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Found 34 results

  1. Discoburg

    Car shows

    Anyone watches car shows? Still am watching Fast N Loud and Jay Leno's garage. Any other nice car shows to recommend?
  2. Kiadaw

    TV shows to recommend

    (I did a search & couldn't find the thread related to TV show, so I might as well start one again) I shall kick start with my first recommendation, Marco Polo (Netflix originals) Surprising, with the among of local talents on show, Marco Polo wasn't much talk about here. Veteran actor Chin han playing the main antagonist Cricket Minister Jia Shidao, & Tan Kheng Hua as the Song Dynasty Empress, It was available on Netflix (think its still unavailable in Sunny Singapore yet) since Dec 12 (in 50+ countries). I was excited but a bit skeptical of the show when I first saw the trailer, but all doubts were removed when I eventually watched the show. It was a mini series, 10 episodes in the first season. It started slow but picked up pace at around episode 4-5. Some nice & breathtaking settings & drama, & a bit of Martial art fantasy (but not overkill). The story (at least season 1) is as much about Marco Polo as is Kublai Khan, Grandson of Gengshi Khan, who have now conquered much of Northern China, with eyes on of taking over the South. The story started by Vatician Marco, traveling with his Merchant father to the court of most powerful man of its time, Kublai Khan, to secured the silk road for trading & spread Christianity. When things went sour, he offered his son Marco Polo as servant to the great Khan, which the story unfold. I do not want to spoiled too much, just watch it.
  3. The woman who miraculously survived a 10-storey fall last Friday and landed in a condominium pool, will leave the hospital today - with nothing more than bruises. In an interview with The Sunday Times from her hospital bed yesterday, Chinese national and karaoke hostess Zhou Zhi Hui, 25, said doctors transferred her from a high dependency ward to a general ward yesterday at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. 'The doctors said landing in the swimming pool saved my life. If I had landed on the ground, I would have been finished. I am very lucky,' said Ms Zhou in Mandarin. She looked tired and spoke in a soft voice because her chest would hurt when she spoke louder. She said the doctors had told her she had neither broken bones nor internal injuries, but she is taking painkillers to ease the pain in her chest and arms. Her dramatic fall happened last Friday morning when she climbed out of her 12th-floor Balestier condominium unit at The Citrine and lost her grip, landing in the swimming pool on the second level of the 20-storey building. She had apparently been arguing with a man she referred to as her 'landlord' over his refusal to apply for a work pass for her. She claimed the man grew belligerent, locked her in the apartment and even took away her mobile phone. 'Can you imagine what it was like? I was so frightened. All I could think of was to get out. I did not care how I was going to do so, I just wanted to get out,' said Ms Zhou. She said she tried to climb to a lower floor but could not hold on to the balcony as she did not have enough strength. That was when the Shandong native, who works here as a KTV hostess, fell 10 storeys into the pool below. 'The moment I lost my grip, I thought I was going to die. I felt that I was turning in the air. Everything was a blur. And then suddenly I hit the water.' She said she realised she had to get out of the water and began swimming furiously, before being helped out by one of the estate's cleaners. When Ms Zhou arrived in Singapore last month to work, she never imagined she would have such a close brush with death. She had heard from friends that she could earn good money as a KTV hostess here. The high school graduate was working as a makeup artist in a bridal studio and also at her family's steel parts shop in Shandong. She said she made just a few hundred Singapore dollars a month. 'I came here to earn money so that I can go home and get married. Most girls of my age in China have a few kids already. Of course, I feel pressured to get married,' she said. She borrowed 50,000 yuan (S$9,800) from her friends to pay her 'landlord' and buy a plane ticket. She did not tell her parents which country she was going to or what job she would be doing, as she knew they would object. She told only her younger sister, she said. Before she left, she broke up with her boyfriend in China because they did not get along, but is now dating a Taiwanese salesman who is working in Singapore. Here, she claims she worked at Tiananmen KTV & Lounge in Havelock Road and was earning more than $3,000 a month, but when The Sunday Times went there last night, all the staff members approached claimed they did not know who she was. 'It is not good to let others know that KTV hostesses can earn so much. They won't want to leave the job. Unlike me, I know this is a temporary job. I want to go back to China,' she said. She said she had worked from 6pm to midnight almost every day for the past month and entertained customers by chatting with them and singing. There were seven other KTV hostesses staying at her Balestier apartment, but Ms Zhou said they left one by one. Since Friday, only one friend has visited her at the hospital - her ex-roommate, a fellow Chinese national whom she will be staying with when she is discharged today. She said she does not plan to meet her landlord again and will try to pay part of the money she borrowed from her friends with the money she has earned so far. She said the police told her that they will speak to her when she is discharged today. 'I plan to go back to China soon. I don't know when exactly though. I came here to earn money but I want to avoid trouble,' she said, looking resigned. Source: The Straits Times Interactive
  4. a big hoo ha in Taiwan recently their media are now attacking female celeb 李蒨蓉 for trespassing military base, taking photos of their Apache and showing off in her Facebook think 5 officers are under investigation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaojSg8jyTo
  5. http://sg.news.yahoo.com/5-signs-might-something-wrong-car-114202229.html You don't always need to visit the workshop to find out if there is something wrong with your car. Just pay attention to the signs. The cars of today aren’t the unreliable, poorly built, rust buckets their ancestors were. In terms of reliability, service life and safety standards, the cars of today are light years ahead of the humdrum econoboxes they were derived from. But because of these reasons, many believe that spotting problems with modern cars is something best left to the professionals. Though this is true when it comes to engine and gearbox performance, other issues don’t require a degree in Mechanical Engineering to figure out something is wrong. Here are five signs that there is something's gone wrong: Sign 1: Difficulty in turning the steering wheel Has it become increasing difficult to turn the steering wheel? There could be a number of reasons why this happens. The first could be due to having under inflated tyres. Pump them to recommended levels and you should notice a difference. If your tyres aren’t the problem than it might be more serious than initially expected. It could be that there isn’t enough power steering fluid (this only applies for hydraulic power steering systems) in the system or that there might be a leak somewhere. If it just requires topping up, take a crack at it but if you aren't confident, take your vehicle to the mechanic. Sign 2: Difficulty in starting the engine If it feels as though your engine is struggling to turn over, you might have a weak battery. Neglecting to get it checked can result in a fully flat battery, meaning your stranded. Tips to jump start a car can be found here. How long it takes the engine to turn over depends on how much of charge is left in the battery. If you hear the usual cranking noise but the engine doesn’t want to fire up, the problem could be due to a failed fuel pump. Sign 3: Blue smoke from the exhaust Occasionally, once you've started up the engine, get someone to sit in the driver’s seat and rev it a few times while you watch the exhaust tip for smoke. If you see faint blue smoke coming out, that’s bad news. This is a clear indication that your engine is burning engine oil. Engine oil is used to lubricate moving parts within the engine such as the pistons. It is never used in the combustion process. Its only when it manages to seep through the sidewalls of the pistons does it come into contact with the air fuel mixture and burns along with it. That’s why you see blue smoke. Mending it is going to be expensive but needs to be done. Sign 4: braking power has decreased There could be a number of reasons but there are two that you most know about. The first, it could be due to worn brake pads. Over time, through continuous use, brake pads loose their thickness. The more worn they become, the further the brake pedal needs to travel towards the floor. The second reason could be due to a leak in the hydraulic brake system. In either case, it’s a serious matter that needs to be tended to immediately. Sign 5: headlights aren’t as bright as they used to be The simplest explanation for this is that your headlights need polishing. If that’s not it, then it’s a more serious problem. It could be that your alternator has failed and your vehicle’s electrical systems are relying on the battery to keep them alive. Because the alternator isn’t working, the battery isn’t being recharged. The more you drive the car, the weaker the battery becomes till eventually everything dies on you. More from Motor Trader on Yahoo! Autos can be found here. But for more news, reviews and features visit the Motor Trader website atwww.motortrader.com.my.
  6. Ahseng

