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Found 33 results

  1. lai lai lai... we are 1/3 into the month of May. Oil price has risen to new heights.... so will the greedy petrol cartel raise fuel price in May?
  2. My car is pretty low with the coilover. my front 2 tires are rubbing against the fender. also realise that my 4 tires need to be replaced now becos the tires are botak from the inner wall. i intent to increase my 4 new tires to 205 from 195. to do this, i have to raise the height of my car to at least 1 inch. my question is, any workshop you recommend to do raising of TEIN coilover and do alignment with reasonable charges? TIA
  3. Ccssgm

    Toyota might raise prices

    TOKYO - TOYOTA Motor Corp said on Wednesday that it was considering raising its prices in response to soaring material costs, following a report that it is preparing to announce hikes in Japan for next month. According to the Nikkei business daily, Japan's top automaker has began notifying affiliated dealerships of the planned price increases. It would be the first time since 1974 that the auto giant has raised the domestic prices of existing passenger vehicles, rather than waiting for the launch of new models, the newspaper said. The increases of between one and three per cent are likely to apply to vehicles most affected by rising steel and raw metal prices, such as the Prius hybrid and the Dyna truck, the report said without naming any sources. The price of iron ore, a vital material to make steel, has soared in recent years due to rising demand, particularly in fast-growing China and India. 'We are aware of the current situation of higher raw materials prices,' said Toyota spokesman Hideaki Homma. He said senior Toyota officials are mulling whether to raise domestic prices in response to soaring material costs although no decision has yet been made. Nissan, Japan's third largest automaker, has indicated that it is waiting for market leader Toyota to raise vehicle prices before it follows suit. Toyota is a pioneer in hybrid vehicles, which reduce fuel consumption by switching between a regular engine and an electric motor. The Prius line enjoys significant success in the global hybrid market so a price hike would be unlikely to affect sales significantly, analysts said. A price rise for commercial trucks may have to be shouldered by vehicle dealers if they are to avoid losing business, they added. Some company watchers warned that the financial benefits of a price hike were likely to be limited and could deter buyers. 'I am not sure if this is the risk worth taking,' said one auto analyst at a Japanese brokerage house, who declined to be named. The surging raw material costs come as rocketing fuel prices and a weak economy weigh on Japanese automakers' sales, particularly of trucks and sports utility vehicles in the United States. Japan's auto market is also in a slump, depressed by weak consumer spending, a shrinking population and signs that younger Japanese are losing interest in cars, particularly in big cities. -- AFP Nissan and Toyota Going to Increase Car Price Again
  4. http://business.asiaone.com/news/johor-rai...ands-foreigners those who bought iskandar jialat lioa ....
  5. SINGAPORE: Several MPs have raised their concerns in Parliament over the latest changes to car ownership policies. Under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) car loan curbs, buyers have a maximum of five years to their service car loans. They also have to foot a downpayment of 40 per cent or more for a new vehicle. The changes, they say, not only have an effect on second-hand car dealers but also large families. Mr Pritam Singh, MP for Aljunied GRC, said: "It would be imperative for the government to look at possible tweaks to the system if indeed larger families and families that include disabled singaporeans or elderly parents are genuinely affected, as the effects of the new policy kicks in over next few months. "One specific way could be to raise the LTV ratio for cars back to 70 per cent as it was previously, but only for families with two or more children so as to buttress and incentivise the government's efforts to raise TFR (Total Fertility Rate). Dr Lee Bee Wah, MP for Nee Soon GRC, said: "With regards to the restriction on private car loans, there has been plenty of unhappiness from the grounds, from existing car owners to second-hand car dealers. "Recently, I received a very long email from a resident of mine. He told me that he has been a second-hand car dealer for 17 years. He started off as a salesman after ROD, and he worked his way up and he is currently the CEO. He has 235 cars in hand and 50 staff, and he is crying out for help. He told me he is going to sell his house but he worries he cannot save his business." "As I read his email, my heart beats with his. Again, the change is so drastic and immediate that some second-hand car dealers like my resident will have to fold up their businesses. Is this cut so critical and so market sensitive that the Government cannot give any advance notice?" - CNA
  6. Summary: Last time they had lower pay and worked less days. Now they have higher pay but work more days. On a per day basis, their income has actually dropped. Link Dear Sir, APPEAL IN RESPECT OF REVISION OF SALARIES AND AVERAGE HOURLY SALARY FOR BUS DRIVERS 1. We, employees of SMRT Corporation (hereinafter referred to as
  7. At least 2 town councils to up S&C charges by Leong Wee Keat 05:55 AM Mar 09, 2010 http://www.todayonline.com/Hotnews/EDC1003...o-up-SC-charges SINGAPORE - With electricity prices and maintenance costs going up, at least two town councils, Aljunied and Jurong, will raise their Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) next month. The hike will impact flats, shops, offices and market and hawker stalls. For Singaporean households in Housing Board flats, the hike per month will range between 50 cents for a one-room flat and $4.50 for a five-room flat. While the other 12 People's Action Party (PAP) and two Opposition town councils have not indicated on their websites that they will raise S&CC, could the announcements by Aljunied and Jurong herald an inevitable trend as costs rise and economic conditions pick up? The 14 PAP town councils had raised S&CC across the board in 2004 - seven years after the last revision. Coming up to the six-year mark now, town councils like Jurong have seen power tariffs shoot up by 38.4 per cent since October 2004. This impacts the town council "greatly", Jurong Town Council said, as utility bills account for 30 per cent of overall operating cost. "Electricity consumption is also forecast to increase with the installation of more lifts, linkways and amenities within the town," it added. On the frequently-asked-questions section of its website, the town council dismissed any suggestion that the S&CC hike was linked to any investments in failed Lehman-linked structured products. In the first place, it did not invest in any of the troubled financial products; and its "investments have been generating returns of 2.57 per cent per annum over the last five years", Jurong Town Council said. Meanwhile, with the growing number of lifts, and lifts making more stops in a block, maintenance costs have also rocketed. In Aljunied, for example, the monthly servicing costs have doubled from $300 to $624 where a lift makes nine more stops. And where there were just 884 lifts to maintain in 2005, there will be 1,109 by this month's end, and a projected 1,270 by 2014. Also expected to rise: The cost of keeping estates clean. "The demands on the cleaning and refuse removal contractors have changed, and so too their service costs," Aljunied Town Council general manager Jeffrey Chua said. "Because they have to meet specific performance targets, they have to pay higher wages for better trained workers." The cleaning contract rate of about $5.98 per equivalent dwelling unit each month has gone up to about $6.25. For households facing problems with S&CC payments, both town councils assured them financial help was available and urged them to approach their Members of Parliament. Residents MediaCorp spoke to want more clarity. "Neighbours complain the estate is still dirty. With the increase, I hope for more transparency on the targets achieved," Aljunied resident Reynold Seah said. Jurong resident JF Yeo said: "Any fee increase so soon after a recession cannot be good news. The town council should at least show us that our money will be put to good use." Meanwhile, Jalan Besar Town Council chairperson Denise Phua and Bishan-Toa Payoh Town Council chairman Zainudin Nordin both said they had no plans for now to increase conservancy charges. Ms Phua noted that estates varied in terms of age and programmes, which could account for differences in upkeep costs.
  8. Latka

