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  1. Members I may not be the most experienced driver but I would like to share some tips on getting a 2nd hand vehicle. I have seen multiple discussion all over the place that give good advice on getting a decent 2nd hand vehicle. One key theme I noticed is the shifting of the blame to the dealer. The dealer should bear some responsibility for getting you or persuading you to purchase that lemon, but as a buyer, you should bear more responsibility for not doing your due diligence. If the deal is too good to be true, think twice. I have my fair share of bad experience with preowned vehicles but I learnt my lesson. I have listed down some pointers to note when you are looking at 2nd hand cars. It is certainly not extensive, and it is not entirely scientific, but I hope these are areas potential buyers can consider. Please feel free to add-on and correct me. 1) Do not trust STA reports Dealers will convince you that you should send the vehicle for STA inspection, or send to AA for inspection. Although these agencies could give a decent physical assessment of the vehicle for possible signs of accidents the vehicle had, they would not be able to detect odometer tampering, suspension problems, air-con problems, potential "Check Engine Light" problems. 2) Dealer's inconsistencies in their Ads Look at all the dealer's ads. Did you notice only some of their ads have that "STA Rating: B"? Some dealers boast they sent their (some) vehicles for STA inspection. But, why didn't they send all their vehicles for STA inspection? Why are they trying so hard to convince you to buy that B rated vehicle? 3) Dealers did not insist you must use a bank/finance institution of their choice Dealers proudly proclaim buyers could seek their own loans from financial institutions. Is there a problem? Was this dealer black listed by financial institutions? Usually dealers will die die want to earn commission from loans, no matter how small the amount is. 4) Ask for better offers for Car loans Dealers often insist you must take get a loan through them. I had experience of dealers insisted I take their in-house loan of 3.xx%. I walked away. They called me and suddenly offered local banks for 2.xx%, I declined, but finally, they gave final offer of 1.xx% from another financial institution. But I was so turned off, I declined them. 5) Please research on the dealer before making your way down Please search on the dealer before making your way down to view the vehicle. My Car Forum and Hardwarezone have good posts on the dealers with bad reputation. 6) The Number of ex-Owners matters A 4-year old car with 3 ex-owners. But the car is decently priced and it looks very well maintained, and the mileage is low. Is it an ex-rental or PHV car? Or the car got problem? 7) Test drive the car [Comments Needed] If the dealer insist you must pay deposit before you test drive, walk away. Be bold and suggest that you should drive out to the main road. But to be fair to them, if you just passed your TP last week and 19 years old, do you think they will be generous to you test drive their car? If dealer say you can only test drive in car park, walk away. I have encountered dealers who were very confident to let me drive the car around the neighbourhood and onto main roads. Things to note while you are test driving: a) Turn off the radio, turn off the air-con, wind up the windows, listen for weird noise from the vehicle while you are on the road. b) When you have stopped at the traffic lights, is the idling speed rough? Is there sudden rough idles while you are waiting? c) Go over those car park small humps at low speeds, did you hear weird noise coming from the back? d) When the car is stationary, make yourself comfortable into the back seat, don't go into the back seat timidly, just go straight in and sit down, did you hear weird sound coming from the suspension? 8) Dealers offering you "in-house warranty" and free servicing from their in-house workshop when... ...when the vehicle is not even 5-years old and the mileage is low? Is it because the mileage is damn high and odometer has been tampered hence warranty not covered by auto makers? Usually relative "new cars" should still have engine warranty by auto makers. 9) Ask the dealer whether the odometer has been tampered Of course they will say no. But some will challenge you to call up the service center if the vehicle is relatively new. Take up the challenge. You will be surprised and may find yourself a good deal. 10) Call up Service Center after you seen the vehicle You will know the car plate number after you seen the vehicle. If the car is relatively new (i.e: 3 year old or less), call up the service center to check for last service date and mileage. But be reasonable lah... if the car's current odometer is 40,000 KM, and the last service date is 3 months ago with logged mileage of 34,000 KM, this discrepancy is logical. Try...call up service center to find out the last service mileage is close to 130,000+ KM but the odometer reads 40,000+ KM.... 11) Car's colour don't match the colour specified in Log Card Was the car involved in an accident previously? 12) Excessive deposit Some dealers ever asked for $5,000 deposit. That's not very reasonable. I believe $1,000 or $2,000 is a decent amount. 13) Push for Immediate Transfer Some dealers could transfer the ownership to you on the spot, while some would ask for 3 working days. Although Sales agreement stated the date and time of transfer, but as long as the vehicle is not officially transferred to you, the dealer could use the vehicle as a collateral. If they default payment, the debtors could hunt down your vehicle. Always chase for the transfer to be done ASAP. Usually dealers who could transfer the ownership to you on the spot are those with deeper pockets. They could transfer ownership to you because they have paid for the vehicle in full from the finance institution; while those dealers who need a few working days are actually sorting out the paperwork with the finance institution in the background because the dealers don't own the vehicle. 14) Don't be hooked by Car's beautiful exterior and Clean interior The odometer might be tampered. Think of a hot woman who had multiple cosmetic surgeries and solid breast implants but she is formerly a man. Always call up service center if the vehicle is relatively new. 15) <Members, please add on...> 16) <Members, please add on...>
  2. Anyone ever thought of getting a foreign wife? Or what you will say as a villager wife? What are you the thoughts and what hold you back from going for it? Anyone with the experience? Any thoughts or experience to share? BTW I am not focussing on those who marry foreign friends or colleagues but those who go for matchmaking agencies. Heard they are popular.... Haha. Don't think there is a thread on this yet.
