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Found 1,501 results

  1. Do all these so called Fuel Saving Gadgets really works? Some of those in the market are shark plug. panther plug and some magnetic gadgets to be inserted at the fuel cable etc.
  2. I'm looking for ppl selling their 9 year old ride...pls pm me :) you guys think its worth it to buy over a 9 year old car at close to scrap value?
  3. On FOX channel. I think its a damn nice series. The zombies look too realistic and this series beats other zombie genres hands down.
  4. DACH

    Buick, anyone?

    2018 Buick Regal GS first drive: The backroad Buick The new GS may not be track ready, but it’s an improved Regal by every performance measurementhttp://autoweek.com/article/car-reviews/2018-buick-regal-gs-first-drive-backroad-buick#ixzz58JgWnwXP One might assume the GS (Gran Sport) badge on the back of this Buick means serious business. After all, in the past, those two little letters signaled to everyone that specialized performance equipment was on board. The very first GS models back in the mid-1960s were hardcore. Buick described the Skylark GS as “a howitzer with windshield wipers.” And to be sure, the 2018 Regal GS is a meaningful improvement over the standard Regal Sportback. Yet, this one stops short of being a howitzer—or a true track-ready performance package. “It’s not really meant to drive on the other side of that wall, onto the racetrack,” Buick’s vehicle performance manager Mike Mueller mentions to us as we look out over Atlanta Motorsports Park’s road course in Dawsonville, Georgia. “We could have dialed up the GS but that’s not where we were trying to go. It’s not supposed to be a Camaro, Corvetteor high-performance Cadillac.” While the GS may not be a super sedan like Caddy’s V-Series monsters, engineers massaged the Regal in every way to improve its performance on the street. Under the hood, GM’s venerable 3.6-liter V6 takes the place of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder in standard Regals. Here, that V6 makes 310 hp and 282 lb-ft of torque—a 60 hp and 26 lb-ft of torque bump over the four. Although the last Regal GS offered the option of a six-speed manual transmission up until 2016, this new one comes paired solely to GM’s nine-speed automatic. And all Regal GS models use a specifically-tuned version of the Regal’s twin-clutch all-wheel drive system. The chassis components as well as the strut front and five-link rear suspension systems are largely the same as the ones used on the more pedestrian Regal Sportback AWD models. The biggest change comes from the adoption of Continuous Damping Control (CDC) dampers from ZF at each corner. The firmness of these shocks can be adjusted through buttons on the center console. The front springs are unique here but only because the V6 carries an additional 40 pounds over the four-cylinder. Mueller says the stabilizer bars as well as chassis bushings remain unchanged. The GS does have Brembo brakes up front that measure 13.6-inches in diameter, up an inch over the standard Regal front brakes. Out back, the GS has 12.4-inch vented discs that are about an inch larger than the solid discs in the Regal. And to cover the new brakes, there are 19-inch wheels wrapped in 245/40R19 Continental Procontact TX tires. The GS carries some tasteful body mods, including more aggressive front and rear facias, side sills and a rear lip spoiler, and they make an already handsome car look a little tougher. On the inside, there are unique GS sill plates, a GS shifter and 14-way adjustable sport seats. Of course, this is still a Sportback. And that means there’s 31.5 cu-ft of cargo space with the rear seats up and a wagon-like 60.7 cu-ft. with them folded. So, this sporty machine is quite useful too. The Execution Slide into the new heated, cooled, massaging and heavily bolstered sport seats and its clear the GS is built to have some fun. The seats are fantastic and even include adjustable thigh support which was appreciated by my six-foot-four driving partner. Another welcome upgrade is the new partial TFT instrument cluster. It’s