    I like taiwan variety shows

    Which do you like your partner to wear at nite? For those that interested to watch part 2 / 3 of the video here's the link taiwan variety
  7. awesome and only in Japan...
  8. I refer to "motivational shows" in a very broad sense. They can range from attending a seminar by some "guru" or celebrity in a particular field, to participating in some event where those who have already taken part insist it is good for you but refuse to tell you the details. Overall objective is pretty much the same which is to make you a better person/ worker, be more motivated, earn more money, improve your relationships and so on. Are they useful or a modern day scam?
  9. This Article talks about banks relocating some jobs out of Singapore. Of particular interest is the following paragraph in bold.
  10. HP_Lee


    Looks Bad Yahoo News
  11. Any truth in this survey in your company or organisation? Happy no, less unhappy maybe for me at my workplace as compared to them as they are generally fastidious about almost everything and so maybe more unhappy... In any case can we say men are "less unhappy" than our female counterparts at our workplace instead? From CNA: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1202853/1/.html Survey shows Singaporean men happier than women at the workplace Posted: 22 May 2012 1434 hrs
  12. PRC cockroach refuses to pay taxi fare and shows middle finger at indian driver! Smelly PRC cockroach is at it again! http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/04/...-middle-finger/
  13. Littleknown

    Best way to watch shows on iPhone/iPad

    Am a fan of CSI, how I met your mother.Mostly American tv series. Anyone know lobang to stream them so I can watch on mrt using my iPhone? Thx for responses.
  14. SimonTan

    9pm shows Chinese show

    About a family of con artists. Stay at potong pasir!! Interesting. Love the show!
  15. Ahtong

    What TV shows you like?

