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Found 56 results

  1. anyone ever used the brand NUTEQ absorber how is it ?
  2. I just changed 4 shock absorbers (front are Thai made Tokico and rear are japan made original Nissan) for my Nissan Latio. However, I am still feeling that the ride is still not comfortable (can feel every bump on the road). This is the same as before changing the shock absorbers. Anyone know if this mean the new shock absorbers are not good or is there something else I need to change?
  3. Hi All, I would like to get an advice from bro for my case below. This morning, I went to service my car (Toyota Axio) , to check aircon intermittent cooling and normal servicing. But W/S told me I need to change aircon compressor and all 4 shock absorbers (right side at rear is leaking) and lower arm front. Total bill was S$2400.00 (They round it for me). Did I get ripped off by W/S or is the price around there? I have attached the invoice for reference. If I got ripped off, can recommend any good W/S? Thanks in advance.
  4. Dear mycarforum reader, Recently I heard from one of my friend that the car he is driving for less than a year has faulty pair of absorbers. This car is from a high end dealer and is very popular in Singapore. He contacted the dealer and was told that the pair of absorbers will be replaced only free of charge as it is on warranty. What would you do if you are the owner of this car? Welcome feedback. cheers.
  5. Ronnieseah

    Used shock absorber

    hi,got a vios left 9mths only. need to change shock absorber, where can I find place that sell used car parts?
  6. Rexter

    Storing suspension

    Hi bros. If I had changed suspension and is still keeping my original suspension (coils + shock absorber), can i keep it for like 2-3years? can i keep it in a box or is there any special way to store it? or must be placed vertical or horizontal? thinking to re-use 2-3years down the road if dekitting to sell.
  7. Sorry, just realized post in the wrong session. Mod, pls delete the thread in http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showto...682392&hl=* Any good place to recommend for aftermarket or original parts?
  8. Hi Bros! Need some advise on where to change shock absorbers for my W169 A Class. My car shock absorbers are squeaky when I go over humps. Car has done around 80,000km. I brought to C&C for regular servicing and they want to charge me $180 to check the shock absorbers (just to check and not do anything!). They also said my undercarriage could be in bad condition and the shock absorbers could cost up to $10K to replace - naturally I declined, sounds way too expensive. Any suggestions on where else I can go? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi my old trusty Kia picanto may have to renew COE for another 5yrs. do any one know the estimate price to replace the front and back absorber (including Labour)
  10. Been years since I last surf here actively..... Cannot tahan the new car price so thinking of extending existing 06 Latio for another 5 yrs.... The thingy is.... 1) Aircon Compressor gone again (change ard 4 yrs back)..... aircon can only tahan 10mins before it start blowing hot air..... then switch off for a while.... can tahan a few mins before hot air again. no gas leak so, its likely the compressor issue yet again.... any recommended workshop? 2) Shock absorber seems to be gone.... car always dance across hump.... so I guess need to change again... any recommended workshop and reference quote? 3) ikey...... kiddo drop keys while alighting, and I only realise a few mins later..... trace back, and found the key ran over by a few vehicles.... intermittent working, until it decided to totally give up today. I dun mind using the manual key (have 2 anyway), but would like to have a recommendation for 2 way alarms Thank you guys for the kind attention to the abv inqueries ^^
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLtPY06LEhw Sometimes on bumpy road, even with a good shock absorber, it can still be uncomfortable. Has anyone mounted the rubber shock absorber for the springs. Does it work as claim before and after mounting the rubber absorber?
  12. I just realized the rubber cover of the rear absorber has disintegrated . Will it create any problem,? Need to replace?
  13. Hi guys, need to change my BM E60 shocks as its already leaking, will order one set new shocks from US, any bro could recommend one shop can do the labour installation with good skill? ofcos with alinetment done together, tks
  14. Friedpiggy

    Shock absorber change

    Does changing front n rear shock absorber require any form of alignment or balancing? I just bought a set of absorbers from stockist and looking for recommendations for place to change. Also like to check if there s any decent panel beat spray paint ws in amk autopoint2 ? Don't need super good, just decent will do wig reasonable pricing. Need to do my front bumper that kiss the wall.
  15. Bluepica

    Cabinet absorber hinge

    Anyone know where can I get exactly this hinge model? I have tried to search a few shops in Kelantan lane, either it's too long or too strong for my cabinet cover....
  16. Hi Guys, My car has some ' cloak claok ' sounds on turning corner, how to know its time to change. THx
  17. Hi bro, What is the difference between them? Any good workshop to recommend? Thanks
  18. Has anybody change before...how was the condition..Thanks for feed back
  19. hi All, how do we know the stock shock absorber due for replacement when used with lower spring? example - No oil leaking stain on the absorber when hoist up to inspect, when rock the car at park position all are firm and mileage at 85k km what other method test or know the absorber is giving way?
  20. Due for my shock absorber change, wondering if its necessary to change stopper and mounting together?
  21. Robo

    Shock Absorber

    My 4 yr old Aveo5's absorbers are feeling horny liao.. currently they are paired with Apex yellow springs. im hoping to change to something that is firm when i need it, yet comfortable to the ppl riding on it. Coilovers are NOT in my list cuz, i really dont wanna spend more than $1k on this change. please input your suggestions and if you know where to get them at a good price. please let me know also! many thanks!
  22. Any good place to recommend for aftermarket or original parts?
  23. hi, sorry that i have to post this, seeking for some valuable advise. my ride has turned 6.5yrs, based on current situation, unlikely to change. i'm using 195/45/15 tire. my absorber and spring are stock, never wanted to spend money on them. at most, adding a stiffer on rear. although this is my personal car, each time i ferry, go over hump or go uneven road. the tire will hit at the wall/sock of the absorber. causing a hold in the sock well, i can make do with the sound but sad to say, it's pissing me off lately. especially when i thought adding a space of 5mm could solved the problem. instead, it only worsen i read somewhere that absorber are the one that usually required to change after X number of usage. while spring are the one that hardly need to replaced, unless lowering the ride. i'm not looking at the option of lowering nor higher the ride as i find it weird looking. do correct me if i'm wrong. in my situation, i only required to change the absorber or spring? (i don't wish to spend much, afterall, it's a B&B ride) i don't wish to change to smaller/thinner tire. please share your views, thank you in advance.
  24. fellow bros, i'm driving an avante now and my shock absorber damper is due for a change.... call up komoco to book for servicing for weekend and i was told they do not do repair on weekends except for standard servicing... would like to find out if u guys haf any recommended workshop to change the shock absorber damper and will it void warranty if i change outside?? thanks
  25. hi brothers. my 2 absorbers at the back of the vehicle is kinda fu**ed... the ride is super bumpy can anyone tell me where i can buy original absorber with spring? new or 2nd hand been asking a few workshops but they all say no stock i can get the absorber but no spring ... can any brothers help me out ? my getz is a 2004 1.6m hatchback