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  1. hi folks, there used to be a very nice beh teh sor located at sunshine plaza, just found out they shifted away. think its called da jao yeh or something.... anyone know where it went?? many thanks
  2. Dear all, Need some help from you all. May I know if Far East Plaza and Cineleisure Car Park Gantry accepts Contactless Cashcard? I know The Cathay does not accept. Thank you :)
  3. It all started as a handphone thief being caught and took revenge against the handphone shop. The issue had spread and some fraction had tried to turned it into a race issue. Do be careful if you are traveling there recently, especially Bukit Bintang area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1X_F58eM5I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWksUX-gsV8
  4. Hi all, i will be having a buffet dinner this Friday at Royal Plaza. May i know where is the parking entrance for this hotel? Is it also via the same way where the taxis and coaches enter? Hopefully someone has parked at this hotel before
  5. Who interested to buy a 884 sq feet shop for $22 million?
  6. A fire broke out in a third-floor eating house in Peninsula Plaza on Monday afternoon. It is believed to have been caused by a gas explosion in the shop selling Myanmar food. One man in his 20s was sent to hospital with burns to his legs. The Singapore Civil Defence Force said members of the public self-evacuated the building before their arrival, and that the fire was put out by an internal sprinkler system that was activated. The Straits Times found about 100 employees and members of the public gathered outside the building after the incident, which took place at about 12.40pm
  7. hi i have just witness a accident. im the car driver behind the civic who hit the taxi in fact its the taxi who beat the red light as the traffic light turn green for our side a few second and yet the taxi rush over it can be clearly seen in my car camera i havent upload the video will upload it soon let me know if i can help sorry was in a hurry so when i notice no one was injure and traffic was heavy i drove off
  8. Anybody bought jogging shoes fr there before? Are they really cheaper than those bought elsewhere?
  9. A NIGHT out to buy a cellphone at Lucky Plaza turned ugly for a Chinese national yesterday. The kindergarten teacher, who wanted to be known only as Ms Mei, said that the staff of DAB Electronics at the basement of the shopping centre had quoted her $900 for an iPhone 4 without a contract. However, a staff member rang up an amount of $1,900. When she asked what the extra $1,000 was for, the man said that $350 was for a repair service, and quoted fees for unlocking her SIM card and cutting her SIM card, a service he said was required in order to use the popular mobile phone.
  10. Knn, went in jb on tues around 6pm, heavy rain, JB main road turning left towards Holiday Plaza b4 traffic light turning left to KSL City, kanna double pot holes, car nearly bounce off on one side. Went in yesterday, the holes are still there size of a rim, bros all beware the stretch where all the car wash and accessories shop opp.
  11. When I was in my U days, I used to patronized this Chicken rice stall in Far East Plaza 5th floor. The one with all the MU posters all over the shop. And they serve kai lan with oyster sauce. I went last week, this shop no longer there....anyone knows where they shift to? They use to have full house of students!!
  12. Hi people, I was about 10 seconds ahead of the above accident. I was heading for Thomson Plaza at about 9.20 pm last night from the opposite side on lane 1. A taxi was trying to filter right from lane 2 into my lane at low speed, heading for the U-turn before the Thomson Plaza U-turn. As it was going so slowly, most of the cars in my lane did not slow down to give way. 10 seconds later, after I had nearly reached my U-turn spot, I heard collisions behind me. The taxi was nowhere in sight. But it seemed to leave a trail of destruction in lane 3, which I could only see aft
  13. Any bro here can advise me on parking in low yat plaza at KL. I'm going for a few days trip in KL. Need advise on things need to keep note parking over in there during my stay. Thanks for bro in advance for sharing experiences.
  14. was at plaza singapura shopping centre yesterday. To my horror i saw the drains that is near the car park lots fill with mosquito larvae. Not few but lots could be hundreds. For guys going there with family please be careful on level 4 and level 3
  15. Hi, saw a Burger King from the north south highway b4 reaching skudai plaza toll from JB. Anyone knows how to get there from the NSH? i stopped n makan at machap R&R but d flies a.k.a ho xin was terrible. D flies just fly here fly there like nobody business. Respect those locals ate their food there cos they seem no to bother abt d flies. Thanks in advance.
  16. I've heard a lot from my wife and my sister-in law regards about this shop.. How good and experience the shop owner is... I went down twice (sin- KL) in early and mid of year 2010 but didn't have the chance to met him and my wife suggest do not buy; b'cos he is not around to advice. Finally, I met him on Tuesday and straight away; I bought 2 pairs of Jean and walk out with a big smile with my shopping. What he did was.. He get me a levis jean no XXX and ask me to wear and alter the jean to fit my body shape. OMG. His alteration took only 20mins and I'm so so happy with a fitted
  17. This couple was reportedly caught on camera stealing an iPhone. According to the girl whose iPhone was stolen, she had seen the couple at Far East Plaza. She was talking on her iPhone when the girl entered her shop to browse the items. In an e-mail to citizen journalism website STOMP, the sales lady said she placed her iPhone under the counter as she would normally do and went to serve her. When she returned to the counter, the phone was missing. The boy was caught the next day but the girl was released. The owner of the newly bought iPhone voiced her frustrati
  18. Anyone tried it before? I see the word "free", but something tells me there must be a catch. No one is going to run a valet service for free unless compensation comes from someone else. And even if it is free, why must lots be reserved for those who use the valet service for 'free'?
  19. Regarding season parking there... HDB says its Blk 1 - From 7am-7pm but everywhere else says its Blk 3 and that friends say that its till 10pm is it 2 different carparks?? please advise! thanks!
  20. Hi Just wan to check if someone has stayed there before. Appreciate some comments. especially the accessibility of the hotel, is it easy to walk from Asoke BTS to the hotel. Anything along the road from BTS to hotel to look up for? interesting thing? thing to avoid? Thanks
  21. Day : Sunday, 22-Mar-09 Time : about 7.20pm Location : next to CP Exit, on the left side. I was driving around looking for a parking lot when I turn left. There was already 2 infront of me, right infront of me was a red madza and infront of this was a champagne mercedez. I can see 2 seperate lots available, seperated by a few cars - not more than 5. I think the mercedez was about to start to move forward then reverse into the furthest lot which is only logical. There would not be a problem for the mazda to make his move to reverse into the lot nearer to him, infact it was at just
  22. guys....did your heard from the radio (city 95.8) that OUB branch at City plaza has been robbed, robbers claims that they're having bombs.....at the moment, SPF, task force & SCDF was called and all area leading city plaza has been conned off.... damn...sure expect heavy traffic at those area....
  23. Anybody knw where to take the free shuttle bus from Seng Kang MRT side back to Punggol Plaza? Today, I've been trying to search for the free shuttle bus back to Punggol Plaza from Seng Kang MRT (along the taxi stand) but waited nothing except that the bus stop got the free shuttle bus to PP (Parkway Parade). Everybody was queuing there for the bus to go Parkway Parade. When I've tried to ask & check with the ppls there, seems like nobody can ans me this Q.
  24. Saw it from "My Paper" that there is a Display Coffin Roadshow going on at G.V Plaza Singapura this week... I think they are promoting for a movie call, Death at a funeral... Just out of curious, what do you bro/sis think of the roadshow?? Will you gals/guys drop by thr roadshow?? How many of you gals/guys will be PANTANG??
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