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  1. A new section to post your purchases of the day. It works like "What have you makan today". It can be bought today or recently. It can be bought from online stores, retails stores, or got for free, as a reward, gift or just taking over, etc. It can be anything, from your 50 cents sweet, to your NIKE sneakers, to your computer components to car parts, to your new car, to your $30 million painting. Can post your pictures, and/or buying experiences and how your thoughts of the things you bought/received. I'll get the ball rolling. 1:18 scale model of Mercedes Benz W113 SL 280, Calvin Klein Eternity perfume and Gatsby hair gel.
  2. Carparks that make you want to scream Some carparks at Singapore shopping malls are enough to drive one crazy. From corkscrew ramps and maze-like lanes to bottleneck entrances, motorists face some paint-scraping obstacles in their effort to park their precious wheels. That is going by comments from miffed motorists and a check by LifeStyle reporters to find the best and worst carparks. One driver, financial analyst Leow Chee Khiang, 28, says of Shaw House's carpark, notorious for its narrow lots: "Unless you have a convertible or your car comes with a sunroof you can climb out of, don't bother parking there." Ms Tracy Chua, 33, a sales supervisor, recalls: "The worst carpark is at Plaza Singapura.It always has a long queue on weekend evenings. Waiting time is close to 20 or 30 minutes." So why do glitzy malls make it so difficult to actually park there in order to do your shopping? Architects LifeStyle spoke to point out that carpark design is low on the list of priorities compared to making the most of a mall's retail area. That translates to having a functional carpark that can accommodate enough vehicles to maximise space. Ease, comfort and driving satisfaction may take a backseat. The former president of the Singapore Institute of Architects, Mr John Ting, says: "Carparks may be more of a necessity than a luxury to developers. But what's best for the developer may not be best for the driver." Still, some carparks have gone out of their way to cater to shoppers who drive. For example, Paragon Shopping Centre has installed a Parking Guiding System which has electronic red and green lights that indicate whether lots are vacant. It has also put in wheel stoppers -cement blocks on the floor at the back of the carpark lot to prevent cars from reversing into the wall - for better parking. The cost for the lights and stoppers was $500,000. Although some drivers say the sensors do not always work, a spokesman says the mall has received "no complaints to date". As for the problem with narrow lots at Shaw House, a spokesman for the mall promises users that "there will be renovations",but details have not been confirmed. Still, as long as there are shoppers wanting to drive to the malls, there will be gripes about parking, it seems. Take Ngee Ann City, popular for parking because of its central location along Orchard Road. It says it has not encountered any issues with its carpark, but shopper Ryal Wun, 43, a corporate consultant, says: "Getting to the carpark can take some time. There are long queues along the road leading in, complete with angsty cabbies who have had a bad day." Civil servant Belle Lin, 26, adds: "There is just too much winding down and up. It is dangerous and can make people feel sick." Architect Ting acknowledges that winding ramps, while space-maximising, might be disorienting for the driver: "It can get monotonous. Sometimes you are only up to the sixth floor but you feel like you are on the 16th floor." Far East Organization, developer of Central mall in Eu Tong Sen Street - which has a winding ramp that winds up drivers -tempers too- says it has incorporated features such as wide space and good lighting, plus colours for 'visual relief'. Huge carparks may be a boon to drivers, but some say it is too easy to get lost. Mr Tan Kok Hiang of Forum Architects notes that VivoCity and Suntec City -have few underground landmarks to orientate and colour (zoning) in itself is seldom useful. Mr Ting agrees, saying: "There are also too many rows of lots in Vivo. It's like a banana plantation." He says carpark design should follow the 'Three S's safety, security and simplicity. The first is safe traffic flow and parking,the second is about providing good lighting conditions and ease of finding vehicles, and the third is about overall convenience for the driver. Forum Architects' Mr Tan predicts: 'With more discerning shoppers to woo, I suspect more attention will be paid to carpark design in future.' [nod] And architect Mink Tan says: 'Since the carpark is the first and last place a mall user will experience, it makes sense to leave not just a good first, but also a good last impression.' Still, shoppers could take the advice of Ms Jeanette Wee, 24, self-employed, who says: "People should just take a cab. It's cheaper and you don't have to pay for parking."
