seconds and did not cross over the bus lane earlier (confirm dotted bus lane when I filtered from 2nd lane to left most lane) Have I committed any offence? If offence, can I appeal that I am not aware not supposed to use taxi stand to pick up anyone (sincerely don't know or perhaps did not pay attention to my highway code yrs ago). search this forum, no clues. additional questions - how abt bus stop? can drop off (if no bus lane)?
  4. From My Paper: RGPS students made to stand at assembly for months By Samantha Boh My Paper Thursday, Oct 17, 2013 SINGAPORE - For being "too talkative", a class of Primary 2 pupils from Raffles Girls' Primary School (RGPS) were made to stand for 15 minutes during every assembly. This went on for three months, and raised the ire of a parent. The school's vice-principal has now admitted that the punishment was "excessive". Chinese evening daily Lianhe Wanbao reported yesterday that the incident came to light when the father of one of the girls heard what was happening and visited the school to see for himself. "Three months is too long for any parent to accept. I believe the rest of the parents do not know about this," he was quoted as saying. The punishment reportedly began in July, when a teacher chided the class of 29 pupils for talking too much during assembly. They were then made to stand from 12.30pm to 12.45pm during every assembly, before being allowed to sit like the rest of their schoolmates. RGPS vice-principal Choong Pek Lan told My Paper that the punishment was "excessive", and was not commonly used by teachers at the school. Both the school and the Education Ministry are looking into the matter. MP Baey Yam Keng, a member of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Education, described the punishment as "embarrassing for the students". But he added that schools should not shy away from disciplining pupils who misbehave. "There needs to be a balance," he said. samboh@sph.com.sg Get My Paper for more stories. - See more at: http://www.edvantage.com.sg/content/rgps-students-made-stand-assembly-months#sthash.KINBLzJt.dpuf (Source: http://www.edvantage.com.sg/content/rgps-students-made-stand-assembly-months )
  5. Jman888

    Roy's case can stand aside!

    In the last four years, Purisima, who can safely be described as litigious, has filed lawsuits against the People's Republic of China and several major banks including Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, and Wachovia.
  6. Saw this tyre 195R14C what does C stand for? Normally see tyre 195/55/R14?
  7. quite touching to see different races of our fellow Singaporeans standing together to protect our culture and traditions, just like the last time when we defended the cooking of curry and Malay weddings at void decks proud of our own Singapore culture (as well as religious and racial tolerance) in any case, the article is from Real Singapore, so take it with a pinch of salt... the website may be trying to stir something, but it's good to see Singaporeans stand together in times like this
  8. Is this an offence for cars to park at taxi stands ?? How much the offence summon
  9. I saw his standup comedy yesterday night - by far .. the best $170 I've ever spent watching standup comedy. Unlike Russell Peters (who went through his set and recycled his jokes and was done in 30-40min), Gabriel is probably not motivated by the $. The show was supposed to start at 8 (started about 820) and the 3 guys before him to warm up the audience were pretty funny. Gabriel came out at around 920 ... and went on till about 11pm. (the clock in front of him actually malfunctioned, so he just kept going on). Later on, he went outside to take pictures with everyone also and stayed to talk to anyone who stayed behind ... unfortunately, yesterday was his last day ... but he said he might be back in Jan. I highly recommend that if you like standup, to give the show a shot. you can find a lot of his stuff on youtube ... but yesterday all his stuff was all new. i laughed pretty damn hard throughout the show!
  10. Much better than Russell Peters
  11. Civic2000

    The People of Hougang stand firm!

