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  1. 34% more potholes detected on Singapore roads in first 2 months of 2023 SINGAPORE – Blame your bumpier road commutes on the weather. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it detected 1,123 potholes in the first two months of 2023 – 34 per cent, or 285, more than the same period in 2022 – due to the higher intensity of rain Singapore experienced during this time. But this year’s figure was far below that of 2021, when there were 3,318 potholes detected over the same period. The LTA was responding to a request for details from The Sunday Times following a question raised in Parliament by MP Melvin Yong (Radin Mas) on the prevalence of potholes on the roads. The LTA said that typically, during the dry season, it detects about 200 potholes a month. During the monsoon period, the number of potholes swells to between 800 and 1,000. Potholes may be discovered during the routine inspection of the 9,500 lane-kilometres under the LTA’s purview, as well as from reports submitted by the public. They form when water gets into cracks on the road surface. The LTA said the cracks, which result over time through wear and tear, are usually repaired as part of regular inspection, maintenance and road resurfacing work. When a pothole is detected, the repair would usually be done within 24 hours, the LTA said, assuming that the road surface is sufficiently dry for the work to be completed properly. During a wet spell, additional inspections are conducted, and more resources are deployed accordingly to expedite pothole repairs, it added. The LTA said that because of the more intense rainfall in recent years, it is also speeding up the localised resurfacing work on the slower lanes of roads, which tend to have a higher concentration of heavy vehicles and high traffic volume. “Should there be prolonged rainfall, we will first patch the affected road temporarily to ensure safety and wait for the weather to improve before carrying out the conventional, long-lasting rectification”, the authority added. The LTA urges the public to report road defects such as potholes through its website (www.lta.com.sg), the “Snap & Send” function on the MyTransport.SG mobile application or the Municipal Services Office’s OneService application. It is important for the repairs to be done quickly. The Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS) said that once a pothole forms, it can easily grow in size and depth as passing vehicles further wear down the surface, while rain and flooding can wash away the worn surface. To avoid hitting potholes, the AAS advises motorists to look beyond the vehicle that is directly ahead. It also advises drivers against swerving their vehicle to dodge potholes as they may lose control of their vehicle or put themselves in the path of other vehicles. If there is no way around a pothole, the best practice is to slow down and “coast over” the pothole, while maintaining a firm grip on the steering wheel to avoid losing control of the vehicle. In particular, the AAS said that motorists should not jam on the brakes when their vehicle is already going over the pothole as this will cause the vehicle to nosedive, potentially causing damage to the vehicle. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/34-more-potholes-detected-on-singapore-roads-in-first-2-months-of-2023 already a lot of ongoing road works by SP, Singtel, Starhub etc etc, and now potholes. car suspension system really taking a beating.
  2. ACG Performance is the Official Distributor of Brembo in Singapore. We import, distribute, and install Brembo brake kits and components for street racing and track enthusiast. ACG Performance also carries a wide range of AirBFT Air Suspensions. AirBFT is a leading brand of high-quality Air suspension parts which offers customers outstanding quality products with long-term reliability support. If you are looking for a set of nice rims, check out our GFG Forged Wheels today! They are custom made-to-order to fit your ride. Services we provide: 🛠️ Performance brakes 🛠️ Tyres & rims 🛠️ Suspension 🛠️ 4 wheels alignment 🛠️ Wheels repair 🛠️ Lubricant Why choose us? 👍 In the market since 2010 👍 Competitive Pricing 👍 Provide quality workmanship 👍 Experienced team of mechanics Address: 48 Toh Guan Road East #01-104 Enterprise Hub, Singapore 608586 Operating Hours: Monday to Friday: 10am - 6pm Saturday: 10am - 4pm Sunday & PHs: Closed Contact us today at 9001 2337 for the best quotes!
