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Found 41 results

  1. The GP suspected that i have trigger finger on my last finger. I kind of sprained my joint (at the palm area) of my last finger. The GP explained its the tendon that is affected. He mentioned "A1 pulley" I want to know if TCM can help? Any recommendation? The GP gave me med but i feel TCM could be a better treatment option for such sprain cases. Every morning when i wake up, it will be v painful if i move the finger. it has a little swelling, but not obvious. I thought it's Gout but GP dismissed it. The pain is only on that joint.
  2. Need big quatity for window for a project. PM me your contact. I will call you. Regards,
  3. A column from STOMP http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singapor...nt.jsp?id=15806 If kena a situation like this, can one file for mata's help or civil suit again??? Let's not take into consideration on whether this stomper whom had submitted the pics had 'Hiong Hiong' cutted into other's lane or whatsoever ...
  4. Driver caused nine-vehicle pile-up on PIE http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/driver-caused-nine-vehicle-pile-pie-20150604
  5. Photoshop Power!! It was a seemingly harmless request. Like so many tourists before him, Sid Frisjes took a photo near the Eiffel Tower. His attempt to place his finger atop the iconic structure fell short but he posted the photo to Instagram anyway. For reasons unknown he put forth a request to the Internet’s ultimate pranksters—4chan—asking for their help. The anonymous collective gladly obliged, and Internet artists the world over have been getting in on the action ever since. There’s a huge archive of the doctored responses on a Facebook page called mott.pe and a number of sites that have already picked up some of the best. As with so many Internet jokes, the replies get more abstract and bizarre the longer it continues, and ‘Eiffel Tower finger guy’ is no exception. Below you will find 40 images that made me chuckle. [via Mashable, DIY Photography, PetaPixel, Mott.pe on Facebook] 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.
  6. The doctor said he need to cut the finger to remove the ring. The goldsmith said he need to cut the ring to remove it. What did the engineer do?
  7. Westender

    Trigger finger painful! [smallcry]

    Doctor say I got trigger finger.(something like when you close finger and try to open, it kind'a lock up and is painfull to open) Doctor say need injection to poke right into the joint WHICH might relive it temporary for a few months, if it doesn't work, will have to operate. Anyone one got this problem and got it fix without poking and cutting around?
  8. Anyone got stuck last weekend? Any latest status? Will be going thru 2nd link this weekend early in the morning at 6am, dunno whether will be stucked?? New system causes long delays at JB checkpoints A new biometric fingerprint scanning system at the two checkpoints going into Johor Bahru caused major traffic jams over the weekend. Both the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints saw snaking queues of cars from Malaysia customs all the way into Singapore. In some cases, motorists had to wait up to seven hours before they cleared JB customs, reported The Straits Times. The system, implemented four days ago, could not cope with the higher-than-usual number of tourists heading to Malaysia due to the weekend and June school holidays. The immigration clearance took as long as five minutes for each tourist, five times longer than the Immigration Department's target of one minute per tourist. The new system requires foreigners entering and leaving the country to have their left and right index fingers scanned at entry and exit points, while tourists only needed to have their passports stamped previously. Many tourists took at least 90 minutes to pass through immigration, forcing many of them to change or scrap their holiday plans. S. Karasima, 55, who booked a one-day visit to Malacca with a tour group, said the trip was cancelled and the group went on a tour of Johor Baru instead after he got stuck at the Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) checkpoint at Johor Bahru. "It is unreasonable to make us wait for so long for immigration clearance. Do you have any idea how tiring it was to stand for almost two hours just to get through Immigration?," he said to Malaysian newspaper, the New Straits Times. It was the same situation as well over at the Tuas Second Link checkpoint, with most cars and buses taking about 150 minutes just to reach the complex in Malaysia. Checks with local tour guides showed about 60 tour coaches at Johor Bahru and 100 at the Second Link were affected by the delays. About 6,400 tourists were affected, most of them Singaporeans and Japanese. Malaysia Tour Guides Council president Jimmy Leong told the same paper the snarling traffic delay was a serious blow to Malaysia's tourism industry as tourists would have a bad impression of the country. According to him, while it usually takes about 20 minutes for each coach to get clearance, it took 90 minutes on Sunday, and this excludes the waiting time each coach to reach the complex from the Causeway. "My Japanese customers are so angry that they blamed me for not informing them about the situation at the checkpoint. They were supposed to reach Malacca by 12.30pm. However, they only managed to have their passports stamped at that time. "Their one-day Malacca tour was scrapped as a result of the delay." Immigration Department director-general Datuk Alias Ahmad urged travellers to be patient with the new security system, which is aimed at curbing transboundary crimes and terrorism threats, as they ironed out the problems. "For some people, it takes only a minute. For others, it takes about two to three minutes. We welcome feedback and will improve the system as soon as possible." Alias also urged Singaporean motorists to apply for the Malaysia Automated Clearance System at any Immigration office for faster immigration clearance as they do need to have their fingers scanned after their first visit.
  9. Picnic06-Biante15

