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Found 124 results

  1. so this confession pops up in the sg subreddit today. If we're lucky, the driver will repent and sign up for refresher courses (unlikely) If we're lucky, he will hit 24 points and get off our roads (unlikely) Or he will get involved in a serious accident involving unlucky residents, found liable, then get off our roads (likely) Can TP be more stringent issuing conversion license to developing countries? (Requoted in case original post deleted)
  2. The Traffic Police (TP) plans to stop issuing physical driving licences unless requested by motorists in its push towards digitalisation, said Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs Sun Xueling on Monday (July 8). As such, the Road Traffic Act will be amended so that motorists will no longer be required to surrender their physical licences if they do not have one, she added. "Today, TP plans no longer relies on physical licences to ascertain an individual's driving qualifications. TP can access this information backend, using an individual's NRIC and date of birth," said Ms Sun, who was speaking in Parliament during the second reading of the Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill. Other changes proposed in the Bill, which were previously announced by the Ministry of Home Affairs, include making clear in the law that a motorist's licence will be suspended or revoked four weeks from the date of notice, even if the motorist's appeal against it is still being processed. This is because currently, some errant motorists delay the suspension or revocation of their licences by misusing the appeals mechanism, said Ms Sun. "They file multiple unmerited appeals at different junctures, and through different channels. By doing so, they drag out the process, so that they can continue to drive in the interim," she said. "But we need to remember, these are irresponsible drivers who have already been picked up for multiple offences leading to a suspension or revocation. To allow them to continue driving while they drag out the appeal process, is to put other motorists at risk," she added. She said where possible, the police will process and respond within two weeks of receiving an appeal. In addition, the Bill proposes that the licence suspension period be lengthened to up to five years from the current three-year period. For full story please go to https://www.straitstimes.com/politics/parliament-traffic-police-plans-to-stop-issuing-physical-driving-licences-unless-requested?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=STFB&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1562572268
  3. Even if you are in a hurry, this is not the way to ride. Spotted going around group chats in Whatapp, a video of a biker who tried to overtake and crashed has gone viral recently. The accident which happened on TPE near IKEA Tampines, in the direction of Pasir Ris, was captured by the camera car on 27 Jun 2020. In the video we can see this biker who apparently had no bike license or insurance crashing badly while he tried to overtake the camera car which was changing lanes. Check out how far his bike went ahead of the camera car after the collision! According to Sg Road Vigilante, the rider was later arrested. Thankfully, the rider escaped death and we hope the authorities deal with him properly for hurting the road divider that he crashed into. Check out what netizens have to say about this crash!
  4. Lorry Driver Who Lied About Having Class 3 Licence Pleads Guilty For Causing Fatal Yio Chu Kang Accident source: https://mustsharenews.com/yio-chu-kang-accident/ The driver crashed into a father-daughter pair and their family friend. Lorry Driver In Fatal Yio Chu Kang Accident Guilty Of Driving Without A Valid Licence On 23 April 2018, 27-year-old Xu Kai Xiang was driving a lorry along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into three pedestrians. All three died instantly at the scene. Xu, who was driving his father’s company lorry, admitted today (14 Oct) to driving without a valid licence, according to a report by The Straits Times. Lied to father about licence validity The report also stated that Xu had been ferrying the company’s workers daily since 8 April, just over 2 weeks prior. His father had entrusted him with the lorry as he believed that his son possessed a Class 3 licence. Unbeknownst to the elder Xu, his son who had applied and obtained a Class 3 Provisional Driving Licence, only took his practical driving test in automatic transmission vehicles. One would need a Class 3 licence, which allows a person to drive a car with manual transmission and a clutch pedal, to drive large vehicles like lorries. Charge for causing deaths still pending Xu initially faced a fine of $1,400 and a year-long driving ban for driving the lorry without a valid licence and insurance. A third charge for causing the deaths of the pedestrians is under review, pending the result of a coroner’s inquiry. If the evidence proves to be against Xu, the court can prosecute him for the offence later. Be a responsible driver It’s essential to adhere to the limitations of the type of licence that you have and not be complacent with your driving skills. A careless mistake can sometimes lead to a tragedy. Remember to abide by the traffic laws as well when you’re on the roads.
  5. Can our normal class 3 license be used on other countries, like USA? Or do we need to make special applications before going abroad?
  6. I went to Mal very often and wish to get an international license as i need to drive Mal Vehicle there. was told by their LTA (JPJ) that Singaporean license can only use on Singaporean registered plate in malaysia.... Can anyone pls advise?
  7. Hello everyone something to ask regarding suspended driving license.. Do i need to retake driving test(theory & practical) if i kanna suspended from driving for 1 yr? Pls advise.. thanks!
  8. Hi, Is there a website that displays the car license plate series and the associated month/year registered? E.g. SGN - Nov 2006 SDK - May 2001 Thanks
  9. Back in school days, i almost sign up power boat course to get a license to sail. but last time me poor student, $500+ for a course is a lot of $$ to me. that's why i save up the $$ to get a class 3 driving license in the end. Now, there is this lobang to learn power boat at only $150. http://tinyurl.com/6jkdkul Even after adding Examination fee ($70) and medical check-up ($30) fees...total add up only $250. Anyone with power boat license here can share how useful is it? Heard that next time punggol going to have some water sports facilitates, which is very near where i stay