  3. Welcome to AUTO 101 At Auto101, our passion for cars runs through our veins. We are driven to provide high quality automotive services, with your satisfaction our top priority. Our Services Include: Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs Is important to have your car serviced and maintained regularly to ensure optimum performance and no let downs. At Auto 101, our team of highly qualified technicians will ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained top-notched all the time! Every car that comes to us for servicing goes through our Real 26 Vehicle Checks system where we thoroughly inspect almost every component of your car, making sure it is road worthy and safe. With every servicing, your records will be data-based and customers will receive a printed report of what has been checked and done together with the servicing. Customers can request for their records to be pulled out whenever a situation requires (e.g. when you are selling your car). We will also send out service reminders via e-mail and SMS on the 5th month after your last date of service. A valued-added service brought to you from us @ Auto 101! All vehicle makes and models are welcomed as we're backed with our extensive assortment of diagnostic equipment! Systems and Accessories installation From LED lighting and In-Car Entertainment (ICE) systems to Car Cameras and Alarm Systems, nothing will faze our team of professionals. At Auto 101, we believe in quick, lasting, neat and presentable work. We will spare nothing to provide the best service in all your systems and accessories installation needs. Air Conditioning Services Keep your air-con cool and clean with us! From cabin filters, system flushes and gas refills to condenser servicing, motor replacements and leak checks and seals, we've got it all to keep your cabin nice and cool! Vehicle Lighting Battery Supply and Service Suspensions & Brakes Vehicle Camera Systems
  4. Went for servicing for my matrix 1.6M. Told by mechanic, front left lower arm a bit crack. Is this a normal part to change. Right front suspension gone, I can feel it. So going to change front left and right. But the mechanic says don't know the mounting for the suspension will crack or not. So when changing suspension, do I need to change the so called mounting? Regards
  5. My ride is a 2006 Toyota Vios and the ride is very bumpy. My passengers have complained that this is a very bumpy ride and they feel like vomitting sometimes after meals riding in my car. I am driving a 2006 Toyota vios and the mileage is about 100k. What should I do? Change the springs and shock absorbers? I am looking for a more comfortable ride.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1HFpfupS90&ebc=ANyPxKrCfDxe4hhkvkBUqmiSY00uqJtqjclkstoIxtpI4Be8FTnNjf1vqpipGkf9bavHBjdj8X6KlL-rS75wyOsF_CekqZVdwA Just by looking at the front suspension construction and material used, we can draw very telling conclusion whether you are getting what you paid for. Quick summary for the 10 SUV car line up (for those who don't understand Chinese): Model - Front suspension setup - material - relative cost Audi Q5 - Double-wish bone - forged alloy - 4000 (yuan) Porsche Macan - Double-wish bone - forged alloy - 4000 (yuan) Infiniti QX50 - Double-wish bone - forged alloy - 4000 (yuan) Merc GLK - Macpherson - forged alloy - 1200 (yuan) Audi Q3 - Macpherson - forged alloy - 1200 (yuan) Cadillac SRX - Macpherson - forged alloy - 1200 (yuan) Landrover Evoque - Macpherson - forged alloy - 1200 (yuan) BMW X3 - Macpherson - cast iron - 750 (yuan) BMW X1 - Macpherson - cast iron - 750 (yuan) Volvo XC60 - Macpherson - double stamped/welded - 450 (yuan) LR Discovery - Macpherson - double stamped/welded - 450 (yuan) Lexus NX - Macpherson - double stamped/welded - 450 (yuan) ---> same as Toyota RAV4 / Hyundai Tucson Lexus RX - Macpherson - double stamped/welded - 450 (yuan)
  7. my optra 1.6A is 1.5 years old. I have this problem as mentioned above. any one experiencing the same. Tq
  8. What do you think of this product. Anyone install? Please feedback http://thinkthinkcar.com/en/
  9. youtube link .. wdAdePqsOz8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdAdePqsOz8 The mechanic is saying good suspension can last 200,000 km. No wonder my 10yr old car still have not changed shocks or spring yet.. You all think it's true?
  10. https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/suspension-bridges-frightening/index.html It's just physics. Friendly civil engineering. These are the fourteen:- 1. Frighteningly transparent: ZHANGJIAJIE GLASS BRIDGE Where: Zhangjiajie, China When: Opened in 2016 Whoa: World's highest glass-bottomed suspension bridge Anyone can stare out of a very high window. But standing on one -- coaxing your feet onto a glassy surface suspended above nearly 1,000 feet of air takes some serious spine. Especially in Hunan, home to the world's record-setting glass-floored pedestrian bridge. Hanging between a pair of mountain cliffs in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park's Grand Canyon Scenic Area, this 1,410-foot-long span was until recently the world's longest glass bridge. But ask anyone venturing onto its triple layered, steel-frame-supported, sledgehammer-tested, crystal-clear span levitating 984 feet above an all too visible canyon floor. It's still the highest.
  11. Any idea how much mileage can they lasts? I heard Engine Mountings can last about 120 K. wonder if its true
  12. mine is a 2nd hand car so dono abt the previous owner .. but whenever i sit inside the car or ppl sit at the back seat of the car.. jus after they sat down or got off the car , it will have a "tek" sound .. does that mean my suspension is spoil ? can it be repair ? how much it cost ?
