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Found 988 results

  1. Just curious....anyone brought their shirts recently? especially those smart casual range? i brought 3 shirts last end of yr and noticed all of them shrink and i feel so tight wearing them. i sent my shirts to G2K and 2 weeks later, they called to tell me cotton material will shrink PERIOD. So there I go .. lan lan. when i told them i can fit in 15.5 at their boutique, she told me because its not yet wash. LOL
  2. Unitek

    Writing a will

    Anyone did a will care to share how and where to do it? Thought of getting one done. No specific assest, just my savings, FD and UT. For husband and wife, do we need to make 2 separate wills? Kum sia.
  3. Throttle2

    DFS Retrenchment

    now DFS retrench 60 employees looks like the Brotherhood grows again...,
  4. I know some people who got retrenched (and get some retrenchment benefits). Then they start to look for job, but as time drags on still have not find job due to high expectation, 6 months or more liao still no job. Just want to know, if u r earning $XXXk a year, after losing job, will you rather take a long time to find another $XXXk job therefore suffering lost of income and eat into savings for extended periods, or will you settle for an immediately available but much lower pay job (say >30% paycut), and then in mean time while working continue to look for the high pay job? 2nd option pros is wont suffer as much lost of income and wont need to eat into savings for livelihood, but cons maybe become more difficult to go for interviews because need to work and new job under probation cannot take leave to go interviews. Which is the better option? Consider that person have some savings but he is not very rich.
  5. I'm from the old school, IMHO I will not buy a car which are use as Taxi. Tis is my opinion, juz like to hear from bros n sis.
  6. Watched a repeat of TopGear (episod in china) and the 3 men condemned whatever cars made in china. I think today, china's cars are not really up to international standard yet in terms of safety, performance, etc but since these B&B cars are for their domestic markets where the majority of buyers dont really know anything better, china car makers will continue to churn out millions of mediocre cars yet still find buyers queue up, end of the days making tons of money. Is there a incentive for them to make better cars, to match the quality/performance etc of say VW etc, let alone the highend conti/jap/korean cars? Those china buyers who have the taste / money for better cars, in typical chinese 'culture', will buy imported cars, coz no china car makers have the prestige / history / brandnames to attract buyers who want not only good cars, but also 'face'/status only brands like Merc/BWM (RR also) etc could provide. Patrioism is more or less non existent when it comes to the rich, except state owned companies buying mic highend cars for their bosses? Bottomline, will it be almost unforeseable china made cars will ever match the quality / status of highend foreign-made cars? not in the next 10/20 years? The expanding domestic B&B car markets are big enough to occupy them for a long time, export is hardly something they have time to think about.
  7. lai lai lai... we are 1/3 into the month of May. Oil price has risen to new heights.... so will the greedy petrol cartel raise fuel price in May?
  8. According to a recent poll conducted by Soegeng Sarjadi Syndicate, who specialize in surveys about Indonesian political moods - an overwhelming majority - some 80.7 percent of the country, believe that Indonesia can become the next
  9. Hi, Would like to know how many will consider buying a EuroIV diesel car instead of the normal petrol car? The first consideration is of coz diesel car gives better mileage and maybe cheaper daily running cost. While car uses petrol is kind of rather standard on the cost of daily running. Your comments and thoughts plzzzzz...
  10. Looking at the current crisis. With the euro at a all tim low. Would car spares be adjusted accordingly, or will it still be all time high to instil a sense of quality and vast profit for stockist?
  11. Hey bros, If can, how to do it ah? Please kindly advice!
  12. Dennisk

    Will there be any problem?

