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Found 113 results

  1. Hi bros, Today morning walk to my car I see got the white slip on the front of the car. I still remember I confirm plus chop got put season parking one lei, still park white lot, how to kenna sia??? I open liao, lagi dulan. Saw is an advertisement from a dealer. Really can like that one meh? Can go report LTA? They will take action?
  2. Hi Bro, I went into JB yesterday for late night supper and I was summon by their police for illegal right turn. Both me and my friends kanna as the place has a blind spot and we only notice the police after we finish turning. The police issue both of us a summon but we dunno how much to pay as there wasn't any amount stated on the summon. The police did ask both me and my friend for coffee money (we drive our own car there) but we did not want to give in to corruption and thus we didn't gave them. Any idea where can I pay off the summon?
  3. And now this https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/errant-singapore-motorists-barred-leaving-malaysia-10998904?cid=fbcna Pattern more than badminton KUALA LUMPUR: Motorists from Singapore with outstanding summonses should be barred from leaving Malaysia until they settle the amount owed, said Malaysian senator Rabiyah Ali in parliament on Wednesday (Dec 5). Rabiyah said the proposal is aimed at curbing Singaporean drivers who use the country’s highways as a testing ground for their vehicles’ speed. “The problem pertaining to the illegal racing and reckless driving by luxury car drivers and high-powered motorcycles from Singapore has been a tough challenge for us to solve.
  4. From the 154th media .... SINGAPORE - A parking officer skipped her patrols, claiming that she had to take care of her ailing grandmother - and tried to hoodwink her bosses by issuing summonses to motorists who had not broken any rules. To make them believe she was fulfilling her daily work quota, Noorasimah Jasman entered the registration numbers of vehicles without season parking tickets into an electronic record system, despite not knowing if they were even parked in the area she was meant to be patrolling. In what The Straits Times understands is the first case of its kind, she issued summonses totalling slightly over $1,000 to more than 30 motorists - before being rumbled by one of her victims. The 33-year-old was sentenced on Monday (Oct 15) to four weeks' jail after pleading guilty to 18 offences under the Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act. Thirty-six other charges for similar offences were considered during sentencing. Noorasimah committed the offences in June and July last year while working in the Choa Chu Kang area for Ramky Cleantech Services, which offers enforcement services involving carpark gantries and parking spaces. It managed several Housing and Development Board-owned parking spaces. At the beginning of her shifts, she would meet her team leader to collect a handheld scanner and a daily patrol accountability form. Noorasimah was supposed to record on the form the number of vehicles checked and the number of summonses issued for each carpark she patrolled. She was required to check at least 60 vehicles per carpark in order to meet her daily work quota. However, Deputy Public Prosecutor Alfie Lim said that there was no quota on the number of summonses issued. She had to return the scanner and form after her shifts, the court heard. DPP Lim said that during her earlier patrols, Noorasimah managed to keep records of the registration numbers of vehicles that did not have season parking tickets. She keyed them into the Integrated Car Parks System (ICPS) - a parking offence management system maintained by the HDB, which Ramky officers had access to. DPP Lim told District Judge Kessler Soh: "The accused claimed that her grandmother, whom she takes care of, was in ill health around May 2017. Because she needed to care for her, the accused did not patrol the carparks assigned to her. "She... did not know if the vehicles had even been parked there, let alone if they had been parked in violation of parking rules. She thus caused the vehicle owner to be issued with summons in respect of parking offences which they had not committed." In June last year, a motorist received letters from the HDB over purported parking offences even though no one had driven her vehicle. She alerted the police and Noorasimah was caught. In all, 16 vehicle owners paid fines totalling $304 due to Noorasimah's scam. The HDB has since cancelled the remaining false summonses and refunded the fines. Noorasimah has lost her job. Defence counsel, Mr Chu Hua Yi, told the court that his client was deeply remorseful. She is out on bail of $10,000 and was ordered to surrender at the State Courts on Oct 31 to begin serving her sentence.