  10. We aim at constant expansion of range of services we render to our customers and at enhancement of our Customer Service quality. Guided by this principle, we provide visa issuance, Residence Permit, Driver License, id card, medical insurance services and documents to our customers. Applying for a visa may entangle complicated procedures, but our company staff will guarantee you all-round assistance in completing these procedures and documents. Visa support service includes completing 2-years multiple entry visa application which requires the customer to provide the minimal package of documents. In case of property purchase, we also assist our customers in applying for a Residence Permit. Another vital service we offer our clients is providing them with medical insurance required for visiting a particular country. Visa support service and registered documents along with other aspects of our business operations ensures highest quality and shortest time of service and guarantees best results. email: (weuniontrack at gmail dot com) or via telegram::....... registered12
  11. we all have the experience when we go to those RHD (Right-Hand-Drive Vehicle )countries such as Malaysia, Thailand etc, we can rent local vehicles by present our Singapore Driving License, but if in those (Left-Hand-Drive Vehicle )countries such as Taiwan,China, Korea and almost all Euro countries, North America etc, so how...
  12. Kinda curious with this. Anybody with experience may clarify this? 1) SAF drivers gets their SAF Driving License during their army time(different from Civilian’s), but what if you have already gotten a Civilian Driving License before you entered the Army? Will you get posted to the driver vocation? I’ve heard that if you already have a Civilian Driving License, chances of you getting into the Driver Vocation is almost ZERO or you don’t even have a chance as they want to give those people with no license to experience as a driver? How reliable is this? 2) Second question. So example if I got into the driver vocation and I hold both SAF Driving License & Civilian Driving License, and One unfortunate day (example) I am driving the military vehicle and I accidentally got caught committing traffic offences (such as speeding/beat red light/knock down people with no intention), does it affect only my SAF driving license only and get charged, or it will also affect my Civilian driving license as well? Meaning both my SAF & Civilian driving license gets affected (Demerit points etc.) It just some thought that makes me curious & just for in case. Accidents do happen, I know we can prevent it but it’s just for some knowledge.
  13. It's been more than half a century since some of the first concept cars boasting self-driving features were presented to the world and they're still not on the roads. But many auto executives say the industry is on the cusp of welcoming vehicles that make the idea of keeping both hands on the wheel an anachronism. General Motors showed off "dream cars" in the late 1950s like the Firebird II and Cadillac Cyclone with features automakers are now starting to roll out in new models as the technology, based on sensors, lasers, radar systems, GPS, cameras and microchips -- improves and becomes less costly. While most industry officials don't envision a fully self-driving, or autonomous, vehicle before 2025, features such as adaptive cruise control or traffic jam assist that automatically slow or apply the brakes for a car in certain situations are already being introduced. And much like anti-lock brakes became the norm after initial resistance, these new technologies will prepare drivers for a future where they are needed less. "The whole concept of a car being able to drive itself is pretty profound," said Larry Burns, GM's former research and development chief and an adviser for Google's self-driving car project. "This is the most transformational play to hit the auto industry in 125 years." The progress has been in the making for decades as GM's Firebird II, introduced in 1956, included a system to work with an electrical wire embedded in the highway to guide the car. Three years later, the rocket-like Cyclone boasted an autopilot system that steered the car and radar in front nose cones that warned of a collision and automatically applied the brakes. However, the pace of invention has quickened, with such automakers as GM, Ford Motor Co, Toyota Motor Corp and Volkswagen AG developing technologies to help drivers avoid accidents. Some even envision a future where today's cars are more amusement. "In the same way we all used to travel on horses and now horses are entertainment, you could imagine automobiles driven by people becoming more entertainment," said Chris Urmson, the Google program's technical head. In a world where Nevada and Florida have already passed laws allowing the licensing of self-driving cars, the rush is on to make the job easier for drivers. For many, the ultimate goal is to take the steering wheel totally out of consumers' hands and eliminate accidents altogether. "Once we have a car that will never crash, why don't we let it drive?" said Nady Boules, GM's director of autonomous technology development. However, Boules and executives like him will have to win over a public that includes those who love to drive or simply wouldn't trust their lives to a robot. Others, like long-haul truckers, could resist the technology for fear of job losses. Blue screen of hell "My mental model of trust in technology is a Windows blue screen of death. That's how much faith I have in PCs and computer systems," said Bryan Reimer, a research scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology's AgeLab. Reimer, whose group studies human behavior in relation to transportation safety and has worked with BMW, Ford and Toyota, said people are terrible overseers of highly autonomous systems and a car that helps drivers rather than replaces them would be a better model. J.D. Power and Associates found 37 percent of U.S. consumers it surveyed in March were interested in autonomous driving technology, but only 20 percent definitely or probably would buy it at an estimated price of $3,000. Consulting firm Accenture said last year that almost half of U.S. and British consumers it polled would be comfortable in a self-driving car. Even if the industry eventually wins the hearts and minds of most consumers, it also must establish the infrastructure that supports self-driving cars, including not only the technology but the necessary legal and liability frameworks -- things that may takes years to put