modern and much more befitting a car in this price class compared to the analog cluster in the normal Regal. Immediately ahead of the shifter are buttons labeled “sport” and “GS”. They are the key to unlocking driving enjoyment in this Buick. Press sport and the transmission will hold onto gears slightly longer and quicken the shifts. Sport mode also increases the heft of the steering, biases more torque to the rear axle and will dial up a firmer damping setting too. An individual mode allows the steering, dampers and all-wheel drive system responsiveness to be adjusted independently. Engage the “GS” mode and its basically Buick’s version of sport plus. The steering boost is dialed back even further, resulting in heavier, more substantial weighting. The transmission shifts are no quicker but the shift schedule is more aggressive, so it won’t upshift to a taller gear if you are hustling down a mountain road. The all-wheel drive system will bias even more of the engine’s torque to the rear axle here, and the damping from the CDC system becomes firmer still. What doesn’t change, no matter what mode you select, are the calibrations for ABS, traction control and stability control. You can turn off traction control by pressing a button on the dash once. And by holding that button down for a few seconds, the stability control can be dialed way back. But as one might imagine—it never goes away completely. “We don’t suddenly give you back 1970s handling,” says Mueller. “There’s always that last ditch effort from the system to keep you on the road.” One of the best things about the Regal GS is that it’s not overly hard-edged in anything that it does. There are plenty of sporty cars that can be a little too stiff and aggressive for daily driving, but Buick strikes an excellent balance here. In the default (normal) mode, the Regal drives just like a regular Sportback. The suspension is smooth and that nine-speed goes about its work in the background without anyone really noticing. The V6 is just fine here with plenty of torque to squirt through traffic. Driven hard, the Regal is quick. But this is the same basic V6 that lives under the hood of so many GM products—everything from Camaros to Colorados and even Buick’s own LaCrosse. So, when you really work this V6 hard, it doesn’t feel or sound particularly exciting, or special enough for a high-performance application Drive it up a set of switchbacks and the transmission’s preference for taller gears will have you pressing the sport or GS buttons. We toggled through all three modes (normal, sport and GS) and found that in almost every driving situation, we just left it in GS. The transmission calibration is excellent, dropping gears or holding onto them without going one gear too far or staying in a low gear too long. The heavier weighting of the steering in GS mode feels good on a mountain drive as well as in the city. On those twisty Georgia backroads the Regal GS was athletic and fun. The only reason to perhaps not have the GS in GS mode? Negotiating a field of Detroit-class potholes. Our $43,510 Regal GS was loaded. It carried the $945 Sights and Sounds package, which includes Buick’s navigation system HD Radio, and a Bose audio system. The $1,690 Driver Confidence Package pulls together all the safety tech like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, forward collision warning amongst others. The Appearance Package ($485) brings wireless phone charging and LED headlamps on board. Our metallic paint cost an additional $395 and the sport aluminum pedals are $175. The Takeaway The GS is certainly the Regal in Buick’s lineup we’d want parked in our own garage. It’s responsive and enjoyable on ribbons of twisty asphalt without compromising comfort—and that’s appealing. But there are of course others in the Buick’s competitive class -- performance German machinery that will bring a little more agility and a little more cache to the driving experience for a little more money. Still with all the options checked, the GS is a really good deal and easily the best Buick we’ve driven in years.
  5. Piyopico