  3. Has retrenchment already taken place or is your company freezing headcount at the moment?
  4. This private tutor not so lucky to meet a parent who call her desperate for money when she reminded for payment. Why can people be so chao kuan and still taunt others? https://www.asiaone.com/singapore/woman-lashes-out-tutor-asking-payment-calls-her-desperate-money#Echobox=1664874052
  5. Copied from sunday times From $220 monthly takings to $20,000 In the first three months of becoming a full-time tutor, Mr Phang Yu Hon earned a mere $220 monthly from his one student. Now, the physics tutor has close to 90 students and earns about $20,000 a month. The 41-year-old gave up his research engineer job after four years at the Ministry of Defence in 1994 and decided to tutor full-time. 'I had been giving part-time tuition and found I had a flair for teaching,' said Mr Phang. He said it is not uncommon now for an entire extended family of children to attend his sessions. 'Word gets around and, year after year, cousins, siblings, the whole family, they come back to me for tuition,' he said. Mr Phang has turned one of the rooms in his three-room Bishan flat into a mini-classroom, with desks, chairs and a whiteboard. On weekdays, he gives lessons from 7 to 9pm. Weekends are packed with classes from 12.30 to 9pm. Until two years ago, MrPhang was 'running around the island' giving individual one-on-one sessions. 'Group tuition can be achieved only by tutors who have reached a certain degree of stature and experience,' he said. 'When I started, I gave individual sessions, driving around Singapore like a taxi driver.' The full-time tutor of 14 years was a Raffles Institution student. He graduated with first-class honours in electrical engineering from the National University of Singapore. She makes study a fun ride for students With her help, 95 per cent of her students score As - in maths and science. And every top student in her tuition groups is rewarded with a ride in her 'cool' two-door Renault convertible. Ms Laura Oh, 26, is a Nanyang Technological University materials engineering graduate turned full-time tutor. She specialises in maths and science subjects from primary to junior college level. A private tutor for the past 10 years, she now takes home a 'substantial five-figure salary' each month. She believes her popularity derives from selling more than knowledge. 'It's a whole package - friendship, values and customised assessment material,' she said. Ms Oh has about 80 students under her charge: 15 come for one-on-one sessions and the rest for group tuition. She is so popular that there is a queue of 31 students waiting to join her classes. One parent, she recalled, even rang her every two days to check if there were any vacancies for her son. Ms Oh, who is single, is also a shrewd businesswoman. She has 10 full-time tutors working for her. Very often, students attend lessons at her Loyang condominium unit. Otherwise, she goes to students' homes. While she said tuition 'is now a necessity because everyone is so competitive', she feels a good tutor helps a student shorten the learning process so as to hit 'his peak'. Ever energetic, she has also written a series of children's stories revolving around the adventures of her and her dog, titled Laura And Chester. The stories involve maths and science concepts, told in a fun way. Maths guru 'saves' kids A poster in the room at Goldhill Centre reads: 'Miss Loi's temple, enter and be saved.' Joss Sticks is the name of Ms Celine Loi's tuition centre, where at least 20 students walk in every weekend to work on their maths. The full-time tutor of eight years has about 80 students under her charge now, each paying $60 a lesson. The maths guru earns a five-figure monthly income from tutoring. News of her centre spread by word of mouth and also through her website (www.exam papers.com.sg). The interactive webpage of the 33-year-old, who is single, is laced with humour. For example, students can avail themselves of her services for the 'effective prevention of last-minute Buddha foot-hugging syndrome', a Chinese idiom for last-minute exam cramming. Ms Loi also sells exam papers at about $60 a subject on her site. The maths graduate from the National University of Singapore has at least 10 students on her waiting list now. She also has no qualms in 'sacking' any student. 'I tell those who refuse to work hard and do not need tuition not to come back,' she said. Her 'favourite' ones are those with an F9 grade. Every year, a month before the final exams, Ms Loi gets SOS messages from at least 10 such students. 'I had students who scored less than 10 marks for their preliminary exams and ended up with an A in the O-level exams,' she said. Ms Loi typically has a 3 to 10pm workday. On school holidays and weekends, she works from 8am to 10pm. But when the exams draw nearer, she works past 11pm at times. 'Sometimes, I get gastric pains because I don't have time for meals,' she said. 'I also don't have much personal time.' Anyone in MCF doing full time tutoring also earning 5 digits income? Share ur trade secrets leh!
