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Found 44 results

  1. this is the software that will prevent virus but still not 100%
  2. Singaporean Peter Lim to build RM3b Johor race track Reports have emerged from across the Causeway that Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim is into a RM3 billion (S$1.2 billion) race track project in Johor
  3. StreetFight3r

    Marina Bay Sands will build a 4th tower

    The three-tower Marina Bay Sands will become four towers in the future. Erecting another On April 3, the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) announced that MBS will be adding a fourth tower as part of a S$9 billion project to build world-class attractions to breathe new life into existing ones in Singapore. The fourth tower will feature approximately 1,000 all-suite rooms, a sky roof with a swimming pool as well as a signature restaurant. The new project will be located right next to MBS. A timeline for the completion of the resort’s expansion is not yet available. https://mothership.sg/2019/04/mbs-4-towers/?fbclid=IwAR1TwrPE0wwFz53rvCzt7twUXD_zqAxMGU41fAJWx4_Ac0SWdHEs0bbv-OE
  4. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/indonesia-to-start-building-7km-bridge-linking-bintan-and-batam-11711862 Interesting that Indonesia is doing so to maximise transport connectivity to Bintan offered by Changi Terminal 5, currently under construction. Just sharing. Safe ride Cheers
  5. The 11-storey data centre is 170,000 sqm and will “support hundreds of jobs”, says the social media giant. Social media giant Facebook on Thursday (Sep 6) announced it will pour in more than S$1.4 billion to construct its first data centre in Asia in Singapore. The new facility, located at Tanjong Kling (formerly known as Data Centre Park) in the west of Singapore, will span 170,000 sq m and will “support hundreds of jobs”, the company said in its press release, adding it will form part of its growing presence in Singapore and across the region.
  6. Theoldjaffa

    Newspaper used to build flats?

    Saw this on FB. Walls hacked during Reno only to reveal newspapers being stuffed in with concrete. This takes renewability and sustainability of materials to a whole new level of meaning
  7. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101...e=1&theater BREAKING: Singapore and Malaysia to build high-speed rail link between S'pore and KL to enhance business and cultural ties. PM Lee says new KL-SG rail link will be "gamechanger" & transform the way people from both countries interact.
  8. Wishcumstrue

    Titanic II to be build in China

    Financed by an Australian billionaire and constructed by 长航重工金陵船厂 (CSC Jinling Shipyard), a state-owned shipbuilding company in China. Titanic II will be a replica of the orginal ship and expected to be delivered and escorted by the PLA Navy from the China's habour in 2016 Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-17890754 http://www.jlshipyard.cn/eng_show.asp?menuid=2
  9. https://sg.news.yahoo.com/singapore-to-build-more-barriers-to-deter-illegal-landings-082605799.html "He also shared that 46 vessels were seized over the past three years for intruding into Singapore, while 144 people were arrested for entering our waters illegally or attempting to land illegally by sea. 49 of them were arrested last year alone." i wonder how many didnt get caught & are now wandering our island...
  10. Land-abundant Malaysia, which is approximately 500 times the size of Singapore, is planning on reclaiming land by creating a 2,000ha island in the Strait of Johor below the Second Link. This is approximately three times the size of Ang Mo Kio estate and will take 30 years to complete. Part of the man-made island will be under the Second Link, which connects Tuas in Singapore to Johor. This proposal for a massive land reclamation project has prompted Singapore to request for more information from Malaysia to study the possible impact it has on our sovereignty environment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed. The original report of this project came to light in the Malaysian daily, The Star, on June 16, 2014. The reclamation project is tentatively called Forest City. China property developer Country Garden Holdings and a Johor government company, Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor, were planning it for luxury homes. The Edge Review online magazine reported last month that Johor’s Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Sultan Iskandar is behind it and it is being actively promoted by powerful politicians. China property developer Country Garden Holdings and four other mainland companies have bought land in the state of Johor with plans to launch more than 39,000 residential units, including on land to be reclaimed off Singapore’s Tuas.
  11. Bonafidestack

