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Found 101 results

  1. Byteslurve

    Sharing of Good Jokes

    An older lady gets pulled over for speeding.... Older Woman: Is there a problem, Officer? Officer: Ma'am, you were speeding. Older Woman: Oh, I see.. Officer: Can I see your license please? Older Woman: I'd give it to you but I don't have one. Officer: Don 't have one? Older Woman: Lost it, 4 years ago for drunk driving. Officer: I see...Can I see your vehicle registration papers please. Older Woman: I can't do that. Officer: Why not? Older Woman: I stole this car. Officer: Stole it? Older Woman: Yes, and I killed and hacked up the owner. Officer: You what? Older Woman: His body parts are in plastic bags in the trunk if you want to see The Officer looks at the woman and slowly backs away to his car and calls for back up. Within minutes 5 police cars circle the car. A senior officer slowly approaches the car, clasping his half drawn gun. Officer 2: Ma'am, could you step out of your vehicle please! The woman steps out of her vehicle. Older woman: Is there a problem sir? Officer 2: One of my officers told me that you have stolen this car and murdered the owner. Older Woman: Murdered the owner? Officer 2: Yes, could you please open the trunk of your car, please. The woman opens the trunk, revealing nothing but an empty trunk. Officer 2: Is this your car, ma'am? Older Woman: Yes, here are the registration papers. The officer is quite stunned. Officer 2: One of my officers claims that you do not have a driving license. The woman digs into her handbag and pulls out a clutch purse and hands it to the officer. The officer examines the license. He looks quite puzzled. Officer 2: Thank you ma'am, one of my officers told me you didn't have a license, that you stole this car, and that you murdered and hacked up the owner. Older Woman: Bet the liar told you I was speeding, too.
  2. Hi guys I cant seem to find reviews of the above. Does anyone have any clue? Personal experiences please share.
  3. Volvobrick

    Sonic booms heard

    I have heard a few sonic booms since this morning, even rattling the doors/windows. Another friend living closer to town also confirmed windows rattling. Anyone else has heard them? Or know the causes?
  4. Scion

    Have u heard of Hygge?