  6. Bros, I notice that there's usually no PUB aka City Gas which is piped into landed? That means that heaters, and some dryers etc can only be electric. I am used to gas for cooking, for heaters and I wonder if anyone has added City Gas to their homes? I did email them, and they quoted a few thousand just to get a connection: Is it worth the hassle? Thanks bros
  7. Hi I have a question. How many interviews do you have to go through b4 getting the job. I'm speaking in general terms. I'm applying for an Engineer job, and i've gone through the 1st interview. I'm going for a 2nd interview this week. Normally what questions will they ask on the 2nd interview. Any advice would be great. Cheers
  8. Shell to cut jobs and capacity at major Singapore refinery https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-shell-singapore/shell-to-cut-jobs-capacity-at-singapore-oil-refinery-its-largest-globally-idUKKBN27Q16H
  9. Talking about battery, I realized those dry cell batteries these days lifespan getting shorter and don't last as long as before. It seems like I'm changing battery like once a year. Recently, the AD advised me that the battery voltage low already, time to change a new one. Wonder should I switch to those need to top-up battery liquid type? Heard from friends that they tend to laster longer. So whats your experience with car battery these days? Regards
  10. I know some people who got retrenched (and get some retrenchment benefits). Then they start to look for job, but as time drags on still have not find job due to high expectation, 6 months or more liao still no job. Just want to know, if u r earning $XXXk a year, after losing job, will you rather take a long time to find another $XXXk job therefore suffering lost of income and eat into savings for extended periods, or will you settle for an immediately available but much lower pay job (say >30% paycut), and then in mean time while working continue to look for the high pay job? 2nd option pros is wont suffer as much lost of income and wont need to eat into savings for livelihood, but cons maybe become more difficult to go for interviews because need to work and new job under probation cannot take leave to go interviews. Which is the better option? Consider that person have some savings but he is not very rich.
  11. Hi all, last year my new car was coated (i paid over $1k for it) by one of the more reputable coating companies. Car was only 2 days old when it was coated. 6 months later, there were scratches on the boot surface, and water marks on boot, roof and bonnet. The applied hydrophobic effects on the windscreen is also gone. I sent the car back to touch up. Another 8 months later, I had to respray certain panels because I cannot take the scratches. Yup, some ppl scratched my car. But besides that, I have many lines near the door handle, and lines on the bonnet and boot. I've never put anything on them. The guy who repainted my car told me the water marks on my car very bad. I told him cos I park outdoor daily, thats why I know. I did coating to prevent, also cannot. I have to send it back to be re-coated. So after 1 year 2 months of ownership, I don't think I get what I paid for. Maybe coating is not suitable for people who park outdoors. Am I the only one who feels that coating was over-rated? Or it has limited capabilities when it comes to handling the harsh weather, especially for people who park outdoors. What could be a better solution? (besides clean the car everyday! haha)
  12. now DFS retrench 60 employees looks like the Brotherhood grows again...,
  13. As above, interested to get a Toura n, if the price is right So far i think can nego for: 1) VW link software (For Apple Car play and AA) 2) $6K discount?