    Goodyear's blimp build

    They just did it again. . . The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company unveiled an all-new, state-of-the-art version of its world-famous icon, the Goodyear Blimp. The new airship is larger, faster, and more maneuverable and builds on the company's legacy as the world's leading builder and operator of airships. They just make their iconic airship even more iconic!
  12. Gibbs to build Humdinga amphibious truck in Asia
  13. http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/love-of...0-1226533204151 IT'S not Monaco, the Nurburgring or even Oran Park - this racetrack is NSW's best-kept secret. The privately owned road in Kulnura, on the Central Coast, is a 5.1km Formula One-style track with 22 turns, described by one motorsport champion as the second-best track in the world. The track, which is said to have cost $10 million, was built by car enthusiast and former Coca-Cola Amatil boss Dean Wills after he lost his licence for speeding on the old Pacific Highway in 1996. Mr Wills wanted to enjoy his growing fleet of exotic cars - which included the only McLaren racing car ever sold privately - without having to worry about oncoming traffic. His son Mark said the track was motivated by a lack of opportunity for "spirited" driving in a safe environment. "In the early days it was possible to wake up early on Sunday morning and go driving," he said. "It was becoming increasingly less safe so we really needed somewhere we could go where we wouldn't get into life-threatening situations. Love it!
  14. http://business.asiaone.com/A1Business/Gen...016-377841.html
  15. Ah_Zai


  16. KARTer

    How to build sgp identities?

