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  1. Walau. Judges just sit there to approve craps? Really? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. What i believe is important. To me. She has EMERGENCY powers. It must be able to handle the crisis at hand. Because the law must support life, law and order. Not give it an excuse to say "hey, this point u no fulfill so application thrown out for a fire engine to put out a fire next door. Sorry. No cannot. Because basic requires all fields must be fulfilled first." So i defer and disagree with the judges. But who cares cos i am not a HKer nor affected. But i must know what is right from wrong as a person. It affects nobody else but my conscience that's why important only to me mah. Just yada-ing Safe ride Cheers
  3. Nope. I am saying that the judges are not interpreting the law in light of the current state of affairs. Its like saying you cant park the fire engine here in this lot thats for handicap only. Regardless the fire that's burning next to the lot. The law is explicit but the interpretation can be fluid. So to me, if go by the book, where are all those who defied court injunction when these rioters occupied the airports. Or those who took part in illegal protests? All rounded up and charged? Or released? Why laws there are fluid but not this? Because its from CL? Note: me no supporter of violence n bullying. Especially old ppl and women. Hence i am biased when they kena and culprits go scot free.πŸ˜… That's just my yada-ing. Safe ride Cheers
  4. Its in the interpretation thereof ya. To me, its clear that rioters must not be masked. Those who dons a mask and create riots are cowards and in blatant disregard of the very law they are "protecting". Illegal protests are illegal. Whether u wear masks then or not its already illegal. By making wearing of masks illegal, its adding weight to the strength of what defines the illegality but it is clear to all, it is to ensure a rioter is easily identified. Dun think it is for HK fashion scene. Anyways this is another side of coin we wont agree so let's leave it here. Thanks for yada-ing. Safe ride Cheers
  5. They oredi did. What disciplinary action? From who? Govt? Which govt? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Haiz. Country already in this state and they releasing protesters like loading more ammunition into the war games. Who do they fear now? Yada-ing Safe ride Cheers
  6. No worries, Philip. The judges are on rioters side so why they need to worry about being whacked. Till they ever kena and they want the culprits arrested then will it dawn on them how the innocent common ppl felt when they became free punching bags with no way to seek justice. Bullying is not freedom. But u are right that when things get out of control, own house easily get burned too. Just yada-ing Safe ride Cheers
  7. May be quicker if these judges kena whacked by masked ppl really badly. Not advocating violence but it sometimes felt poetic justice is more convincing than a 106 or 10,600 pages judgement. πŸ˜‚ Yada-ing Safe ride Cheers
  8. Haiz Do i not know what is freedom? I need to behave like these siginas or be in HK to experience true freedom? Really? Please. Dun put freedom into a packet. And say it MUST be in this type of packet or material or labelling. I have freedom now. I dun need a gun to go school. I also dun need to behave like anyone in America to experience freedom. I also dun need drugs to be hip. Non do i need freedom to tell me i am free. I am free. Period. U probably wont understand. Cos u keep looking at half empty glass while i am looking at half full glass. So, i dun define what u deem as freedom and i hope u dun define freedom from your perspective for me. I am happy. Safe and living in peace. If freedom gonna change that, then take it and shove it up your xxx. Ya lor, why should i need someone to tell me what is freedom when i am already free. Agree to disagree. Hope u find your freedom soon. I forgot to add. Dun whack old men, old women and pregnant ladies in the quest for freedom. It's bullying. Safe ride Cheers
  9. Hah...anything to go against China. Nothing to do with beauty of rule of law here. In fact, personally, it threw up the ugly side of arm twisting the law. By this judgement, it renders all rioters the right to be cowards abit like our anonymous dislikes where they are free to go scott free in the safety of wearing a mask to hide identity. Anyways, even as a clueless foreigner, i dun agree with the judgement. As long as HK and HKers happy, it doesn't matter what i think.πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ Just yada-ing Safe ride Cheers
  10. PSP415

    What Did You Makan Today PT 6

    Dinner at Chic a boo at Chai Chee Hmmm...standard dropped here. Mashed potato and gravy were bland. Chicken lukewarm n no longer crispy and rather salty. Biggest disappointment was garlic bread! Just tasted like charred bread with almost ni garlic taste at all. Supplier changed? Saw Burgs but no eat cos still full. Btw, do note that Bedok Blk 85 will be closed for 3 months next year from early Feb to mid April. Safe ride Cheers
  11. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/hong-kong-protesters-campus-polyu-university-12103732 Crying? Now? πŸ‘These are the hardcore ones. Dun be deceived. The ones who think nothing about whacking old men and women. Let peace and normal life return to HK and HKers soon. Safe ride Cheers
  12. Yes, i concur. Plus must be pro-Beijing. So technically, for all we know, this situation in HK is allowed to continue on purpose. Cos too many old stocks of tear gas nearing expiry liao.πŸ˜‚πŸ€ͺ Loyalty of HKPF also solely tested. Yada-ing Safe ride Cheers
  13. They could have but it will be very dicey for themselves if old folks cannot go hospital or babies are in danger. Common ppl will be adversely affected vs uni/poly where its only students, faculty and related businesses. Hence for them to occupy hospitals, it may backfire on them badly. Unless one "wants" to die but "hopes" to be saved on time with so many doctors on hand. πŸ€ͺ Yada-ing Safe ride Cheers
  14. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/hong-kong-protesters-remain-defiant-polyu-campus-standoff-police-12103178 They are waiting for brothers and sisters to go save them. And i like this part...They have not used as much force as they COULD. Really? Looks like raw materials running out. No more tokens to continue with computer war games. But if the courts let them go free, its still square one. HKPF is left right centre wrong. They are the true democratic heroes keeping the PLA out. Just yada-ing Safe ride Cheers
  15. What do u mean? As in what state of emergency to be invoked? Thanks to share. Safe ride Cheers