  5. Hi all bros, Here something to ponder... Went to Serangoon area for breakfast and manage to get a parking space along a two way street. I park my car against the traffic flow and place a valid parking coupon accordingly and happily went to nearby hawker center for Indian dosai.. When back half an hour later and found a parking slip on the car front windscreen.Looking at my watch,still have about 20mins remaining. So pick up the slip and the offence was "parking against traffic flow" and kena fine $50....first time aware of such offence so next time park your car follow traffic flow
  6. Chin hosay liao https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/08/17/loke-all-existing-aes-summonses-to-be-wiped-out/ All existing summons issued under the Automated Enforcement System (AES) will be wiped out, with offending drivers getting off the hook. The move follows the Cabinet’s decision to take over the full operations of AES in the country from two private companies, effective Sept 1. Transport Minister Anthony Loke said there were 3.1 million unpaid summonses as of May, which could be worth up to RM430mil. “This is a one-off," he stressed.
  7. On Saturday, when I was asked to stop in a road block near Muar, the officer claimed that I was driving @ a speed of 124km/h. there is a johor registered vehicle in front of me and was asked to go without any details taken down. When the officer asked for my driving license, I argued with the officer why he let the Johor car go and took down my particular instead. He became unhappy and do not want to talk about Kopi $$. In the end, he just say that the summon will be sent to my home address. Now I would like to know: 1. How to check for summon in malaysia? 2. In our driving license, there are not address stated, how they going to send the summon to my house? Thank you in advance for your advices.
  8. Just wondering what are the chances of all family members who drive separate cars being summoned by TP within short period of time on separate occasions within the last 2 months Been okay for the last many years. Even extended coe. Just received first time letter for speeding and also my family member first time speeding Or probably there’s a step up in activity in speed traps?
  9. Anyone tried to appeal and was successful? Can enlighten me how to appeal effectively ?
  10. Today morning a bit c--k up, i tear 9PM instead of 9AM. After realizing it, i fast fast fold back the 9PM and changed to 9AM. But hor, the 9PM got fold mark (i don't follow tear off the coupon) and one coupon 9PM got over tear so got one lobang at 9PM. meaning this coupon show 9AM and 9PM lobang lol. Will summon auntie hip xiong submit to LTA boh say i re-use coupon boh? wah lau i very worry now lei.......... later they say i cheat the system say i phua chao.. i good citizen never cheat the system wan....
  11. Was informed by my bro that now they put up those pic they took for speeding offenses and put it online for drivers to view. So that we cant deny its not ur car. Lets help each other and post ur speeding pic here, censor ur car license plate of course. In the pic there is a GPS location, take note of it and put it in ur GPS. Once kena, hope second time can avoid. Here is mine : My car's nice rear butt :
  12. Gana speeding @ SLE towards BKE. Deduct 4 points plus $130 dollar exceeded 1-20KM on 90KM/hr Really ridiculous leh. 100KM also considered speeding.. like as if singaporean don't drive beyond 100KM/HR at expressway.. PUI!!
  13. EXERCISE OF OPERATIONS: ACP Osman (left) using a scanner plate numbers automatically during Ops outstanding summonses along Jalan Kota Tinggi, Johor Baru yesterday. The machine will start to be deployed in Iskandar CIQ building next week. - Photos THE STAR February 13, 2016 JOHOR BARU: The scanner automatic vehicle number plate recognition (ANPR) to hunt down offenders foreigners, especially Singaporeans, will be stationed at the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) here starting next week. Equipment that uses the latest technology from the United States was introduced in border areas by the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) to hunt down foreigners clay pay summons, Utusan Malaysia reported yesterday.
  14. Have anyone receive such type of summons before? Let me attach a photo first. Into ally I thought need to pay but pleasant surprise.
  15. literally is ownself check ownself ...hahaha
  16. and the car not under my name (but they got take down my details) will the summon be sent to my address (based on my details) or the owner's address?
