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Found 20 results

  1. thankfully no serious injuries... Workers hurt after ceiling collapses at RWS casino https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/workers-hurt-after-ceiling-collapses-rws-casino
  2. A retiree not only snatched a gold necklace off a woman, he was able to escape from two much younger pursuers. But police managed to trace him through his mobile phone which led to his arrest. On Monday, Woon Yin Meng, 78, was fined a total of $5,000 for theft and causing hurt to Madam Tang Sweet Kun, reports The Straits Times. A community court heard that Woon was living with his son in the Maysprings condominium in Bukit Panjang. On April 21 last year, while returning to the apartment at 8am, he noticed Madam Tang, 76, who was carrying bags of groceries and had a gold necklace around her neck. Woon followed her and at the void deck along Ganges Road, he grabbed her neck with his left hand and ripped off the necklace with the other hand. He also pushed her forward, causing her to fall to the floor and bruising her forehead. Two passers-by, aged 46 and 52 years old, cornered him but he threatened them with a kitchen knife and fled into the condominium. They gave chase but lost sight of him. Woon, however, dropped his mobile phone while getting away. Police used it to establish his identity and arrested him five hours later. He also dropped the necklace and it was never recovered. Its value could not be determined. Asking the court to impose a fine, defence counsel Sankar Saminathan said that Woon was a gambling addict and had committed the offences after his son refused to give him money. He had received counselling at the Institute of Mental Health and has stopped gambling, the lawyer added. In passing sentence, District Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan said that he agreed with defence counsel that a jail term would not be appropriate and a high fine would suffice. The maximum penalty for theft is a three-year jail term and a $10,000 fine and for causing hurt is a two-year jail term and a $5,000 fine. The two charges for committing criminal intimidation by threatening the two bystanders with a knife were taken into consideration by the judge when passing sentence. Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/78-year-old-retiree-fined-5000-snatching-necklace-and-injuring-victim-
  3. Singapore Airlines crew injured in New Zealand car crash http://singapore.coconuts.co/2014/10/01/video-singapore-airlines-crew-injured-new-zealand-car-crash A road accident that occurred Wednesday morning in Canterbury, Christchurch, is said to have involved five Singapore Airlines (SIA) crew. In a statement to Yahoo! Singapore, a SIA spokesperson revealed that two of them are seriously injured and another is in critical condition. All five are receiving treatment in the hospital. “Our immediate concern is for the welfare of our staff and we shall accord them and their families the highest standard of care and assistance," the spokesperson said. According to The New Zealand Herald, the car they were in had crashed into another that was towing a horse float. The horse is said to have escaped injury. The newspaper also reported today that Canterbury police is reminding road users to exercise caution, in light of the recent accidents in the area. Watch a video of the rescue efforts at the accident site here.
  4. A four-year-old boy was hurt after a glass door at Westgate mall in Jurong East reportedly fell on top of him. A member of the public who only wants to be known as "Paul" sent in photos of the aftermath. He says he heard from the boy's mother that the glass door - about three-metres high - just outside of NTUC's My First Skool childcare centre and a Fitness First gym, leading to the outdoor area on Level 5, detached and fell on top of the boy just before 6pm. Mr Paul says the boy's entire body was pinned down by the door, and that he was lying facedown when he arrived shortly after. The boy's right cheek appeared to be bruised. There were also traces of blood on the ground. "Because the glass door is tempered glass, it shattered within," said Mr Paul. He says two staff members from the nearby Westgate Kids Club brought a first aid kit to tend to the boy, and a doctor from a clinic one level down came up to assist as well. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) confirms it received a call on the incident at 6:05pm, and says the boy suffered a cut to the back of his head and reported having neck pains. He was sent conscious to the National University Hospital, accompanied by his mother and mall staff. A spokesperson for Westgate mall says the boy was swinging the glass door the time of the accident. "Our investigations revealed that the boy had over-extended the glass door when he swung it, causing it to hit the door frame and shatter," said Ms Mandy Chiu, the marketing communications manager for Westgate in a statement to Channel NewsAsia. The boy remains in hospital for observation, but is in stable condition. "We wish him a speedy recovery, and continue to extend our help to him and his family," said Ms Chiu. The mall's contractor will be conducting safety checks on its glass doors and panels overnight, to prevent a recurrence of such an incident. Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/boy-hurt-by-fallen-glass/1302080.html
  5. who saw this? 9 injured is quite serious :huh: the driver was lucky that the metal pole missed him [sweatdrop]
  6. http://www.tnp.sg/content/scdf-officer-kil...lams-tree-simei Another tragic accident.
  7. A cabby who tried to take pictures of a motorist showing him the middle finger had his own middle finger broken by his angry subject. S. Gopikrishnan, 46, was convicted on Thursday of grievously hurting Peng Weng Fong, 58. During a three-day trial last month, a district court heard that Gopikrishnan's car shot out of Mount Vernon Road just as Mr Peng was coming up along Bartley Road on the morning of May 3, 2011. The taxi driver slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision and also sounded his horn. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_813436.html
  8. Toapayohkid

