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  1. The number 1 rule before reversing your car is to always check clear your rear and blindspots before proceeding. Lazy to do so? Then get yourself a rear reverse camera, or you will be like this guy: IMG_7646.MP4 What Happened? I am sure we have all been stuck at the gantry for some reasons (Eg. Insufficient funds in cashcard, problem detecting your car's IU). And that was what happened to this particular Honda Civic driver - he got stuck at the carpark gantry. After what seemed like an eternity and having no luck in exiting from the gantry, the Honda driver decid
  2. Occasionally, the car needs to step harder to reverse and there will be a jerk before reversing. Driving forward is smooth. From your experience, could you advise what is the likely problem? I emailed 2 workshops and they quoted S$2k plus to overhaul the gear box. Not sure I want do that as the problem does not happen frequently but I am worried that the car will not reverse at all one day.
  3. A driver was caught reversing dangerously along Braddell Road with a moderate amount of traffic. It's insane! I know! The incident took place yesterday (July 6) at 3pm (which is around the time when traffic starts to pick up at that area). A red Honda Fit having missed the initial exit leading towards Lorong Chuan/CTE(SLE) along Braddell Road (see map to see where we think this happened), stops in the middle of the road with total disregard of the motorist behind it. As the video progresses, you realise that it's slowly reversing and stopping every few seconds to av
  4. Have you encountered trouble at carpark entries and realised that you needed to have another go with the IU scanner but the car behind is so close that you cant even reverse a tiny bit? We sure have and know how troublesome it is get the car behind to reverse so that you can re do the IU scan. Often, the driver behind refuses to bulge leaving you in an awkward position and frustrated at the driver behind you. Something like this happened on 22nd of October 2020 at Crawford Court between a Prius Trans-Cab and an unknown camera car. However, egos and tempers got the best of them and t
  5. As per title, since most modern cars come with reverse/backup camera i.e. the one that activates when put into reverse gear, and front and rear dashcams are considered must-haves for your ride... Is there a reverse/backup camera that also performs dashcam recording function (or vice versa, a rear dashcam that projects bigger image on your ICE when engage reverse gear)?
  6. Hey guys, I am getting my new Toyota Vios in a few weeks but it did not come with a reverse camera. I like to check with Vios owner if I can just install the reverse camera and link up ti the stock dvd player or I need to buy a brand new full set? Thks.
  7. Need to change the reverse sensor and the sensor at the front as well for continental cars. Do you have good and reasonable mechanics in the west to recommend. Which brand of sensors are you using. Thank you.
  8. hi I just bought a Toyota Altis with the new touch screen LCD panel. Question is where can I install a reverse camera and how much will it cost? Does borneo motor provide this service? I do not want to void the warranty by installing something that is not approve. Any advice?
  9. Does such an all in one unit exists? Im looking to modernise my newly renewed 5 year coe altis I want to have car recording camera for front and back of my car. But when putting the car in reverse, it will show the reverse camera in the media player. Don't need a particularly good head unit just one that has basic functions.
  10. https://mothership.sg/2018/10/car-fails-to-reverse-hdb-car-park/?fbclid=IwAR2HCWZlpxi-4jt10BmQgbKsyM1sVrDFTpVu3MMmDMp8x7LTX33MhxZ6-6Y Wahlao, how did the person pass his/her driving test man.
  11. Mitsubishi ASX with CVT (3 months) Got this problem in the mornings when engaging the reverse gear after the car is parked overnight on a level ground. It only happens when shifting from "P" to "R" where a loud sound (like something grinding or cracking) is heard and the car reverses normally. In "D" mode everything is normal and no noise is heard. Only happens like once or twice in a month, puzzling. Anyone knows if this is a serious problem?
  12. Can I replace the factory fitted reverse camera module with any aftermarket camera? Mercedes C class to be specific. Car left 7 months to scrap. Need a economical replacement.
  13. Hi Guys, Wonder can anyone intro any decent shop that sell and install the car reverse camera? Mine became foggy... went back to installer twice and got it change once but the problem returns after a few months, thinking of getting it done somewhere else with better quality camera, workmanship and attitude... Many thanks in advance!
  14. Hi all, Anybody knows where to install automatic fold side mirror & auto tilt when reverse gear is engaged? Wonder if these options are available? Rgds Snoopy
  15. hi all, my reverse sensor is spoiled and I am tinking of replacing with either reverse camera or the normal sensor. any shops to recommend in the east area? pros and cons of sensor and camera? is 4 point sensor useful? I saw on china online websites that the reverse sensors are dirt cheap, only abt SGD$15! but I tink I may prefer to get it from shops in sg as the provide 1 yr warranty. thnx all!
  16. Anyone knows of any in-car camera/blackbox/DVR with LCD that allows input of reverse camera (auto switch to reverse video when reverse is engaged)??? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hello Frens, Anyone know if reverse light not working can pass inspection? rgds
  18. Hi, got a set of black reverse sensors and need to spray silver colour...can someone recommend me a place prferability in the WEST and the estimated cost? Thank you!
  19. Hi I am currently driving a 2008 Nissan Murano 2.5L. The car comes with reverse camera and a touch screen. However, whenever I activate the camera by reversing the car, the grid lines (or guidelines) doesn't appear. Does anyone know how to "activate" it? or infact it doesn't come with the grid lines to begin with? Thank you.
  20. I can't remember how many countless times I've encountered this. Why are drivers here so "scared" when the car in front of them is reversing? Example to parallel park in front of you? Female drivers are a exceptional lot. But they are forgiven do to their "scared" and unconfident nature awhen it comes to driving. But though less than females I've encountered male drivers too. I know many of MCFs will be guilty of this. I would understand if the the car was reversing fast as the driver in front may not be aware of a car behind. But even reversing slowly like a snail and a few car leng
  21. hi Reverse from small road to main road wanted to find out whats the penalty for such an offence? thanks
  22. Hi guys I'm looking for a GPS unit that can also double up as a screen for a reverse camera. Any idea where I can get something like that plus installation? I'm driving a bmw 3 series but without idrive.
  23. Any recommendations where to get one with good resolution display? Willingly to consider GPS unit with ability to display reverse too. However, at a tight budget here. Dont have a HU with video and no intention to get one.
  24. Hi, I need some suggestions / recommendations as this is the first time I am getting an aftermarket receiver. I hope this receiver will come with inbuilt GPS and can attach a reverse camera to it. I did some research, seems like Alpine and Kenwood are reputable whereas Pioneer doesnt come with inbuilt GPS (thats what the local website says). My car is still under warranty, hope installation of aftermarket reverse camera and receiver will not void the overall car warranty.Any recommendations? Thank you!
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRltAyiwfcc tok kong~! if i were the lorry driver, i would stop and wait for the fella to reverse instead~! KNN... so impatient~!
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