    hygge/ˈh(j)uːɡə,ˈhʊɡə/ noun a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture). basically, it means relaxation or cosiness, whether alone or with family, loved ones or group of good friends all these can be associated with hygge - soft pillows, jazz or some soothing music, hot chocolate, sipping coffee, comfort food, fireplace, books, etc etc (no wonder Denmark always rank high in happiness ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl74ybpyNLk in Singapore context, lying comfortably in the couch with a beer watching football at midnight can be considered hygge too?
  5. I heard from a friend that he sent his car for service and then they top Texas Engine Oil. Never heard before leh. Anyone knows?
  6. Has anyone heard of or used before this service https://www.airbnb.com.sg/? Basically when you travel to a foreign country for a vacation, instead of securing your accommodation from the usual source such as hotels, motels or hostels, airbnb.com.sg brings together hosts from the country who are willing to rent out their room for you to live in. In layman terms, they play host to you, the guests. This isn't anything new (for me it is) and I am trying to find accommodations for my vacation next year and am wondering if anyone has any experience to share (both good and bad). What do you guys think of this idea or would you rather stay in a standard hotel? I will only be traveling with a fellow girlfriend hence I kinda liked the idea that airbnb.com.sg offers. Some of the prices available there are rather attractive, beautiful rooms, near popular tourist spots etc. Pros: Might be cheaper than hotels Able to live with the local hosts and learn more about their culture Some hosts could be really amazing people Some of the apartments/rooms are really beautiful Cons: Nothing scarier than a bad host Took some screenshots using Gold Coast as an example. Can't see the words but what it says is basically house rules etc.
  7. its a taiwanese brand being sold at Motogard
  8. Superstition is any belief or practise that is irrational - i.e., it arises from ignorance, a misunderstanding of science or causality, a positive belief in fate or magic, or fear of that which is unknown. "Superstition" also refers to religious beliefs or actions arising from irrationality. The word superstition is often used to refer to a religion not practiced by the majority of a given society regardless of whether the prevailing religion contains superstitions.[2] It is also commonly applied to beliefs and practices surrounding luck, prophecy, and certain spiritual beings, particularly the belief that future events can be foretold by specific (apparently) unrelated prior events. Source: wikipedia How much do you follow superstitions? How many of them you have hear before? How long did you actually follow them in your life? Below are some examples of superstitions in many aspects of life. http://thesmartlocal.com/read/20-things-our-mothers-believed 20 Crazy Things Our Singaporean Mothers Believed "YOU DON'T EAT PLATE CLEAN LATER YOUR HUSBAND A LOT OF PIMPLES YOU KNOW!!" Most Singaporeans grew up adhering to the lessons taught by our mothers and grandmothers. No matter the ethnic, culture, religion or age, everyone born and raised in this sunny island has heard their fair share of strange superstitions passed down from generation to generation. Although these quirky beliefs can be rather irrational at times, they have now become a part of our daily lives. As much as I want to believe that such superstitions hold truth, after reaching a certain age we realise there were actually logical reasons behind them. Come to think of it, it wasn't very nice of our mothers to instil these superstitious beliefs in us at a young age. But it sure made me listen to my mother without any hesitation and it was for our own good! Here are the craziest things I've heard from my family, relatives and friends. 1. Sitting by the entrance of a door Old Wives Tales: It is believed that it will bring you and the household bad luck. Logical Reason: Stop blocking the way! 2. Clipping your nails at night Old Wives Tales: Clipping your nails at night will bring you bad luck. Logical Reason: There weren't any lights in the olden days, so clipping your nails in the dark might leave you with cuts. Clipping them during the day lessens the risks of injuring yourself. 3. Showering very late at night Old Wives Tales: Bad omen will fall upon you. Logical Reason: Showering in a cooler/colder weather may increase the chances of you getting arthritis and/or rheumatism. 4. Singing in the shower Old Wives Tales: You will not meet your soulmate. Logical Reason: You will scare your soulmate away. 5. Taking a photo of a sleeping person Old Wives Tales: Snapping a picture of a sleeping person will capture their soul, leaving their body soul-less. Logical Reason: I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t want a picture of my sleeping-self being shared on the internet. 6. Pointing your finger at the moon Old Wives Tales: The Chinese culture believes that there’s a mythological character living on the moon and pointing your finger at his direction is considered rude and you will get your ears cut off. Logical Reason: Especially in Singapore, being able to see and actually point at the moon means that you are probably still out. This is a weird way for our mothers to say “Come home!”. 7. Washing your face, hands and feet upon entering your home Old Wives Tales: Lingering spirits will follow you into your house if it is not done. Logical Reason: This crazy belief is due to hygiene purposes. Imagine the bacteria and dirt accumulated on your hands by the end of the day. Urgh! I personally take a shower when I reach home. 8. Washing your hands/feet after clipping your nails. Old Wives Tales: If not done, you will get horrible nightmares. Logical Reason: Again, this is due to hygiene. Remnants of your old nails can still be found on your fingers or toes in a form of dust. By washing them off, it will prevent you from accidentally inhaling or consuming that nasty “powder”. 