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Found 55 results

  1. In case you've haven't heard about the latest opening of JB's largest mall, here it is. https://www.8days.sg/seeanddo/thingstodo/we-were-at-johor-bahru-s-largest-new-mall-capital-21-on-opening-10840440 https://mothership.sg/2018/10/capital-21-jb-complaints/ So I went check it out recently, was such a huge disappointment. It finally hit me that JB has finally reached "mall saturation point". The theme park is desserted!!! Crowd was very thin. Many shop units weren't even taken up!!! They said it's not fully open yet, my guess is the mall is just too big to be filled up. There were 2 floors entirely empty. Not to say the ground or 2nd floor are entirely taken. So some may think it's still work in progress, I went on a weekday but hardly see any contractors working to complete any unfinished/vacant units. So I deduce it's gonna remain like this or worst - current tenants calling it quit. Even Paradigm Mall is quite empty, but at least it look decent. Well, I wonder how these malls gonna survive in 6months or 1 year. Will see.
  2. Hi all heading down to JB tml. and most probably going to shop at Paradigm Mall. Is there any trusted car grooming service near there?
  3. Bad idea to let cyclists ride into mallSources: https://www.straitstimes.com/forum/letters-in-print/bad-idea-to-let-cyclists-ride-into-mall The new Funan mall will feature a 200m cycling path that runs through and around it.ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI I read with shock and dismay about how the new Funan mall will allow cyclists to cycle in the mall (New Funan mall lets cyclists ride through it, May 22). This is a very dangerous idea as customers shopping at the mall will be at risk of injury. Who will monitor the cyclists so they do not speed or ride recklessly? It is bad enough that pedestrians have to deal with reckless and speeding cyclists. Now, even mall customers have to deal with these dangerous riders. Furthermore, these cyclists will jostle with customers and ride their bikes into lifts, causing a lot of inconvenience. For safety reasons, cyclists must not be allowed into malls. Can't they park their bikes and walk in the shopping centre like everyone else? Hopefully, other malls will not take Funan mall's cue. I, for one, will not patronise a mall that allows cyclists to ride around in it. My safety is more important than my shopping. This will encourage me to shop online more and avoid malls. Susan Tan Lin Neo
  4. Yamapi

    Fire at Tampines Mall

    https://www.facebook.com/atoyo/videos/10157134648642368/ https://www.facebook.com/atoyo/videos/10157134686707368/
  5. Boring new mall. Whatever you can find in other older malls in JB, you can find here and less. Only 3 good things to note - (1) Location is 2nd nearest to City Square (2) Got cinema on top floor (3) Shops selling pirated DVDs
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAP9bZb5HVA A woman was taken to hospital after a door fell onto her at the carpark lift lobby of Alexandra Central Mall on Sunday evening (Feb 24). Several Stompers alerted Stomp to a video of the incident, which occurred on the fourth floor of the building at around 6.24pm. In the video, a man is seen entering the lift lobby through its doors. A woman then followed behind. As the pair waited for the lift, one door swung shut and came into contact with an adjacent door. This caused the adjacent door to suddenly fall on the woman, who is sent crashing onto the floor. Another man can be seen rushing into the lift lobby and helping the woman's male companion to move the glass off her. The two men then helped the woman to sit up. In response to a Stomp query, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said it received a call for medical assistance at 321 Alexandra Road at around 6.30pm and conveyed one person to National University Hospital. When Stomp visited Alexandra Central Mall on Tuesday (Feb 26) at around 5.40pm, the affected door had been removed. Warning signs had also been put up. Stomp has reached out to Alexandra Central Mall for comment. https://stomp.straitstimes.com/singapore-seen/door-falls-onto-woman-at-carpark-lift-lobby-of-alexandra-central-mall hope she is not seriously injured
  7. Made my maiden trip to Sutera Mall today. Oh my gosh, this must really be the largest modern shopping centre in JB. It is not too far away from the new Jusco Bukit Indah. Just go towards BestMart, after 2 T-junction keep right and soon you will see Sutera Mall. Many Makan houses surrounding that place too. Keppel Land and Capital Land are the owners! Went there quite late so can't finish shopping. Will go back again . Sutera Mall Regards,
  8. Extremme