    Green fingers anyone?

    Got a herb garden at my yard. Just morning sun but managed to get my basil and mint growing. My Rosemary died. Supposed to be resilent but cannot get it to grow. Plus my mint getting lots of white aphids. Cannot seem to get rid of them. Tried crushing them daily, spray with citrus oil plus even introduced a spider to do the job. Nothing seems to work. I wanna eat my herbs, so dun wanna use stuff that will get me killed. Tips anyone ? ☘
  6. Hi guys, Anyone went on Leisure World before? The 'gambling' cruise? Got a question I would like to ask... is it easy for old folks to board Leisure World from the small ferry? Need to cross bridge or walk up the gangway by the side of the cruise? Scary or not ah?
  7. Yamapi

    Grab/Ryde issues and charges

    Anyone tried Uber before?? Is it more expensive than taking taxi? or is there anyone interested to sign up and drive for them? lol Published on Mar 25, 2014 Looks like a car, feels like a taxi TECHNOLOGY company Uber has launched a private car service rivalling taxis in terms of pricing and fleet, but the authorities do not plan to regulate it for now. Two weeks ago, the company - known for its mobile app which allows users to book high-end private limousines - launched a service called UberX. UberX users can now book mid-range cars such as Mitsubishi Lancers and Toyota Corollas using the service. These cars are driven by people who sign up with UberX to be drivers using their own cars, or rental vehicles. They do not need to possess taxi driver licences to do so. This service follows the model rolled out in several cities globally, including New York, Los Angeles and London. UberX's pricing in Singapore is similar to what local taxi companies charge. UberX charges $3.50 as a base fare and a per-kilometre charge that works out to be about 28 cents per 400m. This is similar to what ComfortDelGro's Hyundai Sonata and Hyundai i-40 taxis charge - $3.20 and $3.70, respectively, for the first kilometre or less. SMRT charges $3.60 and $3.80 for its Chevrolet Epica and Toyota Prius, respectively. Both taxi companies charge 22 cents for every 400m thereafter or less, up to 10km, and 22 cents for every 350m after that. The introduction of UberX in Singapore comes as the taxi industry faces increased regulation and higher service standards. But despite UberX's similarity to taxis, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will not be regulating it for now. In response to MyPaper queries, an LTA spokesman said that Uber is not a taxi company but rather a "technology company providing a matching service leveraging on technology". "These are private-hire cars. Such cars, unlike taxis, do not ply for hire on any road. Neither do such cars take in passengers at taxi stands/stops," the spokesman said. Mr Mike Brown, regional general manager for Uber in Southeast Asia, said the company is "fully compliant with the law in Singapore". He said that UberX is "priced at a premium to a taxi and UberX does not accept street hails like a taxi". To ensure passenger safety, the company conducts criminal background checks and inspects the driving licences of all drivers, before they can join. UberX hires only Singapore citizens and permanent residents. All cars must be commercially registered and have commercial auto insurance. Those who do not own cars rent vehicles through Uber. A MyPaper check with seven UberX drivers found they were a mix of former lorry drivers and former taxi drivers. One said he pays about $1,600 for the monthly vehicle rental, which works out to around $50 a day - half of what taxi drivers pay for their daily rental. Uber takes 20 per cent of every UberX fare. But drivers said they still find it a good deal. With the lower rental, "it's better than driving a taxi because we can potentially earn more money with the same amount of work", said one driver, who declined to be named. http://mypaper.sg/top-stories/looks-car-feels-taxi-20140325?utm_content=buffer71233&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  8. how much and did it work ??
  9. Macross_vin

    Anyone hear of Color N Drive?

    Dear All, I have just came across an advert from Facebook on this brand call Color N Drive. Seems like the paint touch up product is good and easy to use. Any bros have heard and use before? Please advise and review. Thanks. colorndrive.com/en
  10. anyone ever used the brand NUTEQ absorber how is it ?
  11. Hi All Just trying my luck after being absent in SGCM after so long.... (my 1st post here after more than 10 years) Anyone here going to let go of their F25 soon ? I'm hoping to buy a used Boot Cargo Cover. The one with the retractable sliding blind. Please PM if have.. cuz I have no idea where to get a replacement. short of going back to BMW. Thanks Bros.
  12. There are lotsa fake spark plugs out there. My friend bought a set on Denso Iridium power IK22 each from 2 different dealers. To his surprise, the packaging and spark plugs itself are different. Can anyone identify the real one?
  13. Nowaday Si*gt*l got one AMPED application that enable unlimited download of song. Happened to downloaded som very nice cantonese song which I had lost the cassette album...It really bring back good old memory where HK Singer like Alan Tam, Lesile Cheng and etc rule the music world..Below are some memory of the nice song...taken from Youtube...enjoy.... Alan Tam 1 Alan Tam 2 Alan Tam 3 Danny 勁歌金曲 陳百強 (Danny Chan) - 1983十大中文金曲 偏偏喜歡你
  14. My car's mileage 9 years liao. 155,000km. Nowadays I don't feel like driving and sometimes take mrt also... So what's your mileage like?
  15. Looking for tips, plan to drive all the way to Bangkok or Chiangmai Anything in particular to take note?
  16. As above. usually felt spc a bit bolat, but as petrol was running low, went to spc station and pump $30 first of 95. surprisingly my 1.4 T car seems to have a slightly more responsive feel thereafter dont know if its me or that spc decided to put some good stuff in (at least for the initial branding campaign) anyway with 15% discount, not too bad for value too. any feedback ?
  17. archcherub

