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Found 24 results

  1. Let's start with this https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/ocbc-bank-customer-lost-120k-in-fake-text-message-scam-another-had-250k-stolen Young couple lost $120k in fake text message scam targeting OCBC Bank customers SINGAPORE - It took a man and his wife five years to save about $120,000, but in just 30 minutes, scammers using a fake text message stole the money they had kept in their OCBC Bank joint savings account. The couple in their 20s were among at least 469 people who reportedly fell victim to phishing scams involving OCBC in the last two weeks of December last year. The victims lost around $8.5 million in total. The husband works in the e-commerce sector, while his wife is in the hospitality industry. The man said he received the phishing message with a link at around noon on Dec 21 last year. A 38-year-old software engineer who fell prey to the same scam on Dec 28 told ST that he lost about $250,000 he had been saving since 2010. The father of a young child with special needs said the loss has been devastating, and he has been hiding it from his family. The bank said it has since halted its plans to phase out physical hardware tokens by the end of March this year, and has also stopped sending SMSes with links in them in the light of the spate of phishing incidents. Cyber security expert Anthony Lim, who is also a fellow at the Singapore University of Social Sciences, said scammers have advanced software enabling them to spoof telecommunications services and send SMSes that appear in the same threads used by real organisations. He added that even if victims did not provide their one-time passwords (OTPs), they would have sealed their fate when they entered other bank details on the fraudulent sites. "Once the victim unwittingly responds by entering the bank account credentials, the hackers' technologies can divert and capture a copy of the SMS OTP issued by the bank," he said.
  2. SINGAPORE: Refunds have been made to the Prudential policyholders affected by erroneous deductions, the insurer's payment bank Standard Chartered Bank Singapore said on Friday (May 25). “We acted immediately and contacted all the respective banks servicing the impacted Prudential policyholders to reverse the transactions," the bank said. "As of 1.15pm this afternoon, we have been informed by all the respective banks that all inaccurately deducted amounts have been refunded to the policyholders.” A Prudential spokesperson later confirmed that all refunds have been completed, adding that customer policies were "not affected in any way". On Thursday, some Prudential policyholders encountered erroneous deductions from their bank accounts, with several telling Channel NewsAsia that they had seen deductions 100 times their premium amounts. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) confirmed the incident, adding that it was "not a cyber attack but an operational lapse". MAS also said that it had directed Prudential and its payment bank, Standard Chartered Bank Singapore, to return the funds without delay, to keep customers updated and to investigate the root cause of the incident.
  3. Obviously any profit-oriented enterprise seeks to maximize its bottom line; for those whose bread and butter occur in the immediate online marketplace, the revenue size achieved is directly correlated to both volume and weight of transactions performed, factors which in turn are contingent on purchasing traffic. The more customers the merrier then, you say? Largely so, minus a very small group of folks you are better off avoiding at all costs. These shoppers from hell will cause you an indescribable amount of mental anguish, stress and frustration courtesy of themselves kicking up a shitstorm over nothing, or throwing a hissy fit just because its.......Monday. Cue: crazy, ridiculous requests, threats to rain fire on your certified "unaccommodating" (by them of course) ass. Why end up being severely constipated in the mood department as a consequence of having to endure such unnecessary bollocks? So yes indeed, prevention is way better than cure, its better to be safe than sorry...........yada yada yada. Here is a laundry list compiled to assist you, the merchant, in learning how to sniff out them minions of Satan and banish them to the deepest reaches of your blacklist. Pay real good attention, because it could contribute significantly towards averting a potentially nasty disaster; who knows it might even save your life. Spotting a possibly abusive or problematic online customer: 1. He/she can't be bothered to properly process aka read the information put out for his/her benefit, which means disclaimers and whatnot supplied are simply ignored through and through. When shit hits the fan, he/she will return in a flash and scorch the very ground you exist on. That means unwarranted complaints, barking in your face till you issue a full refund or offer a replacement. 2. He/she is a member of club anal-retentive. Makes inquiries about every single damn thing, perhaps even ask why the sky is blue. Get ready to be skewered big time if he/she uncovers the slightest, tiniest disparity in product quality.
  4. I was in a cab chatting with the driver when he brought up the topic of customers playing dirty which is common these days. What they do is, they get the driver to drive them to their destination. Only upon arrival, they declare that they only got $X dollars (eg, $4) in their wallets. it is the take-it-or-leave-it attitude. the taxi drivers have no choice but to take it. Cos if they were to argue with the customer, the customer makes a complain, their rice bowl is threatened. if the driver makes a report to the police, it will be time wasted for making statements. and customers will never leave their particulars for the driver to make a valid report anyways. if the driver makes it difficult for the customer to leave the cab till they settle the payment, they may be accused of criminal detainment by the customers. I checked with my uncle who is also driving a cab and he confirmes that it is common now a days. he gets a few of these cases each week. and there is nothing he can do about it. have you heard of such stories? what would you do if you are the taxi driver in such a situation? Any taxi uncles or aunties to share their views?
