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  1. Members I may not be the most experienced driver but I would like to share some tips on getting a 2nd hand vehicle. I have seen multiple discussion all over the place that give good advice on getting a decent 2nd hand vehicle. One key theme I noticed is the shifting of the blame to the dealer. The dealer should bear some responsibility for getting you or persuading you to purchase that lemon, but as a buyer, you should bear more responsibility for not doing your due diligence. If the deal is too good to be true, think twice. I have my fair share of bad experience with preowned vehicles but I learnt my lesson. I have listed down some pointers to note when you are looking at 2nd hand cars. It is certainly not extensive, and it is not entirely scientific, but I hope these are areas potential buyers can consider. Please feel free to add-on and correct me. 1) Do not trust STA reports Dealers will convince you that you should send the vehicle for STA inspection, or send to AA for inspection. Although these agencies could give a decent physical assessment of the vehicle for possible signs of accidents the vehicle had, they would not be able to detect odometer tampering, suspension problems, air-con problems, potential "Check Engine Light" problems. 2) Dealer's inconsistencies in their Ads Look at all the dealer's ads. Did you notice only some of their ads have that "STA Rating: B"? Some dealers boast they sent their (some) vehicles for STA inspection. But, why didn't they send all their vehicles for STA inspection? Why are they trying so hard to convince you to buy that B rated vehicle? 3) Dealers did not insist you must use a bank/finance institution of their choice Dealers proudly proclaim buyers could seek their own loans from financial institutions. Is there a problem? Was this dealer black listed by financial institutions? Usually dealers will die die want to earn commission from loans, no matter how small the amount is. 4) Ask for better offers for Car loans Dealers often insist you must take get a loan through them. I had experience of dealers insisted I take their in-house loan of 3.xx%. I walked away. They called me and suddenly offered local banks for 2.xx%, I declined, but finally, they gave final offer of 1.xx% from another financial institution. But I was so turned off, I declined them. 5) Please research on the dealer before making your way down Please search on the dealer before making your way down to view the vehicle. My Car Forum and Hardwarezone have good posts on the dealers with bad reputation. 6) The Number of ex-Owners matters A 4-year old car with 3 ex-owners. But the car is decently priced and it looks very well maintained, and the mileage is low. Is it an ex-rental or PHV car? Or the car got problem? 7) Test drive the car [Comments Needed] If the dealer insist you must pay deposit before you test drive, walk away. Be bold and suggest that you should drive out to the main road. But to be fair to them, if you just passed your TP last week and 19 years old, do you think they will be generous to you test drive their car? If dealer say you can only test drive in car park, walk away. I have encountered dealers who were very confident to let me drive the car around the neighbourhood and onto main roads. Things to note while you are test driving: a) Turn off the radio, turn off the air-con, wind up the windows, listen for weird noise from the vehicle while you are on the road. b) When you have stopped at the traffic lights, is the idling speed rough? Is there sudden rough idles while you are waiting? c) Go over those car park small humps at low speeds, did you hear weird noise coming from the back? d) When the car is stationary, make yourself comfortable into the back seat, don't go into the back seat timidly, just go straight in and sit down, did you hear weird sound coming from the suspension? 8) Dealers offering you "in-house warranty" and free servicing from their in-house workshop when... ...when the vehicle is not even 5-years old and the mileage is low? Is it because the mileage is damn high and odometer has been tampered hence warranty not covered by auto makers? Usually relative "new cars" should still have engine warranty by auto makers. 9) Ask the dealer whether the odometer has been tampered Of course they will say no. But some will challenge you to call up the service center if the vehicle is relatively new. Take up the challenge. You will be surprised and may find yourself a good deal. 10) Call up Service Center after you seen the vehicle You will know the car plate number after you seen the vehicle. If the car is relatively new (i.e: 3 year old or less), call up the service center to check for last service date and mileage. But be reasonable lah... if the car's current odometer is 40,000 KM, and the last service date is 3 months ago with logged mileage of 34,000 KM, this discrepancy is logical. Try...call up service center to find out the last service mileage is close to 130,000+ KM but the odometer reads 40,000+ KM.... 11) Car's colour don't match the colour specified in Log Card Was the car involved in an accident previously? 