  13. Hi, looking to replace my old stock suspension which worn out after many years of service. I do not need so sporty suspension for a bone breaking ride but wans to strike a balanced between sport and comfort. But since I do not know of any good suspension workshop.. Pls recommend of any and also of any models to lookout for for my requirements.
  14. Hi, Anyone know if these front suspension parts for 2009 Japan built corolla are compatible with 2008 Thai built corolla sold here in Singapore. Thanks
  15. Am on a 2007 sylphy 2.0. Recently feeling vibrations and some noise from the ride. Took it to my regular mechanic. Recommended to change undercarriage bushing, front lower arm/front cross member assembly, all absorbers, front top insulator, front rubber cover, plus additional alignment, incl labour is $2.1K. A/ Is this a decent rate, he's assured me it's all genuine parts, and has been doing good work for me for the past few years B/ Is it worth changing, or should I change the car? If you have experience in this aspect, pls share.
  16. hi, Anyone have any good workshop for spring and damper swap. Roughly how much. On top of that, looking for stainless steel brake hose. Where to get. My ride is Nissan B14.
  17. Hi Guys!! I just bought one full set of of the KYB suspension for my Toyota corolla... Can someone advice me where can i have these fixed?? which workshop has the best workmanship and what is the price like???
  18. Hi bros. If I had changed suspension and is still keeping my original suspension (coils + shock absorber), can i keep it for like 2-3years? can i keep it in a box or is there any special way to store it? or must be placed vertical or horizontal? thinking to re-use 2-3years down the road if dekitting to sell.
  19. I got a 2nd hand car recently. Cheap thrill and cleared off one thing on my todo list. It has 2 years left. Thinking should get a new one after 2 years later if coe still affordable. Haha My current drive feels rather bumpy - one factor is our roads that have many patches but i realised i am feeling almost every bump. I feel that should not be the case, isn't it? I am thinking is this some kind of suspension problem? Can it be resolved by replacement parts? My mech actually said that perhaps not worth it to change part by parts since its an old car ( there are other minor quirks which are non crucial and i was advised to ignore it. )
  20. My front suspension arm bushings are worn and I've been advised by the AD to change the who suspension arm assembly which cost a total of $800+. I believe I should be able to change out the bushings instead but I'm not sure if there are workshops who can do this. Any advice?
  21. 5 Suspension Mods That Can Ruin Your Car. Source: Engineering Explained's Youtube channel https://www.facebook.com/maxpolish/videos/1137284049644671/
  22. HIGHY PERFORMANCE COILOVER AT PROMOTION RATE OF $1300 ONLY PLEASE GET ON OUR FACEBOOK FOR MORE INFO AND PICTURES WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/GECKOSG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYZV1tCAR0k CALL : 6341 6164 / 6363 5112 Gecko Performance Coilover on Honda Civic FD Gecko Performance on New BMW F10 535I Getting very popular on Local Street - Gecko Performance Coilover - Highly rated around the World GECKO PERFORMANCE COIL - Highly Positively reviewed about the world. Gecko Performance Coilover - Ultimate Performance with comfort High quality components: ‧SAE9254 steel springs ‧Aluminum alloy upper mounts ‧Japan NOK oil seal ‧Japan made bearing ‧Italy IP rotary dedicated oil ‧Mono-tube shock design 2 Versions Available: ‧ G-street: 24-way adjustable damper and body height adjustable, strengthen the handling and feels more comfortable. ‧ G-Racing: 32-way adjustable damper and body height adjustable and spring upgrade. For a firm ride, top handling and maximum tuning. More About Gecko Suspension Coilovers About GECKO Coilovers: Gecko is the ‘house brand’ coilover of dynamics mechanic - The Boutique Garage . A award winning garage for 'Best Handling & Safety' and 'Best Service & Repair' by Sgcarmart Singapore among 1200 workshops. 'Gecko' is affordable Monotube dampers, and the manufacturers behind some of the very best known suspension brands worldwide, their experience in the automotive suspension industry is second to none.
  23. Bros and Sisters out there, anybody have lobang or contacts for fox suspension system for trucks? Many Thanks
  24. Any bros here know if the swift sport suspension can fit into normal swift? Or any bro knows where to buy shock absorber cheap in sg? Looking for comfort type. Thanks!
  25. Dear suspension gurus, asking on behalf of a fellow friend, he has a current c class 1.8 turbo. ride on lowered eibach springs only, shock absorbers are standard MB items. tires are on 35 profile 19 incher BBS rims ride is not so good and harsh over Singapore roads, was thinking how to 'soften' the ride quality without reverting back to stock. will changing to good absorbers help?
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