    The identities of the people in a country may take years to cultivate and for a young nation like ours, is there a quick way to achieve the identities we want? In a migrant place like here, there are 'ready-made' identities our forefathers brought over from their previous homeland / culture. In a way, being a young nation / people, we have the advantage of starting from a relatively clean sheet of paper. Since prata nathan said we still lack identities but didnt tell us what identities we need, lets do some shopping with our own shopping list, better still if we can invent our own identities, if its at all possible (?) In identities, we are dealing with characters / behaviours basically, anything else? Maybe we start with looking around and check out what identities / characters people in other countries have? What're you favourite countries where you like the identities / characters of the people? What attributes of these peopel inspire you?
  17. Cheaper parts? AFP Wednesday, Jan 04, 2012 TOKYO - Japan's Suzuki Motor Corp. said Wednesday it would build a new engine factory in Indonesia in a bid to help boost output of small cars in the fast-growing Southeast Asian market. The car and motorcycle maker has spent 10 billion yen (S$167 million) on a 1.3 million square-metre (14 million square-foot) site in an industrial park outside Jakarta for its third Indonesian factory, Dow Jones Newswires said. The Nikkei business daily separately said Suzuki's total investment in the project would reach 30 billion yen. The daily also said the investment is part of the company's efforts to boost its production capacity in Indonesia to 150,000 vehicles from the current 120,000. Auto sales in Indonesia jumped by about 60 per cent from a year earlier to around 760,000 vehicles in 2010, the Nikkei said, adding that Indonesia likely became the biggest auto market in Southeast Asia last year. Immediate confirmation of the reports was not available as the company was closed for the extended New Year holiday.
  18. "...the size of new HDB flats today is still very comfortable" This woman is either living in the woods or delusional... So we are heading the way HK is presently doing now? Whatever happen to the Swiss standard of living our beloved ESM promised during his term as PM? Does Swiss folks live in small little pigeon holes? If our dear govt continue to build smaller and smaller flats, I guess by the time my kids are applying flats with their spouses in the near future, it may cost them each S$1m to buy a new 4-room unit of 50sqm... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Story/...ory_742417.html HDB is right to build smaller flats Published on Dec 8, 2011 I AM dismayed by the reactions criticising shrinking HDB flat sizes ('New flats' by Mr Yip Wai Hong on Nov 15; 'Little space' by Ms Karen Lee, 'S'pore can do better than Hong Kong' by Madam Tham Pui Ying and 'Why smaller isn't the way to go' by Ms Lim Wan Keng; all Nov 29). The small size of current HDB flats is one reason cited by couples for refusing to have more children and for their poor quality of life. Previous generations did not link the size of their flats with having the number of children they wanted. Even living in a one-room HDB flat did not deter couples from having more than three children. It is unfortunate if the size of a flat now determines the size of a family. There is also a sad trend that fewer married couples want to live with their parents. It does not make economic sense to build bigger flats when the family unit is shrinking. Having said that, the size of new HDB flats today is still very comfortable. As Housing Board figures have shown, the floor space per person is higher. HDB flats are also equipped with good sanitation, amenities and infrastructure. When it comes to improving the quality of life, Singaporeans should look into bonding with their families and neighbours, and creating a better living environment. Unless the trend of shrinking family units can be reversed, Singaporeans should not complain about shrinking flat sizes. Koh Siok Hwee (Madam)
  19. Build hawker centres in five years, not 10 Published on Oct 12, 2011 I HOPE the Government and the National Environment Agency (NEA) will build 10 new hawker centres in five years instead of 10 ("Building more hawker centres welcomed"; Monday). The Government should also change the image and culture of hawker centres with bold new designs and quality features. The NEA has the expertise to manage hawker centres under its purview on a not-for-profit basis and should drop its partnership with private players to cut unnecessary costs. Low hawker food prices start with low rentals. Only with low rentals can hawkers charge $2 for a plate of chicken rice and $2.50 for a plate of wanton noodles. NEA plays an important role to mitigate cost of living issues by maintaining affordable prices at hawker stalls. The agency must change its mindset of designing centres on the cheap. Instead, it should design the new millennium hawker centre to match Singapore's modernity. Why can't hawker stalls look sparkling clean and bright like the layout in foodcourts, with comfortable seating, marble-top tables, spacious aisles and neatly attired workers? New complexes could be designed with natural lighting and ventilation, plus adequate ceiling fans. Use quality finishing to encourage patrons to keep the ambience clean and neat. There should be adequate, well-designed restrooms, which must be kept dry at all times. Install powerful exhaust fans to filter out the odour of restrooms. Regular hourly cleaning schedules must be strictly enforced by NEA inspectors. A dry toilet is a clean toilet. Paul Chan Food industries are supporting industries of our modern scenario.Not more important but just as. Why Govt need to take 10 yrs to build 10 hawker centers??And that provide good jobs sounds not sincere too. We work for food.That's the basics. Link
  20. Yes they can but buyers must be prepared to pay "market" rates... From ST Forum: http://www.straitstimes.com/STForum/Online...ory_702736.html Build ECs at prime locations I WAS heartened to hear of the raising of the income ceiling for build-to-order (BTO) flats as well as for executive condominiums or ECs ("HDB raises income ceiling to $10,000"; Monday). However, when I checked the locations of the new ECs, I was rather disappointed. New ECs are usually in outlying, suburban areas such as Sengkang, Yishun and Tampines, while prime sites in Serangoon, Clementi and Bishan are saved for private condominiums. Since the beginning of last year, 13 condominium sites have been sold, out of which five sites are in prime areas such as Hougang, Bishan and Kallang. For the same time frame, 11 sites for ECs have been sold and all the areas are in outlying areas. Given that the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Singapore Land Authority conduct land sales for private residential areas and most of such land are in central locations, shouldn't more central HDB sites be saved for ECs as well? Koh Chin Chin (Madam)
  21. Androids Hired to Build iPhones Monday, 1 Aug 2011, 10:28am (5 hours 35 min ago) Androids Hired to Build iPhones (Image Source: Foxconn corporate website) In a report that first appeared on Chinese news outlet, Xinhuanet.com, the founder and chairman of Foxconn revealed that the company will replace real workers with 1 million robots within the next three years. The Taiwanese company's rationale for getting all these robots, is to combat rising labour costs (and probably suicides). Efficiency is also another reason cited for the move towards automation. Menial tasks like spraying welding and assembling are some of the tasks that will be taken over. What we don't know is how many people will be affected by the increase in robotic labour. Seeing the recent demand for Apple products, it would make sense for Foxconn to use the robots (which are faster and more precise at everything) to increase production volume exponentially. Robots are also less prone to depression, shrug off abysmal working conditions and harbour no suicide tendencies. According to xinhuanet.com. Foxconn currently employs 10,000 robots, 1.2 million human beings, with 1 million of those humans based in China. To read more, click here. (Via Mac Rumours, via XinHua.net via AllthingsD.com) I find the one in bold interesting.
  22. Thnik about it, the world will be facing oil shortage soon, likely the world will be moving to find other sources of energy. It would be unavoidable that Singapore will need to build one Nucluar Power Plant in future ( Can't escape it ) . So like it or not it would be a solution for high electricity price and also to reduce the demand of oil. More and more country will also move towards nucular power plants in future. Well.. looks like no choice of a choice.
  23. Cerano

    How much to build up a bike?