  14. So now, you have put your precious money into buying that dream car and the day that it arrives in Singapore has come! It lands in our port, someone picks it up and it gets transported to our showrooms for collection. Have you ever wondered about the fuel that goes into the car? Does it come empty? How much fuel goes into it? What kind of fuel goes into it? Well here is the story of two companies who choose a quaint little station in the West Coast to top up the fuel for their new arrivals. Both Honda and Toyota use a small Shell station down South, close to the Pasir Panjang MRT, and everyday, rain or shine, more than a dozen car transporters stop here to fill up the cars they carry. If you do the maths, that’s about a ten cars or so per transporter and more than 100 cars each day! It also gives you an idea of the sales volume of these bigger car companies. The station has a total of eight pumps, and the two outermost pair are equipped with extra long hoses, which allow the driver to reach the second deck of his transporter truck, without having to move the long truck. And yes it’s usually the driver who does the job, rather than the regular fuel attendants, but they do help out sometimes. It typically takes the driver around half an hour or more to refuel all the cars in one load. So you get a full tank? Sadly no, they will give you 50 bucks worth of the golden liquid, and it’s Ron 95 for these cars. Diesel cars obviously get a different oil, but it’s still the same amount. Given current petrol prices, you will get around a quarter tank, depending on how large the fuel tank is. Other car companies have tie ups with other stations, but the more premium marques may give you a full tank if you get their more expensive cars, but most car dealers only give you around a quarter tank. Enough for you to run about for a while, but with fuel prices so high, I guess unless you are a top valued customer, a quarter tank will have to do. Cars requiring a higher Ron do get a different grade of fuel, but whether that makes a difference is left to another story to answer…. Who says Toyotas aren't selling well?
  15. Actually it looks more like a Hummer H3. China's Jeep Wrangler Rip-Off Lands In Mexicohttp://www.carscoops.com/2017/08/chinas-jeep-wrangler-rip-off-lands-in.html No, you're not looking at the new Jeep Wrangler. Instead, what you see here is the BAIC BJ40 from China and as the title reads, it is now available in Mexico. And in case you're wondering, that windshield price sticker isn't USD but Mexican pesos with $531,900 equaling around US$33,000. The real Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (5d) starts from MX$614,900 or about US$35,000. Carscoops reader Daniel stumbled upon the Chinese rip-offs at a dealership in San Pedro Garza Garcia and was understandably shocked that they aren't the Jeep models they appear to be. In his email, Daniel wrote: “Hey guys, so I was driving today and I came across what I thought was an odd looking Jeep Wrangler, I even thought for a second that it might be the redesigned Unlimited. After a quick google search I learned that it's a chinese copy called the BAIC BJ40. I've never heard of it before, and it just amazes me how FCA lets them get away with them copying their jeeps. Anyway this was in San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico, so chinese cars are really just miles away from reaching the US and Canada,” he said. Those with a keen interest in industry will know that Chinese automakers love to 'take inspiration' from Western vehicles, much to the displeasure of the original manufacturers, like Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Sadly for them, it is the Chinese government's unwillingness to recognize the often obvious trademark and design infringements that allows the lookalikes to be sold. Compared to the real Jeep Wrangler, the BJ40 is recognizably different, particularly from the front. At a glance however, it is east to understand why motorists could be confused. Will FCA sell Jeep to China? Only Jeep And China Know Exactly What's Going On With Jeep And Chinahttp://www.carbuzz.com/news/2017/8/26/Only-Jeep-And-China-Know-Exactly-What-s-Going-On-With-Jeep-And-China-7740730/ Over the past several days, we’ve received reports that China’s Great Wall Motor Co. is actively interested in purchasing FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), or just part of it, specifically Jeep. Great Wall’s President was very vocal about her company’s intentions in regards to FCA. And a company spokesman went even further, singling out Jeep as the star attraction. Today, however, Bloomberg is reporting that Great Wall is now saying there are "big uncertainties" about its FCA intentions. For its part, FCA completely denied any discussions were or had taken place between it and Great Wall, or any other Chinese automaker. It says it’s committed to its existing growth plan, but that plan only goes through 2018. As for Great Wall, not only is it now pouring cold water on all of its previous talk, but is also claiming it hasn’t even contacted FCA’s board. Despite everything, we still think something is going on behind the scenes, informally speaking. Bloomberg further points out a Morgan Stanley estimate that the Jeep brand alone with worth $24 billion – more than half of FCA’s entire market value. CEO Sergio Marchionne has been vocal in the past about the need for industry "consolidation," hence his desire to merge with GM, for example. So it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to hear about supposed early talks with a Chinese carmaker, especially given Jeep’s high market value. What was surprising was how Great Wall’s president publically said one thing, while FCA denies any discussions, and Great Wall is now walking back on its words. What will happen tomorrow or in the following days? We’re just as intrigued as many of you are.