12) Excessive deposit Some dealers ever asked for $5,000 deposit. That's not very reasonable. I believe $1,000 or $2,000 is a decent amount. 13) Push for Immediate Transfer Some dealers could transfer the ownership to you on the spot, while some would ask for 3 working days. Although Sales agreement stated the date and time of transfer, but as long as the vehicle is not officially transferred to you, the dealer could use the vehicle as a collateral. If they default payment, the debtors could hunt down your vehicle. Always chase for the transfer to be done ASAP. Usually dealers who could transfer the ownership to you on the spot are those with deeper pockets. They could transfer ownership to you because they have paid for the vehicle in full from the finance institution; while those dealers who need a few working days are actually sorting out the paperwork with the finance institution in the background because the dealers don't own the vehicle. 14) Don't be hooked by Car's beautiful exterior and Clean interior The odometer might be tampered. Think of a hot woman who had multiple cosmetic surgeries and solid breast implants but she is formerly a man. Always call up service center if the vehicle is relatively new. 15) <Members, please add on...> 16) <Members, please add on...>
  2. If this has been posted or lurking in old thread apologies . . . . . SG Widow and China Tour Guide Asset Tussle . .. . http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/tussle-over-widows-40m-assets-turns-ugly-20140903 A seven-hour stand-off between an 87-year-old Singaporean widow and a 34-year-old woman from China ended yesterday after the younger woman agreed to leave the widow's $30 million bungalow, where she had stayed for a year without rent. It was the latest twist in a saga that began in 2008, after the widow, retired physiotherapist Chung Khin Chun, met the Chinese woman's tour guide husband while on holiday in China. The 40-year-old man, Mr Yang Yin, later got close to Madam Chung and, in 2009, moved into her Gerald Crescent bungalow, allegedly took over her assets worth $40 million and brought his family to live with him there. Madam Chung's niece, 60-year-old travel agency owner Hedy Mok, started court proceedings to revoke Mr Yang's guardianship of her aunt's $40 million assets earlier this year
  3. If you find parallel parking challenging, here's a step by step guide to refresh yourself if you feel like overcoming your fears. Seen on ROADS.sg and contributed by Syed Al-Qudree, this very comprehensive guide even though some might argue that it is not easy to judge the distance between the front car and yours when you are pre-positioning in Step 1. Do you think the guide is helpful? Let us know in the comments below!
  4. http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/state-courts-launch-motor/1080434.html must buy one: $15
  5. Updated Feb 14 2011 - Now with driving information to Southern Thailand (need some confirmation on prices) (Topic F2) - Updated with experiences on break downs on the NSH (Topic K) - How not to get robbed. (Topic L) - Behaving in Msia (Topic M) - Parking in KL (Topic N) - What to do when police pull you over when you are not speeding. (Topic O) - Updated with Pictures ! (bottom) - Now with Bold fonts ! -------- Hi, I've been driving up to Msia the past few years, I would like to share some tips and driving experience with anyone who might be interested. Anyone wishing to add more tips, please add on. A. Preparation I think the most important things will be making sure your engine oil is topped up, lights completely working, tyres free from any foreign objects and of course, fully gassed up. Other things that I usually bring is spare ringgits, (1 50 and a few 10s). At the toll booth, if u dun have ringgit, the operator will offer to change SGD with MYR, but exchange rate is 1 is to 1. So pls bring Ringgit. Other things I usually put in my car include torch, warning triangle, wet wipes, water, first aid kit, spare clothes, toilet paper lining, tissue paper etc etc. As I go up every week, I tend to be abit more kiasu. So far I am lucky, I don't need to stop for any emergency. But who knows. B. Toll Booths You may choose to purchase a touch and go card at all 'PLUS' highway offices or tollbooths. If you see "TAMBAH NILAI" that means you can buy/top up your touch and go at these places. If you wanna buy the smart tag, visit the office and buy the smart tag machine. Last time I bought was about 80rm I think. *Touch n Go cards are a must from October 09 onwards ! I lost mine and managed to purchase at the first toll I saw after SG customs. Find out more here http://www.touchngo.com.my C. Speed/Time The speed limit is 110 most of the way, sometimes dropping to 90 (on windy roads but not on NS highway). There are speed cameras deployed here and there. Out of my 100 trips up and down per year, I get on average 3 - 5 speeding tickets at RM300 each (camera kind). I am not condoning speeding but it is up to each individual how fast they wish to finish the journey. I have completed the SG > KL journey at 90km before, at 110km and at speeds way above the limit. 