    Sutera Mall and Hotel

    Anyone stayed at those boutique hotels near Sutera Mall? Any reviews? Safe to park outside the hotel?
  9. SMRT and NTUC Fairprice have named their joint venture mall at the Singapore Sports Hub Kallang Wave. The 41,000sqm retail venue is targeted for a July opening although some outlets may start business from mid-June. Anchor tenants include supermarket Fairprice, clothing store chain H&M and electronics chain Harvey Norman. Rental of retail space has emerged as public transport operator SMRT's top income generator. - http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/mall-singapore-sports-hub-be-named-kallang-wave-20140514 New mall going to be bring more crowd, or more "chickens" there
  10. I'm a bit slow but wow Bedok has a spanking new mall - Djitsun Mall (AGAIN) and cinema (Golden Village) after not having any for the last 10 years since Princess closed down? The nearest would be Tampines, Katong, and now Paya Lebar. 6 theatres with a capacity of 576. It is now opened. https://weekender.com.sg/w/do/golden-village-launches-new-cineplex-in-bedok/ And then there's the Fat Cat Arcade, touted as the biggest arcade in the east of Singapore. I somehow don't see the kinda arcade games that we are all accustomed to playing when we were younger though. Games like Streetfighter, Time Crisis. The arcades of today consists of virtual fishing games and toy catchers. https://mothership.sg/2018/06/fat-cat-arcade-bedok/ This new mall looks to me like just another Bedok Point. Do we really need that many Malls? And for old times sake...
  11. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/suspended-net-playground-at-city-square-mall-to-open-in-early-9520340 Suspended net playground at City Square Mall to open in early 2018 Airzone said it utilises "untapped spaces" in between floors of City Square Mall. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) 22 Dec 2017 07:59PM(Updated: 22 Dec 2017 09:10PM) Share this content Bookmark SINGAPORE: Fancy clambering and dangling three to six storeys up in the middle of a shopping mall? Or does the thought make you dizzy? An upcoming elevated playground suspended by net structures at City Square Mall will be able to hold 60 people at a time, its operator Ultimate Entertainments Group told Channel NewsAsia on Friday (Dec 22). The attraction, spread across six "levels", will feature a suspended ball pit with more than 10,000 balls, a slide, a maze which climbers can crawl through, paths, slopes, as well as a games and activity zone, which can be used for fitness and trampoline classes. The attraction will be able to hold up to 20 people per level, and a total of 60 people at a time, it said. Ultimate Entertainments Group said the Airzone project at City Square Mall is the "world's first" net playground built in a shopping centre atrium. The playground, which is set to open in the first quarter of 2018, consists of safety nets and high wire designed for trapeze and circus acts, said Ultimate Entertainments Group. Airzone said it utilises "untapped spaces" in between floors of City Square Mall. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) Responding to media queries from Channel NewsAsia about how safe the structure is, Ultimate Entertainments Group explained that the net structures "are actually safety features themselves". The anchors holding the playground in place were designed to hold the weight of a car, the operator added. Ticketing details on the Airzone website states that participants are required to be under 120kg. Ultimate Entertainments Group said it is working with Xtrem Adventures Group, which has designed and installed net parks in various countries like USA, China, India and Germany. Airzone said the nets can hold up to 60 people at any one time or 20 people per level. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) "There are over a hundred net-based playgrounds or adventure courses throughout the world with most of them located in France or Europe," Ultimate Entertainments Group said, adding that most are in outdoor settings. The operator said the attraction would "excite and maximise untapped spaces in between floors of City Square Mall". "This new concept has the potential to disrupt existing shopping mall and attractions business models by bringing fun activities directly to shoppers, or conversely, driving leisure seeking tourist directly to shopping malls," Ultimate Entertainments Group said. Airzone said it utilises "untapped spaces" in between floors of City Square Mall. (Photo: Facebook/Airzone) The company added that pricing and session times for the Airzone playground at City Square Mall will be released soon. Source: CNA/am https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=tzoPGlj7vU8
