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Found 86 results

  1. Whatsapp us now! Whatsapp us now!
  2. Facebook Removes Accounts With AI-Generated Profile Photos Facebook on Friday removed what it called a global network of more than 900 accounts, pages, and groups from its platform and Instagram that allegedly used deceptive practices to push pro-Trump narratives to about 55 million users. The network used fake accounts, artificial amplification, and, notably, profile photos of fake faces generated using artificial intelligence to spread polarizing, predominantly right-wing content around the web, including on Twitter and YouTube. Facebook’s investigation connected The BL to The Epoch Times, a conservative media organization with ties to Chinese spiritual group Falun Gong and a history of aggressive support for Donald Trump. Ostensibly a US-based media organization, The BL network’s pages were operated by users in Vietnam and the US, who Facebook says made widespread use of fake accounts to evade detection and funnel traffic to its own websites. It represents an alarming new development in the information wars, as it appears to be the first large-scale deployment of AI-generated images in a social network. https://www.wired.com/story/facebook-removes-accounts-ai-generated-photos/#intcid=recommendations_wired-right-rail-popular_b5c81ee4-f065-4e23-81be-216273db9d3f_popular4-1 In below, the left, admins for “Patriots for President Trump,” nine out of 15 of which used AI-generated faces, researchers said. On the right, admins for “President Trump KAG 2020," eight out of 16 of which are fake faces, according to a report...
  3. This is very interesting. There were two incidents that convinced me how to vote in the next election, the way our president was elected and the fake news law. What is our government going to do if facebook decide against the correction? Are they going to hurt our economy by going hard against facebook? Singapore as a small country needs to be as open as possible. To me, the government can always publish their rebuttals but to force the other party to shut up is way too much. It reminds me of china... I remember their justification for the fake news law was that sometimes it is time sensitive to prevent news from going viral, people getting hurt. Is this instance really the right way to use the new law? It is just stupid trying to force a showdown with facebook over this states times review which I never heard off until our government try to shut it down. To me, these two incidents, president elections and fake news law, are the clearest incidents where I feel the good of the country is sacrificed for political needs. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/states-times-review-fake-news-pofma-facebook-correction-12136996
  4. Ody_2004

    It's kinda sad when...

    A new member registered himself to MCF just to ask "Hey, is there any WhatsApp group to join?", "Errr... Can add me to Telegram", "Can I have the Group to Facebook?" It is like walking into a Chicken Rice stall to buy drinks and never order chicken to eat.. and left for good once thirst quenched. Recently I notice traffic here getting lower... For me Forum is still a better place to discuss and share news or matter related to cars etc.. ok pls shoot me!
  5. Last night an online auctioneer sold off a Nissan GTR. But many sharp-eyed bidders noticed that the "winner" of this bid seemed to have the same GTR since 2018. Coincidental? Source: All Singapore Stuff Facebook Fan Page. And some of the notable comments on their facebook fan page. Anyone watched the auction at facebook?
  6. As title suggests, the way we do our retail shopping is changing. Brick and mortar stores are failing. New malls are sprouting out in neighborhoods and even high profile ones like Jewel or Funan. But go to the established malls and you see the truth behind the retail trend. Footfall in malls are falling and that's because of the shift in the way shoppers' shop. First it was the physical retail store, then e-commerce in the form of websites (blogshops etc), after that Carousell took over and almost everyone I knew sold something online be it brand new or used. Now? The latest trend is Facebook Live Auction. This isn't something which recently started though. Facebook Live Auction has been around for a few years now but only in very recent times did it catch on in Singapore. Prolific sellers like Misshopper Boutique (S Hook Jiejie) whom recently found fame in the unique way she pitched her items to her viewers and also for being 'entertaining'. Subjective. Personally the very first few live auction house I started watching was maybe SG BlackMarket (presumably the first live auction house in SG). They stream every few nights a week for 3 to 4 hours at one time. They hawk electronics items, anime collectibles, action figures (Marvel, DC), Fortune Cat (Maneki Neko), Daruma etc. And the main point is, their items DO NOT COME CHEAP. I kid you not. A $15 item can close off at $50 or even more. They regularly close off their items in the $80 to $150 range, and that's per item. They're not cheap but people bid. Why? I would put it down to their auctioneer Lennon. He's funny and sarcastic and there are viewers who tune in just to watch him and subsequently get hooked on bidding too. After months of watching I never got down to bidding anything though I did try once for a Doraemon plushie. Their videos have since been deleted except for one of Lennon's. Maybe they're no longer in trend? https://www.facebook.com/SGBlackMarketXXX/videos/395633114360593/ So what's trending now? Mainly electronic/household items selling at really "cheap" prices. New auction houses are popping out almost everyday. I bought a few aroma diffuser, humidifier for really bargain prices. $10 Elehot Aroma Diffuser $10 Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser $15 Aennon Cool Mist Humidifer $17 Riwbox Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Other popular items people regularly bid for: Sound bar especially brands like Taotronics Smart Plugs Mini Projectors Smart Weighing Scale Smart Watch IP Camera Wireless Earbuds Gaming mouse Gaming keyboard Wireless Doorbell Car Jump Starter In Car Camera Some other Auction Houses https://www.facebook.com/Lelong.Auction.Sg/videos/2144115009049043/ https://www.facebook.com/TheLadyboyAuction/videos/324970791741109/ Fresh Seafood Bidding??? https://www.facebook.com/firstmarketonlinebidding/videos/474163999817071/ It's crazy how we do so much research at times to find out about a product we're getting from a retail shop yet willingly part with our money to purchase Auction Houses products from brands we haven't even heard of, no idea the full specs/features of the product, doesn't come with warranty etc. And what's the catch though? A lot of these items are actually returned goods. Some may not come in boxes, some boxes may be damaged, some may be missing a controller inside etc. Hence the cheaper price you may be getting it for. Anyone of you here have bid for anything on Facebook before? What's worth it and what's not?
  7. Chowyunfatt