90KM took me about 4 hours plus to complete as my lights failed, and I was following behind this station wagon the entire nite. 110 took about 3 & 1/2 hours. I shall not discuss my record here yes ? haha. If you happen to be caught my cops for speeding (even when ure not speeding). Pass him ur passport and smile at him. Call him encik and show your shoulders if u are female (or male with sexy shoulders). At this junction, you can either 1. Accept the ticket he will offer you 2. Talk kok with him till he gets bored and leaves you alone with no ticket or 3. Negotiate another option which again I shall not be so explicit about. But what I would like to mention is that 50 ringgit that you have prepared should come in handy somewhere about now. D. Weather vs Time vs Traffic Best times to leave SG or KL 4 - 6am Best time If you leave at 5am, ur car will get cold air and it'll feel much more smoother, youcan even switch off the aircon I hardly feel sleepy at this time. 10 - 11am Sun is slowly rising, not that hot, but you will get the cops around these times. 2pm - 3pm Depature sg is ok only, but trust me, you will get sleepy. Not much cops around cause they are sleeping, traffic is so-so. Try to avoid hitting sg or kl anytime above 6(KL) or 7(SG). Cause all hell breaks loose and everyone comes out to play. D1. Day driving Usually, day driving esp afternoon, you will get abit sleepy. The roads are quite straight and boring. Wat I do to keep awake is to slap myself in the face really hard, or stop the car and wash my face. I remember one incident where my passenger was sleeping next to me, i also fell asleep for awhile. In my dream I realised i was driving and when i suddenly woke up, i was thankful my car was still going straight or else abes. Remember the wet wipes i ask u to prepare ? not for cleaning up your spunk but for wiping your face. Remember to switch on your headlights If you are driving fast, you can also switch on ur high beam. Cars from afar will see you and you dun even need to signal right. It is not irritating to them at all, so dun worry. I tested before. Day driving got more buses than trucks. Also expect army trucks and super slow cars on the right lane. D2. Night Driving Night driving will be more fun. You tend to be more alert but of course is more dangerous. Those cars that change to white light, sorry brothers, it wont' work very well in night/rainy/foggy weathers. So please take extra care. The torchlight u bring come in handy now, can shine at them and shine out if your light can't reach. Hahaha There was one incident where i slowed down near some construction area, i saw one slab of concrete in front of me. I was very lucky to have seen it and managed to swerve in time. If i was driving my usual speed, i would most probably be using my mouth to type out this post. So conclusion is slow your ass down near work sites (quite alot), u wun know what the hell will pop out. Night driving you will encounter more trucks vs buses. Some of these trucks no light so please bring some eye drops or clean the crap from ur eyes. Two pairs of eyes will be best, and I am not refering to spectacles. Ask your passenger dun be lazy and help keep a watch out. Cars tend to turn out for no rhyme or reason without signalling. Cars that have all kinds of weird lights all over the car, finally you have a good and valid reason to use it. Its better to be safe and sorry, make sure the lorries and kancils see your batmobile when you overtake them. D3. Wet Weather Expect rain to happen anytime of the day. When that happens, Pray your tyres have enough grip on the road. For cars with tyres width >225, hold your steering wheel tight because aquaplanning will happen. FYI Aquaplanning is not planning activities with transvestites for a day out. It happens when too much water forms an extra layer onthe road and not enough water can be flushed out by the tyre grooves. You will loose control but counter steer slightly and continue driving on. If you plan to slow down to 80 -90, please for goodness sake move to the left lane. Don't be a hogger. Sometimes, the rain comes down so bad that it's better to pull at a rest stop before continuing on journey. I keep a pair of yellow sunglasses that helps me see during rainy/foggy weather. Yellow spectrum penetrates rain/fog much better. E. Driving Etiquette There are some unwritten rules about driving on the north south highways. Most msian cars simply hate singaporen cars, nothing we can do about that because we complain about their cars when they come in. I'm not exactly an angel, but I try my best to adhere to