    Now I know Why Ppl Tap Their Finger .......

    from Yahoo: Why finger tap when tea is poured By Sheere Ng | Makansutra
  10. Si gin na.... From STOMP: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...eding_room.html Posted on 08 Nov 2012 Youths refuse to budge from breastfeeding room and even show woman the finger Two youths refused to budge when a STOMPer politely asked them to leave a breastfeeding room so that she could nurse her baby. One of them also started spewing vulgarities and showed her the finger. In a video sent to STOMP, the STOMPer had repeatedly asked the youths to leave the room, but to no avail. In one instance, one of the youths had replied, "Yes, we will leave the room," but remained seated and gave no intention of leaving. He also seemed to have claimed that he was "breastfeeding his baby". When the STOMPer told the youths that she would put the video up on the Internet, the same youth started hurling vulgarities and told her to go ahead. He also laughed and showed her his middle finger. In an email to STOMP early this morning (Nov 9), one of the youths had requested for the story to be removed because he is embarrassed.
  11. A cabby who tried to take pictures of a motorist showing him the middle finger had his own middle finger broken by his angry subject. S. Gopikrishnan, 46, was convicted on Thursday of grievously hurting Peng Weng Fong, 58. During a three-day trial last month, a district court heard that Gopikrishnan's car shot out of Mount Vernon Road just as Mr Peng was coming up along Bartley Road on the morning of May 3, 2011. The taxi driver slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision and also sounded his horn. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_813436.html
  12. PRC cockroach refuses to pay taxi fare and shows middle finger at indian driver! Smelly PRC cockroach is at it again! http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/04/...-middle-finger/
  13. Hi all just to vent my anger here. I am surprised that there are still people who behaved in such a hooligan manner. I am not sure if they are aware of the consequences. I have already emailed TransCab and waiting for their reply. Just to share with all like-minded folks here. I was driving along lane 1 of AYE towards Tuas along Clementi at about 5.15pm earlier (2 Feb 2012) when I noticed this taxi SHD733C infront of me, cruising at around 80km/h. This vehicle was advertising for the chilli crabs of the Paradise Group of restaurants. Since he was hogging lane 1, I high beamed at him once, hoping that he can be considerate enough to give way, instead of hogging the overtaking lane, with the rest of us queuing behind him. However, he continued to cruise along at the same speed and only moved to the second lane when we were approaching Teban Flyover. I turned to my left to see who is the inconsiderate colleague of yours and saw him pointing his middle finger! I am surprised that such things can happen in a civilized society of ours. I slowed down, and took down the car plate number of this taxi. After that, when I was driving past him again, I saw him pointing his middle finger for the second time! I am utterly disgusted by the action of this driver and have already sent my feedback to TransCab. Too bad that I did not turn on my car camera after I sent it for grooming. Probably I should so that next time I can just send in the video to LTA/SPF! Thanks for reading!
  14. http://chasvoice.blogspot.com/2011/11/russ...dle-finger.html I still can't figure out why the Nobel Committee have him the Nobel Peace prize. maybe they confused it with Piss Prize.
  15. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...out_of_car.html This truck driver showed STOMPer Lim the middle finger after apparently cutting into the STOMPer's lane. The driver also tried to pick a fight by shouting at the STOMPer to get of his car. Lim tells us: "This truck driver cut into my lane so I sounded my horn. "I overtook his vehicle and pulled up beside him. "He then showed me the middle finger. He also shouted at me to get out of my car, like he wanted to fight with me." Dun know who is right or wrong ???? But the Stomper took a nice shot ....
  16. STOMP Driver gives me the finger and asks me to get out of car -- after cutting into my lane
  17. Dear All, I would like to check does malaysia still practice the finger scan in the checkpoint? Is the jam or queue still that bad? I would like to drive in but have no idea do they still practice that? I have not been to malaysia for few years. Any bros/sis can advise me? thank you very much.
  18. Jman888

    How long is you index finger?