  12. Carparks that make you want to scream Some carparks at Singapore shopping malls are enough to drive one crazy. From corkscrew ramps and maze-like lanes to bottleneck entrances, motorists face some paint-scraping obstacles in their effort to park their precious wheels. That is going by comments from miffed motorists and a check by LifeStyle reporters to find the best and worst carparks. One driver, financial analyst Leow Chee Khiang, 28, says of Shaw House's carpark, notorious for its narrow lots: "Unless you have a convertible or your car comes with a sunroof you can climb out of, don't bother parking there." Ms Tracy Chua, 33, a sales supervisor, recalls: "The worst carpark is at Plaza Singapura.It always has a long queue on weekend evenings. Waiting time is close to 20 or 30 minutes." So why do glitzy malls make it so difficult to actually park there in order to do your shopping? Architects LifeStyle spoke to point out that carpark design is low on the list of priorities compared to making the most of a mall's retail area. That translates to having a functional carpark that can accommodate enough vehicles to maximise space. Ease, comfort and driving satisfaction may take a backseat. The former president of the Singapore Institute of Architects, Mr John Ting, says: "Carparks may be more of a necessity than a luxury to developers. But what's best for the developer may not be best for the driver." Still, some carparks have gone out of their way to cater to shoppers who drive. For example, Paragon Shopping Centre has installed a Parking Guiding System which has electronic red and green lights that indicate whether lots are vacant. It has also put in wheel stoppers -cement blocks on the floor at the back of the carpark lot to prevent cars from reversing into the wall - for better parking. The cost for the lights and stoppers was $500,000. Although some drivers say the sensors do not always work, a spokesman says the mall has received "no complaints to date". As for the problem with narrow lots at Shaw House, a spokesman for the mall promises users that "there will be renovations",but details have not been confirmed. Still, as long as there are shoppers wanting to drive to the malls, there will be gripes about parking, it seems. Take Ngee Ann City, popular for parking because of its central location along Orchard Road. It says it has not encountered any issues with its carpark, but shopper Ryal Wun, 43, a corporate consultant, says: "Getting to the carpark can take some time. There are long queues along the road leading in, complete with angsty cabbies who have had a bad day." Civil servant Belle Lin, 26, adds: "There is just too much winding down and up. It is dangerous and can make people feel sick." Architect Ting acknowledges that winding ramps, while space-maximising, might be disorienting for the driver: "It can get monotonous. Sometimes you are only up to the sixth floor but you feel like you are on the 16th floor." Far East Organization, developer of Central mall in Eu Tong Sen Street - which has a winding ramp that winds up drivers -tempers too- says it has incorporated features such as wide space and good lighting, plus colours for 'visual relief'. Huge carparks may be a boon to drivers, but some say it is too easy to get lost. Mr Tan Kok Hiang of Forum Architects notes that VivoCity and Suntec City -have few underground landmarks to orientate and colour (zoning) in itself is seldom useful. Mr Ting agrees, saying: "There are also too many rows of lots in Vivo. It's like a banana plantation." He says carpark design should follow the 'Three S's safety, security and simplicity. The first is safe traffic flow and parking,the second is about providing good lighting conditions and ease of finding vehicles, and the third is about overall convenience for the driver. Forum Architects' Mr Tan predicts: 'With more discerning shoppers to woo, I suspect more attention will be paid to carpark design in future.' [nod] And architect Mink Tan says: 'Since the carpark is the first and last place a mall user will experience, it makes sense to leave not just a good first, but also a good last impression.' Still, shoppers could take the advice of Ms Jeanette Wee, 24, self-employed, who says: "People should just take a cab. It's cheaper and you don't have to pay for parking."
  13. commotion at Bedok Mall, fortunately no one was injured. hope the teen can receive the support and treatment that he requires for his condition. Scissors-wielding teen arrested for public nuisance at Bedok Mall https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/police-detain-man-bedok-mall-wielding-weapon
  14. Jellandross