  3. How come nobody intro this before ah? I've been using shopback for awhile already. Gives pretty ok rebates at some of the popular stores like lazada, asos, taobao, ebay, qoo10 and even air tix/hotels. I dunno this considered advertising or promotion but help a girl out and use my referral link can? You get $5, I also get $5! https://www.shopback.sg/ (if cannot i will delete the link...) gpgt but don't judge my shopping~
  4. Started using Shopee a few months back and find this platform useful. Pros 1, Shopee prices are competitive 2. Option of self collection for some sellers Cons 1. Menu and search function takes some getting used to. Official stores on Shopee include : - Colgate - Unilever - Reckitt Benckiser (RB) - Spigen - SanDisk - Asus - Western Digital - Jabra - Chope - MamyPoko - Johnson's Baby - Kleenex - Blackmores - Nestle - Ayam Brand - New Moon - Omron - Brand's - GoPro - Huggies Overall range of products is probably not as extensive as Qoo10 or Lazada, but its got most of the stuff I need. Enjoy.
  5. Boring new mall. Whatever you can find in other older malls in JB, you can find here and less. Only 3 good things to note - (1) Location is 2nd nearest to City Square (2) Got cinema on top floor (3) Shops selling pirated DVDs
  6. Guys, anyone here bought stuff for your car over at daiso? I recently bought their Deodorizer and car hook. Really a worth buy as it is only 2bucks and worth every penny. Anyone try their grooming product before? I quite skeptical. hehe. Wanna wait for reviews!
  7. Hi, To the fair ladies here, and also those (not so fair ones) of you who have wives/GFs/daughters, even mothers/aunts or female colleagues/friends/classmates/relatives, etc. and who has knowledge of where can buy lady's court shoes that are... big/huge, can you share your knowledge here? My girl needs to get a pair, as required by her course in poly (for some formal presentation), and her legs are bigger than average... Almost all the designs that she's seen (and like), all dun have her size 😓 We've brought her to some neighbourhood malls' shoe shops, and so far no success. Am sure there are such shoes available, so am trying to see whether can get any recommendations here. Bonus if not too expensive too 😅 . Don't think she'll wear it a lot, ha ha... Thanks in advance.
  8. In case you've haven't heard about the latest opening of JB's largest mall, here it is. https://www.8days.sg/seeanddo/thingstodo/we-were-at-johor-bahru-s-largest-new-mall-capital-21-on-opening-10840440 https://mothership.sg/2018/10/capital-21-jb-complaints/ So I went check it out recently, was such a huge disappointment. It finally hit me that JB has finally reached "mall saturation point". The theme park is desserted!!! Crowd was very thin. Many shop units weren't even taken up!!! They said it's not fully open yet, my guess is the mall is just too big to be filled up. There were 2 floors entirely empty. Not to say the ground or 2nd floor are entirely taken. So some may think it's still work in progress, I went on a weekday but hardly see any contractors working to complete any unfinished/vacant units. So I deduce it's gonna remain like this or worst - current tenants calling it quit. Even Paradigm Mall is quite empty, but at least it look decent. Well, I wonder how these malls gonna survive in 6months or 1 year. Will see.
  9. Now this is a good one for debating. Do you think the lady in the Honda Shuttle is wrong, or its just the taxi driver being difficult? As shown on SG Road Vigilante's page, a clip shot by a Premier taxi driver, shows a lady in her Honda Shuttle blocking the drop off/pickup point of Katong Shopping Center on 7th of Aug 2020. The reason she is blocking everyone is that she wanted to reverse into the parallel lot beside the taxi but in order for her to do so, all the cars, including the taxi behind, her has to reverse. Now that can be quite a hassle to everyone... So without seeing the first part of this incident, could it be that the taxi driver was being difficult from the start and could have just reversed for her to go into the lot? Or do you guys reckoned that the Honda driver was just a little bit too self-entitled?
  10. Last weekend saw Singapore going into Phase 2, whereby almost every industry could become operational again. With showrooms closed for more than a month since the start of our lockdown, naturally this weekend also saw some decent traffic. Unfortunately, one test drive in particular went bad for this particular Honda shopper at Leng Kee... We don't have details on exactly what happened but it does look like this Red Honda Jazz that was probably going through a test drive, isn't going to be sold as a new car anytime soon. On the bright side, we can be sure that Honda's safety features sure work very well. P.S. We reckon with the upcoming all new Jazz's Honda Sensing safety suite, this accident could have been avoided.