    Don't be too happy if it is longer than the rest [laugh]
  19. As per topic, what would you do if a passenger(not driver) points middle finger at you? Yesterday morning fetching my gf to work and on my way to work, I was driving along tamp ave 5 pass the mosque towards PIE. It was a 2 lane street and I was on the left lane. Happen that a old camery was crusing alongside me at almost the same speed. I took a quick glance at the car and saw a mum fetching her son (probably aged 18-20) to who knows where. 1st glance at them I noticed the boy staring at me. I looked away and continued driving. Hahaha but i was so curious then I look towards the car again. Realised the boy still staring at me. This time he smiled at me then pretend to adjust his hair and showed the middle finger sign. WHOA knnbccb made me damn hot. I did not want to jump to conclusions so I looked away then look back again. He showed me the middle finger for the 2nd time. Anger took over me and I blasted my horn at them and wind down my window ask him what is his problem. The mum realised what had happened and sped up. I maintained my speed with their car followed them till the traffic light and cut in front of them and stopped with hazard light. Could not make them stop and they overtook me. Less then 10 sec the car reached a stand still cause of traffic. I stopped my car at the road side and on hazard lights. I opened my car door and can you believe it or not, the young punk from inside the car still can act guai lan and gave me the expression (u dare you come la) Before I could come out traffic lights turned green and the camery sped off. I gave chase cause i was kan pua dulan and hot ( all this while my gf ask me not to do anything rash if I were to confront them I will be the 1 with road rage). I went back to my car and followed them. I think the mum was kinda scared and made a sharp right turn into a car park. lost them there... I know I caused some disruptions to traffic last morning. But let me know, if it were you, what would u have done.
  20. Hi all, As subject, whose fingers should use to measure. WS recommended 2 fingers front & Rear. Thanks.
  21. This eurovan.. I think is a fiat.. Greyish color.. Saw his lane in front had road works going on.. Signalled left and suddenly wanna come into my lane.. It was probably less than a car length cos i was in his blind spot.. I feared he didnt check blind spot and swerve out and bang me.. So I honked to alert him.. He braked and as I passed the van, his female passenger showed me her middle finger!! Farking Bitch!! That was really uncalled for!! Wtf ahe did that fir??!! I tried to alert before the driver coming out suddenly and knocked into my side! Just because a honk she couldn't take it?!! Dunno if she has a licence or knows about driving..
  22. Hi all, My door handle area suffered from finger nail scratches. I saw some cars actually come originally with it or can affixed with aftermarket cover plate to protect against finger nail scratches. Do you guys know where to get them? Thank you very much. Regards,
  23. Yeap, as the topic says. This all happened last evening 9pm. Luckily he was not showing it to me(was to another car), else I ll make sure I tail hm all the way until he pull over and ask him why he has such a bad unbringing and which school he went to. Coming back from Orchard road and after crossing dunearn road and before exiting left into PIE >> Tuas. Saw this new Subaru WRX trying to squeeze his way from lane 1 to 3 in heavy traffic, on several occasions overtaking the car immediately in front of him n immediately cutting back into same lane at close range. Obviously several other cars got pissed off n horned at him, n our friend stick out his hand n show middle finger. In the dark I couldnt see his car number properly, but I think the car is either blue or black and stupidly loud n slanted dual exos that is out of proportion. Well I hate to say, but yet another wreckless WRX. No wonder my neighbour sold his car , because his insurance premium spike up so much(he is buying a mazda 6).
  24. Jchuacl

    Please stand by your finger

    I was on the second lane turning left from Lavender street into Serangoon road when a OPC vios who was on my left and turning left together with me, wanted to turn right. Horned him for danger as I was next to him and he showed me the middle finger and thereafter quickly accelerated in front of my car and swerve to the right most lane that is used for turning into Kallang Bahru. I wind down the window and asked him to wind down and tell me what's his problem. He continue to show finger and only wind down when his car was about to move off and thereafter he quickly wind up without answering my question and turn right towards Kallang Bahru direction. Despise such weasel who want to show me finger but has no guts to justify his absurd actions.