the below rules (when i can) E1. Signalling Signal right if you wish to overtake. If bugger refuses to move, overtake from left. No point being upset. Some of these cars have no side view mirrors, dirty rear view mirrors. They may have no idea you are even there. You may horn but dun over horn. Slight tap will be good. First course of action is signal right. High beam (if at nite), then horn is last. E2. Flashing Keep it to a minimum as the opposite traffic really gets blinded by your highbeam. Don't do a long irritating high beam. Do 2 quick ones like how you use your mouse to double left click. Those who wish to flash their body can do so at their own discretion. E3. Horning Seriously, on such long highways and speeds, your horn wun really matter much unless you're directly behind them, horning a poor kelisa that decided to overtake you. So keep that to a minimum unless its an emergency. E4. Cursing Cursing is very much accepted in msia, so long you do it in your own car. At the end fo the day, is there a point slowing down to the offending car and letting off profanities ? After so many years of driving up and down, i just tap my horn to show my displeasure or give a sexy stare. E4i. When all else fails, and the receiver of your cursing doesn't understand what you are trying to bring across, use the universal sign of bad faith. To do a good finger, wind down window, extend arm and twist wrist. Slowly unleash the bird and jerk it once to show you mean it. Once point has been brought across (make sure he/she sees it) then bring arm back into the car. Use this only when cursing under breath has failed, or the receiver is 100% wrong (who are we to judge *shrugs). But use it sparingly, we are only allowed to use it 7 times in our lifetime before it's no longer cool. Do take note, by doing the above, you may be getting yourself into more trouble than you probably wish for. It's sometimes best just to walk away unscathed. E5. Racing If you tend to drive at high speeds, or you are driving any car that looks fast (or faster that it actually is), expect to get raced by all kinds of cars. I have had Porsche GT2s, F430s, Wajas, civics (funniest one was a bike) try and race (play punk) with me because simply I was driving fast. Just ignore and continue at ur own pace. If they come up fast behind you, just move over to the left and let them pass. Slow down if you have to. It's not worth it. Once they leave, you may chooose to do E4i. E6. Hogging If you drive anywhere from 0 - 250km/h on the right lane, and insist on keeping on the right lane even when someone comes up behind you, you are a hogger. Hoggers are drivers who have brains the size of my left testicle, who most probably can't score a screw with a hooker, who probably jerks off to the picture of elmo. In Msia, or even SG, just activate your signal, signal left then move left swiftly. Avoid straddling lanes as cars will just prepare to pass you as you are moving left. That may cause an accident so dun straddle ! E7. Tailgating If someone is tailgating you, and you are in the first lane. Hit yourself in the balls. That means you're hogging ! Same thing, Signal left, then move left swiftly. If you're in the slow lane, and someone is tailgating you with no rhyme or reason, you may chooose to do E4i. E8 Roads/Obstacles/Animals Through out your journey, if you are travelling at high speed, expect to see various forms of insects, bugs and slightly smaller animals stuck in your intercooler. For those turbo charged cars, you may wish to install some kind of additional filter. I have had cats, dead dogs, legs, arms, blood, stones, ROCKS !!, tyres, bugs, insects, HUGE insects hit my car. During your petrol stop, you can spend the time while waiting for your refuel by trying to identify the names of the insects, bugs or what not that have collided with your windscreen, intercooler, bumper, side view mirrors. If you have kids or children in the car, bring them out and have a nice family activity at the petrol station ! Obstacles are far too many on the NS highway. Avoid hitting carcasses (dead animals)as they stick to the undercarriage and cause a stink when cooked. Wash it off quickly when that happens unless you want to smell like bbq at your destination. It's good to bring some bug spray or some water to get rid of the insects that hit your car. Wash it off quick because they become stubborn when left out too long. You may meet various forms of wildlife on your trip up north. It's not exactly meeting them, but rather your bumper will have a bonding session with them. These include but are not limited to monitor lizards (abt 2m long), snakes, dogs, cats, monkeys, squirrels, birds, wild boar etc etc. Slow down and horn to chase them away, if you are driving at speeds above 100, just hit them and drive straight through. If you hit the brakes and swirve, you will get into an accident. Remember to say a small prayer for them when you pass. Yesterday, I came across a cat lying