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Found 13 results

  1. Hello. Would like to seek some opinions here. Thinking of respraying my car as the paintwork is turning yellowish and there are paintwork damages (stone chips, dings and dangs) on the bumper. Previous owner also used liquid paper to try to mask up the stone chips. If I were to respray on the current bumper, after refibre/putty+respray, would there be a risk of the paintwork cracking after sometime? Or would it actually be wiser to replace the bumper with a good condition secondhand one followed by respray? I'm keeping my options opened. May be a good time to change new bodykit as well but not exactly familiar with the different types.
  2. Spies Hecker is our selected in-house brand. Our Services: 📍3rd Party Vehicle Accident Claims / Personal Injury Claims 📍Quality Car Spray Painting Services - Panel Beating & Body Restoration Works 📍Frozen / Matte Paintwork 📍Complete & Meticulous Colour Change Jobs 📍Rim Refurbishment & Colour Change 📍24 Hour Towing Services See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us! SGCarMart Reviews: http://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant_reviews.php?MID=13740 Facebook Reviews: https://www.facebook.com/smspraypainting/reviews/ VAGSG Forum Reviews: Post #16: https://bit.ly/3l4nrr7 Post #48: https://bit.ly/2Oc2ui5 Post #49: https://bit.ly/3venKo4 Post #65: https://bit.ly/2N7E48T Post #81: https://bit.ly/3rB0P44 Post #110: https://bit.ly/30AcHXY Post #130: https://bit.ly/3lcoN35 Post #149: https://bit.ly/3ex8nRx Post #190: https://bit.ly/3l5OXV1 Post #193: https://bit.ly/3qBvPzw Post #207: https://bit.ly/3qC7SrU Post #224: https://bit.ly/3vfddIX Post #283: https://bit.ly/38vMezd Post #291: https://bit.ly/3vgKJ1s Post #301: https://bit.ly/3eFV0if Post #343: https://bit.ly/2OLsaSg Post #357: https://bit.ly/2N7ISer Post #336: https://bit.ly/3byu8hU Post #454: https://bit.ly/3t3lNZq Post #467: https://bit.ly/3l3uT5M Post #479: https://bit.ly/3byueGi Post #486: https://bit.ly/2OMjDik Post #507: https://bit.ly/3vd7d3E Post #653: https://bit.ly/3chYvbO Post #646: https://bit.ly/3rGQDqE BMW-SG Forum Reviews: Post #4 : https://bit.ly/3vgXN7o Post #19: https://bit.ly/3qDy7hz Post #28: https://bit.ly/3qCPjnt Post#10: https://bit.ly/3esCNnT Post#2 : https://bit.ly/3l9vbYP Post#66: https://bit.ly/3erTVtY Post#81: https://bit.ly/38pnSar Post#2 : https://bit.ly/3t6kARi Post#12: https://bit.ly/3cp2hjB Frozen / Matte Spray Painting Works: 🖌️https://bit.ly/2OkiG0F 🖌️https://bit.ly/3vfkNTV 🖌️https://bit.ly/3cpbgRA 🖌️https://bit.ly/30wTNBp 🖌️https://bit.ly/2OLQp2L Check Out Our Works: https://www.facebook.com/smspraypainting/photos/ Limited Time Offer Exclusively For My Car Forum Members! Use Promo Code: MCFSM21 ⭐ Small : $1,100 Onwards ⭐ Medium : $1,100 Onwards ⭐ Large : $1,100 Onwards For individual panel resprays or other services, contact: Jack : (65) 9681 7081 WhatsApp https://wa.link/mfmbsd Darren : (65) 9822 8346 WhatsApp https://wa.link/bsa4ad Office Hours: (65) 6384 1755 Visit us at our workshop: 25 Kaki Bukit Road 4, #08-30 Synergy @KB Singapore 417800 Visit us online: https://www.smspraypainting.com.sg/ https://www.facebook.com/smspraypainting/ https://www.instagram.com/smspraypaint/
  3. About Sin Heng Long Motor Works Ask any business and they will tell you the best testimonial is a returning customer. Year after year, we at Sin Heng Long Motor Works have kept generations coming back. Since 1979, we have adapted our services to suit each customer’s car spray painting needs. It is how we have grown to know their preferences, and why they remember and entrust their cars to us. the quality of our work is clearly reflected by the increasing popularity of our services such as the car spray painting or the car accident repair. Spray Painting Sin Heng Long Motor Work has been dedicated to providing paint customisation, smooth & responsive workshop experience, consistent result, satisfying delivery & warranty assurance for all spray painting work. We believe in