    my stock tyres & rims are 185/65/14, now i change to 205/55/16 can i change my tyres to 195/55/16?
  13. Last July installed 2 no. FINE CR-200HD cameras with 'Power Magic' in continuous running mode. My 2l Picnic also has a typical Pioneer 7" Audio System with 2 front & back speaker and a pair of tweeter. Had 2 backseat LCD as well. After running the cameras for a 1-2 weeks my Alternator charging system happen to die off. (cost >S$2k to change, new battery is 45 AH.) Suspected the 'Power Magic' or the new installed cameras causing the problem. Re-installed to an original 'Power Magic' The problem now is the battery will drain off (unable to start up the car) if it is left for more than 1-2 days. Check with AD - no problem, check with camera installed guy - no problem as the Power Magic is able to power-off the cameras at a preset voltage of about 11.8VDC. They suggest replacing with a higher capacity battery. Any comment? Thanks.
  14. Both XF and XJ have been given the 2.0 engine and launched in Malaysia. The XF 2.0 is already available in Singapore. Wonder if the XJ 2.0 will be. http://paultan.org/2013/03/07/jaguar-xf-xj-2-0-ti/
  15. Wonder if we will ever get good rides like these? Maybe instead of stupid casino all over the place in Singapore, we should have a real good thrill ride or family theme park like Six Flags (especially magic mountain) or Cedar Point
  16. anyone experience...wheel clamp mechanisms will it damage the rims & car paintworks ..scratch the paint ???
  17. If you are to buy a chinese made and chinese made only, which will you buy and why? Chery , Geely or Haifei, only the makes that are here now. Thanks!
  18. Today morning a bit c--k up, i tear 9PM instead of 9AM. After realizing it, i fast fast fold back the 9PM and changed to 9AM. But hor, the 9PM got fold mark (i don't follow tear off the coupon) and one coupon 9PM got over tear so got one lobang at 9PM. meaning this coupon show 9AM and 9PM lobang lol. Will summon auntie hip xiong submit to LTA boh say i re-use coupon boh? wah lau i very worry now lei.......... later they say i cheat the system say i phua chao.. i good citizen never cheat the system wan....
  19. Hi all, just a reminder that Acendas car park season fees will increase from usual $60 - $70 to $139.xx per month. I think all the Acendas car park will be affected. This will start from 1st April 2013 if I am not wrong. Just take note. If got query, can ask ur own company HR. Now I feel like crying and wanna sell my car. Sian 1/2
  20. In June 2006, Koua Fong Lee was driving his pregnant wife and other family members home from church when he says his 1996 Toyota Camry accelerated on its own and the brakes stopped working. Lee struck another vehicle, killing three people in that car. A Minnesota jury convicted Lee of vehicular homicide and the native of Laos was sentenced to an eight-year prison sentence even though there was no evidence of alcohol or drugs involved in the incident. Fast-forward to over three years later, and Toyota's recall woes for unintended acceleration are casting doubt on the jury's decision to convict Lee. But while the 1996 Camry isn't involved in the current recall, some 1996 models were recalled for unintended acceleration. Further, ABC News says that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received at least 17 other complaints of unintended acceleration in 1996 Camrys with comments like "couldn't stop" and "had to crash into a tree and another car to stop." Brent Schafer, the lawyer for Lee, has asked for a new trial, and for his client to be set free until the time of a new hearing. The prosecution in the case told ABC News that it supports examining the 1996 Camry involved in the crash to determine if the car is at fault instead of Lee. For its part, Toyota has chosen not to comment to ABC News due to the fact that there could be a future lawsuit brought against the company.
  21. Picnic06-Biante15

    Who Will Win ? - US Presidential Election

    Who Will Win the US Presidential election today (8.00pm tonight onward) ? My pick Obama to win this round and continue for another term in office. Was watching the presidential debates and the challenger seem 'bo leow' .....
  22. Viceroymenthol

    Adam Khoo: The expats will rule Singapore

    wake up! The Expats Will Rule Singapore December 16, 2009 | By Adam In Personal Success | I have a prediction. My prediction is that in a couple of years, the expatriates (from China, India, US etc
  23. If COE for 1.6L or below cross $30k or even $40k, will our taxi company raise their rental fee? Then in order to maintain the income of taxi folks, taxi fare will be adjusted up? Or, old taxi got deregistered. But new COE too expensive for new taxi. So, the taxi population will decrease? Tourists complain cannot get taxi? Hmmm... Not easy to work in LTA.
  24. Can any one advise as resale price is a old coe , how can price increase affect resale car price.
  25. NightWind