in the middle of the road at a petrol station licking itself (Such a cool cat). It just totally ignored me as a I neared. I had to stop my car, horn and rev my engine before it even looked up. Finally, a petrol attendant ran over and took him out of the way. Watch out for exploded tyres from lorries, and lorries that just stop in the middle of the road. I happened to hit an exploded tyre doing about 160 and my right bumper just disintegrated, luckily my car didnt change direction or i would have crashed. Thanks to Yew Lip, my car is back to its pristine condition. I just heard from my friend that her aunt died when their car hit a stationery lorry that just broke down on the road without any lights. Even while driving at the speed limit the driver died, so just keep that in mind. F. Driving further up to Ipoh/Kuantan/Penang/Terrengganu For those driving up to KL, you may stop here. Your drives are comfortable and the roads are well made. You have nothing to fear and it is rather safe. To East Coast For those venturing further, to the east coast of KL, good luck. You need it. Big highways become single lane trunk roads. You will spend alot of time overtaking in fear and anticipation that another car doesnt suddenly come face to face with you. Or you will spend alot of time waiting behind a lorry. Try and avoid doing this trip at nite. To penang/Ipoh From KL to Ipoh/Penang, the roads become winding and there are lots of slight turns. These turns can accomodate speeds at up to 180 - 190 and remember not to brake or panic when you enter these turns. Just let your car turn in slowly. The views here become wonderful. Ask your passenger to prepare a camera as some of the views are just breathtaking, esp before ipoh. When you are heading to Penang, remember to stop n have the wonderful ipoh hor fun. I cant describe how wonderful it is. Ipoh Hor Fun turns me on and gives me wet dreams. F2. Driving up to Thailand I have gone up to Southern Thailand till Hat Yai from Penang, and it is a pretty much easy to commute trip. From Penang to the Thai border, it is a straight road all the way up, bypassing Alor Star (stop by and have a meal there !) and should take you approximately 2 hours+. 1 Hr + for faster cars. Funnily I have not gotten caught for speeding before from penang onwards. Before you near the customs, there will be many insurance outlets around the area before the customs side. Keep an eye out and stop at the first ones. There, you can buy your insurance for very little money and they will prepare all the forms and everything for you. Ensure you bring your log card. Once that is done, head on up to the Msia customs (as per normal like sg into msia) and drive to the thai/msia side. You will bypass a duty free shopping center where you can buy all your alcohol and other stuffs. It's quite cheap so dun forget to buy em there. After that, head on towards the thai customs but do not drive through. You have to park at the left side of the customs (big outdoor carpark) but take note don't park anywhere with signs saying "NO PARKING" or you will have a handcuff cuffed to your door and may have to pay the fine. (Yes, we kena) After parking, go queue at the customs booth and pay RM1 for your passport to be chopped. Drivers must go to another side to get their cars validated. Once everything is done, drive the car through that same counter and get a piece of paper from the officer who will be holding it. If you are lazy and don't wish to do any of the above, you will realise that you can actually drive through without doing any of the above. But of course, you are illegally entering thailand. It is a risk that some do take and you can opt to do it too, but do remember your butthole can only get poked so many times in jail before it runs out of warranty. So once you are done, welcome to the town of danok, thailand. This town is perfect for guys as they have various bars where men can test drive different boobs. Now, this is a different story all together and I am not claiming I have test driven any boobs. It was told to me by a friend of a friend, of a friend. I continued driving to Hat Yai, a more palatable and bigger town in my opinion where you can grab amazing food and get the most wonderful foot massages at a reasonable price. Going back is exactly the opposite. If you are lost as to what I mean, proceed to read from this paragraph backwards to the first paragraph. You will find yourself back in malaysia. Take note - You can't take any alcohol back into malaysia and don't try it. (yes, we got caught). Once you get back to the msia side, you will find yourself at an M'sian Army Roadblock. Put on your best ugly smile and call the nice officer encik, and he will wave you on. They are checking for drug addicts, and suspicious people. There are some great photo journals of many forum members into Thailand that I have read up on. Please do a search and refer to those for photos and a more accurate dollar and cents read