    Anyone likes ASMR videos?

    anyone likes ASMR? was reading about ASMR and watching some on youtube. found a singaporean girl in a forum doing ASMR also, kinda weird to hear her. went to her homepage to read about it, got interested...went youtube whoooa!!!! TONS OF SUCH WEIRD VIDEOS so many angmohs doing this ASMR! and got that tingly sensation... anyone got it too? share your ASMR experience leh edit: for those asking what is asmr- this is the blog post what is asmr for mental health
  18. Search clan tag #YJVPJU8 Can accommodate clan merging. Looking for active member who donate, play war.
  19. Lethalstrike

    Anyone into laopok Mercs?

    Was browsing through sgcarmart for Mercs which are more than 10 years old and happened to spot a few gems, besides the usual W124s. Its interesting to see the classic Merc genes and design slowly evolving over the years as well. If the owners happened to chance across this thread, could you kindly share with us the experience of owning a classic Merc in Singapore, besides being patient and having wads of cash on hand for restorations and ad-hoc repairs? 1. W111? Earliest predecessor to the S-classes link 2. R129 in chio chio chilli red link 3. W201 The legendary ex-DTM Cosworth 2.3-16 link 4. W113 Predecessor to the SL-classes Visit My Website 5. W108/109 Predecessor to the S-classes link 6. W123, still used as taxis in some European countries link 7. R107, another SL from the 1970s. Dun really like this round quad lamps variant though link 8. W140. A 5-litre V8 german tank registered in 1994. Can't imagine the roadtax then... link 9. W126. Most successful S-class which seals Merc's status as the leading luxury car maker. link 10. R170. First SLK with mass-produced folding metal roof. Destined to be a future classic. link
  20. now got Cathay Pacific Promotion Deals: Smartsaver Economy Class Fares $230 to bangkok, wu hua boh ??? Source: http://www.../cathay-pacific-promotion-deals-smartsaver-economy-class-fares/
  21. Hi all Just wondering if anyone had driven from SG to Bangkok before? According to Google Maps, it can be done and the distance is approx. 1850km. I know logistically and financially it is really dumb and waste of time to do so as a flight to Bangkok is only 2 hrs from SG. and budget airlines $$ are cheap. But I just thought the trill of actually driving to Bangkok from SG, and that you are the only SG plate car driving around the big traffic jam city of the world, the feeling would be great haha. I just wonder if there's any potential issues when crossing from Malaysia to Thailand borders. Is our insurance covered in Thailand? And I assume there's no problem using their fuel... Most of their cars uses E20 gas, meaning there's 20% Ethanol mixed into the gasoline. Their max grade gasoline is at 95 octane only. Their regular at 91. I have a close friend in Bangkok but she has no idea if the idea is workable or not... TIA
  22. Guys, Anyone remember who is Ah Siong from Hankook previously? He was the head Mechanic manager from Toh Guan branch previously. Believe many guys here trust his skills and experience in tyres and battery. Where is he now?
  23. Hi guys I cant seem to find reviews of the above. Does anyone have any clue? Personal experiences please share.