    Parkour At Eastpoint Mall Roof

    Parkour enthusiast who scaled Eastpoint Mall roof deeply regrets his actions, police report lodged http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/parkour-enthusiast-who-scaled-eastpoint-mall-roof-deeply-regrets-his-actions-police-report?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&xtor=CS1-10#link_time=1504353603 SINGAPORE - The parkour enthusiast who filmed and posted a video of himself and a few others scaling the glass roof of a mall in Simei has said he deeply regrets his actions. A police report has been lodged over the incident. The video shows a group of young people performing various stunts, including climbing onto the glass dome roof of Eastpoint Mall and walking on top of the railings of a Pan-Island Expressway flyover. The video was originally posted on Facebook and YouTube by 23-year-old Koh Chen Pin on Aug 16, The New Paper reported on Saturday. The videos have since been taken down. Mr Koh, who goes by alias Denester and whose Facebook page has more than 42,000 followers and likes, told The Straits Times on Saturday (Sept 2) that he was remorseful. "I'm aware that some activities seen in the video are inappropriate and I deeply regret my actions," he said. The police confirmed with ST on Saturday that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing. The East Coast-Fengshan Town Council had told TNP that it would be filing a police report against the group. A spokesman for Eastpoint Mall told ST that the safety of its shoppers is paramount to them, and they take "a serious view against any acts of mischief that endanger the safety of those involved and others around them". "A police report was made and the incident is under investigation," said the spokesman. "The roof area at Eastpoint Mall is not designed for carrying out any activities and it is strictly out of bounds to the public. We seek the cooperation of all visitors to act responsibly." The mall is reinforcing security measures to prevent other incidents of unauthorised access. "Anyone caught trespassing into out-of-bounds areas will be handed over to the police," said the spokesman. The director of A2 Movements, said to be the first parkour academy in Singapore, told ST that he is well-acquainted with Mr Koh and he thinks it is a lesson to be learnt. Mr Tan Chi Ying, 31, said: "Not all parkour practitioners go to rooftops and not all those who go to rooftops are practising parkour." Mr Tan, who has about 50 students in his academy, said Mr Koh belongs to the second generation of parkour enthusiasts in Singapore, where parkour has flourished for about 10 years. "The first generation is us guys in their 30s. The second generation just crossed adulthood, so most of them are in their early 20s," he said. "I think they are starting to understand responsibilities and how the adult world works. As young people, they tend to be a bit more thrill-seeking." Mr Tan said the second-generation parkour practitioners in Singapore are starting to form a committee to lay down guidelines on the "really reckless things they should avoid". Commenting on the latest incident, he said: "I think it's a bit of trial by fire... doing parkour is not illegal but it is illegal to trespass."' This is the latest in a series of reported risky behaviour. In late August, a Sengkang condominium issued advisories after pictures of students sitting on open ledges on its 16th floor went viral. In February, 17-year-old Jonathan Chow Hua Guang died after falling to his death from the fourth-storey linkway of Orchard Central shopping mall.
  15. Hi all, Recently drove by the Jaya Jusco shopping centre in JB, saw there is one new shopping centre being build, think the name was Testra or something, anyone being there? big? is it better and more variety than Tebrau shoppign Ctr (Jusco)? Any kind soul care to share? thanks a million
  16. Yaris15