    Man jailed for grievous hurt

    pedestrian road rage. not sure if the car ran over his foot in the first place! Mar 31, 2010 Man jailed for grievous hurt By Elena Chong A SALES promoter was sentenced to eight months' jail on Wednesday for punching a press photographer at a pedestrian crossing. Lew Sze Kai, 32, had admitted to grievously hurting Singapore Press Holdings' photographer Desmond Wee, 49, who suffered a fracture of his left orbit on April 7 last year. A district court heard that the victim had stopped his car at the pedestrian crossing between Lucky Plaza and Tangs department store when a security guard signalled to him to drive on. Suddenly, the victim heard a loud bang. He looked at his rear view mirror and saw Lew kicking the right passenger door of his vehicle. After parking his car by the side of the driveway, Mr Wee confronted Lew, who threw a punch on his face during an argument. Lew, who had his sentence deferred to April 14 to settle his personal affairs, could have been jailed for up to 10 years and fined or caned.
  9. Singapore Home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Jun 13, 2011 Pedestrian fined for causing hurt to cyclist By Elena Chong A PEDESTRIAN stepped onto the road without looking to the right and collided with a cyclist who died five hours later. On Monday, Xu Yuanyuan, 19, a Chinese national, was fined $1,500 after she admitted to causing hurt to cleaner Lock Wai Chee, 42, by doing a negligent act as to endanger his life. The court heard that Xu, a student, was waiting at the pavement of the Jalan Bukit Merah by Henderson Road junction on Dec 21 last year when she took a step forward when the traffic signal was against her. As a result, she collided into the cyclist who was cycling towards her from her right side along Henderson Road. Mr Lock was thrown off the bicycle and suffered serious head injuries. He died at 10.19pm. Xu could have been jailed for up to six months and/or fined up to $2,500. http://www.straitstimes.com/BreakingNews/S...ory_679377.html
  10. "POHTEHTOE" Thank goodness nobody got hurt. Shoddy workmanship? AOG? Maybe. Once in 50 years? I dunno. By Republic Polytechnic
  11. Mindbox33

    Aplogy if i hurt ur male ego

    Jus to share this incident n probably apologise to this driver.. i was leaving my fren hse..travelling on this punggol field rd heading punggol plaza. stopped at a red light junction w quite nos of cars on both lanes. after the junction, LEFT side is whole stretch of HDB blk w many carpark entrance/exit point. right side is LRT track. green light on...i was on right lane.. this black saloon car A (din remember wat car) was in front me.. n 1x mini bus B infront of tis black saloon car..moving off... left lane also many cars moving off slowly... tis mini bus honestly was very slow la... so car A start to lane change to left lane... 50% of his car into left lane.. i pick up to close the gap.. but he suddenly change back to right lane (coz left side traffic much more slower). i had to brake to giveway. so back to square 1. few metres later... after he pass the slow moving car on the left.. he start to lane change to left... slightly more than 50% car body into left lane...i pick up to close the gap.. he suddenly swerve back again... reason: taxi stopped to pick up passenger. so i brake again... not knowing how many times car A wan to try this way of driving.. so i horn him 2 times.. i guess its those 1 sec horn x 2 times. he jam brake in front of me.. switch left tis time... so i side by side w him.. he wind down window.. start swearing n scolding.. w gestures. me jus totally dun care. he pick up speed n move forward, hazard light n stop by left side of road.. think he wanted me to stop together w him to talk.. but i jus carry on driving on my right lane. never once i look at him or any gestures. he chase me..side by side n swearing again. i right u-turn to avoid same road... anyway to Car A buddy... if my horn did hurt u watever way of so.. i apologised to u, sincerely. because of tis, i neva react to ur challenge.. but cooling down to think.. u wan to enjoy the comfort on driving on both lanes so that u can take ur chance to overtake the mini bus is kinda not considerate to others..hope u understand. lastly, my sincere apology to u.
  12. Ev0lutionz

    Mp for yio chu kang hurt

  13. Hishercar

    I was deeply hurt

    During my NS days I remembered this incident at the obstacle course we were not the fastest but my sargent shout at one of my buddy who said that his grandmother wearing sarong can clear the obstacle better than him my buddy whose grandma just past away 2-3 days ago and that night I caught him crying like a baby and told me people should be more sensitive ever since I had been trying to be more sensitive with my words at that time, I wanted to march down to the sargent quarters and give this guy a beating but luckily sensibility came over us any body got any other bad experience in NS
  14. Did not the Bargain Hen say that in good times, FTrash can be used to depress wages while in bad times, they can be shedded off to easily. Why the about change? I think I go pack my stuff from my office on Monday liao.... And to add salt to my wound, "CPF will be around, HOPEFULLY"
  15. Ccssgm