    Time to raise IR casino levy?

    Members of Parliament (MPs) and industry watchers are concerned that the levies imposed on local visitors to the integrated resort (IR) casinos are not achieving its desired effect. A whopping S$130 million in levies were collected from both IR casinos between April and November last year alone, The Straits Times reported. It seems the idea of losing S$100 even before hitting the tables has not deterred a few thousand Singaporean and PR visitors from entering the casino daily, based on the above figure. Mrs Lim Hwee Hwa, Minister in the Prime Minister
  9. More expensive petrol will make people drive less often. Then there will be less jams. We are just a small island afterall. I have also realise there are bad jams along bukit timah road and clementi road during evening peak hours. ERP there will be good to cut down traffic. bulk of the jam cause by people driving to SIM for lessons and parents fetching children from school. Should encourage them to take public transport to reduce jams.
  10. SINGAPORE: The opening of the casino in Singapore has led to better business for some pawn shops. Pawn shops said they are seeing more customers, especially older folks, who said they are pawning their valuables to raise cash for gambling. While the number of such customers is small, pawn shop owners said it will rise in the coming months. However, some industry players have expressed concern. They feel pawn
  11. Anyone has come across this before??? A photo studio say they giving me a free shoot to raise awareness for their shop, make up and dress provided but they only give me two shots free?? I know there's no free lunch in this world, but seems to be a different from those telling u, u won a prize blah blah blah any bros/sisters got comments or previous encounters, sorry if i sound like i mountain tortise
  12. Those driving to Sentose from Jan 18 will face hefty parking fees.
  13. Darth_mel

    Fast way to raise 19 miillion.