    Who got a lot of those annoying FaceBook friends & why do they annoy you so... Let the cursing begin ... 😂
  8. Do you know that MCF has a group page on Facebook for you to share/post your USED items? Find us at MCF Marketplace on Facebook! Please note that it is only for the posting and sharing of Used Car Parts & Accessories. I would also recommend you to post your used items first on MCF Marketplace, then use the 'share function' to reach out to more car owners on Facebook (who could be MCF Users and non MCF users). This makes it easier to consolidate and track all your ads + share out to other groups as well! For the sharing function, if it's not working for you, please check your 'pop-up ads' blocker. Thank you!
  9. therock

    WhatsApp to Introduce Ads?

    https://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-whatsapp-said-be-working-introduce-ads-ios-app Bad news.. If you are using WhatsApp on the iPhone, ads could be coming your way soon! WABetaInfo, who has a solid track record of providing accurate information about upcoming WhatsApp features, claims that Facebook is already working on introducing ads to the iOS version of the instant messaging app. Ads will reportedly appear within the WhatsApp Status where you typically share photo and video montages to your contacts. It is not known how these ads will be targeted. Facebook could associate phone numbers with user profiles on the social networking site. The ad feature is said to be still in testing phase and may take a while before it is implemented. As and when that happens, users may flock to other instant messaging apps such as Telegram.
  10. Xing Xing meets a guy from Facebook and even steads with him. But it turns out that he’s not what he seems to be, for this is the saddest Singapore Facebook love story ever (Turn on sound for the best viewing experience and cry out loud). MUST WATCH TILL THE END!
  11. The 11-storey data centre is 170,000 sqm and will “support hundreds of jobs”, says the social media giant. Social media giant Facebook on Thursday (Sep 6) announced it will pour in more than S$1.4 billion to construct its first data centre in Asia in Singapore. The new facility, located at Tanjong Kling (formerly known as Data Centre Park) in the west of Singapore, will span 170,000 sq m and will “support hundreds of jobs”, the company said in its press release, adding it will form part of its growing presence in Singapore and across the region.
  12. http://www.facebook.com/VinDiesel a car was given to him free http://www.facebook.com/VinDiesel#!/ph...id=102227293312 oh yeah, the car... Universal was so happy by the record breaking opening weekend, that they sent one of the cars I drive in the movie over as a gift. p.s. it's a '70... sweet
  13. Mockngbrd

