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Found 96 results

  1. Ok my problem, the car dont idle very smoothly when it is not warmed up or when the weather is very cooling. Went to workshop A, plug in laptop. Boss straight away say 02 sensor need to change and quote me a price. As need to order the sensor, i went off without fixing first. Next day, went to workshop B, the boss plug in a handheld device. Then say is MAF sensor dirty or faulty, he proceed to clean sensor. Fix MAF sensor back, he say faulty. Must change. Tell me dont believe, you try with the sensor unplugged. Indeed the car was more powerful and run smoother. So which sensor is the faulty one? Workshop seems very confident it is the o2 sensor. But the maf sensor when unplugged really improved alot. Can anyone advise on this?
  2. Tok

    Reverse sensor

    Need to change the reverse sensor and the sensor at the front as well for continental cars. Do you have good and reasonable mechanics in the west to recommend. Which brand of sensors are you using. Thank you.
  3. hi all, my reverse sensor is spoiled and I am tinking of replacing with either reverse camera or the normal sensor. any shops to recommend in the east area? pros and cons of sensor and camera? is 4 point sensor useful? I saw on china online websites that the reverse sensors are dirt cheap, only abt SGD$15! but I tink I may prefer to get it from shops in sg as the provide 1 yr warranty. thnx all!
  4. Was driving to work yesterday, half way on the road the power steering light illuminated. It remain till I reach work place. Later start the car and drove to agent for checking, the light did not appear again. During the testing and computer analysis, found defect in the power steering sensor. Spent $232 for the replacement of item. Symptom - sometimes while turning, especially, moving off from the car park, can feel that there is no feel, or very light then heavy again. That is - Steering felt light and heavy during turn. Sharing info. car clock 2 years and 2 months with 23k on the odometer.
  5. There seems to be no thread on blind spot sensor system, so I thought I start it so we all can learn from one another. This thread is for discussion on where to get one, not whether it's useful or not (that's a whole topic by itself ;-) ) It seems to me it's not easily available in Singapore. I have not found a shop that supplies any model. There are many online (e.g. http://list.qoo10.sg/item/CRIMESTOPPER-SAFETYPLUS-TM-UNIVERSAL-FRONT-REAR-BLIND-SPOT-DETECTION/445644618, http://list.qoo10.sg/item/BOYO-VTBSD1-BLIND-SPOT-DETECTION-MICROWAVE-RADAR/487327327) but I'd like to see the item first before buying. Seems like http://www.crimestopper.com/products/safety/collision-avoidance/blind-spot-detection/bsd-754 is available based on the vendors here If you know the shop that supplies it, and have experienced on any of the model, kindly share here. Thanks in advance e1
  6. How much will it cost to change each oxygen sensor? my car has 4 of them. 2 before catalytic converter and 2 after it. anybody did it before? hope to know the prices before i go down to the workshop tomorrow.
  7. Anybody letting go of their TPS which is in good condition? Otherwise third party TPS reliable or not? Thanks in advance.
  8. Chuapcd

    Spray reverse sensor

    Hi, got a set of black reverse sensors and need to spray silver colour...can someone recommend me a place prferability in the WEST and the estimated cost? Thank you!
  9. Anybody know where I can get mass airflow sensor cleaner. Tks
  10. Alphas

    ABS, speed, sensor

    My Kia Cerato ABS sensor has conked out, any place to replace it? Asked Min Ghee for the front left ABS speed sensor but they quote quite high leh, any other OEM will do?
  11. My engine light is on yesterday while driving so I drove my mechanical and he pluck it onto the computer. After diagnose, it's actually the oxygen sensor that mal-function. Repair cost will be $400 plus and mechanic asked me not to waste money as my car is 10 months to scrap. I just want to hold on to my car till scrap next year. Anyone experience same problem? Anyone can give advice here?
  12. Where's the cheapest place to get the engine sensor for my Wish read? Warning light on - I think is a minor problem - where can I go to get it read so I know what to repair??
  13. Tigershark1976

    Cleaning MAF sensor

    my car is jerking at low rpm and i think its due to dirty MAF sensor... i tried to clean it use wet cloth but its not easy cause the "dust' is very stuborn...(cannot use strenght cause the sensor is very fragile.) anyone have any suggest what kind of chemical to use? I intended to use circuit board cleaner since but not too sure its possible...
  14. Anyone tried diy using contact cleaner to clean O2sensor at the maf housing? Any tips or precaution.
  15. Hi I recently replaced both sensors from my engine when my car refuse to start and stalls suddenly, i found abit of engine oil on both sensors. Not sure whether is normal, engine is gamma 2.
  16. My car showed a warning light late yesterday and i went to workshop today. After using the computer to scan, showed that the fault is 'System running too lean', and that the air fuel sensor is faulty so needs replacement. Anyone kanna this type of problem before, and how much does it normally cost? tks...
  17. Baddata

