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  1. Got a herb garden at my yard. Just morning sun but managed to get my basil and mint growing. My Rosemary died. Supposed to be resilent but cannot get it to grow. Plus my mint getting lots of white aphids. Cannot seem to get rid of them. Tried crushing them daily, spray with citrus oil plus even introduced a spider to do the job. Nothing seems to work. I wanna eat my herbs, so dun wanna use stuff that will get me killed. Tips anyone ? ☘
  2. This is one of the old time classic...... (1979)網中人
  3. Hi guys I cant seem to find reviews of the above. Does anyone have any clue? Personal experiences please share.
  4. Nowaday Si*gt*l got one AMPED application that enable unlimited download of song. Happened to downloaded som very nice cantonese song which I had lost the cassette album...It really bring back good old memory where HK Singer like Alan Tam, Lesile Cheng and etc rule the music world..Below are some memory of the nice song...taken from Youtube...enjoy.... Alan Tam 1 Alan Tam 2 Alan Tam 3 Danny 勁歌金曲 陳百強 (Danny Chan) - 1983十大中文金曲 偏偏喜歡你
  5. I'm looking for ppl selling their 9 year old ride...pls pm me :) you guys think its worth it to buy over a 9 year old car at close to scrap value?
  6. Discoburg

    Give aways

    Happened to find 3 1m length USB-C to lightning cables. Brand new. Anyone needs or want them? Will have to self collect at my place though.
  7. Was browsing through sgcarmart for Mercs which are more than 10 years old and happened to spot a few gems, besides the usual W124s. Its interesting to see the classic Merc genes and design slowly evolving over the years as well. If the owners happened to chance across this thread, could you kindly share with us the experience of owning a classic Merc in Singapore, besides being patient and having wads of cash on hand for restorations and ad-hoc repairs? 1. W111? Earliest predecessor to the S-classes link 2. R129 in chio chio chilli red link 3. W201 The legendary ex-DTM Cosworth 2.3-16 link 4. W113 Predecessor to the SL-classes Visit My Website 5. W108/109 Predecessor to the S-classes link 6. W123, still used as taxis in some European countries link 7. R107, another SL from the 1970s. Dun really like this round quad lamps variant though link 8. W140. A 5-litre V8 german tank registered in 1994. Can't imagine the roadtax then... link 9. W126. Most successful S-class which seals Merc's status as the leading luxury car maker. link 10. R170. First SLK with mass-produced folding metal roof. Destined to be a future classic. link
  8. Hi all Just wondering if anyone had driven from SG to Bangkok before? According to Google Maps, it can be done and the distance is approx. 1850km. I know logistically and financially it is really dumb and waste of time to do so as a flight to Bangkok is only 2 hrs from SG. and budget airlines $$ are cheap. But I just thought the trill of actually driving to Bangkok from SG, and that you are the only SG plate car driving around the big traffic jam city of the world, the feeling would be great haha. I just wonder if there's any potential issues when crossing from Malaysia to Thailand borders. Is our insurance covered in Thailand? And I assume there's no problem using their fuel... Most of their cars uses E20 gas, meaning there's 20% Ethanol mixed into the gasoline. Their max grade gasoline is at 95 octane only. Their regular at 91. I have a close friend in Bangkok but she has no idea if the idea is workable or not... TIA
  9. On FOX channel. I think its a damn nice series. The zombies look too realistic and this series beats other zombie genres hands down.
  10. Has anyone heard of or used before this service https://www.airbnb.com.sg/? Basically when you travel to a foreign country for a vacation, instead of securing your accommodation from the usual source such as hotels, motels or hostels, airbnb.com.sg brings together hosts from the country who are willing to rent out their room for you to live in. In layman terms, they play host to you, the guests. This isn't anything new (for me it is) and I am trying to find accommodations for my vacation next year and am wondering if anyone has any experience to share (both good and bad). What do you guys think of this idea or would you rather stay in a standard hotel? I will only be traveling with a fellow girlfriend hence I kinda liked the idea that airbnb.com.sg offers. Some of the prices available there are rather attractive, beautiful rooms, near popular tourist spots etc. Pros: Might be cheaper than hotels Able to live with the local hosts and learn more about their culture Some hosts could be really amazing people Some of the apartments/rooms are really beautiful Cons: Nothing scarier than a bad host Took some screenshots using Gold Coast as an example. Can't see the words but what it says is basically house rules etc.
  11. anyone likes ASMR? was reading about ASMR and watching some on youtube. found a singaporean girl in a forum doing ASMR also, kinda weird to hear her. went to her homepage to read about it, got interested...went youtube whoooa!!!! TONS OF SUCH WEIRD VIDEOS so many angmohs doing this ASMR! and got that tingly sensation... anyone got it too? share your ASMR experience leh edit: for those asking what is asmr- this is the blog post what is asmr for mental health
  12. Hi All First time i am "crowd sourcing" here....i am looking for unique corporate gift to commemorate my company 25th Anniversary next year. Budget is up to $20 or even more if worth it. Must appear quite atas one....cos other than staff we are also going to give to biz partners, etc. Anyone has any ideas or any vendor to recommend? Thanks!!
