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Found 2 results

  1. Today morning a bit c--k up, i tear 9PM instead of 9AM. After realizing it, i fast fast fold back the 9PM and changed to 9AM. But hor, the 9PM got fold mark (i don't follow tear off the coupon) and one coupon 9PM got over tear so got one lobang at 9PM. meaning this coupon show 9AM and 9PM lobang lol. Will summon auntie hip xiong submit to LTA boh say i re-use coupon boh? wah lau i very worry now lei.......... later they say i cheat the system say i phua chao.. i good citizen never cheat the system wan....
  2. Bros beware of your white card when exiting the boleh custom.... I was exiting the custom, mid night 12 plus... and i was alone.... *Think they like to spot less traffic and one person* Hand in my passport to this young indian custom officer n wait... Then he call out my name then i acknowledge... He ask me where's my white card? I told him its inside the passport... he say dont have!! It was susposed to be inside.... i saw it when i enter lor.... Then he chu pattern say can be in my car or where... I check my pockets, car etc and canot find!! *cham liao lah, confirm is $$$ face liao* Tell him cant find but shld be in the passport, he say dont have and "show me" my passport say dont have... Say how come i did not check when i enter.... i say got! I suspect he shld have kept it somewhere already as they are sitting down inside, we cant see what they do inside one~~~ *L L SUCK THUMB* I ask him then HOW then how many many times.... just to wait for him to say the "GOLDEN SOLUTION"... he say must report police lah, go duno where make police report, bring me to the office lah..... I keep asking HOW? HOW? He still ans me same thing, like waiting for me to say that "SOMETHING"... SIAO BO, i dont want go JAIL! Then another "accomplice" opp his post came along. Geh siao ask him what happen, then say how come I never check lah etc... Say if bring me to office must make police report, compound me 5-6 hrs etc! Then further added u want to go back anot.... *OF COS i want LAH!* Rubbish lor...... Want $$$ say so.... Then act "kind" say BAN CHANCE me this time... Next time check carefully.... KAO... L L i say THANK U, then help me chop... He say no no, i help u this time, but must give me, softly say "kopi lui" *Finally GOLDEN SOLUTION!!* I act blur ask what?? HE : "Kopi Lui" I : Har??? He : "Kopi Lui" *louder liao* I : Whats KOPI LUI????? HE: Standard rate 50RM... I : I dont have so much.... i spend on food lah etc.... HE : Show me~ Then take out my wallet, only 2 $10, 1 $5 and a few $1! HENG AH, NOT MUCH!!! Take it as "Po Cai Xiao ZAI"~~~ Show them say ONLY THIS MUCH.... See that indian "MONEY FACE" glitter, take n count the $$$... F lah... never see $$$ before like that!!!! SONG liao, finally chop and let me go.... Still say next time check carefully... TMD... NO MORE NEXT TIME!! Know your pattern liao! Please beware..... Duno is this a new "TACTIC" anot..... Just FYI... Keep the bigger RM notes in other wallet compartments, give them your passport and white card both visible, in case they meddle with it inside! And never never volunteer giving them KOPI LUI!! They will say one!! Just be extra cautious....... & Sorry for the long post....