in place. Bill Windsor, associate vice president of consumer safety at insurer Nationwide Mutual, pointed out the airline industry has had an autopilot feature for years, but people still man the cockpit. The same will be true for cars. "It's going to be a long time before we're going to feel comfortable turning over all the day-to-day decisions in driving to a computer," he said. Costs must come down as well. For instance, the laser-based Light Detection and Ranging system used by Google costs $70,000 according to a study released this month by consulting firm KPMG and the Center for Automotive Research (CAR). For that reason, the rollout over the next decade of more semi-autonomous features that assist drivers or take control of cars in only some cases is the path the industry is taking with the idea of preparing consumers for a future with fully driverless cars. "The socialization of autonomous driving is actually the difficult part. The invention of the vehicle is the easy part," said John Hanson, Toyota's national manager for environmental, safety and quality issues. The Japanese automaker has two autonomous car programs, one in Japan and the other in Ann Arbor, Michigan. "George Jetson" days not close Even some automakers developing semi-autonomous features for their cars don't believe consumers will accept a future without human drivers. "The days of George Jetson getting in the vehicle, saying 'to the office' and then reading a newspaper, we don't envision for an awful long time," said Tom Baloga, BMW's US vice president of engineering. "We will always be the ultimate driving machine," he said, adding that there will be times when bored drivers stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic will turn over control of their cars. BMW has worked on autonomous technology for more than a decade. Others developing autonomous technologies include: Honda , Hyundai, Mercedes, Nissan and Volvo, as well as suppliers, technology firms and universities. Chip giant Intel Corp created a $100 million fund in February to invest in future auto technology. "The industry appears to be on the cusp of revolutionary change ... engendered by the advent of autonomous or 'self-driving' vehicles. And the timing may be sooner than you think," KPMG and CAR said in their study. GM, for instance, believes semi-autonomous cars will be available by mid-decade with more sophisticated self-driving systems by the end of the decade. Cadillac is testing a feature dubbed "Super Cruise" that is capable of fully automatic steering, braking and lane centering in certain highway driving that could be ready for production by mid-decade. Meanwhile Bill Ford, the chairman of rival Ford Motor, sees semi-autonomous driving technology by 2025 like driver-initiated autopilot systems, as well as, the ability to reserve parking spots ahead of your destination in a linked network, with fully autonomous cars following after that. "There's a lot of moving parts to all of this, but it's almost limitless in terms of what we can do," he said in June at an event in California's Silicon Valley. Ford's 2013 Fusion mid-sized car includes a lane-keeping aid system, an active park assist function, adaptive cruise control and collision warning. Self-driving cars: "Not in our lifetime" Google launched its autonomous car program in 2010, viewing the problem as one of computer science. It has tested its modified Toyota Prius and Lexus RX 450h cars over more than 300,000 miles and is talking with almost every automaker about its technology. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said the company has not figured out how it would bring its technology to market, but licensing it is an option. "Self-driving cars should in our lifetime become the predominant way," he told Reuters in July. Last year, one of Google's self-driving cars was involved in a minor accident, but supporting the idea that robots would be better drivers it occurred when the car was under human control. The self-driving mode has yet to be in a fender bender. Bob Casey, the curator of transportation at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, regarded the self-guiding driving system of GM's Firebird II concept car of more than 50 years ago "almost as a parlor trick," but he said the technology now brings such cars closer to reality. The question is whether the auto industry is ready for that. "Part of the fundamental attraction of automobiles has been the actual driving of them," he said. "If you do away with that, then it really becomes an appliance ... a toaster, a washing machine." Source: http://www.jpost.com/Features/InThespotlig....aspx?id=281681
  14. Anyone can help explain the subject? What are the pros and cons submitting named drivers for my new ride?
  15. Any bros recently take and passed the Class 4 license? Can share some infos? I called up SSDC and asked, was told that the total costs is around $900++, that includes 1 theory, 8 practicals and 1 test. Is that amount correct because I saw somewhere saying that is will cost about $600 over only. Please share some of your experience, thanks !!!
  16. Seeking advice from those that have done this before .... 1. I'm planning to bid for my own car license plate number. 2. AD usually include 6 mths road tax, license plate etc in car price Questions : a. If I bid for my own plate number, what kind of rebates can I expect from AD? b. Do I need to inform SE before he bids COE on my behalf or only when car is ready for registration? Appreciate all advice. Thanks !
  17. Hi guys, I got an unfortunate news this morning as my friend was caught by an undercover cops this morning. Worse thing is she just completed her sentence after her licensed got revoked for one year due to drink driving. She is in the mid re-taking her driving license and in fact she already passed her basic theory in May. What do you think what will be penalty or chargers to her?
  18. Can one of you kind souls help me on this? Despite reading the Wikipedia page numerous times I still cannot derive or understand the check digit calculation of my vehicle. Using the example quoted in Wiki, how do they derive the "6 fixed numbers as (9, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2)"? and why are the 19 characters used quoted in this order?? (A, Z, Y, X, U, T, S, R, P, M, L, K, J, H, G, E, D, C, B) where A=0, Z=1, etc... Can anyone make this Wiki page a lot clearer to understand for a layman? Cheers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vehicle_registration_plates_of_Singapore#Checksum
  19. I want to get my motorbike license - any tips on the fastest way?
  20. Mfana