  13. now got Cathay Pacific Promotion Deals: Smartsaver Economy Class Fares $230 to bangkok, wu hua boh ??? Source: http://www.../cathay-pacific-promotion-deals-smartsaver-economy-class-fares/
  14. just went to this project launch over the weekend ... packed full of pple.. just quite puzzled... project is on 99 yrs lease but its selling somewhere at 1300 psf... but another project, which is a apartment (not with fully condo fac) down the street with freehold, going for 800 plus psf... how come this project is priced so much higher?
  15. Many years ago, i like to collect amulets. However, the hobby dies off after a few years. Recently i have a craze again. Bought an amulet and start to wear it again. Anyone here with the same hobby or pic to show ur precious amulet? I start off with mine 1st =)
  16. has anyone watched physics of the impossible series yet? its really an informative and interesting show bout this physicist who explained everything spectacular that u all see in sci fi movies and how they can be possible like teleportation (theres really teleportation tech around!), universe travelling and even becoming invisible. just sharing this show around to those who may like it. anyway they have it on youtube but not all the episodes. try tom365 for the whole series.
  17. Looking for a HKS exhaust or FUJI for ZC21.. do reply!!
  18. Here is a whole series of 3 Kingdom by Famous "Bai Jia Jiang Yun" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap44iTVBM3I BTW to those who haven watch the movie of 3 kingdom play by Andy Lau. http://www.veoh.com/channels/THREEKINGDOMSRESURRECTION
  19. It seems like the more popular brands are Blackvue or Iroad cameras. I am given the Blaupunkt BP-9.0A with the following specs Resolution : Front 2MP FHD 1080 30fps, Rear : 2MP FHD 1080 30fps Wide viewing angle: Front - 140, Rear - 120° Screen display: Front, Rear, PIP 3.5” touchscreen LCD display Preview, download, playback Videos & Settings Configuration via Smartphone Wireless Control App Automatic memory card format (Format-free Technology) Fixed ‘High Temperature’ & Variable ‘Low Car Battery Voltage’ Cut-off 24-hour automatic park recording Motion detection, automatic display shutdown, G-sensor, loop recording Support up to 128GB Micro SD, Class 10 & above Micro SD Seems pretty legit and decent and i suppose i can save moolah and use it? I just need to get an additional battery pack (Was quoted Cellink) to support its 24hr motion sensor activation to record.
  20. Hi all, Just graduated from TED Automotive Diploma and interested in applying for jobs. But im not sure what i have to do or look out for with regards to CV or applying for job as have no prior job experience before as i am a fresh grad. Want to apply at Nissan but they dont have a specific job opening, they just say to email resume to them. So not sure what to say when emailing them. Has anyone applied for or working at car companies at the moment? Thanks in advance!
  21. Guys, Anyone remember who is Ah Siong from Hankook previously? He was the head Mechanic manager from Toh Guan branch previously. Believe many guys here trust his skills and experience in tyres and battery. Where is he now?
  22. hi Bros.So i am planning a trip to chase the northern lights. high chance Finland/Norway! Have a few questions to ask here for those who seen before. 1. Where is the best bet to see the auroras? friend went iceland in 2017 but Didnt manage to see antyhing. 2. Did you do free and easy and then go there to join private tour or straight up sign tour package? Am not the one very keen on going because scared of cold but gf want to see so no choice. Thinking tour package might be an easier option for me. https://www.chanbrothers.com/private-tours/itinerary/pt-finland Few things i shortlisted as must do: - Reindeer/Huskies Sleigh Ride - Ranua Wildlife Park - see artic animals in the zoo. this is where polar bears truly belong! - Stay at Santa Claus Village -snowmobiling - must try: santa's salmon place restaurant - jaakkola reindeer farm -kakslauttanen glass igloos any other recommendations plss 3. how to survive 8 to 10 days of winter? bring cup noodles? friend bought 10 cup noodles when he went last time because food expensive and not nice. 4. winter wear- anyone bought thermal wear from uniqlo b4? their heat tech useful? and also fleece jacket. snow boots also recommended right? phototaking. i think i just going to use gopro to capture whatever i can. any other recomendations/advice/experience to share welcome please!!! thank you!
  23. Hi guys, recently just participated the contest on sgCarMart. The one that have the ipad as the grand prize one. Hope to win something, but in the end no one called yet. So i think i never win lah. Anyway, car is due for servicing and i tot of trying this MPM oil . . . dunno how's the feedback, anyone who won the contest have tried the engine oil? or anyone use this before? I saw there is a very positive review on the 0W-40. Anyone have any take on this engine oil?
  24. Wondering if any bro or sis here is driving the above vehicle, care to share the driving experience, comfort level etc etc. Many thanks in advance.
  25. Any bros here know where i can buy original parts for mitsubishi cars apart from CNC? I wish to change my shock absorbers soon thanks!
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