9. Opening an umbrella indoors Old Wives Tales: It will bring you bad luck or attract a snake into your home, depending on different cultures. Logical Reason: It is dangerous and you might end up hurting someone with the sharp edges. 10. Covering your mouths when yawning Old Wives Tales: Unwanted spirits will be able to enter us through our opened mouths. Logical Reason: It is proper and hygienic to cover that open cavity. One, you will probably look silly with a wide open trap. Two, it will be embarrassing if you are in serious need of breath mints. 11. Staring at photos of cute babies when pregnant Old Wives Tales: By doing this, your baby will be born cute and pretty. Logical Reason: Soon-to-be mothers ought to surround themselves with everything calm, serene and relaxing, for a smooth pregnancy. I think pictures of cute babies make me happy. 12. Sitting on your pillow Old Wives Tales: It is believed that sitting on your pillow will cause you to have blisters on your butt. Logical Reason: There’s no other reason than your bum dirtying the pillow that you rest your head on every night. 13. Eye Twitching Old Wives Tales: It is believed that if your left eye twitches, you will receive bad news. The twitching on the right eye, on the other hand, will bring you good news, Logical Reason: It is scientifically proven that when your eyes twitch, you are in need of a major sleeping session because you are tired. 14. Walking underneath the bamboo poles Old Wives Tales: Similar to walking under a ladder, it will either bring you bad luck. Logical Reason: It can be dangerous to do so if the bamboo poles fall. 15. Finishing up every single grain of rice from your plate Old Wives Tales: Not doing so will “curse” you to have a future spouse with a face full of pimples or, you will make the rice cry, depending on the culture. Logical Reason: A way of teaching us not to waste food. 16. Eating on the bed Old Wives Tales: It is believed that it will make you extremely chubby. Logical Reason: Firstly, you don’t want crumbs on your bed which might attract pests. Secondly, eating on the bed will also mean that you might lie down before allowing time for the food to be digested which is bad for your health. 17. Straightening your legs out when sitting on the floor Old Wives Tales: You will end up paralysed. Logical Reason: Another one of those common sense reasons whereby you might cause someone injury when accidentally tripping him/her while they are walking in front of you. 18. A new mother has to serve the confinement period for 30 days after the birth of her child Old Wives Tales: Superstitious beliefs include rheumatism, migraines, an incurable infection and bad omen. Logical Reason: Our body is at the weakest state after childbirth. The confinement period acts as a time out for the mother to rest and bond with her new born baby. 19. Giving a clock to someone as a gift Old Wives Tales: It is bad omen to gift someone with a clock because in Chinese culture as the Chinese characters for clock and death are similar. And gifting them a clock seems like you are sending the recipient to their death. Logical Reason: Getting someone a clock as a present is just weird. Like cmon! He clearly did read our guide to 20 non-lame presents! 20. Whistling in the middle of the night Old Wives Tales: Whistling at night will attract the unwanted attention of lingering spirits which will end up hanging around you after. Logical Reason: Don't be the annoying neighbour. Number 13 The belief that the number 13 is unlucky is so widespread that its origins are unclear - different theories link it to Christian tradition (once again related to the Last Supper, where Judas is said to have sat at the thirteenth place at the table); Viking lore (the trickster god Loki being the thirteenth god); and the Persian zodiac (in which there are twelve signs, leaving the number thirteen to represent chaos.) The specific fear of Friday the 13th dates back to the 19th century, combining two old superstitions: the fear of the number 13 with the belief that Fridays are unlucky days. The morbid fear of the number 13 is technically known as "triskaidekaphobia", and is so common that many buildings have no floor 13 - going straight from 12 to 14. Black cats Black cats have long been seen in Western cultures as an omen of bad luck - they have long been associated with witches, and many cultures believe that a black cat crossing your path means you will suffer disaster or even death. Gamblers are especially fearful of the black cat curse - many of them believe that if they see a black cat while going to a casino, they should abandon their plans to gamble there. However, it's not all bad news for the black cats; in some cultures, including in Japan, Great Britain and Ireland, the opposite is true, and black cats are seen as bringers of good luck. Crossing fingers Crossing your fingers to wish for good luck (or, secretly, to get you out of keeping a promise) is common around the world - but its origins are unclear. It seems to be most common in Christian countries, suggesting that it's related to the Christian sign of the cross. However, other suggestions include it being an old Pagan or Norse gesture, or possibly a good luck superstition created by archers during the "Hundred Year War" between England and France (archers used their two main fingers to draw back their bow.) Broken Mirrors It's a common superstition that a broken mirror will result in seven years bad luck - it's thought this belief can be traced back to the idea that a mirror captures part of your soul. So when a mirror breaks, part of your soul gets broken too. That's also why some cultures cover