  17. Recieved a parking ticket from LTA for alighting a passenger. Im sure that i stopped for less than 3 mins. Anybody knows is there a time limit for allowing passenger to alight or board?? Or are we not allowed to stop at double yellow line?? Has the rule changed? There are cctv everywhere, so drivers out there pls be careful.
  18. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/lta-traffic-police-will/1352610.html Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean said the Traffic Police and LTA will not accede to appeals for charges to be cancelled or waived unless there are "very strong extenuating factors". PHOTOS File photo: A traffic police officer on patrol (photo: Francine Lim, channelnewsasia.com) Enlarge Caption SINGAPORE: The Traffic Police received about 2,600 appeals for traffic-related offences each month in 2013, while the Land Transport Authority (LTA) received about 7,900 appeals for illegal parking offences over the same period. In a written reply to Parliamentary questions posed by MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Hri Kumar, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Teo Chee Hean did not give figures on the number of successful appeals, but said that both the Traffic Police and LTA will not accede to appeals for charges to be cancelled or waived unless there are "very strong extenuating factors". DPM Teo also stressed that road users should be responsible and abide by traffic rules at all times, and that violations will be dealt with in accordance with the law. Parliament passes amendments to Road Traffic Act Tougher rules on the use of mobile devices have been passed, but some Members of Parliament called for even stricter laws. SINGAPORE: Amendments to the Road Traffic Act were passed in Parliament on Monday (Sep 8), tightening rules on the use of mobile phones while driving. But a motorist will still be able to use his mobile device if it is mounted on a hands-free holder, and this prompted several Members of Parliament (MPs) to suggest expanding the scope of the Act. Tougher rules on the use of mobile phones while driving make it illegal to not just call someone, but also to surf the internet, play games or check emails with a mobile device, including tablets. However, these rules only apply if the device is held in one hand while the vehicle is in motion, prompting several MPs to call for tougher laws. Mr Hri Kumar, MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, said: “Everyone knows that using phones while driving is not safe, so we comfort ourselves by saying that we can use hands-free devices. But there are many studies which claim that using hands-free devices is equally dangerous as using handheld devices. This is because the real distraction is the phone conversation, and it matters less that you have both hands on the wheel." Non-Constituency MP Gerald Giam added: “According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, a driver is 4.9 times more likely to get into an accident when using a mobile phone while driving. Even using a hands-free accessory is not much safer - it has been found to increase the risk (of an accident) by 3.8 times. “At a minimum, we should have a regulatory regime, where the most risky and distracting activities are clearly banned. While at the same time, the authorities constantly remind drivers through public education of the dangers of using their mobile phones while on the road.” TOUGHER RULES ON FOREIGN DRIVING LICENCES Rules on the use of foreign licences have also been toughened. Currently, people with foreign driving licences can drive for up to 12 months from the day they enter Singapore. From January 2016, foreigners will only be able to drive for six months from the day their work passes were issued. In addition, the new rules only apply to those who drive in the course of their work. S-Pass and Work Permit holders who wish to convert their foreign licences to a Class 3 licence will also need to take a practical driving test. They must also pass the basic theory test. Alternatively, they may choose to convert their licences to a Class 3C licence from June next year. If they do so, they need to pass only the basic theory test. OTHER CHANGES TO THE ROAD TRAFFIC ACT Those who drive light goods vehicles and small buses will be required to take the Practical Driving Test when renewing their licences. They will then be issued with a full Class 3 licence. Another change is in regard to a rule which requires vehicle owners to give the Traffic Police details of a traffic offence within seven days of receiving notice. Should the vehicle owner not comply, he would then be charged with failing to furnish the information. Under the proposed changes, the time for replying to a traffic infringement notice will be extended to 14 days - up from the current seven. But, should the vehicle owner still fail to do so within the time given, he will be presumed to have committed the offence himself, and will be charged accordingly. This is on top of charges for failing to furnish information. However, if the vehicle owner is able to prove that he was not driving the vehicle at the time of the offence, with documents showing he was overseas, for example, he may use it as evidence.