  11. List of shopping malls with promotions; Pls add accordingly 1) Orchard Gateway - min $150 MasterCard spendings - $40 Gateway vouchers 2) Marina Sq - $80 spending - $10 voucher
  12. http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...ct-gst-20121121 Win liao loh..
  13. So, today travelled to China, gonna be a long one, 2 weeks. The trip starts in Foshan. Arrived hotel 9.30pm, tired and hungry Pretty large room
  14. As title suggests, the way we do our retail shopping is changing. Brick and mortar stores are failing. New malls are sprouting out in neighborhoods and even high profile ones like Jewel or Funan. But go to the established malls and you see the truth behind the retail trend. Footfall in malls are falling and that's because of the shift in the way shoppers' shop. First it was the physical retail store, then e-commerce in the form of websites (blogshops etc), after that Carousell took over and almost everyone I knew sold something online be it brand new or used. Now? The latest trend is Facebook Live Auction. This isn't something which recently started though. Facebook Live Auction has been around for a few years now but only in very recent times did it catch on in Singapore. Prolific sellers like Misshopper Boutique (S Hook Jiejie) whom recently found fame in the unique way she pitched her items to her viewers and also for being 'entertaining'. Subjective. Personally the very first few live auction house I started watching was maybe SG BlackMarket (presumably the first live auction house in SG). They stream every few nights a week for 3 to 4 hours at one time. They hawk electronics items, anime collectibles, action figures (Marvel, DC), Fortune Cat (Maneki Neko), Daruma etc. And the main point is, their items DO NOT COME CHEAP. I kid you not. A $15 item can close off at $50 or even more. They regularly close off their items in the $80 to $150 range, and that's per item. They're not cheap but people bid. Why? I would put it down to their auctioneer Lennon. He's funny and sarcastic and there are viewers who tune in just to watch him and subsequently get hooked on bidding too. After months of watching I never got down to bidding anything though I did try once for a Doraemon plushie. Their videos have since been deleted except for one of Lennon's. Maybe they're no longer in trend? https://www.facebook.com/SGBlackMarketXXX/videos/395633114360593/ So what's trending now? Mainly electronic/household items selling at really "cheap" prices. New auction houses are popping out almost everyday. I bought a few aroma diffuser, humidifier for really bargain prices. $10 Elehot Aroma Diffuser $10 Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser $15 Aennon Cool Mist Humidifer $17 Riwbox Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Other popular items people regularly bid for: Sound bar especially brands like Taotronics Smart Plugs Mini Projectors Smart Weighing Scale Smart Watch IP Camera Wireless Earbuds Gaming mouse Gaming keyboard Wireless Doorbell Car Jump Starter In Car Camera Some other Auction Houses https://www.facebook.com/Lelong.Auction.Sg/videos/2144115009049043/ https://www.facebook.com/TheLadyboyAuction/videos/324970791741109/ Fresh Seafood Bidding??? https://www.facebook.com/firstmarketonlinebidding/videos/474163999817071/ It's crazy how we do so much research at times to find out about a product we're getting from a retail shop yet willingly part with our money to purchase Auction Houses products from brands we haven't even heard of, no idea the full specs/features of the product, doesn't come with warranty etc. And what's the catch though? A lot of these items are actually returned goods. Some may not come in boxes, some boxes may be damaged, some may be missing a controller inside etc. Hence the cheaper price you may be getting it for. Anyone of you here have bid for anything on Facebook before? What's worth it and what's not?
  15. I realise that we didn't share our favourite shopping loot for our beloved car. Share the aftermarket website that you have shop before! For myself, I have shopped in RHDjapan & Skunk2 https://www.rhdjapan.com/ https://skunk2.com/
  16. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/click-and-buy-a-hyundai-car-online-from-friday Buy your next car in the same way that you do with veggies and DVDs? Actually I bought my car in Oz online more than 10 years ago, and saved $8000. So I am already a supporter. If there are substantials savings, and everything is in black and white, why not? Plus you don't need to see the 'face color' of the sales rep, and if you are in another country, you won't be charged more due to any racial bias and you can choose all specs according to your needs.
