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  1. U NV know she spent it on some luxury items too or bf Hope there r someone or organisation helping her to manage for her kids
  2. U changed the gearbox n AC.It seems like the r cherry picking on things u prefer to believe
  3. Not her hard earn money ma Don't know y some women think they have the capabilities to manage money Now only her kids will suffer. Anyway she can ask for more donation
  4. Kia7200

    Most Improved Car Brands

    Now Toyota just collaborate will other car markers n put their badge on it. Slowly sub out liao. I find for petrol cars , Toyota is the worst
  5. Kia7200

    Do You Mod Your car?

    Depending what u want I lowered my car, upsized to 18" rim, change my stock front speakers. And also bought some stuff from tb
  6. Kia7200

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    Try call ur se la. Cause if after 6 bid which is 3mths later, skali Cat A 45k liao n they refund u. Then u really LL Not only that. They have lots of term n conditions Must take min loan, must take their insurance, their interest rate is higher la. Really think their cars r selling like hot cakes meh
  7. Kia7200

    Perfume and Nice fragrance inside car

    All these artificial frangrances also don't know will cause cancer or not. Nowadays I fill natural frangrances oil into those used car frangrance bottle
  8. Kia7200

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    Ya... But their profit margin will be lesser only la
  9. Kia7200

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    I'm guessing la If their car basic cost is really 81k when Coe is 32k. And if Coe go up to example 37k, BM profit margin only 5k le Those who traded in their cars, every month that trade car paper value will lose example $800. After example 3 bidding (1.5mths) plus wait for the car shipment another few months, u calucalte how much they loss? But of course they might factor in liao la
  10. Kia7200

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    By then the Coe premium already 30-40k liao
  11. Kia7200

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    Sgcarmart shows the basic car cost for Altis elegance is abt $81k, including ur trade in car monthly dep. BM earn less than 10k from u (excluding car insurance n loan) if the Coe go up another few k, u think they bother to earn ur money meh Must see their basic car cost. Frankly ma, which AD don't want to earn money. If lose money, might as well don't sell repeat
  12. Kia7200

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    U got trade in? If yes, chances should be higher
  13. Kia7200

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    I went to BM to check out the price for my friend first. I ask him whether the 69k close door sale still available and he said yes. He can offer my friend 69k plus, confirm give the trade in price till ur friend is statisfied. Next day we went down, knn all lj Wei only
  14. Kia7200

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    Some more Toyota have those commercial vehicles. Aiya that guy is a TL la, he will oenself change the facts as usual
  15. Kia7200

    2017 Toyota Corolla Altis new Facelift

    If the Coe keep going up, I don't think BM will top up If the buyer traded in his car n locked in at $xxxxxx, and BM don't have ex stock for their car. The longer they bid plus wait for their shipment, the lesser profit they earn. That's y kah motor is more sincere. Secure the Coe n my friend can collect his car by SEP, win win for everyone