  5. this can be merged under one closed
  6. STOMPer Fatfoodie said a waiter at an eatery kicked away chairs and slammed tables together when the STOMPer asked for another table so that he could accommodate all the people in his group. The STOMPer wrote: "If you are peeved about eating at a place where the staff has a bad attitude towards customers, like as if the customers owes him a living (even though you just stepped in and did nothing to him), this is definitely not the place for you. "I have been to some really nasty joints. But this one bests all. "When we got there, we needed 1 more table to sit everyone. "We asked the waiter to help us join a table from nearby so that we can sit everyone. "He told us that the table we have is enough to sit everyone. When we did a count, he looked pissed (I don't know why) and quite literally, he kicked away the chairs around the next table and slammed the tables together. "He did it as if he wanted to make sure we knew that he was unhappy doing it. Then he gave a sarcastic smile and said, 'Is this ok now?' and stormed off before we said anything. "When we were about to order, we called for the waiter. He happened to be the nearest and when he came over, he literally threw the tray that he was holding onto the next table in a fashion that indicated that he was unhappy. "My Yuan Yang had more taste of tea than coffee so I asked the waiter if this was normal and he brought it back and informed the person behind the counter. "When he brought it back, he informed me that this was how it was supposed to taste, in a tone which sounded condescending. "I was thinking, 'What the...'. "I've had this drink in so many places but none was as bad as this and the waiter had the cheek to inform me that it's like this? "There were many other issues but I think I shall leave it as it is. "I've even informed the young bespectacled manager but nothing was done. "The lousy attitude of that staff kind of spoilt everything."
  7. According to Autocar, Lamborghini chief Stephan Winkelmann has embarked on a world tour to showcase the Murcielago-replacement to selected clients - a model Lamborghini has still not yet officially named. "We've allowed the dealers to select which customers are invited instead of getting involved directly. They know who they need to invite because, in some cases, these are people they have been dealing with for many years," Winkelmann told Autocar. The next flagship Lamborghini model, possibly to be called the Aventador, will be lightweight in construction, featuring a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis. It will come with a new 6.5 liter V12 producing 515 kW (700 PS) and 690 Nm of torque. Lamborghini also has a new gearbox for this lineup-topping model. A 7-speed single clutch gearbox called the ISR (Independent Shifting Rods) transmission. The new gearbox features exceptionally quick shift times (50 percent quicker than a double-clutch gearbox) by means of the independent shifting rods. 0 to 100 km/h on the model will be 2.9 seconds and top speed should be around 350 km/h (217 mph). The Murcielago-replacing Lamborghini is expected to debut at the Geneva auto show next March. Source: Autocar
  8. SINGAPORE: The opening of the casino in Singapore has led to better business for some pawn shops. Pawn shops said they are seeing more customers, especially older folks, who said they are pawning their valuables to raise cash for gambling. While the number of such customers is small, pawn shop owners said it will rise in the coming months. However, some industry players have expressed concern. They feel pawn
  9. Nowadays, many Taxi Drivers are behaving like those in Penang. Wait at good places to pick up passengers. They Park and Wait outside Condominiums sometimes 2~3 in a row on Double Yellow-line. Don't mistaken for them on Call as they take anyone. Though I don't disapprove of them earning their livelihood, but sometimes they Obstruct the Left Lane and cause the morning traffic jam. My place, they parked in front of Bus Stop which the Condo entry/exit. The worst thing is my place downstairs - NO Taxis roaming. I have to walk 500m to the nearest Condo to take Cab to Airport for business trip... ALL the Condos around my area got 2 to 3 waiting. Why see HDB owners no UP ?
  10. You're Fired : getting Rid of Bad Customers Click here http://www.inc.com/magazine/20091001/youre...sletter_Success
  11. As title. State the reasons if possible. For me personally, i think it would be singapore. Just got screwed by one...
  12. Was following this thread in SQ Talk Can't help but think SQ is just as out of touch and clueless abt the customer feelings on the ground ...when compared to the men in white panties. SQ Talk
  13. 1. Happened to me long time ago at a Taxi stand. I bought bags of stuff and wanted to take a Mercz cab. The Mercz cab declined and asked me to go to the Yellow cab behind. 2. Nevermind, I went to the yellow cab and he asked me why didn't the Mercz car take me. I told him the story and he came down to quarrel with the Mercz Taxi driver. 3. Do you think Taxi drivers still choose their customers, particularly those drive "premuim" cabs? Regards,
  14. I would like to seek views from fellow MCFers regards to inviting overseas clients to Singapore for my wedding dinner in Sept. Am sure they would fly over to attend. Mainly from SE Asia. My concern are as follows: - fly over just for one night dinner - cannot afford the air tickets and accomodations - doubt i have time to receive them on my actual day However, I really wish they would join me in the celebration. Because, I have close business relationship as well as friendship. Kindly advise. Thank you.