  16. I miss riding with the wind, at night (I dont miss riding in the hot sun). Probably night, weekend ride? What's stopping you?
  17. Hi all, I like to check with you all whether you all tried to get your rim to be chrome or apply the chrome powder? Care to share with your experience, thanks.
  18. Let’s start a thread on freebies given by ADs & PIs. So tat all can share & compare.
  19. Some cars make you feel like a speed demon, others turn heads as they past you. Some are simply anonymous work horses, and yet others are so poorly made you feel shy telling others what you drive. But how about a funky little number that makes you feel like Noddy and is fun to look at, fun to drive and makes you want to go on an adventure? So I recently went over to North America and I was supposed to get a full sized sedan, and they offered me a Nissan Ultima, a typical workhorse of the rental car fleet... reliable, spacious and utterly boring... So I did the Oliver Twist thing and asked, “are there more choices?” Coincidentally someone had just returned a car and the kind man at Thrifty car rental allowed me to choose amongst the other cars he had, and I spied that unmistakable form in bright red, newly washed, sitting next to the grey Nissan Ultima. The choice was obvious, and I took the keys to the car and put all my gear in it. Now there are many names for this kind of vehicle, crossover, minivan or even hatchback, and its not dissimilar to my own bread van back home. The Kia Soul has a high roofline, measuring around 1.6m high, a short length of 4.1m with minimal overhang and a cliff like front, plus a pert rear. This car was supposed to be shaped like a bear with a backpack, but it looked more like Noddy the cartoon character’s hat. Despite the short length, the interior is quite spacious, and will sit a six footer in front and another behind him. It will take three abreast at a pinch, but for longer road trips, it’s best to stick to four people in the car. You do get enough space for two large bags or suitcases and another carry on, more if you fold the rear seats down. The rear floor is flat and you can slip your feet under the front seats. This plus the fact that you sit quite upright, allows surprising amount of legroom and space. At first glance, you will find most important instrumentation in your sight, and you will find a comfortable sitting position quite easily. However as mentioned, you will sit more upright than in a sports car, and whilst some prefer to slouch, I found this to be far more comfortable especially for long distance driving. The view out of the vast front widescreen is good and visibility all round is excellent. The kit provided will vary, but you should get passive safety gear like ABS and airbags, and a useful reverse camera as standard. Depending on the trim, you may get more extra. I drove the EX which has a 2.0 liter naturally aspirated engine mated to a six speed auto and this combination is also found in many other Kia cars like the Optima and cousins in the Hyundai family too. If you get the top SX trip, you will get a sweet 1.6 turbo that will turn this cute car into a hot hatch. The interior is well screwed together and the materials used are quite good. Not as impressive as the top conti cars, but a far cry from even Kia cars one generation ago. Switchgear is decent, and should last for years. So having given you a run down of the basic gist of the car, how does it drive? Well I took it across the province of Quebec, up some mountains and down to the seaside, and in short, it was a blast ! I started out in the city, so the more diminutive proportions allow it to squeeze into smaller spaces and it was also easy to park. The higher sitting position, coupled with the good all round visibility made it an easy drive around town. Now after a quick lunch, we took it out to the highway and tested the 163 horses more. It’s no Stinger, and the engine is no honda VTEC, so you get a more agricultural sound, and you will find the gearbox tends to drop gears with anything more than a light tap o n the accelerator. However whilst the engine is vocal, it doesn’t lack oomph and will keep up with traffic on the highway nicely. However it does lack good insulation and when you take it onto cobblestone roads, the din prevent proper conversation. It’s better on the highway, especially if you have the radio on. Even so, you will find better sound insulation on more expensive cars. It’s alright for the money. Despite the smaller and light body, fuel consumption is not much to boast about. You can around 8.3 l per 100km on highway driving. I suspect the form factor does not cut through the wind well. It’s stable on the highway at three digit speeds, but it feels reluctant to extend itself and gets pushed back by the wind. This car also need a longer last gear or a seventh gear. No one is going to traipse through mud and forest in this, but the higher ground clearance helps when you go off the tarmac on the odd occasions. At the end of the day is it a car you will buy? Well if you tire of those typical sedans, don’t need another sports car or even the current craze on SUVs then here you have a cool, funky, small but spacious car that will stand out in any car park. Get it in bright colors like red and yellow. Pros Spacious funky looks in a small and affordable package. Good interior and fittings Cons Could do with a smoother engine and longer gearing Sound insulation basic