up all mirrors and reflective surfaces in a house where someone has died - so their soul can leave the building without getting trapped in the mirror. Spilled Salt It's an old superstition that accidentally spilling salt is a bad omen: it's said that it draws its origins from the Christian tradition, due to Judas Iscariot having supposedly spilled salt at the Last Supper shortly before he betrayed Jesus. In fact, its origins are probably much more pragmatic: until recently, salt was really expensive, so spilling it was already rather unlucky. It was also used as a sign of friendship and hospitality - spilling salt offered to you by your host was a bad sign. Much like black cats, spilled salt can work both ways - another common superstition holds that throwing a pinch of salt over your left shoulder brings good luck and wards off evil. 666 Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia - that's the technical name for the fear of the number 666, otherwise known as the Number of the Beast. This superstition undeniably comes from Christianity - the number is mentioned as being representative of Satan in the Biblical Book of Revelations. It's gained in popularity through being heavily featured in films like The Omen (above), and was taken so seriously by former US President Ronald Reagan that when he moved into a private house at the end of his presidency, he had the street number changed from 666 to 668. However, it might be that everyone's got it wrong all this time - in 2005, a group of scholars announced that they discovered evidence that the number was originally supposed to be 616, not 666... Walking Under Ladders Walking underneath a ladder is widely held to be bad luck. Despite some theories suggesting that this is to do with the triangle formed by a ladder representing the Christian Holy Trinity, the most likely explanation is far more simple and obvious: walking under laddders is quite dangerous. It's actually just sensible health and safety advice dressed up as a superstition. Chain letters Chain letters are an old phenomenon, dating back to at least 1888 - letters that ask the recipient to copy them and pass them on, often warning the superstitious that some terrible fate will await them if they don't (often giving examples of bad things that have happened to people who didn't forward them.) And the arrival of email and then social networks - making it even easier to pass messages along - has only increased the popularity of chain mail. While many chain letters are money-making scams, the reasons behind the more superstitious ones are unclear... beyond a simple desire to see how far something will spread. For parents. https://sg.theasianparent.com/newborn-myths-and-superstitions-singapore/ For those who always travel. http://sethlui.com/hotel-room-superstitions/ 8 Hotel Room Superstitions To Practise For an Undisturbed Night’s Sleep 1. Always knock before entering your room 2. Let there be light 3. Flush the toilet 4. Occupy All Beds 5. Don’t Sleep Facing The Mirror 6. Throw your footwear around 7. Avoid rooms near the fire exits 8. Don’t pick up random ritualistic objects Of course, for drivers. 7 Singaporean Driving Superstitions and Taboos http://www.------.com/features/10108/7-singaporean-driving-superstitions-and-taboos 1. Wash and wax prevents misfortune And of course, the number one superstition amongst car-lovers here must be that a dirty car attracts dents and accidents. But there may be some basis for this, if you believe what applies to cities applies to cars: the broken windows theory states that maintaining and monitoring urban environments to prevent small crimes such as vandalism, public drinking and toll-jumping helps to create an atmosphere of order and lawfulness, hence preventing more serious crimes from happening. If you don’t believe washing and waxing works, here's some food for thought: 3 Singaporean cars have been stolen in Johor Bahru recently in less than a week. Do you think they were stolen because they looked dirty and rundown, or because they were freshly washed and waxed? 2. Park next to lorries/always pick corner lots It’s more of a personal superstition, but I suspect I’m not alone in doing so. The decision to pick a lot which has ample space for the other vehicle occupants to get in or out – without dinging your doors – has helped my car's body stay pristine over its six year lifespan. So has my preference picking corner lots, even if I have to walk further to where I am going. 3. Lucky dent How many of you believe that a small dent in time prevents nine? Indeed there are owners who go to great lengths to scratch their brand new cars once they take delivery of them – although they usually places these scratches in corners that are hard to notice. The reasoning is simple: a new pristine car is statistically more likely to get scratched or dented than one that has seen a few dings or lines, just like the longer you go between accidents, the more likely you’re to have one. Lucky dents, I’ve had a few. This is despite the fact that I never… 4. Rear-Mirror amulets & good luck charms Take a walk along a carpark on a Sunday, and you may spot amulets hanging from the rear-view mirrors of some cars. That’s when you know the owner is a religious person, usually of the Buddhist persuasion. That said, many car-owners of other faiths do place religious sayings in the form of decals or bumper stickers in or around their cars, so that may count as decoration rather than superstition. As for me, I’ve got an Ugly Doll hanging from the mirror and a McDonald’s Cookie Monster in one of my two drinks compartments (it was a memento from 2001 – don’t judge me). Have they worked? Well, not really. 