    Facebook / Instagram down

    http://rt.com/news/226535-facebook-instagram-down-websites/ The websites of popular social media networks Facebook and Instagram appear to be down. The sites haven’t been available for some time. The mobile versions of both sites are not available either. “Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on it and we'll get it fixed as soon as we can,” said a message on the Facebook site. The hashtag #facebookdown has recently appeared on Twitter. The hashtag already tops Worldwide Trends on Twitter. The websites of the Tinder matchmaking mobile app and Hipchat instant messaging are also down. Here's Taylor Swift instead
  14. Read more link: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/facebook-launches-online-marketplace-platform-in-singapore Personally have been waiting for this move for more than a year already. Would be an interesting additional channel for ecommerce. But as a consumer, I'm not sure if I want a business owner to have access to what is publicly available on my profile... double edge sword really.
  15. Dear Drivers, Bros, Friends and the other reprobates that hang out here. As part of a new thing for my company - and to help out a friend running a golfing business, I have had my programmer develop a simple GOLF COURSE RATING application that runs on Facebook. This is for Singapore and Johor only for now, it allows for you to enter your round of golf, comment on your best and worst holes, and give a comment on the course - as well as see what others say. My application is ready for BETA testing (not going live to the public yet) - so I need some users to test it and give feedback please. If you are a golfer, and are able to help out to do some testing and give your considered opinions, please drop me a PM. Many many great thanks Darryn * P.S - I asked permission before posting this
  16. moderators note: you just did and publicise here too moderated and member warned!
  17. Stupidity has no limits!!! Netizen sacked after posting vulgar reply to PM's Facebook post PUBLISHED ON MAY 15, 2014 6:56 AM 2141 1133 1 0PRINTEMAIL A computer user looking at the social-networking website Facebook. -- FILE PHOTO: BH BY K.C. VIJAYAN SENIOR LAW CORRESPONDENT A Facebook user who posted vulgar abuse in response to Mother's Day wishes by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been sacked from his job. Mr Ridhuan Abdullah, 30, had identified himself as a security officer at "Keith Morton" on the post, which triggered the move. The security firm's owner, Mr William Morton Jr, said yesterday that such conduct cannot be condoned, particularly from security officers who are expected to uphold basic standards of decorum. "He clearly breached our company's code of conduct and we cannot tolerate this," he said. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/netizen-sacked-after-posting-vulgar-reply-pms-facebook-p#sthash.88UI6GDy.dpuf
  18. You bros - Creativity time - what do you think is a good name for a Facebook page that arranges dating events / tries to help people find life partners / aims to help Singaporeans get married?
  19. a big hoo ha in Taiwan recently their media are now attacking female celeb 李蒨蓉 for trespassing military base, taking photos of their Apache and showing off in her Facebook think 5 officers are under investigation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaojSg8jyTo
  20. Tarmac

    Synthesizer Music

    Wonder if any MCF members are into keyboards, electric guitars, synthesizers, modular gear and/or even DJ-ing, etc? Do you enjoy making/listening to Synth-Pop, Electro Dance Music, etc. If you do - please join us SG Synthesizers Group I will update this thread from time to time. Thanks for reading!
  21. TangoElite

    Racist comments on Facebook.

    http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_486243.html let this be a warning for those who have been blatantly posting such comments in MCF. there is only a fine line separating stereotyping and racists, thread carefully and watch your fingers, for hiding behind the keyboard wont make you safe from landing in changi hotel those who think that you are guilty or might be in trouble, i guess it is still not too late to go back and delete your previous posts or comments, before you find someone knocking on your door...
  22. Hi folks, have you had Facebook friends that you want to unfriend because their posts and updates are borderline offensive & irritating, yet you didn't unfriend or block them cos you also find their offending posts amusing at the same time? I have one such friend now in FB and she is one irritating drama mama. (in case Tikos are wondering, not chio, aunty) First of she is not really my friend, more like my brother's friend group whom I sometimes join their outings. Her impression to me is a softspoken quiet person but my bro say it's not really the case if they are in their own group. The fact that she posts almost everything about her life, thoughts and actions sort of irks me. She is not the smartest person around but incidentally she thought she is smart. She likes to share posts from TRS or TOC and she occasionally posts typical coffeshop aunty ranting on the Gahmen. Else she will be posting things like what she is "currently" doing. Once awhile, she will post her own quotes or an idiotic conversation with her work rival. I find then both amusing and stupid at the same time. Most of her posts garner 0 comments and maybe a 1 or 2 likes. Many occasion I was so tempted to troll her in FB with my replies. I did once or twice but it seems to me she don't get it or pretend not to get it. My brother had repeatedly told me NOT to reply to her idiotic posts cos he feels she is just seeking attention or baiting us to comment her status. Occasional I would msg my bro "hey, your fren post stupid things again LOL" and we sort of make fun of it ourselves. Her posts are sometimes ridulously brainless that at one point, she offended someone with an rather offensive post (racial related) who treaten to make her comments viral. She removed the post immediately. Lucky for her. Once she made a remarked about something that insulted IT jobs, I was quite offended and almost wanted to troll her if not for my brother stopping me. Currently she's in a new job and complaining all the things her new coy doesn't have compare to her old job. The email system, the website blocking and the FTs, etc. I was like rolling my eyes as if I care. Anyone have sure FB friends? Irrating yet amusing!
  23. Picnic06-Biante15