    Grooming at Tanglin Mall

    hi guys, just wanted to share my experience with this premium grooming outlet at Tanglin Mall B3, Brite & Groom. the guys are absolute car nuts and passionate about their job. i just wanted to give credit where it's due. their attention to detail and perfection is the best i've come across. really. they even do up the engine bay, leaving it shiny and looking new! that's my car on the left and we all know how tough it is to own a white car. i was overjoyed when i saw the results. i definitely recommend all forum bros to pay them a visit. damn kilat!
  17. A Chinese national woman caused a commotion at Ang Mo Kio Hub yesterday after she pushed her boyfriend, who hit and shattered a glass door. The incident happened at about 2.25pm on 25 Feb in the popular mall located opposite Ang Mo Kio MRT station. Nearby shop staff say that the Chinese national woman, in her 40s, had been shopping in a mobile phone shop when her boyfriend, a 56-year-old Singaporean man appeared. The moment the woman saw her boyfriend, the two started quarreling. In the course of their fight, believed to be over money, the woman repeatedly hit and pushed the man. Just as they were passing a beauty salon, the woman pushed the man hard enough for him to lose his balance and fall towards the glass door. The glass door shattered after the man impacted it with his head and back as he fell. As a result of the commotion, police were alerted. Officers arrived shortly and were seen taking statements from the couple. The beauty salon happens to be owned by former TV actress Chen Hui Hui. Ms Chen told reporters that the man has apologised over the incident and has given her compensation for the shattered door. Link Feisty!
  18. Punggol residents finally has a shopping mall of their own....by the end of this year!! It will have a cinema & Fairprice Xtra.
  19. Mcfguy

    Funan IT Mall close for 3 yrs

    Wasn't clear from maps which direction in to Funan IT Mall carpark entrance. Can I turn in from either Hill Street or North Bridge Road?
  20. Thunderstorms across parts of Singapore on Sunday (Dec 7) led to sections of Tampines Mall being flooded. Ms Chow May Kee, who called Channel NewsAsia’s hotline at about 3pm, said that the second and third floors of the mall were flooded after a heavy downpour, and there was water flowing down the staircase of the second level. The National Environment Agency had earlier issued an advisory, warning that thunderstorms with gusty winds were expected over many areas of Singapore between 3.10pm and 4pm. The PUB also said that flash floods may occur. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/part-of-tampines-mall/1514638.html
  21. FOUR elderly women suffered deep cuts, fractures and bruises at Punggol Plaza yesterday morning when the handrail of the escalator they were on suddenly stopped moving. The women, in their 70s and 80s, were just three steps from the top. As they were clutching on to the handrails, they lost their balance and fell backwards. Two ended up in a heap at the foot of the escalator, while the other two landed on the steps. Madam Kiong Mok Lan, 76, who was at the rear of the group, suffered the worst injuries. She had tried to put her hands out to stop the others from falling onto her, but the slim-built woman was unable to withstand their weight. She landed face down and fractured her left cheekbone, right hand and left leg. Her spectacles also broke, and her left eye was swollen and bruised. All the women suffered bruises and long scratches down their backs caused by the escalator's jagged metal edges. One of them, Madam Liew Poh Chan, 72, had deep cuts on both shins and was bleeding profusely. The women were taken to Changi General Hospital by ambulance, and later discharged. Madam Kiong was heading for breakfast at the mall at about 9am with her daughter-in-law's parents - Mr Yap Ah Kow, 77, and Madam Hoh Peck Tau, 72, - as well as family friends Madam Cheong Tai, 81, and Madam Liew. Mr Yap, Madam Hoh and Madam Cheong are Malaysians who came here for a holiday last Friday and were scheduled to go home today. The group had planned to visit Resorts World Sentosa after breakfast. Madam Kiong's daughter-in-law, Mrs Wendy Lim, 43, was also on the escalator, which connects the basement to the first floor. But the housewife and her father, Mr Yap, were unhurt. Career counsellor Gilbert Goh, who witnessed the incident, said he was having breakfast at a fast-food restaurant near the escalator when he heard something that 'sounded like thunder'. When he rushed out to help, he saw the four women sprawled along the escalator. 'I got a shock,' said Mr Goh, 49, a member of the opposition National Solidarity Party who had contested in the recent general election in Tampines GRC. When The Straits Times spoke to them at the hospital later, the women appeared shaken and tired. But they grew agitated when recounting the accident. Madam Hoh claimed one of the mall management officers said it happened because the women became giddy. 'She said that we are old and fell because we were feeling giddy. How is it possible that all four of us suffer from giddiness at the same time?' she said in Mandarin. Her son-in-law Andy Lim, 46, rushed to the mall after his wife told him what had happened, and asked a mall employee to test the escalator twice. Both times, he said, the handrail stopped intermittently. Mr Lim, who works in a training company, said it was 'very irresponsible' of the management to dismiss the incident as a minor one. When The Straits Times contacted the management office, an officer at first said what happened was 'normal' and just 'a big hoo-ha'. Another employee said the mall had never received any public feedback about the escalator being faulty. Yesterday afternoon, the escalator was cordoned off and inspected by workmen from a repair company. The mall said the escalators are maintained every month. Several shoppers and shop owners claimed that the particular escalator was often problematic. One shop owner, who has been there for seven years, said incidents are common. The Straits Times understands that the mall management has reported the incident to its insurance company. A check with several malls found that most service their escalators every month. VivoCity, for example, also deploys its technicians to check on escalators when it gets complaints. Faulty escalators are cordoned off and signs put up to inform shoppers they are being maintained, said a spokesman. Mr Lionel Tan, owner of FB Industries, a company which installs and maintains lifts and escalators, said accidents on escalators are common. He said escalators can stop moving suddenly when the safety switches are activated by users who stand too closely to the sides. But he said it is rare for the handrail to stop moving.
  22. no one talks about this? anyway i'm boycotting this Leisure Park Kallang (never been there before anyway) sad that our NS boys are being treated like sai again and again
  23. Camrytron

