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Found 171 results

  1. Any one can recommend contractor or company to install wood deck strips on patio? Patio size about 300 sq ft or less. Any tips on what kind of wood or material to use for our weather? I know there are real wood and WPC, and some other artificial material. I need something that doesn't retain heat and lesser maintenance fuss. Real wood will get discoloration over time? Must vanish regularly? What's the cost of the vanishing?
  2. Anyone knows roughly how much to install a retractable awning for a home open balcony? About 5m x 5m area to be covered.
  3. Blenheim Palace set to install £1million gold toilet for visitors to use An 18-carat gold toilet has been plumbed into Blenheim Palace for visitors to use, but they’ll have to respect a strict time-limit. The lavatory, created by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, will go on display at the Oxfordshire stately home in September. The fully-functioning throne will be open for public use, but a three-minute time limit will be imposed to reduce queue times. It has been placed opposite the room where Winston Churchill was born, and visitors will be able to book their time-slot in advance. There will be 20 slots an hour for art, or lav, lovers to choose from, provided they buy a £27 ticket for the palace, park and gardens. When the lavatory first opened at New York’s Guggenheim museum in 2016, it was so popular that people queued for hours to place their cheeks upon its glittering seat. Some 100,000 used it for its intended purpose, according to The Times. The piece previously made headlines in 2017 when it was offered on loan to Donald Trump. The US president had initially asked the museum to lend him an 1888 Van Gogh painting, but it rejected the request, offering Cattelan's golden masterpiece, titled ‘America’, instead. The flushable America arrived at the Marlborough family’s 300-year-old country home, last week, ready for a contemporary art exhibition that will open next month. The Duke of Marlborough’s half-brother and founder of the Blenheim Art Foundation Edward Spencer-Churchill told the Times: “Despite being born with a silver spoon in my mouth I have never had a s*** on a golden toilet, so I look forward to it.” The artwork is valued at more than £1million, but the palace appears relaxed about security. “It’s not going to be the easiest thing to nick,” Mr Spencer-Churchill said.
  4. hi I just bought a Toyota Altis with the new touch screen LCD panel. Question is where can I install a reverse camera and how much will it cost? Does borneo motor provide this service? I do not want to void the warranty by installing something that is not approve. Any advice?
  5. ntuc2018

    Install side stepper for SUV

    If I bought a side stepper for my SUV. Any recommended place to get it install? Usually cost how much?
  6. If your are extremely pleased with your ICE upgrade done, please recommend your installer here, and the work done. Please keep this constructive and factual, for the benefit of others considering their options. Do share what did you get done to your ride? What components did you change? What has improved? So, please only those with positive experience need share here. Thanks.
  7. haronkr

    Shop To Install Horns

    Hi All I intend to buy and install the Hella Super Tone in my Qashqai. Any recommended shops in the east to help do it? Preferably one that won't ask 1001 questions abt why dont buy from them etc. Thanks!
  8. Hi to all, anyone can suggest good Workshop in the west to install all the car accessories? Use to visit soon lee at geylang area, cheap & good, but nowadays my work schedule really don't allow me to visit workshop that far, therefore hope that someone can introduce any good & reasonably priced car workshop. Thanks in advance.
  9. As above, preferred experienced ws for these sort of install. Thanks.
  10. not sure this posted before http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin...1260694/1/.html
  11. Hi all I tried "cable installation" and "cable installer" search on the forums but couldn't find an answer. Was wondering if anyone has a workshop to recommend to install just the in car camera power cable? Any idea on the cost of installing 2 (1 at the rearview cam and the other at the rear)? I got the in-car camera but the wire is hanging from my 12V socket to the rearview mirror, kinda looks fugly. Thanks in advance!
  12. Anyone had installed this model for car video recording??? Looking 1 for my new car. I wasn't very familiar with car video recorder. My concern is will the recorder able to record after i off the engine and left?? So that I can look back the video if my car kena bang when I am not around. Does it necessary to have the GPS function and the power magic if I were to connect to my car battery??
  13. Hi guys, need to change my BM E60 shocks as its already leaking, will order one set new shocks from US, any bro could recommend one shop can do the labour installation with good skill? ofcos with alinetment done together, tks
  14. Hi, I have seen lots of black Vellfire installed Blue LEDs light on the side step ( hope I remembered correctly), it improves the visibility especially at night. Anyone can share where can I enquire on this? Someone mentioned there is a shop in Hougang North specialized in this, but I can find it when I googled. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi folks, Anyone ever install a switch to disable front passenger airbag? Is there such thing in the first place? The reason I ask is I feel like putting child seat in front so my kid can enjoy the full view of travelling in the car and see me driving at the same time. I think it's a good thing cause the kid will learn the mechanics of driving and may even remember directions to places. Good for the kids mental development. I say that is cos I grew up in the 80s and I remember seeing my dad driving when I'm sitting on my mom's lap and also remembered the direction to my grandma's house from home, even though I dunno the road names. I think I was only 3 to 4 years old then. I now see my kid strapped behind the child seat and can only peek out the window at her side, and she don't even know how I make the car move or turn cos she is strapped behind me and can't see me drive. Kinda sad in a way for the sake of safety. So thinking of putting a switch instead of buying a new car that comes with the switch by default.
  16. my reverse sensor spoil and want to install reverse camera + screen + change to a new set of reverse sensor. already got the parts from taobao, any workshop in JB that is good with conti car's electrical?
  17. I recently bought two front wheelhubs/bearings. I'm looking for a garage that will charge reasonably and with decent workmanship to get it installed. any recommendations and experiences?
  18. So.. I went ahead and brought head up display for my car: OBD-II Head Up Display Speedometer with Speed (Miles/KM), RPM, Voltage, Water Temp Can I check where can I get a workshop to install something like this and how much it would usually cost? Thank you
  19. Rexxxer

    Install bose system

    Hi guys, Do you know who Can help to install speaker to feature wall.should i call carpenter or techician? as i bought my system oversea so do not know if local consultant will help
  20. To fellow bros, anyone have any recommendations to install bonnet for toyota altis 08 make? tomyaaaaam
  21. As above. Dont think is necessary compulsary. Any bros can advise?
  22. It is possible to install such sign in Singapore? Sometimes just want to show "thank you" and "Sorry" to the car behind. Cos sometime at night wave thank you the car behind cannot see. The switch button is wireless seems very good. No messy wire.
  23. Any one tried before ?
  24. Any one tried before ?