    Facebook Buying Up WhatsApp ...

    Wahhhhhhhhhh.................. no more secret messages in WhatsApp leow ...... Yahoo news: Facebook closes big-ticket buy of WhatsApp Facebook on Monday completed its buy of mobile messaging application WhatsApp, with the mostly stock deal tallying nearly $22 billion. The acquisition was given the colossal price tag of $19 billion when the deal was struck in February, but a rise in Facebook shares has pushed the value even higher. "We are looking forward to connecting even more people around the world, and continuing to create value for the people who use WhatsApp," Facebook said in a statement emailed to AFP. Terms of the deal include WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum remaining head of the company and taking a seat on the Facebook board of directors. Koum's salary will be one dollar a year, according to a filing Monday with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The symbolic annual pay mirrors that of Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg. WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton will remain with the company under terms of the acquisition, which promises "inducement grants" of millions of shares of stock that will incrementally vest during the coming four years for Koum and Acton if they remain with the company, according to Facebook. European Union regulators on Friday cleared the buyout of the WhatsApp mobile messaging service by Facebook, despite opposition by telecom companies afraid of the growing power of US technology giants. In a statement explaining its approval of the deal, the European Commission, the EU's executive arm, said Facebook and WhatsApp were "not close competitors" and that consumers would continue to have a "wide array of choices". "We have carefully reviewed this proposed acquisition and come to the conclusion that it would not hamper competition in this dynamic and growing market," EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said in a statement. Facebook, the world's biggest social network, announced the buyout of the WhatsApp messenger service, used by 600 million people, in February and US authorities approved the deal in April. The buyout included 177 million Facebook shares, plus $4.59 billion in cash. In addition, the social network agreed to provide 45.9 million restricted shares to WhatsApp employees. link: https://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/facebook-closes-big-ticket-buy-whatsapp-192403177.html Used to get a lots of videos on WhatApp and now with Facebook taking over, nothing can stop the videos from leaking out if hack by hackers ...
  24. Because I love wasting time in the office - three questions for discussion 1. Which Singapore AD has the best facebook page? 2. Which is your favourite motoring Youtube channel? 3. Which Manufacturer has the best Youtube channel? Note - wasn't sure to put this into cars or L&E - but as it's about watching and not doing decided on L&E My answers - I like Chris Harris on Cars and Autocar channels for good information, Topgear for great cinematography. Manufacturers - Lamborghini still makes the best promo videos, but for sheer amount of content I like ///M Cars - their driftmob video etc rock. As for local facebook page - too many to choose!
  25. its interesting what this girl did to fool everyone that follows her on FB and her family. abit boliao but she definitely proved her point to the whole. its time for the good old meet up sharing sessions instead of sharing only on FB. http://www.gapyear.com/news/230749/dutch-girl-fakes-a-trip-to-se-asia ....................Bending reality on Facebook is hardly unusual – in fact it’s turning into something of a life skill – but Zilla’s efforts seem to have taken things to a whole new level. The reasons behind her actions, however, are noble: it was all part of a university project, in which she wanted to show how Facebook activity is not necessarily reflective of real life. Speaking to media in her home country, she said: “I did this to show people that we filter and manipulate what we show on social media, and that we create an online world which reality can no longer meet. “My goal was to prove how common and easy it is to distort reality. Everybody knows that pictures of models are manipulated. But we often overlook the fact that we manipulate reality also in our own lives.”........................