    Right now I like: - IRT deadliest roads - Pawn Stars - American Pickers - Mythbusters
  16. Daihatsu showcased the new mini roadster model at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Sept. Looks really nice... I'd take it over the Copen any day... The 3 piece liquid crystal roof that folds into the boot is especially cool. Hope it make production fast. Oh yeah.... It's still a Kei car.. meaning 660cc Turbo. ------------------------------------------------ A future replacement for the Copen, perhaps? Daihatsu has created a concept called OFC-1 hinting very strongly at its next-generation mini-roadster. The three-piece glass roof, featuring a liquid-crystal sunroof, opens in less than 10 seconds and leaves enough boot space to accommodate a pair of overnight bags. It features 'a high-performance turbo engine', says Daihatsu, and a CVT gearbox with seven-speed sequential-shift mode and paddleshifts, yet excellent fuel economy is promised. Electronically controlled adaptive suspension and four-wheel disc brakes aid handling, safety and comfort, and the OFC-1 sits on 17" wheels with 165/50R sports tyres.
  17. Just watched an Oz TopGear this afternoon.............. they also have celeb driving around a track in a 'reasonably priced' sedan... guess which car they use?? A 2nd gen Proton Satria (Neo)............... Malaysia Boleh!!!
  18. http://www.worldcarfans.com/111012530532/2...h-control-video
  19. Picanto

    MDA should allow dialect shows

    what is wrong with screening tvb dramas in cantonese? how about allowing tawainese dramas without dubbing in chinese? i do not think this in anyway will affect the standards of chinese. its time MDA change their thinking and perspective
  20. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1008605/1/.html NBCB....really talk c0ck....of course they are happy, dun need to worry abt retrenchment, the most is pay freeze or pay cut, if work performance not up to mark, most hanta taki....still woon woon eat beehoon until retirement....within 1yr 2-3 times bonues or one-time off cash type somemore.....
  21. Survey shows three quarters of Singaporeans feel secure in their jobs Despite the gloomy unemployment forecast, more than three quarters of working Singaporeans feel confident that their present job is secure. Based on a survey by TNS and Gallup International, just 30 per cent of Singaporean workers think there is a chance they might join the ranks of the unemployed this year. But if they do get retrenched, the majority fear it would take them a long time before they secure another job. Only 17 per cent of Singaporeans believe they would be able to find a new job fairly quickly. In this respect, Singaporeans are more pessimistic compared to the global average of 31 per cent. More than three quarters (78 per cent) say that unemployment will rise this year. Singaporeans also expect this year to be worse for them than last year. Just one in five (20 per cent) Singaporeans think that it will be better.
  22. Sakurax

    Craziest Japanese TV Game Shows

    I used to think Human Tetris was the craziest Japanese TV game show until I saw this one about curling a comedian across 30 lubricated bikini girls. Who thinks up these ideas? http://japansugoi.com/wordpress/hot-j-babe...t-tv-game-show/
  23. Hi guys, as of topic. I can't find any sites that are "updated" regarding rims that are avaliable. Is going down to the shop the only way of knowing it?
  24. Survey shows Gen Y S'poreans tend to job-hop, prefer younger supervisors By Lynda Hong, Channel NewsAsia SINGAPORE : Human resource practitioners need to adopt a different approach to attract and retain Generation Y workers, said the Singapore Human Resources Institute. According to its recent survey, 7 in 10 Generation Y workers aged between 19 and 30 think it is normal to job-hop, and they also want instant recognition for their work. But this poses a problem for human resource practitioners. "If we are not able to meet their expectations in that area, they may not feel committed to the position or to the company... and so they may leave after some years. That is something we need to tackle," said Joanne Lim, a HR practitioner. The survey also revealed that Generation Y workers prefer younger supervisors who are aged 40 and below, and they expect them to be open minded, understanding and easy to get along with. "If employers can better understand this group of people with regards to their value system, the way they would like to be seen and work, the way they want to collaborate with the older generation in the workforce, then I think we can better harness ways on what this (group of) Gen Y workers can bring to the business," said David Ang, executive director of the Singapore Human Resources Institute. The institute said companies should review their existing HR practices and adopt more flexible policies for this group of workers. - CNA http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../372342/1/.html ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I personally find the range of 'Gen Y' too broad. Someone aged 19-20 would have a totally different mentally then say someone aged 29-30... other then that, does any Gen Y here agree about the job hopping part, having younger bosses and "instant" recognition?