  15. Aug 6, 2008 REPLIES Petrol prices: Winning over customers is the name of the game WE REFER to Mr Richard Lau and Mr Tan Yu Wei's letters on petrol prices last Wednesday and Friday ('Why do petrol prices move in tandem at all stations?' and 'Why oil companies are seen as an oligopoly') respectively. Pump prices move rapidly to reflect market conditions because Singapore's retail petrol market is extremely competitive. Our consumers are very price sensitive, our geography is small and petrol station networks significantly overlap one another. Under such circumstances, competition is so keen that ExxonMobil is compelled to close any price gap very quickly. It also explains why ExxonMobil has no price differentials even if full cost recovery is not possible. For instance, there have been occasions in the past when a company raised its pump price only to back down in order to retain its customers, because its competitors did not raise theirs. ExxonMobil's key objective is to win over consumers. Given the market's price competitiveness, we have extended our competitive value proposition beyond fuel pricing to include loyalty programmes and a wide range of services and product offerings. This includes our alliance with NTUC FairPrice to give value and convenience to our customers through the largest network of Esso retail service stations. We are committed to continually introduce innovative products and services to improve our ability to compete in the market place. We also wish to reiterate that ExxonMobil believes that free market forces are the most efficient allocator of resources and should be the final arbiter of market prices. We are therefore against any form of anti-competitive practices. Loh Chee Seng Retail Sales Manager ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd http://www.straitstimes.com/ST%2BForum/Sto...ory_264865.html alliance with aunty lucy gives value meh? the things sold there almost as if not more then 6 1/2 -11. if really wanna win customers then drop those gimmicks points and fight on price lor, since they claim customers r price sensitive. wanna bluff also use rite facts mah
  16. Toyota considers entering aircraft industry: official TOKYO - FAST-growing Toyota Motor Corp, widely expected to become the world's top-selling automaker this year, said on Wednesday it is considering branching out into the aircraft industry. Toyota may put up funds for a company to be set up by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. to design a next-generation, fuel-efficient passenger jet, Toyota spokesman Kayo Doi said. 'Mitsubishi Heavy has invited us to invest and we are considering it,' she said, while adding that nothing has been decided yet. The comment came after a report on Wednesday in the Asahi Shimbun that Toyota plans to put up 10 billion yen (S$134.9 million) into the venture to be set up in April. The new company would be capitalised at about 100 billion yen, of which Mitsubishi Heavy plans to shoulder 60 per cent, the daily said without identifying its sources. If the plan goes ahead, Toyota would join Japan's second-ranked automaker, Honda Motor Co, in expanding its business interests into aviation. Toyota is widely seen as overtaking General Motors this year as the world's top-selling car company. A Mitsubishi Heavy spokesman said the company 'has been calling on various firms for cooperation in the domestic jet project' but declined to elaborate further. Mitsubishi Heavy has been developing two types of a fuel-efficient passenger aircraft with some 70 or 90 seats under its Mitsubishi Regional Jet project, aiming to launch them in 2013. The plane aims to improve fuel efficiency drastically by using light-weight carbon-fibre materials for 30 percent of its body, according to the company. It would be Japan's first home-grown commercial aircraft since the YS-11 turboprop regional plane, which made its debut flight in 1962. Production ended in 1974. Mitsubishi Heavy is to decide by the end of March whether to go ahead with the project based on expressions of interest. All Nippon Airways, Japan's second largest airline, said in January it was considering the new jet but was also examining existing rival small aircraft built by Canada's Bombardier and Brazil's Embraer. The Asahi said the bottleneck in the project has been the development cost, said to be some 150 billion yen. Mitsubishi Heavy has also invited trading houses, banks and other companies in Japan to invest in the venture, it said. Auto manufacturers such as Ford Motor Co., General Motors and Chrysler Corp. all dabbled in the aircraft and aerospace business but sold off their ventures by the 1960s. Toyota meanwhile succeeded in a test flight of a four-seat, single-engine airplane in California in 2002. Its spokesman said Toyota was still involved in that research but declined comment on whether it had decided not to manufacture aircraft by itself. 'We have been exploring the possibility of using an automobile engine in aircraft,' she said. Honda Motor started taking orders in the United States in October 2006 for its Honda Jet, a lean-burn, single-engine plane with seven to eight seats that has attracted interest amid rising fuel costs. After receiving more than 100 orders for the Honda Jet, the company said just this week that it will also start taking orders from Canada and Mexico for the plane, which is priced at 3.9 million dollars (S$5.4 million). The news about Toyota failed to lift its shares, which fell 0.73 per cent to close at 5,460 yen amid worries about the impact of slowing US economic growth and a stronger yen, which is bad for exports, dealers said. 'It is unclear at the moment how much the new business will contribute to Toyota's earnings,' said Mr Kazuhiro Takahashi, head of the equity department at Daiwa Securities SMBC. Mitsubishi Heavy shares fell 0.22 per cent to 463 yen as the benchmark Nikkei-225 index ended 0.16 per cent lower. -- AFP http://www.straitstimes.com/Latest%2BNews/...ory_213575.html
  17. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/sin.../315687/1/.html Is it really seeking the views of the public or for their own interest. What's yr view on this?