    http://singaporemind.blogspot.com/2012/05/...stand-firm.html Despite the attempts at character assassination. ...despite the estate upgrading carrots....despite the biased mainstream paper coverage....despite sending in the PAP big guns, the PM & DPM, to campaign for their candidate...the people of Hougang did not waver. In 1991 the Hougang people decided to vote for an opposition representative and they knew something the rest of Singapore did not know, they saw something the rest of us could not see. 21 years ago, before the Internet was widely used, before bloggers and the social media existed to pierce holes in our blindfolds so that we could see through the propaganda, the people in this small section of Singapore already saw a different vision from the rest of us. When you see this vision and start walking towards it, you will not be distracted by the little potholes, the little dirty tricks played by unethical politicians, their seductive promises and material temptations. For 21 years, the people of Hougang have walked this long journey despite having to suffer deprivation and threats. This long journey is a journey towards a democratic Singapore. Without democracy, there will be no future for our children for we will not be able to shape our own destiny. This is a journey away from our dark authoritarian past towards a vibrant democratic future. The PAP has tried to gain their support by using pork barrels, propaganda, and threats...but these are precisely the undemocratic things the Hougang people are walking away from - the more the PAP uses them to get their votes, the further the Hougang people will walk away from the PAP. Once a people know what they are doing is right and just, there is nothing you can do to force them off their path. On Thursday, I went to the Hougang rally and climbed up one of the blocks next to where the rally was held to snap this picture. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-S8-qCeDWKbE/T8FS...oto+%282%29.JPG As I climbed up the block, I noticed that it was very clean. I also noticed that most people staying in the block had left their wooden doors open, to let they air in, were relaxed at home with their families watching TV. The tens of thousands of people who have gathered the open field in Hougang were from other parts of Singapore not Hougang. See... the people of Hougang don't have to go down to the open field to hear the messages and be convinced to do the right thing - they already know which road to walk and what path they are taking so they gave the standing space at the rally to their fellow Singaporeans. Singaporeans came looking for inspiration in Hougang to bring it back to their own corner of Singapore. Today we have a govt that does not listen to the people. Does not act in the interest of ordinary citizens. It does what it wants then uses propaganda and pork barrel carrots to make us vote for them. They use their authoritarian powers to suppress their opponents and character assassination as a tactic to bring down their opponents. As they do this, we can see how much our fellow Singaporeans have suffered - the elderly who are made to work at an advanced age, the large segment of workers with low stagnant wages, the high burden put the sick and their families. We look around and see our beloved country losing its identity and changing in ways we do not want it to change. We see little progress in our political system as other countries in Asia such as S.Korea, Thailand, Taiwan transform theirs to be free and fully democratic moving away from old authoritarian ways. I sense many people were worried when "Yaw-gate" broke and the frivolous Png-gate was created and played up that many people in Hougang would waver and succumb to the upgrading promises Desmond Choo dangled before them. After observing them for 21 years, I was confident they would stand firm so I last Tuesday I wrote " <http://singaporemind.blogspot.com/2012/05/you-dont-have-to-tell-hougang-how-to.html> You don't have to tell Hougang how to vote" . The people of Hougang can already see with great clarity where the PAP govt will take this country unless real change takes place. The PAP govt has demonstrated time and again that there will be no change if the people are seduced by estate upgrading and do not vote against them. Once you see the same vision as the people of Hougang, you will have their revolve to take right path and not waver. 21 years ago, Hougang was just small SMC, a little dot on the map of Singapore but the people there knew that this long journey starts with each one of us taking a tiny step in the right direction...and if we work together these tiny steps will eventually add up to be a leap forward. There are many who will distract us, discourage us, misinform us, threaten us and lure us away from our path with tricks ...when that happens, ask yourself what would happened if the Hougang people had yielded to these tricks and carrots yesterday - our nation would have been taken backwards and the small progress we made since GE2011 would have been undone as the PAP will interpret an Hougang victory as an endorsement of their policies and stop the already slow trickle of changes to improve the lives of ordinary Singaporeans. The rest of us have a lot to learn from Hougang to put our country's interest above our own local interest and understand there are more important things than facilities on our estate. By voting for the opposition, the people forego the wet market and other facilities that the PAP dangled in front of them ....they have to travel to Kovan to do their marketing, But no change can come without sacrifice if they had succumbed to the divisive pork barel tactics of the PAP, it will be a great loss not just for Worker's Party but for Singapore. Each political party and MP should be elected on how their ideas and policies will benefit Singapore and Singaporeans ..and not how much money they can redirect from national coffers to use as carrots to obtain votes, That the PAP continues to use such tactics that divide and harm the country tell us they have not changed fundamentally. The people of Hougang inspire all of us to fight against this and do what is good for our country. A friend of mine sent this to me. May be some of us here may have already read the above article. I must say : 后 港 人 有 种 后 港 人 有 骨 气 正 所 谓 威 武 不 能 屈.
  12. If no, then maybe PM can stand for hougang in next election, or send TCH? Send best man for the job mah
  13. Merc doing a Munich Auto at Sanlitun Beijing, one of my favorite areas in the China capital. This concept is not new. Ferrari, Aston Martin has also opened these boutique styled store in Shanghai near Xin Tian Di, Ma Dang Road: http://www.mercnews.net/2012/05/amg-perfor...lone-store.html
  14. STOMP Maid has to squat and stand at restaurant table although there're empty chairs
  15. This one involved a lorry driver and a young housewife:- She drove into a narrow 2-way city back street with cars parked on both sides (one side legal, other side illegal), after about 50m and another 10m to go before reaching the next junction, a lorry turned in from a side road towards her. No way the street can allow the lorry and her car to go pass each other without one of them reversing out of the narrow street to siam into one or two tight gaps between the parked cars. The lorry driver, stopped and refused to 'barge', housewife also quite 'chiak' and stopped and wait. He got out of the lorry, leaned against the door and lighted, puffing away while staring at her. She opened her boot, took an apple from her marketing basket and started eating. 6 minutes later, still the same. He lighted 2nd cig, dug his nose. She took out papaya and ate it. By now i finished my kopi at the road side stall and walked off, late for an appointment.
  16. ...if you go along the logic of this reader even though the ruling party has dispense with it already. From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_691779.html There's something to be said for standing on ceremony I DISAGREE with Associate Professor Hussin Mutalib's suggestion ('Let's not stand on ceremony for MPs'; July 9). What I found somewhat discomforting was his suggestions to review or revamp practices such as 'requiring residents to gather much earlier than the scheduled arrival of the MP, and requiring them to stand when the MP arrives'. Should we dispense with the basic values of respect for people who could influence the quality of our lives? As an elected official, an MP has been entrusted by his electorate to manage their interests and concerns, and deserves a modicum of decorum and respect. While his duty is to serve, it must be recognised that he is a leader. Imagine the prime minister attending a community event in his capacity as an MP, and walking in when the audience members are not all present, or when they loiter and chat, oblivious to his arrival. In treating politicians more like servants, we may well get it wrong on principle about etiquette and good manners. By studying human association in his own community, Confucius concluded that an essential principle of social relations is that of reciprocity. This means 'persons tend to act in relation to others as others act in relation to them'. Jolly Wee
  17. Just wondering why so many park there after office hours? Drivers dont look like ahmad or valet.
  18. No, we dont have miw here to provide the stinko that drives you away.... This is about real smelly stuff..... question: what's the worse stink you have even encountered?...... during NS days when everyone smells the same? or what? I havent encountered smell of dead meat / bodies, but the garbage truck that drives in front of me every few days on my way to work really puts me off..... But back to NS..... recruits' fiedl camp must be one of the smellest place...... If the mrt train picks up some passengers from 'certain' areas, the whole cabin smells like 'heaven'..... oh, the famous 'ccb' phrase.... has anyone ever experienced it???
  19. Not once but twice my car was issued with a summon by one Roslan bin xxxx .Due to my job nature,I return home at alternate days after midnight .I believe I'm not the only one encountering situation whereby even though I buy season parking promptly every month,I seldom get a parking lot as usually by 9pm every weekdays,carparkpp is already packed!!Some drivers who return home quite late will have to dump their car illegal either behind rubbish hut or along double yellow line. On this fateful day I returned home to find the car park fully packed,thinking I will be leaving home quite early ard 7am and not wanting to cause obstruction to the other neighbors , I left my car at a space which by right is a No Parking lot whereby other cars were parked inconsiderably along double yellow line blocking almost 1 car wide in the middle of the road. I was shocked to received a ticket by one Roslan bin xxxx for parking on No Parking lot. Whereas others Ain't. . the position of the cars were left exactly as I saw last night before ,guess what? no summon!!Last night again I return home after midnight but this time try parking like the others but still try my best not to cause obstruction. This morning,gotten another ticket by the same focker . Can anyone advice me on this? Somehow or rather can we make a complain base on tat individual warden on his double standard? us drivers are punished if we commit an offense,what about them? Come on, can't he make extra effort to scan on my season parking which then looking at the situation of the car park make proper actions? Please advice fellow bros . many thanks
  20. Contest from 1st Oct 2010 till 31st Oct 2010 Great news for all. This is our biggest prize as of yet! Stand a chance to win an Apple iPad simply by answering 2 simple questions. This contest is exclusively for MCF members, so will you be the lucky one? More details here : http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autocom=contest
  21. Jchuacl