    Fengshui remedies from Tianlu mall

    Hi does anyone heard of this? Any Bro bought the fengshui remedies from them? http://www.tianlumall.com/ his testimonial seem not bad in Facebook but no review from Google.
  24. How do u feel when u come across above in a mall regardless of the human traffic? Do u think it is ok to allow ur kids to do it? If u allow, did u consider the hazard ur kid pose to others?? Lastly, wld u broach this to the parent who allow if u encounter it?
  25. A four-year-old boy was hurt after a glass door at Westgate mall in Jurong East reportedly fell on top of him. A member of the public who only wants to be known as "Paul" sent in photos of the aftermath. He says he heard from the boy's mother that the glass door - about three-metres high - just outside of NTUC's My First Skool childcare centre and a Fitness First gym, leading to the outdoor area on Level 5, detached and fell on top of the boy just before 6pm. Mr Paul says the boy's entire body was pinned down by the door, and that he was lying facedown when he arrived shortly after. The boy's right cheek appeared to be bruised. There were also traces of blood on the ground. "Because the glass door is tempered glass, it shattered within," said Mr Paul. He says two staff members from the nearby Westgate Kids Club brought a first aid kit to tend to the boy, and a doctor from a clinic one level down came up to assist as well. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) confirms it received a call on the incident at 6:05pm, and says the boy suffered a cut to the back of his head and reported having neck pains. He was sent conscious to the National University Hospital, accompanied by his mother and mall staff. A spokesperson for Westgate mall says the boy was swinging the glass door the time of the accident. "Our investigations revealed that the boy had over-extended the glass door when he swung it, causing it to hit the door frame and shatter," said Ms Mandy Chiu, the marketing communications manager for Westgate in a statement to Channel NewsAsia. The boy remains in hospital for observation, but is in stable condition. "We wish him a speedy recovery, and continue to extend our help to him and his family," said Ms Chiu. The mall's contractor will be conducting safety checks on its glass doors and panels overnight, to prevent a recurrence of such an incident. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/boy-hurt-by-fallen-glass/1302080.html