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  1. alphard96

    Singapore Reckless Driver Part V

    Hope there is....but i could not see any Wish its not cost cutting measure by bus company...
  2. alphard96

    Singapore Reckless Driver Part V

    Can some one confirmed that bus drivers do not have 1) seat belts 2) steering wheel airbags. Thought these are basic - for car at least.
  3. alphard96

    New S-Class arrived in Singapore

    http://www.carbuyer.com.sg/index.php/news/1427-new-mercedes-s-class-facelift-price-singapore-review There’s an interesting new option (for $1,000) called Energizing Comfort Control; it tweaks the climate control, scent delivery, massage seats and lighting systems to put the cabin into one of six modes: Freshness, Warmth, Vitality, Joy, Comfort, Training. That last one puts the seat occupant through muscle training, muscle relaxation and muscle balance exercises. Each Energizing cabin mode lasts 10 minutes, presumably to ensure that no one leaves it on and suffers too much of a good thing. Both models come standard with rear seats that can recline by 37 degrees, but as before, all manner of enhancement back there is possible if you’re willing to spend a bit of dosh. A Chauffeur Package ($4,300) can be specced which lets the towkay in the back move the front passenger seat forward by 77mm extra, and that further enables at $4,500 Executive Seat which has fold-up leg support. It also unlocks the individual entertainment system option for the rear, which costs (gulp!) $12,900. If you fancy two individual chairs in the back instead of three-across seating, then tick the “First Class rear suite” option for $5,500. Then you can add fold-up tray tables for $8,600, too. That just scratches the surface of what’s available. Things are far simple when it comes to engine choices. Further into the future there are new in-line six petrol engines with a 48-volt mild hybrid drive system slated for the S-Class, but the two models on sale now run on V6 power with a nine-speed auto. Both have 3.0-litre V6 turbos that deliver 8.2L/100km and emit 187 grammes of CO2/km, but they vary in their state of tune. The S 320L has 272hp and 400Nm of peak torque, enough power to hit 100km/h in 7.1 seconds. Meanwhile, the S 450L has 367hp and 500Nm of torque, and is notably faster, taking just 5.4 seconds to reach 100km/h. Apart from the extra power, the S 450L has a bit of extra equipment in the form of wireless phone charging in the back (both models have it in front), two USB ports for rear passengers, the aforementioned Lane Tracking system with blind spot assist and a 64-colour LED cabin lighting package, which costs $1,900 in the S 320L. The S-Class is Mercedes’ final new car for 2017, and down the line, derivatives of the limo will also receive the updates seen in this car, as the S-Class Coupe and S-Class Cabriolet undergo their own mid-life upgrade. Meanwhile, however, for the section of the population for whom only the S-Class will ever do, the arrival of the facelifted car means only one thing: The best has just gotten better. READ MORE 612 horsepower, 0 to 100km/h in 3.5 seconds... it's the Uber S-Class from hell!
  4. alphard96

    New S-Class arrived in Singapore

    wah, thanks for the update Did not managed to go to C&C yesterday, received the invite for viewing. So possibly after all discounts slightly less than 400K for the base model? What are the basic specs for the S320L......Burmester included? Is the LED headlights similar between S320L and S450L? what specs are missing for S320? Diamond bright white need to up or included. Do you have the details/brochure, overtrade, credits - pls share if available, thanks again. The current W222 non facelift used car price still holding, depreciation around 30K per year....see whether it drops with this facelift launch Seems C&C quite fast this time, aware of only 1 PI that brought in this facelift around 2-3 weeks ago.
  5. Sorry for the late reply, miss this post. No, not good at DIY, as it requires removing the whole headunit. I sent it to my usual installer/car accessories shop. Labour cost only. Thats why sometimes "bread and butter" cars much easier.....cheaper to update GPS map, can install top down 360 camera, easier to add on digital TV etc etc...
  6. alphard96

    Guess the Cars

    http://www.stcars.sg/guides-articles/fiats-ulysse-caps-a-great-odyssey-54254 True!
  7. alphard96

    Singapore Reckless Driver Part V

    Hope he is ok. Seems significant head injury to cause that windscreen to crack that way, potentially skull fracture or intracranial haemorrhage (bleeding inside the skull) - may be fatal or cause morbidity eg nerve paralysis. Good many come to help, apply first aid, guide traffic, comfort him - well done! Let the above reminds all these e scooters users to be responsible to themselves, their family, road users and general public. TP/LTA alone seems not sufficient to clamp on this. Perhaps everyone should play a part, education, and peer pressure to prevent them from using the roads. These riders, may have various reasons for using the escooters, and if they can afford or given a choice, may not want to use it in the first place. However, they do have a choice to use it in a safe manner, should not short cut, or behave like class 2/3 vehicles, reckless and risking their safety and others. For most of us now, before the issue is solve, while on the road, extra caution and slow down when seeing them, give ample safety distance, horn to them to get off the road. The next casualty can be someone we know, our colleagues, our neighbour, friends....so lets play our part to avoid future accidents. .
  8. alphard96