  18. lifted off from ST online today: kudos to Caltex IMAGINE getting your family saloon washed for under a dollar or your seven-seater MPV for $2.80, when car washers at petrol stations charge about $6. Car owners thought they were on to a good thing when an independent car-wash and servicing company at a Caltex petrol station sold them stacks of 50 or 100 car-wash coupons, each redeemable for a car wash at less than a dollar for a family saloon. Fifty dollars bought 56 coupons. But L.K.W. Automotive Service suddenly closed shop at the Upper Thomson Caltex petrol station three weeks ago, leaving its customers stranded with unused coupons - and wondering how to get their money back. The company started selling the pre-paid car-wash coupons in the middle of last year. It also gave out windscreen stickers to customers to signify their membership in the 'club', and was still promoting the membership deal up to the week before it closed shop. Business boomed. Straits Times reader Stella Ong, 32, said that a queue of at least 10 cars snaked out of L.K.W. on weekends; in the Sin Ming Avenue estate where she lives, one in two cars had the sticker. As one among many car owners left in the lurch, she sent a text message to Stomp, ST's interactive portal, at 75557 with the news tip. A car-wash package deal and membership is unusual. A check with 10 car-wash companies operating out of petrol stations showed that all of them had a pay-as- you-go payment plan, or let motorists use the points from their petrol station cards for car washes. Chevron, Caltex's parent company, said it objected to the coupons because they bore no expiry dates, which put the customer at risk if L.K.W. should suddenly fold, said a Chevron spokesman. The company told L.K.W.'s sole proprietor Loh Kiam Wei eight times to print expiry dates on the coupons, but he ignored the request. Mr Loh was served a notice of termination on June 17, after which he had 60 days to wind up his business. Chevron had hoped he would use the 60 days to give customers time to use their coupons, but he closed shop the morning he got the notice and has not reopened since. Mr Loh could not be contacted for comment before press time. Those affected can now contact Chevron at [email protected] to register their details and the number of coupons they have left. A refund plan will be worked out. Said the Chevron spokesman: 'Legally, Chevron bears no responsibility in connection with L.K.W.'s services because it is an independent operator, but we will not leave customers stranded.'
  19. There will be a mini carnival on the 22nd of May from 7pm to 2am which will be this coming Saturday at Prinscep Street. There will be 20% discount specially for MyCarForum members on sunshades, denim bags, T-shirt in can, among other barang!!! On top of that, a renowned car modifier, better known as Ah Boy in motorsports competitions in Singapore and Malaysia, will be there with his award-winning Nissan Skyline GTR to offer free consultations to all car owners and do neon lights installations and car decals. There will also be a special tyre sealant that will make sure your car tyres will never ever go flat anymore. It has been tested by SETSCO to be 100% effective and will NOT affect race performance. For this coming Saturday only, all car owners will enjoy a $88 special package offer for ALL 4 TYRES!!! On top of that, Benny from Doggies Inn will offer 15% discount on all pet accessories and food. So come on down this saturday and have a great time for yourself, friends, and your pets More promotions will be updated here in the evening. Map of the place can be viewed at http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/xabreooth...1&.dnm=cd72.jpg - This announcement was done to cut down the cost on advertising to bring the savings to you, the customers! -
  20. I just bumped into another UDM owner who has never rotated her tyres because PML told her that, being rwd (some nonesense about the driving force in the rear being balanced by the weight in the front.....), they don't need to be rotated. That makes her the 3rd BMW driver I know who lives in the comfort of not having to be inconvenienced by things only fwd-stricken mere mortals need to suffer. Then there's this case where my friend's mom was told she didn't have to worry about anything except for driving and filling up petrol. "When a light appears on the dash, that means it's time to bring it in and we'll make sure it's as good as new" was what his mom was reportedly told. "No servicing worries whatsoever...." And that was after I realised she had a non-working brake light..... C'mon guys - I know BM's make good, okay, make that, great, cars and I have a very high respect for their engineering (XDrive, anyone ?), but deliberately promoting such beliefs (well, for the tyres, anyway) is just not right. And, to a certain extent, dangerous.
  21. News from the straits times today. http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/singapore...,166139,00.html? What will you do under similar circumstances?
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