    O2 sensor

    I am currently driving a jap car almost 5 years, distance travelled 150k. Few months back i noticed i m getting lesser mileage per litre. I did an oil change, replaced plugs and air filter, however fuel consumption remains the same. I was told it might be the o2 sensor. Is it the o2 sensor gave way? Where should i get it replaced and cost? Any advice, Thanks in advance.
  18. Dear all, a few days ago, my reverse sensor malfunctioned. Whenever I change to the reverse gear, the sensor will start to sound whether or not there is actually anything behind the car. Intermittently, the reverse sensor will work properly but most of the time it does not. This problem actually started around the time when there was heavy rain all around the island (it did not get flooded) but I'm not sure if the 2 are linked. Today, I went down to C&C and was told that there was a $180 charge because the warranty on accessories is only for 1 year (Car is slightly more than 2 years old) so I was wondering if there were other places that I could get the sensor fixed. The service personnel only did a cursory check (he put the car in reverse mode) and he said that I would most likely have to change the reverse sensor because of some magnetic fault. 1. Could the fault be with a shorted out wire instead of the reverse sensor? 2. Can someone recommend me a shop I can go to to fix this problem for less than $180? The car in question is a Lancer EX. Thanks.
  19. Hi all, I am driving a 2004 Mazda 3, with ard 130K mileage. Recently, the engine warning light was activated. Sent it to cityauto @ sin ming and they informed that the O2 sensor is faulty. replacement cost is $500+ (or $400+, cant remember). They also said that the consumption could be affected if it is not changed. been driving for ard 3 weeks and consumption is affected just a little. Can bros who had faced this issue advise if this price is reasonable, or are there workshops with better prices? (seems a bit exp. for a change of sensor!) Also, is it ok for me to ignore the problem and continue driving with the light on? Have googled for answers but pple seem to be on both sides of the fence on this issue. Thanks in advance!
  20. Got a friend in distress when her 'keyless' sensor was inside her handbag and at the rear seat. She came out of the car and closed the driver's door and it auto lock. No spare sensor as she bought the car from 2nd hand dealer. Anyone know any method to open the door. Breaking the window will be the last resort. Model is Nissan 'March' ...
  21. Hi guys, I'm driving a Toyota Fielder and I've got a P2237 error which points to Bank1 sensor 1 open circuit. My mech suggested I change the rear O2 sensor at the exhaust pipe (before cat). From his experience, this is more commonly changed part than the AF sensor right after the exhaust manifold. Based on my understanding, I thought bank1 refers to the front sensor (AF) but anyway there were no stock for this part in all the stockists I checked (Min Ghee, Tye Soon, Fong Tat, Ric Tat) but I managed to find 1 last piece of the rear O2 sensor. It was quite cost but anyway since my mech says the rear sensor is more commonly changed and since my car is 140k mileage now, I decided to try it. Changed the O2 sensor but the CEL is still on, having the same P2237 error. So now I'm thinking of changing the front AF sensors since that's the only 2 so called O2 sensors in this car. I'm assuming my ECM and harness are all good (normally). The problem is that, none of the stockist carries this currently and I'm wondering if there are OEM replacements available. On google it seems Denso might have this AF sensor but I couldn't find any shops here that carries this range. Most of the shops carrying Denso products are for their AC.... Any idea from bros here if u have came across any shops selling Denso AF/O2 sensors?
  22. Late last year, rumours of Lexus testing an autonomous car circulated on the internet and many thought that the Japanese luxury automaker will come up with a self-driving car just like what Google did. But, that is not actually true. Lexus actually unveiled an integrated safety research vehicle at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The unveiling is Toyota's ongoing development on new safety technologies. According to Toyota North America's corporate manager of business strategy, Jim Pisz, "The company will never have a truly autonomous car." He also mentioned that much of the technology in the research car is already in the 2013 Lexus LS. Jim Pisz further explained on one of the features in the integrated safety research vehicle which is the active cruise control which can slow a car down to a stop and then accelerate back to the speed set on the cruise control. The company also pointed out that a similar feature in a rival German automaker's car isn't as 'smart' when compared to their unit. Lexus affirms that the company would not fully devote its resources in a self driving vehicle. A driver-less car is just a part of the research. What they are focusing on is a vehicle fitted with advanced automated technologies and paired with an intelligent, always attentive driver whose skills would contribute to safer driving. The research vehicle (which is a Lexus LS) shown at the show is fitted with a 360 degree LIDAR (light detection and ranging) on top of the car's roof. It detects objects up to 70 metres away and it reads stop lights and also detects pedestrians. The research car's computers manage three core functions; recognition of images through its cameras and sensors, judgment based in real time, and operations that send the decision to the car. Each of these core functions help to make the driver safer and more skilled during driving.
  23. Hi, Anyone had changed their Oxygen Sensor for Nissan Latio? Had sent my car to TC Service centre due to the Engine light up. Was told by the advisor that my oxygen sensor was faulty. Need to be replaced. Cost: $546 exclude GST. But my mileage only 75000km. Now I asked them to reset first. Maybe monitor awhile then decide. Any Nissan Latio owners here facing this problem also???
  24. Stinkray

    MAF Sensor Location

    Hi All, I notice some car MAF sensor is before air filter and some is after.....anyone know the reasons ???
  25. pls rec. need advice