    5 hurt in car crash

    FIVE pedestrians were hurt in an accident between two cars in Hougang on Thursday evening. One of the five, a woman in her 50s, had serious head injuries. It all began when one car, travelling along Hougang Avenue 2 in the direction of Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, collided with another car at the junction of Hougang Avenue 2 and Hougang Avenue 8, causing it to hit the pedestrians who were by the roadside. Both drivers are in their 20s. Eyewitnesses may call the Traffic Police hotline at 1800-547-1818 2轿车相撞 横扫多名路人 两辆汽车相撞殃及路人,5人受伤入院急救!   后港2道和8道的交界处,昨晚发生严重车祸。一辆由宏茂桥方向驶来的轿车,疑闪避不及,与另一辆轿车碰撞后失控打滑,先撞倒路中央的灯柱,再撞向在等待过马路的一群行人,其中5人伤势严重。   这宗车祸发生在昨天晚上7时08分,警方证实5名男女受伤入院,他们的年龄介于10多岁至20岁,有的是头部受伤,有的是手脚受伤。 发生意外的路段在几个星期前曾发生致命车祸,警方在路口处还设置寻找车祸目击者的告示牌。   目击者许亚弟(62岁,猪肉贩)心有余悸地指出,事发时,他看到黑色轿车与另一车碰撞后打滑时,横扫多名正在等待过马路的行人,场面非常吓人。 
  16. Im so in love with my man. But he chooses career out of me... im so hurt. he killed my heart ... is career that important to a man? im a simple person. DUn nid big house or big car. Just love and care and im contented. ......................................................
  17. Paying off car loans early to hurt less A more even spread of interest charges over period of loan proposed By Kelvin Wong? AN OUTDATED way of calculating interest payments on car loans, which penalises borrowers for paying off loans promptly, looks set to be replaced. In its place is likely to be a fairer repayment method that spreads interest charges more evenly over the loan period. This has been recommended by a task force set up to review the 35-year-old Hire Purchase Act. Task force member Ng Yuen, a lawyer, who chairs the Consumers Association of Singapore education committee, told The Straits Times yesterday that a proposal will be sent to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) in about a month's time. The existing Act governs cars that cost up to $55,000 (without a certificate of entitlement), and the task force wants a 'statutory rebate' clause to be abolished. Known in the industry as the Rule of 78, this formula builds in a disproportionately large amount of interest into the early years of repayments. For example, someone who takes a 10-year loan of $100,000 and pays it off in four years, gets a rebate on the remaining six years' interest. When calculated according to the Rule of 78, it means that the rebate for interest charges incurred in the remaining six-year period is less than if the interest had simply been pro-rated. This is because more of the instalments were used to service interest payments than in lowering the principal sum owed. The proposed new method is fairer because it spreads out interest more evenly. It means that borrowers will end up with smaller outstanding balances if they pay off the loan before it is due. According to figures from DBS Bank, a car buyer who terminates his loan after four years will still owe $65,831, after taking into account interest and the rebate, going by the current market interest rate of 2.45 per cent for a 10-year loan. For 10 years, that interest comes to $24,500. This is worked into the instalments such that much of the initial repayments do not reduce the principal but just pay the interest. The task force recommends calculating interest each month based on what's left of the sum borrowed. This would result in the buyer owing some $422 less. No rebate would apply since the buyer pays interest only up to the point when he terminates the loan. With interest rates so low now, the difference may not seem like much. But if interest rates rise, the change will make more difference. Also, if borrowers are not penalised for terminating car loans early, they may be prompted to refinance with banks or finance companies which offer them better deals. Whether the change will create a buzz in the industry remains to be seen. 'Demand for cars is more or less still controlled by the quota, not so much on car loan packages,' said Mr Jeremy Soo, DBS' managing director for consumer banking (secured loans). MTI said, when contacted, that it would put up the task force's proposed amendments for public consultation. It plans to table amendments in Parliament before the end of the year. http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/topstorie...,250625,00.html? - Link Good news for car buyers?
  18. http://www.straitstimes.com/ST%2BForum/Sto...ory_159277.html B@stard on the road.
  19. Hi everyone, I was moving out of a very tight corner parking lot due to some idiot who parked his car in front of me and blocking my way out. While turning out, my left rear wheel hit the low curb and ran over it. After that, driving seemed to be a bit strange....I can feel some slight waddling occasionally at back of my car when moving, especially when driving through those speed regulating strips. Is this my imagination or has something actually gone wrong?