  14. Darth_mel

    Little brother asking for a raise

    A good joke to share why our little brother deserves a raise and why not.... I, Dicky, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: I do physical labor I work at great depths I plunge head first into everything I do I do not get weekends off or public holidays I work in a damp environment I don
  15. who is next in line?... .... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ home > Breaking News > Singapore > Story Oct 6, 2008 SingTel raises phone rates First rate revision in 18 years . SINGAPORE Telecommunications (SingTel) on Monday announced its first rate revision in 18 years for its fixed-line telephone subscription and call charges, and said it will offer $1 million worth of credit vouchers to needy households. From Jan 1, fixed-line telephone customers will pay $10 more a year in subscription rates - an increase of 83 cents a month. With this revision, residential customers will pay $110 a year and business customers will pay $160. Call charges will increase to 0.8 cents from 0.7 cents per 30-second block during peak hours and per 60-second block during off-peak hours. To reflect changes in call traffic patterns, peak hours will be revised to 9am to 7pm from 8am to 6pm, Mondays to Fridays. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays are off-peak. With the new rates, most customers will pay not more than an additional $1.50 a month, said SingTel in a statement. In a statement, the telco said it had been able to hold off any rate increase earlier through productivity improvement and network rationalisation by reducing the number of exchange buildings. Mr Allen Lew, SingTel's CEO Singapore, said: 'We have held off rate revisions for 18 years despite rising costs. Over the years, the two main cost components, manpower and materials, have increased substantially. The recent rapid increase in utility costs has also pushed up our running costs.' SingTel said the average annual wage has risen 52 per cent between 1997 and 2007, according to Ministry of Manpower statistics. But the cost of copper, a key material component in the fixed-line network, tripled from 1991 to 2007, according to the benchmark London Metal Exchange. 'While we are committed to delivering affordable and good quality fixed-line services, the service must remain sustainable. SingTel is among the last remaining operators in this region to revise telephone charges. With this adjustment, our charges continue to be one of the lowest in this region,' Mr Lew added. To help needy households, SingTel will provide $1 million worth of credit vouchers, each worth $10, to these residents. Those who need assistance can approach their Citizens' Consultative Committees or People's Association grassroots leaders. Said Mr Lew: 'We hope to cushion the effect of the rate revisions on our customers by providing $1 million worth of credit vouchers to those who need financial assistance.' In addition, fixed-line residential customers who sign up for both SingTel's electronic bill statement (www.singtel.com/myBill) and GIRO before March 31 will enjoy a one-time $10 discount on their annual subscription. http://www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNew...ory_286545.html
  16. Ah_dude

    Horray...Pay Raise Coming!!!