    Taxi license

    Hi , anyone can advise where to do medical checkup for vocational license , prefer those 'One stop' kind. And how much does it cost ? Appreciate your replies mfana
  21. How to go about in getting the license? I got class 3 license for 8 years already... do i have to join one of the bus companies as a trainee bus driver to get the license? then can drive private coach?
  22. Dear bros, Just want to confirm something: If i just converted foreign license to Singapore license, do i still have to show the triangle probationary plates for a year? Or no need at all? Thanks for the quick help.
  23. Torquemonster

    Getting my driving license.

    I am getting my driving license, anyone know if i can get my driving license if i am excessively shortsighted? i can only see clearly with my glasses on. One of my friend says that it takes longer for a shortsighted person to get a license. What sort of eyesight test do they do when getting a driving license?
  24. SGCM_editorial

    Driving Scorecard

    In March 1983, the Traffic Police replaced the PDS (Points Demerit System) with the DIPS (Driver Improvement Points System). Under the former, stricter scheme, Singaporean motorists who accumulated 12 demerit points in a year would have their driving licences revoked. Under DIPS, however, a driver would only lose his licence if he racked up 24 points within two years. New drivers who’d just passed their driving test, on the other hand, still had to abide by “PDS rules” – their licences would be revoked if they amassed more than 12 demerit points within 12 months. But the leniency of DIPS compared to PDS soon attracted criticism. The AAS (Automobile Association of Singapore), for one, was concerned that it might cause some good drivers to go bad, since they had more points to “play” around with. Singapore’s Traffic Police (TP), however, hoped that the doubling of the points and allotted time period would not only give some allowance to motorists who might have unintentionally committed traffic offences, but also persuade repeat offenders to “self-correct” before it was too late. In any case, TP made the penalties for certain offences even stiffer under DIPS – for example, beating the red light used to mean a $150 fine (for light vehicles) and six demerit points, but these were raised to $200 and 12 demerit points respectively after the DIPS was amended in 2000. The scheme had been extended to foreigners the year before, creating a fairer playing field for every motorist who uses our roads regularly. To incentivise motorists to practise good driving habits, any demerit points accumulated under the DIPS scheme will be erased if the driver stays “clean” for the 12 months following his last offence. Any suspensions, too, would be wiped off his driving record if he remains offence-free for two years from the time his licence was suspended. Speaking of which, if your driving suspension is for a year or longer, you’ll have to earn it back later on by passing the theory and practical exams all over again. The best incentive by far is the Certificate of Merit, given to every motorist who maintains a clean driving record for three years straight. This reward entitles him to a five per cent discount on his car insurance premium upon renewal, in addition to any No-Claims bonus, provided his insurer participates in this scheme and he didn’t file any policy claims during the last three years. This article was written by Jeremy Chua, writer for Torque.
  25. BMWX5

    Driving license lost

    Bag was stolen and lost my driving license among other things. Is it possible to apply for a replacement online or do I have to go to ubi? Also, must the photo be a hard copy or can I give them a soft copy photo? Thanks.