5. Beautiful license numbers This numerical obession doesn’t stop at individual numbers. There are also numbers which, as a whole, are considered ‘beautiful’. These comprise those which have won top prizes in the national lottery (4D) or simply a set that rolls beautifully off the tongue. For some reason my dad thinks my license plate number 5968 is beautiful, although I’ve never won any money on it. But that may be because I have never been a betting man… 6. Auspicious car numbers (no 4 or 13) The Chinese regard the number 4 with a great deal of trepidation, because it sounds like the words “die” in Chinese dialects, and apparently that is enough for us to actively seek to prevent the numeral from showing up anywhere on our license plate registration numbers. This makes unlucky 4 the Eastern equal to the West’s unlucky number 13, but ups the ante by being infinitely compatible with other modifying numbers, like 14 (sounds like “sure to die”) or 5354 (which sounds like “not grow, not dying”), 7456 ("angry die me"), 9413 ("90% chance of death, 10% chance living"), and 748 ("go and die"). On the other hand, the number 8 fills the Chinese spirit with pure love and happiness, as it sounds like the word for “fortune”. As a result, license plates like “9898” have been known to go for a literal fortune – somewhere in the region of over SGD100,000. 7. Buying or taking delivery of new cars during 7th months Of course, this falls exactly in line with the general superstition to not start anything new during the 7th lunar month. According to the Chinese, the gates of Hell open for 30 days during this period, and all manner of spirits, demons and ghosts of the netherworld are allowed to spring forth to wreak havoc in our world. This explains why, according to Chinese tradition, more deaths occur during this month, as the risk of physical dangers are increased due to the otherworldly mischief. Coincidentally, new ventures, such as starting new businesses, or the buying of and moving into new homes – and buying of new cars - tail off, as the Chinese believe it is inauspicious for them to do so during this period.
  9. I heard from the news that the Malaysia Government increased the petrol price of RON97 to RM2.40, up by RM0.10 from this morning. Anyone went to pump petrol today?
  10. anyone can confirm?
  11. found the website http://www.nasiol.com/ apparently some nano product that will reduce the need to wash. lazy bugger like me, looking for way out of washing. anyone heard of it before? better yet, anyone used it before? feedback is appreciated. thinking of getting their glass treatment product. Used RainX previously, personally i think it is overhyped. Looking at alternatives. recommendations also appreviated!
  12. I know most of the air con installer are using armaflex insulation. Apparently, Best Tech from IMM offer this pretty insulator which is call Yamato from Japan. The cover diameter seem like plastic wrapping that prevent water leaking from the insulator. Just want to hear some geniune feedback if anyone is using this Yamato and how good is it.
  13. Hi guys, I'm looking at this used set of Silence S-4130 4 x 150w rms amp supposedly to be a Japan made amp. Anybody know if it's a good buy for my system below? Front: German Maestro CS6508IV Sub: Old MTX road thunder 12" sub in sealed box. HU: JVC AVX-816 Currently using the HU to power the front Spkrs and considering other pre-own amps - JVC 80w Rodek 75w Kicker 80w JBL CS 65w Audison Srx 4. Appreciate any inputs.
  14. So fast revamp... means no point going there now till it's fully revamped.. thats the only reason why i go uss.. those who bought the season pass really suay.. BATTLESTAR Galactica, the star roller-coaster ride at Universal Studios Singapore (USS), may soon be history. The outdoor attraction is said to be undergoing an overhaul, some nine months after it was shut down. Sources said the theme park is looking to replace the sci-fi-themed ride, which is based on the hit television series Battlestar Galactica, with another movie theme. The revamped ride is expected to get a new name, new interiors and a fresh coat of paint, among other proposed changes. The new ride is slated to be launched by the end of this year. In response to queries from MyPaper, Resorts World Sentosa, which manages USS, said that Battlestar is "unavailable as it undergoes an attraction review". It declined to elaborate. Billed as the world's tallest pair of duelling roller coasters, dubbed Human and Cylon, the 90-second ride has sharp turns, vertical loops and can go as fast as 90kmh. Sources told MyPaper that the ride is being overhauled because visitors "cannot relate to the current theme". One of them said: "They (the visitors) don't even know it's called Battlestar Galactica. People know it only as the blue track and red track." The latest suspension is unlike the previous closure in March 2010, when a seat had fallen off during a routine test. No one was hurt in the incident. It reopened after nearly a year of investigations, redesign, reassembly and testing. MyPaper understands that, this time round, Battlestar's closure was planned. Singapore Polytechnic marketing and retail lecturer Amos Tan said that visitors, who were disappointed by the prolonged closure of the popular roller-coaster ride, may not want to return. "If this particular ride always has problems, it will be good for them to change to something more relevant." He added: "A theme is very, very important. Theme parks' (revenue) relies a great deal on merchandise...You would want a piece of Sesame Street, Toy Story, but Battlestar Galactica doesn't sound like something you take home." Executive Jolene Koh, 25, who went to USS for the first time in January, said: "I was quite disappointed. It's supposed to be a highlight of USS. I think it hypes up the atmosphere with people on the roller coaster screaming in the background. It's less of a theme park without that." Source: http://mypaper.sg/top-stories/battlestar-galactica-may-have-heard-its-last-whoop-20140402
  15. Little_prince