    Guess the Cars

    Simple one...i am not so complicated/chim. 1) 7 seater - rare in SG, many many yrs ago recalled admiring the 3 moonroof (1 for each row) when it was displayed outside takashimaya, still cant afford although COE around 10K if not mistaken. 2) Top view - common in SG.
  9. alphard96

    Harrier 2017

    No, not well versed, just used to cycle a lot and everywhere in the past when my kids are still kids. As Bro therock mentioned, initially when i start, i do prepare a stool. But once you are familiar how to lock the bike on the carrier, one hand operation is possible, even without any stepper. Dont worry, normal height adult should be ok. Unless existing car is very tall like starex/alphard/triplets (Voxy, Noah, Esquire), old fortunner, prado etc. Be careful with the bike pedals, yes can scratch cars, dent unlikely, bicycle tyres not so easy to dent the roof. However, for securing the bikes in the middle row (eg 3 bike carriers), may not be so easy. What i do is to park temporarily near a kerb to gain some height. Same with unloading, stop near a kerb first.
  10. alphard96

    New Lexus RX

    wow...very nice and balance/well proportion in my opinion than standard RX is it > 5m long? Thanks Carbon 82 for sharing the new long wheelbase photo of RX.....pls share once harrier 7 seater photos leaked...highly likely will be extended wheelbase too then. If the price is "reasonable", not surprise will be best selling model. hope the rear row seat is electric folding and legroom good enough for adult. nice rear bumper chrome too. luggage space seems decent with all seats up however, rear seat angle seems fix, more versatile if can recline... If I am current RX owner - will get worried, afraid trade in price will drop ! Sorry cant praise you so soon...need to praise others first!
  11. alphard96

    2018 Lexus LS500

    wah, good idea (in terms of price!), than maybe within our budget! The previous LS460, in my opinion, is better than previous generation S class W221. However, in view of cost, can afford only the base model W221 yrs ago, furthermore C&C give considerable discount with high overtrade. This new LS is really a game changer - alternative to 7 series, S class and A8L. Hope to see our PM with this new LS at NDP. Below is existing PM LEE LS460L
  12. alphard96

    Harrier 2017

    I have use Thule roof racks for most of my cars with no issues - it is safe, secure and ok at highway speed. Installed previously on my Renault espace, hyundai trajet, honda Stream, Honda Odyssey and Toyota Previa. It is transferable (may need special kit for different cars, without roof rails) and can have one key for all (lockable) If not mistaken, professional tours eg tour de france use Thule as one of the carriers too But remember the increase in height when carrying bikes - beware of height restraint eg carpark. For harrier, with the bike roof carrier installed, the total height without bicycles should be still <1.8, hence will not be a hindrance for carpark entrance most of the time. For much taller cars, this can be a problem (previous 3 alphards...without carrier alone 1.9m, so did not use) May consider to install on my harrier turbo soon) Need the following kit Alternatively from here, but this is non facelift 2015 harrier, not sure 100% fit. Maximum bikes i have carried on my roof is 3 (mixture of adult mountain bike and racing bike) but i have seen 4 bikes before on some cars (on a volvo v70) I have not seen a normal side steps on 2015 harrier before...if find any will let you know. Besides aesthetic (macho look), it can also serve some functions 1) kids or eldery to get into the car 2) easier to access roof of the car eg to clean moonroof.
  13. alphard96

    Lexus Owners (To share driving experience and advise)

    In my opinion, for the sake of warranty, leave the head unit alone. Wiser to leave such integrated system (some with Mark Levinson) untouch. Borneo lexus too, generally will be very particular abt this. However, Borneo toyota seems less stringent (from my personal experience, not sure if universal). Understand the lexus GPS a bit outdated, and to update is expensive with long waiting time, hence i gave up. Hope new lady Borneo Motors staff (reported in ST) able to change that..
  14. alphard96

    Lexus Owners (To share driving experience and advise)

    Good morning bro, sorry for the late reply, my last login was more than a week ago - ignore my message if you have change your tyres. For the manufacturer install TPMS, should not be any problem or issue. Your IS300h should have similar system as my ES300h. Replaced all 4 tyres at AL (near Payalebar/Caltex/Cisco) instead of Borneo as i prefer to choose my own brand. After changing, the sensor will spontaneously detect, no need to do anything. But it may take a few minutes to complete the whole automatic set up. The tyre mechanic will know, do not disturb the tyre valve. Stick to the correct tyre size and profile. Speed rating or load can be the same or higher. Changing to new tyres every 30-40K km for normal usage saloon cars is perhaps is a good practice, to avoid unnecessary lost of control on wet roads. If obviously looks worn out (some tyres have marker), change too even if onlly 20K km (or if more than 4 yrs).
  15. alphard96

    Looking for SKR 77 D (Toyota Alphard) owner

    Dear Epimetheus, Thank you for your prompt post just after the incident. I have shared your post with the Alphard/VF What's App group, and you are on luck, owner replied. will PM you the owner contact number, kindly contact him directly. Many thanks again for your honesty. Have a good day brother. cheers!