  17. Singaporeans cancel CNY shopping trips to Malaysia as disputes drag onSingaporean-organised “shopping tours” into Johor ahead of the Chinese New Year are seeing last-minute cancellations as relations between the two countries tense up over a maritime and airspace dispute, reported Sin Chew daily. Community groups in the city state often run annual Chinese New Year shopping trips for Singaporeans to enjoy the cheaper prices across the border and stock up on festive goodies. However, many such shopping trips have recently been cancelled, according to the Chinese-language newspaper. Ms Liao Liyun, chairman of the Sengkang Rivervale Residents’ Committee, said that the annual one-day trips to Johor Baru and Batu Pahat would usually be snapped up by eager shoppers. However, with the relationship between Singapore and Malaysia growing increasingly tense, the committee decided to call off the trip this year, citing security concerns by participants. Ms Liao said residents have been given a full refund, and locals have settled on buying Chinese New Year goods at local warehouses in Singapore. Others have decided to cancel their shopping trips in a move to boycott Malaysian retailers. Ms Li Meihua, a member of the Yishun Constituency, told Sin Chew that residents have decided not to cross the border as Malaysia’s behaviour was “not friendly and they do not want to go shopping there". Malaysia and Singapore are embroiled in a dispute over territorial waters and airspace. Earlier on Tuesday, Singaporean Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said security forces have been ordered to exercise restraint after Johor chief minister Osman Sapian visited a Malaysian vessel in the Republic’s territorial waters. Foreign ministers from both countries met last week in the republic for talks, which will be followed by a meeting between the respective countries’ transport ministers at the end of the month. THE MALAYSIAN INSIGHT
  18. Reality is far from expectations for these Stompers who bought items online Sometimes, online shopping can be like a game of Russian roulette. You can hope that you get what you pay for but once in a while, the reality may be far off from your expectations. Unfortunately, two Stompers got way less than they bargained for when they decided to purchase products online via Facebook. Stomper Eve was excited when she was scrolling through Facebook and came across a portable projector that she thought would be the perfect Christmas gift for her son. She clicked on a sponsored ad that appeared on her feed that was posted by a page called Fashion Products. The ad redirected her to a website called yibeibuy.com. "I was surprised that there was an option to pay in cash on delivery so I ordered one for $69 on Tuesday (Dec 11)," she said. "The item came the very next day (Dec 12) and I paid when the delivery arrived. "Although it was meant to be a present, I decided to open it and charge the projector for my son. "It was black like what I had ordered online but when I looked closer it turned out to be a speaker with instructions in Chinese, like the ones you can get at a pasar malam for like $25." Eve told Stomp that she messaged Fashion Products on Facebook and was asked to provide a tracking number and details. However, she said that she was not given any. "They didn't even give me an email confirmation when I placed my order. "The person I was communicating with then said it was their page but not their link when I sent her screenshots taken from Facebook Marketplace."
  19. Hi all, Apartment gonna TOP soon, so am looking out for furnitures.... Any suggestion where I can find nice furnitures with good prices? I am more for design and quality of course, but feels that those shops at Park Mall charge too high a premium for what they have. Not saying it has to be dirt cheap (ikea is out for sure), I dont mind paying a little more if it is really good value for money. Thanks!
  20. thinking of JB but dunno if the shopping malls open for biz on Hari Raya Puasa any kind bros can advise ?
  21. off topic here bt anyone here online shop often from usa? looking to buy from amazon n other brands any suggestions on whats good, service, costs? i hear many using vpost or ezbuy to ship? thanks guys!!!
  22. Let's talk about addictions. I know the word addiction has a bad connotation but I am sure we all have some. My number one addiction now is social media like forums or Facebook. If I am free I will always browse inside. Almost like cannot live without it. BUT it does not cost money. My number two addiction is costing me money..... Online shopping. Ever since I discovered lazada, aliexpress and realised how easy it is to purchase an item through the hand phone, I find myself browsing and buying things more and more often. True, the items also are cheap but then again, many cheap items add together will be very expensive. What about you all? Any addictions? Like car groowing that you must clean it every day or you feel strange?
  23. I've not been shopping in local shopping centre for a long time. But I visited the central mall recently and realized that it probably has the most number of restaurants and makan places than any shopping centres. I think a good shopping centre must have varities, family friendly, a big size supermarket and most importantly, ample resting areas! Regards,
  24. as above..im planning to go JB for some shopping..ani1 noe of the good/popular shopping areas?and also..can intro ani good JB map?also...go in by woodlands or tuas checkpt better?thanks~!
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