    Please stand by your finger

    I was on the second lane turning left from Lavender street into Serangoon road when a OPC vios who was on my left and turning left together with me, wanted to turn right. Horned him for danger as I was next to him and he showed me the middle finger and thereafter quickly accelerated in front of my car and swerve to the right most lane that is used for turning into Kallang Bahru. I wind down the window and asked him to wind down and tell me what's his problem. He continue to show finger and only wind down when his car was about to move off and thereafter he quickly wind up without answering my question and turn right towards Kallang Bahru direction. Despise such weasel who want to show me finger but has no guts to justify his absurd actions.
  22. Another STOMPer spotted this woman standing up in the back seat of a convertible, using only the car's front seat backrests for support. On Jul 18 at about 6pm, a STOMPer spotted three women in a red convertible speeding on the road from Tampines to Simei East Point Mall. One of the women was standing up on the back seat. The STOMPer thought that this was dangerous and irresponsible, as any sudden braking can cause her to "fly off and injure herself". STOMPer dazzLaser also spotted the women on Jul 17: "A woman was seen sitting precariously on top of the car seat of a sport Merc last Sat (Jul 17) morning along Tampines Ave 2." does it really feel different? if so i must try .. lol .. and tot this kind of thing onli can try in my .. seems like sg oso relack la
  23. Darryn


    Just got an SMS from Stand Chart... "Loan up to 4X your monthly income" Sorry Mr. Standard and Mr. Chartered, I have absolutely no plans to lend you any money at all, on the other hand, it might be nice to be able to borrow a few dollars - I need a new set of coilovers for that money pit of mine.