    i was appalled when i saw this. This is just morally wrong. And they just wanted the money to pay for funeral expenses. This is like stealing from the dead. CPF, have you no moral sense of decency? Trusts, estates, probate & wills Sisters give up bid for grandma's CPF money Source Straits Times Date 09 Dec 2015 Author Olivia Ho They can't find documents proving their ties; authorities say CPF sum not covered by will They were hoping to use their late grandmother's Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings to pay her funeral expenses. But after waiting for more than a year, property agent Chan Jee May and her two sisters have decided to give up the fight. The sisters lack the documents to prove they are related to Madam Lau Pei Ling, who died last October aged 93. In a forum letter to The Straits Times published on Nov 30, Ms Chan lamented the "many hurdles" they faced in trying to prove their relationship to a woman who had left everything to them in her will. Ms Chan, 36, said: "It's not like anyone is disputing our claim. The rest of our family thinks the money should go to us. I think the claims procedure could be more flexible." A spokesman for the Public Trustee's Office (PTO), which disburses the CPF money of those who did not nominate beneficiaries before their death, said: "Under the CPF Act, CPF monies do not form part of the deceased member's estate and are not covered by a will." The spokesman added that the PTO "will hold onto the monies indefinitely until the beneficiaries come forward to claim (them)". Madam Lau had not nominated anyone to receive her CPF money, which Ms Chan estimated to be between $6,000 and $7,000, before she succumbed to colon cancer. Ms Chan and her sisters, who are civil servants aged 36 and 38, are not the biological grandchildren of Madam Lau, who married their grandfather after the death of his first wife. The couple wed in a last-minute arranged ceremony during World War II and did not have a marriage certificate. The sisters were orphaned as teenagers and were close to Madam Lau growing up. After she had a bad fall five or six years ago, they paid her hospital bill as well as for a helper to take care of her. And, until her death, the sisters would visit her almost every weekend, Ms Chan said. To prove their relationship, the sisters tried to submit to the PTO a 1978 grant of probate in which their grandfather left his Toa Payoh flat to Madam Lau after his death, but this was not accepted as valid. They then considered asking their grandmother's brother, who is in his 90s, to help them claim the CPF money. However, the PTO required his birth certificate, which was also lost in the war. Lawyers The Straits Times spoke to said the Chans could get their grand-uncle to make a statutory declaration about their kinship. WongPartnership lawyer Sim Bock Eng said: "Where there is no clear documentary evidence, in law, it is possible to persuade the CPF Board to accept other forms of evidence, such as a statutory declaration stating the relationship from one or more persons who would have the requisite knowledge of the relationship. "The person will then need to sign the statutory declaration in front of a Commissioner for Oaths as a witness." The PTO spokesman also said the office had advised Ms Chan to get Madam Lau's brother to make a statutory declaration on their relationship, either with a lawyer or at the PTO's premises. The sisters, however, have since decided it is not worth the effort. "If we are going to have to trouble an old man who is not really mobile to help us get the money, we would rather just let it go," said Ms Chan. "The money would probably end up going to the lawyer anyway." Man died before marriage could be annulled When Ms Caroline Edmund read about the Chan sisters' plight in Ms Chan Jee May's forum letter on Nov 30, she could sympathise. The accountant, in her 50s, told The Straits Times that her family has been waiting for four years now to collect nearly $50,000 from her late brother's CPF account. Her brother Ignatius Edmund, a 42-year-old boarding officer, had been trying to get his marriage to a Filipino woman annulled, after not hearing from her for seven years. But before the annulment could be finalised, he was killed in a traffic collision in India. Under Singapore's inheritance laws, Mr Edmund's parents can get only half his CPF money unless his wife comes forward to state that she does not want the money. Ms Edmund said they hired a lawyer to track down the woman, who was found to be living in the United States with another man. All their attempts to contact her have been ignored. Ms Edmund's mother last went to the Public Trustee's Office (PTO) in May to plead their case. She died last month. Ms Edmund's 83-year-old father is now living in India. Ms Edmund said: "If we had the rest of the money, my dad could afford to buy an apartment in Singapore and live here... We've tried to come at it from all angles, but they (the PTO) are so rigid. I'm so tired of this whole thing." Olivia Ho - See more at: http://www.singaporelawwatch.sg/slw/headlinesnews/74348-sisters-give-up-bid-for-grandmas-cpf-money.html#sthash.vHNEml0i.ZHtRwR2W.dpuf