  20. Everyone knows how annoying it is to have somebody behind you with his high beam on. It blinds you, forcing you to focus your attention elsewhere especially when traffic is at a stop. When its dark, it screws your night vision, especially if you need to check your side mirrors to filter. This evening around 6+, as i was reaching home, one car came up behind me with his high beam on. We stopped at a red light, and i decided to try something. I flicked off my lights (it was before 7pm, i only had position + tail lights on, so it was only one flick) and back on. To my surprise, it immediately registered with the driver behind what i meant, and he turned off his high beam. Guess he prolly didnt realise he had high beam on, since there are still a fair amount of daylight left. So i just gave a friendly wave to say thanks. I donno if this trick has been used successfully by others before. It was i think my 3rd or 4th time trying it and it worked for the first time. Hopefully others can see if it works for them. But a few safety tips a) Dont try this when both yourself and the car behind are in motion! If you totally switch off your lights in the dark, the car behind will be wondering what you are doing, and so will the cars in front and beside you. This will only create a more dangerous hazard. Only try this at a perfect stop (i.e. junction red light) or really slow moving traffic. b) This will apply more for cases where the driver behind may not be aware that his high beam is on. Some drivers for example do not own the car they are driving at the moment (family car, rental), so they may not realise it. In my case, he came out out of a carpark while there was still a bit of light, so he may have started his journey not knowing his high beam was on. c) If the driver responds and realises what you are trying to signal, give a friendly wave. This ensures it will register in his mind to check to make sure his headbeam isnt on when he switches on his headlights.
  21. I am starting this thread on my observation about change in people’s behavioral when one steps behind a steering wheel. Non drivers behavior Generally, people around us, including ourselves(at least I thought so) are considerate, gentle, polite and approachable. For example, if we are causing obstruction when walking on the street, we will give way to others. Or when someone is obstructing our way, we will say excuse me politely, and very very likely than not, that person will also politely give way to us. There would be some exception individual but I am speaking in general term, this is how we human being behave in the society. The pervasive PMD problems on the street is a new problem that our society is learning to manage, which is outside the context of this discussion. Drivers behavior Next lets look at drivers, when the same group of people go behind steering wheel, I see people become impatience, start to tailgate, honk vigorously as if the horn should have been 10 times louder, drive aggressively , road hog intentionally despite being flashed or horned, the more hey wired one would even play brake game etc. The list runs one as we could quote a lot more examples. The why? So why is there a change in behavior from a reasonable person walking on the street to become an impatient and aggressive person after getting behind a steering wheel? Of course there are still no lack of good drivers around but I am referring to the group who change their behavior when they get behind steering wheel. Is there something wrong with car design? or because car is too expensive here that some may think they have to recoup all the “right” they have paid for through the nose ? or people are in a confined private space after getting into a car that one feels so comfortable that he/she has started to ignore the world out there ? Or one feels so uncomfortable when someone else is being perceived to be enjoying more rights than he is? Or car is so expensive that when one steps into his/her 2nd largest financial commitment after a house, the person feel so stressed out? How next? Are there ways to educate, transform these people to become a better drivers so that all could enjoy a better driving experience ? I guess there is no solution out but if by having more constructive discussion, we all could help create some awareness and help others non forumers to be more conscious, i guess that would be bonus to the driving community.
  22. Planning to get domestic helper, prefer Filipino. Anyone has recommendation of an agency?
  23. I get that they have their uses... they take care of mosquitoes etc but i don't look forward to a. having their bacteria-rich poo scattered around the shelves b. having a jolt when a fat wriggly one pops out when i open a kitchen cabinet door old timers mentioned placing tobacco around their hideouts but those things cost a bomb these days. those sticky traps are disgusting and its a no for me... its a painful death and i squirm when having to remove them, stuck, usually starving and still alive smacking with a rolled up newspaper would leave a disgusting mess Any tips?
  24. Just wondering what are the chances of all family members who drive separate cars being summoned by TP within short period of time on separate occasions within the last 2 months Been okay for the last many years. Even extended coe. Just received first time letter for speeding and also my family member first time speeding Or probably there’s a step up in activity in speed traps?
  25. hi guys, Does anyone know how and where to get a trailer in SIngapore? I know that it exists and the off road bikers use it to go into malaysia. I once saw a land rover pulling a covered one on the road. Any one knows has experience in this or knows who has experience? I drive a Mit triton and this truck 1000% can be used for towing ( triton owners overseas do a lot of towing). I have access to private parking, so parking the trailer is not an issue. anyhelp will be appreciated. Cheers! Russ
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