    DIdnt the ST recently reported that CEO in Singapore are getting $7-$8 mill now.. Is this is 1st hint ??? So will we be expecting the our Chief CEO to announce that in order to prevent him from joining private sector...his pay gotta tag that to the market rate ?
  17. CNA reports : Sex, sand and shoots raise Beijing Olympic temperatureAFP - Tuesday, August 19 BEIJING (AFP) - - From scantily-clad, gyrating go-go dancers at the beach volleyball to Germany's finest hockey player baring all for a steamy photo-shoot, sex sells at the Olympics. Katharina Scholz has spent as much time in Beijing explaining away her decision to join sailor Petra Niemann, judokar Romy Tarangul and canoeist Nicole Reinhardt in Playboy as she has discussing her part in helping Germany reach the semi-finals of the field hockey tournament. "For me it was a good opportunity, and maybe when I look back after a few years I will be proud of it," said the 25-year-old. "Not everybody can go on the cover of Playboy. I did it because I am confident of my body and myself. It wasn't a group decision, we haven't seen each other. The shooting was separate. Everyone decided it for themselves." Other pin-ups of the Games have also been happy to pose in and out of competition. US swimmer Amanda Beard was naked in Playboy last year and made headlines in Beijing even before the Games started, when she used the Athletes' Village as a backdrop to unveil a nude photo of herself in a poster backing an anti-animal cruelty cause. In the advertisement, a naked Beard is kneeling in water, her left hand covering her right breast and her right hand on her right hip as she stares into the camera with a huge American flag filling the entire background. "I've done Playboy. I'm comfortable with my body," Beard said of her willingness to shed her clothes for a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals anti-fur campaign. "I go to the office in a swimsuit." Her form in the pool was not so striking as she failed to qualify for the 200m breastroke final. The Sun in Britain, traditionally feverishly nationalistic and weary of all things European, named the German Playboy four as their favourites. Their reporters have also enjoyed watching what they've dubbed the Peach Volleyball at Chaoyang Park where game intervals are filled by energetic routines performed by a troupe of bikini-clad dancers. "We're used to it. Whether domestically or internationally we have dancing girls with us," said US player Misty May-Treanor Hmmm...... so thats where the SG 4th TT coach had gone too .........
  18. SINGAPORE: At least two members of parliament have confirmed they will speak about the issue of legalising organ trading in Parliament next week. However, opinions remain split over whether Singapore should even consider the possibility of allowing the sale and purchase of organs. Both MPs - Mdm Halimah Yacob and Dr Lam Pin Min - come from the same Government Parliamentary Committee for Health, but have different opinions with regards to organ trading. Mdm Halimah expressed surprise that the Ministry of Health (MOH) is even considering the possibility of legalising organ trade. She said she is doubtful that legalising the sale of organs will increase supply and eliminate a black market. "My biggest concern is the poor at the end of the day will be subjected to a lot of pressure to sell their kidneys or their organ. I really worry for the day when we get a poor Singaporean (when organ selling is legalised, who) goes to the newspapers, and he advertises for the sale of his organ to the highest bidder, and the highest bidder will not be a Singaporean," she said. Mdm Halimah said to meet the shortage in organ supply, Singapore should instead provide incentives to living donors. She said: "For instance, give the live donor free medical checkups every year. There are many ways we can do that to incentivise people without going into buying and selling of our body parts." However, Dr Lam Pin Min said nine years is too long a wait for organ failure patients. He said: "Organ failure sufferers go through a difficult time and for some, especially those suffering from liver failure, it's a matter of life and death and we should not just disregard their sufferings and forbid organ trading just like that." He suggests that Singapore's Health Ministry set up a workgroup to study the challenges of organ trading. "Instead of calling it sale of organ... it can be a kind of compensation - whether it's in kind or in cash - to the donor who's donating his organ to the recipient," he said. Dr Lam said he will ask MOH to study the possibility of legalising organ trading, while Madam Halimah will ask the same ministry what prompted the change in the position on the issue. - CNA/vm My stand - what would be the impact on HOTA and blood donation? If selling organ could bring a family out of poverty, why not start with paying for blood donation. Blood can be replenished. For a start, at least with the $$$ from donating their blood, the family can buy rice.
  19. As above.. Prepare for another rounds of 10cts increment in pump price by the cartel again..
  20. Singapore could face another round of inflation if firms raise wages By May Wong, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 09 July 2008 2154 hrs [image]http://www.channelnewsasia.com/imagegallery/store/php6lMXZT.jpg[/image] Tharman Shanmugaratnam SINGAPORE : Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam has warned that Singapore could face another round of inflation if companies increase wages to help workers cope with the higher cost of living today. He said this will also affect Singapore's competitiveness and the ability to create jobs. Mr Tharman was speaking to some 500 workers at the Singapore Industrial and Services Employees' Union dinner on Wednesday evening. Higher rice and oil prices have led some Singaporeans to call on the government to set the tone by raising wages. But Mr Tharman said such short-term measures are not prudent. Instead, he said the government has provided assistance to help Singaporeans deal with the higher cost of living. These include S$500 million in GST Credits - to help citizens cope with the increased Goods and Services Tax - and special bonuses for senior citizens. Mr Tharman said Singapore also addresses the problem of inflation mainly through its exchange rate policy. Since the beginning of last year, the Singapore dollar has appreciated by 11 per cent against the US dollar. However, the minister said there is a limit to how much Singapore can allow its dollar to rise to fight inflation. Mr Tharman said if Singapore dramatically strengthens its dollar to offset the higher prices, it will instead hurt economic growth badly. He said oil prices have increased by 50 per cent since the start of this year. And it has gone up by about 100 per cent compared to a year go. Food prices globally are now up to 60 per cent higher than one year ago. Mr Tharman cautioned Singaporeans to brace themselves as oil prices may increase further. He said, "We expect inflation to be between 5-6 per cent on average this year, with inflation being lower towards the end of the year. We also expect inflation in the second half of the year to be lower because the effects of last July's GST increase on inflation will wear out. "However, the recent sharp increase in global oil prices will add pressure on inflation. So we are monitoring this and the impact on inflation closely, and will decide if inflation forecasts for this year need to be revised." Looking at the global situation, Mr Tharman said the weakness in the US economy could extend into next year. But he maintains that Singapore can expect Gross Domestic Product growth to average between four and six per cent this year. Mr Tharman said the lasting solution to inflation is to continue with efforts to help workers upgrade their skills and earn better wages. He said it is also important to help experienced, mature workers stay employed and help home-makers get back to work. This will not only increase the household income, but help improve Singapore's tight labour market. - CNA/ms Source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../359295/1/.html YEAH! MORE GOOD YEARS AHEAD~! MIW CAN RAISE SALARY BUT WE CANNOT.
  21. to follow up on the previous 2 threads... http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/General_C1..._2008_P2352874/ http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/gforum.cgi...cartel;#2372337 lai lai... what do you guys think. since there is no record high oil price yet....
  22. lai lai lai... earlier this month i posted a poll and 96% are correct. http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/General_C1..._2008_P2352874/ Now we have another record high of the oil price... so will those greedy petrol cartel going to raise the price AGAIN this month. We have 9 more days before the end of this month...
  23. 1) Petrol price raised in Nov 07 is in response to oil hovering around US$90-$100. 2) The 1st raise in March 08 came when petrol constantly hits US$105. 3) The 2nd raise in March 08 came when petrol hovers around US$110. My prediction.... 4) 3rd raise will be coming anytime next week because oil has been constantly above US$110 and hitting US$115 for the past 1 week.
  24. How come they never take action on Petrol Cartel???!! ... full story