  19. ho boy. Here we go again http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/think-youve-seen-it-all-cyclists-kena-saman-for-illegal-cycling Think you've seen it all? Cyclists 'kena saman' for illegal cycling Posted on 22 August 2014 | 8,417 views | 24 comments More Sharing Services PHOTO: East Coast Town Council Facebook page Some cyclists were caught by the for illegal cycling in the town centre, according to a Facebook post of the East Coast Town Council. Although it is unclear where the raid took place, many Facebook users have speculated that the event took place in Bedok. Many users have expressed concerns that they are unaware that cycling in the town centre is against regulations. "I will dismount and push my bike within the town center, there are quite a few banner and signboard at the town center to warn cyclist the danger of cycling within the town center," said a Facebook user, Desmond. "I also saw quite a fair bit of accidents due to cycling within the town center, which is quite dangerous as some involve elderly and young kids," he further added. And: Cycling woes: No place to park bicycles at Sports Hub; cyclist gets warning letter PUBLISHED ON AUG 23, 2014 7:45 AM 35 150 0 0PRINTEMAIL Mr Relucio holding up the warning letter that was taped to his bicycle on Wednesday night. The retail worker had chained his bicycle to a carpark railing at the Sports Hub because no bicycle rack was available. -- ST PHOTO: DANSON CHEONG BY DANSON CHEONG When the $1.33 billion Sports Hub opened in June, it came with world-class facilities such as an aquatic centre, a sports arena and a 55,000-seat stadium. But not a single bike rack. Just ask cyclist John Paul Relucio, who has been cycling to the Sports Hub for work since the start of the month and was warned when he tried to park his bike there. On Wednesday, the 28-year-old retail worker found a warning note taped to his bike, which was chained to a carpark railing at the Sports Hub. - See more at: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/more-singapore-stories/story/cycling-woes-no-place-park-bicycles-sports-hub-cyclist-g#sthash.aC8AeZjL.dpuf
  20. Hi All I need advised I just bought a 2nd hand car at a car dealer shop but im not aware that the car has a modified exhaust. So 2 month later i was stop by an lta office and told me that my exhaust was modified. The exhaust sound so not loud at all so i asume that it was the air filter as it was knn. After telling the the lta officer, he still want to summon me on the exhaust. I change everything by the next day and when for an inspection and pass. I also have call the car dealer shop and explain but was told to apeal.(choice auto at mekenzie rd) no after service at all. After the apeal the summon was reduce from 500 to 200$. Should i apeal again? As to me i was not my fault. only by the lta officer told me than i know i have a modified exhaust if not only the yearly inspection then i know. Can lta waived all the fine or only still reduce or add back to 500$? If i apeal again. Please advised Thanks Fizzi
  21. u believe who? nowadays any issue people post to social media, but sometimes they might even be in the wrong! who knows? nowadays got public support means win liao right? https://www.facebook.com/AllSingaporeStuff/photos/a.493799937401739.1073741828.487870694661330/540572902724442/ "Hi, On 11TH APRIL 2014 ABT 2.29PM I was at Changi South Ave 2 waiting for available parking lot as it was all full as u can see. I was awaiting at the side so not to obstruct any traffic. A Cisco officer came by and I told him that I waiting for a parking lot. But he insist of issuing me a summon " Parking opposite single white line" even thou I am inside and beside my car. So does the traffic law doesn't allow us to wait for a available parking lot and does one get summon for illegal parking even when the driver is beside or inside his car ?"
  22. http://www.straitstimes.com/premium/forum-letters/story/my-point-20140212 Some smart alec "defender of justice" suggest silly things to authorities again. It is obvious she^ knows nothing about illegal modifications and assumed fierce car = illegal. Someone with fierce looking car in her neighbourhood must have pissed her off. Waste of space in ST.... Ok maybe cos ST not enough comments to publish liao. ^ The reason I say "she" is cos Chang Pui San has a strong female vibe to it, no self-respecting parents would name their son a girly name as "Pui San".