    Hey guys After considering my budget I can either buy a second hand cannondale scalpel or buy a new frame and build it up as such id like to know how much would it cost for me? Im looking at XTR rear derailleur, chain and cassette and XT front derailleur and brakes Im not specific with tyres and rims. Front fork will be a Carbon Lefty SL seat im okay with anything
  24. Jman888

    NTU to build mini city on campus

    i missed my uni day (20 years ago!) where the guild house usually have movie nite every friday in one of the lecture theatre, we pay a few dollar for 2 movies..... it has a few taverns within the campus for after class happy hours..... more important, the less contact hour was like 9 hours/week for the students to fully enjoy the uni facilities and uni life
  25. Wow !!! 100km/l and weighs 660kg. Less than Vios (800+ KG?) The 55L tank in my car would go 5500km ! Half my yearly mileage !!! It seems they had the design plans stashed for the past 6 years. But only decided to take it out now. (they say due to costs, but I think due to high fuel prices ?) The plan is to make 1000 units for demo/testing by 2010. Actual Protype is already available as seen in below pics. http://blog.wired.com/cars/2008/07/laugh-at-high-g.html ========================================================= With gas prices going through the roof and regulators requiring cars to be ever more miserly, Volkswagen is bringing new meaning to the term "fuel efficiency" with a bullet-shaped microcar that gets a stunning 282 235 mpg. Volkswagen's had its super-thrifty One-Liter Car concept vehicle -- so named because that's how much fuel it needs to go 100 kilometers -- stashed away for six years. The body's made of carbon fiber to minimize weight (the entire car weighs just 660 pounds) and company execs didn't expect the material to become cheap enough to produce the car until 2012. But VW's decided to build the car two years ahead of schedule. According to Britain's Car magazine, VW has approved a plan to build a limited number of One-Liters in 2010. They'll probably be built in the company's prototype shop, which has the capacity to build as many as 1,000 per year. That's not a lot, but it's enough to help VW get a lot of attention while showing how much light weight and an efficient engine can achieve. VW unveiled the slick two-seater concept six years ago at a stockholder's meeting in Hamburg. To prove it was a real car, Chairman Ferdinand Piech personally drove it from Wolfsburg to Hamburg. At the time, he said the car could see production when the cost of its carbon monocoque dropped from 35,000 Euros (about $55,000) to 5,000 Euros (about $8,000) -- something he figured would happen in 2012. With carbon fiber being used in everything from airliners to laptops these days, VW's apparently decided the cost is competitive enough to build at least a few hundred One-Liters. VW's engineers -- who spent three years developing the car -- made extensive use of magnesium, titanium and aluminum to bring it in at less than one-third the weight of a Toyota Echo. According to Canadian Driver, the front suspension assembly weighs just 18 pounds. The six-speed transmission features a magnesium case, titanium bolts and hollow gears; it weighs a tad more than 50 pounds. The 16-inch wheels are carbon fiber. The magnesium steering wheel weighs a little more than a pound. How much of the concept car's exotic hardware makes it to the production model remains to be seen. Low weight only gets you so far in the quest for ultimate fuel economy; aerodynamics plays a big role. The One-Liter is long and low, coming in at 11.4 feet long, 4.1 feet wide and 3.3 feet tall. It features an aircraft-like canopy, flat wheel covers and a belly pan to smooth the airflow under the car. The engine cooling vents open only when needed, and video cameras take the place of mirrors. The passenger sits behind the driver to keep the car narrow. The car has a coefficient of drag of 0.16; the average car comes in around 0.30 and the Honda Insight had a Cd of 0.25. As for the engine, the concept had a one-cylinder diesel engine producing 8.5 horsepower and 13.5 foot-pounds of torque. Car says the production model will use a two-cylinder turbodiesel for a little more oomph. Doubling the number of cylinders is sure to cut fuel economy, so VW may install a diesel-hybrid drivetrain. The engine turns off at stop lights to save fuel, then automatically restarts when the driver depresses the accelerator pedal. (Update: The car reportedly has anti-lock brakes, stability control and airbags. According to Canadian Driver, "Volkswagen says the One-Liter Car is as safe as a GT sports car registered for racing. With the aid of computer crash simulations, the car was designed with built-in crash tubes, pressure sensors for airbag control and front crumple zones.") What's it gonna cost? Car quotes "one well-placed insider" who says the One-Liter could have a sticker price of anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 Euros (about $31,750 to $47,622). That's a lot of money. But then, the One-Liter, despite its diminutive size, is a lot of car. Note/Update: Turns out the 282 mpg figure refers to Imperial gallons; the proper figure when converted to U.S. gallons is 235 mpg.