delivering a proper work that’s comparable to original paint with our stringent QC. Furthermore, we strive to keep the downtime to the minimum by carefully schedule all works, so we only take advance bookings for spray painting work. Hyundai Genesis full color change! Customized Matt Cyan for this family used Toyota Estima. Respraying Ferrari Rosso Scuderia Red on this Lovely Porsche Cayman. Satin Grey for this beautiful Aston Martin! A color that is never out of date! Color Change from Brown to Pearl White for this BMW X5. Accident Repair & Respray We carry all brands' genuine spare parts in the event you need to replace them due to accident. Our professional panel beaters will restore the chassis and adjustment back to their stock condition, ensuring your precise ride performs just as good as before. Our professional spray painters will restore the cosmetic to as if the accident did not occur. Materials used are quality materials from Netherlands, matching the quality of car manufacturing factory. 1 year warranty on parts and workmanship for all accident repairs. Before Repair After Repair 5032 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-305, Singapore 569535 (Workshop) 5030 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-199, Singapore 569533 (Office & Workshop) Payment by Cash / Nets / Paynow / PayLah! Other Services Provide • Car servicing & maintenance • Leather Upholstery • Buying & Selling of cars • Motor Insurance renewal • Tyre & battery replacement • Car accessories • Car scraping & exporting Call or Whatsapp us at 90681801 (Ian Chan) or 96487310 (Sam Chan) to enquire!
  4. Hi all, I like to check with you all whether you all tried to get your rim to be chrome or apply the chrome powder? Care to share with your experience, thanks.
  5. Bonnet got scratched and small dent too Is quite deep This scratch is about 1 feet long If go for respray, will cost how much? If want the colour to be accurate, only can do at AD?
  6. Dear all, I am looking to extend the COE of my current car. After that, I intend to send it to a workshop to touch up minor paintwork chips and body dents to keep it looking fresh. Any workshops to recommend ?
  7. I reversed into the HDB carpark support poles today, and had rather bad chip off the paint. :/ Would anyone have recommendations on any trusted workshops in the East (Eunos/Kaki Bukit perhaps)? I'm afraid the base coat will rust so I'm hoping to get it repaired quickly. Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/d9ifE
  8. Recently wifey got into a little parking accident and scrapped a rear passenger door against a pillar. Two mass stretch of lines and the door got indented like an mini inverted wok. Only 1 single door was affected. Guess will need some panel beating and re-spray of the affected door. Anyone any recommendations where to do repairs? Got quoted $380 from a workshop recommended by a friend. Is it considered reasonable?
  9. Hi, got a set of black reverse sensors and need to spray silver colour...can someone recommend me a place prferability in the WEST and the estimated cost? Thank you!
  10. Dear fellow MCF forum users, I am considering to spray my white Honda Vezel's bonnet at CS Ong Motor (AMK Auotpoint #04-01). I heard that they will use original paint code for my White Orchid Pearl and most probably it will be OEM I think. Can anyone kindly feedback on their paint quality and if their workmanship is good? Hopping to get back original factory paint condition after spray painting. Thank you. :)
  11. Hi Bro, Intend to do part or full body spray to my ride. Hope anyone could recommend good work shop for the job. Cheers.
  12. Would you invest one grand to coat the car which probably will last 2-3 years or just save the money and budget a respray 3 years later? Pros and cons. 😁
  13. Another case of hit and run at the car park. Found the front bumper paint chip probably caused by a car turning out of a car park lot. How much would it cause to get it repaired?
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