    Best advice i heard in a long time.

  16. Dear all, can anyone recall or heard of Police Boys Club during late 70s to early 80s, Boys Club was form as to keep boys away from street gangs, secret society & prevent them creating trouble, the club basically provide activities, games, outing like camping in PA, counseling, In-charge are police officers. Kindly share your experiences or views. Personally I do benefited from this project.
  17. Hi guys, Was recently introduced this brake pad called Vetto, has anyone tried or heard of it before? Did some searching and can't find any reviews or website. Only source I found was, http://autozone.com.sg/product_Vetto.htm
  18. its located at 38 Jln Pemimpin, Wisdom Industrial Building... going there to redemn my free servicing... any reviews?
  19. Ahgong

    Anyone of you heard of mylot?

    ha ha ha ha... was doing some clean up of my book marks when i found the links of forums i used to frequent. are any of you familiar with mylot? Used to be so active there.
  20. Hi all My car is due for inusurance renewal, so far all the quote i have is $1300 to $2000 based on 30% + 5% NCD. This EQ insurance quote me $700 plus only which is a lot of savings, am tempted to sign on with them but never heard of this company before, can any bros here comments on this? Thanks
  21. A fire broke out in a third-floor eating house in Peninsula Plaza on Monday afternoon. It is believed to have been caused by a gas explosion in the shop selling Myanmar food. One man in his 20s was sent to hospital with burns to his legs. The Singapore Civil Defence Force said members of the public self-evacuated the building before their arrival, and that the fire was put out by an internal sprinkler system that was activated. The Straits Times found about 100 employees and members of the public gathered outside the building after the incident, which took place at about 12.40pm.
  22. http://www.todayonline.com/singapore/fire-...eard-only-staff biggest joke of all. By the time u realize got smoke n fire, u die already.. Then why all office buildings need fire drill??? Next time just stay in office dont panic! HHHAAHAHAHAH
  23. hello guys. happy national day to everyone. hahah jus wondering, has anyone heard of this 2 brands of engine oil, namely idemitsu and cusco? has anyone tried using them b4? would glady welcome any feedbacks on these 2 brands and other recommended brands of engine oil. thanks
  24. Calvin79

    Heard on the Radio this morning

    Was on my way to work and was tuning in to FM93.3... heard that the government might allow camera phones into military camps soon... only restricted for sensitive areas in the camp... good news...no longer have to keep swtiching sim cards liao... Yeh!!!
  25. Relacklabrudder

    U never heard of virgin birth meh, radx?

    This One SP famous! Celebrate every 25 Dec