through. G. East Coast Driving For those who are slightly more adventurous, you can choose to drive from SG to Mersing to Kuantan to Terrengganu. This will take you approximately 10 hours (I finished in about 8 - 9 hours from Tggu to SG). From Kuantan to SG, the coastal roads are beautiful. The trees are green (and red) and the roads are almost completely empty. You can choose to take photos near Cherating area and Mersing town area especially for those with modern looking cars (on a backdrop of a fishing village.) Do remember the drive (after 4 hours) becomes slightly tedious because the roads are very windy and there are cows that wander onto the roads. H. Special tools When I hit the tyre, my bumper came lose and it was hanging on one side. Thanks to the bandages on my first aid kit, i managed to tie it up onto my fender and it wasnt too bad. It was flapping around when I did over 150 so i added more bandages. It was quite funny. But the tools that come in handy would be 1. 1 - 2 Screwdrivers, small and big 2. Pliers 3. Cutters 4. Some simple wires and strings. 5. Torch 6. Tape These would be the most basic things that anyone have in the car, it will help no matter what the problems are, unless of course ur car flip upside down. I. Checking your car. I cant emphasize how important it is to check your tyres, please do that. If you don't know your tyre pressure, go ask your tyre shop guy, write it down somewhere. In the meantime, check your thread depths to see whether it is too bald, if its bald, go change your tyres, you don't want to be caught in the cross winds + heavy rain + poor visibility. Other things that I try (i do try when i remember) to check is my oil, you don't want to suddenly have a shortage of oil while driving as ur engine will be damaged. Keep a small 1litre bottle in the boot at all times. J. Petrol Stations Toll Booth Amounts (Touch n Go Payable only) From SG > KL Customs > SGD4.80 First Toll - Rm 10.80 Second Toll - Rm 3.10 Third Toll (at KL) - Rm 36.70 For Petrol Kiosk Locations SG to KL (on E2 highway) 33km, 75km, 146km, 205km, 225km, 271km, 308km KL to SG 274km, 210km, 136km, 74km K. Breaking Down on the North South Highway I have broken down a few times in Malaysia. With a bmw, landrover and a proton, both in the middle of the night and during the day. Oddly, it was the breaking down during the day which was slightly abit more scary than the night. Here are a few things that I think everyone should take note. 1. Try and get to the shoulder as fast as possible, or if you feel the car is gonna break down, get off to the rest stop, take note of the KM number on the center divider or on the left. 2. Once you have stopped on the shoulder, avoid putting up your bonnet or your trunk as that will signal to people that you have broken down. Try to pretend you are parked at your will and you can move off anytime. When I broke down, there were many guys that stopped and asked if I needed a workshop, some of them actually turned aggressive when I told them I was just waiting for a friend or when I didn't need their help. Just do not converse with them if possible and wave them off and not look at them. They may just hang around but do not start any form of conversation no matter what. 3. Call the Plus Toll line @ 1800 88 0000. The plus toll hotline will send a pickup truck that will help with the below: - Battery, Tyre puncture, overheating, loss of oil/fuel and other simple things. - Other matters, they will probably give you the number for a tow truck to call. Different sections of the highway is taken care of different companies. If you call a JB firm, they may charge you much more for their trip up, and also you have to wait for them to go all the way up to reach you. So ask the TollPlus guys the nearest tow truck company number. If you are driving a FWD car, it should be easier as the normal tow truck can pick you up. 4WD & RWD cars may require a tow truck with a bed that puts your entire car on their truck. They may also charge you additional if you wanna hitch a ride. I have paid from RM250 (for short distance) to RM600 for 100km + distance to the nearest town with lompang. Bargain on the phone and don't sound too desperate, say you'll call others as there really are alot of companies. If you are alone (lady or a wuss), you can give some money to the tollplus guys to hang around so no other people will bug you. If you are a guy, just act tough, smoke a ciggy or if u haf tattoos just show it so those annoying 'workshop middlemen' wont really try and do anything. 4. If there are no body around, I will recommend you leaving your car and sitting behind it a few meters away. Traffic is heavy and anything might happen with people banging into your car from the back. Sitting in front of the car may prove dangerous. If you notice someone stopping, go back to the car and sit inside till he leaves. 5. Nighttime breakdowns are slightly more intimidating, but really, nobody stops to bug you and all the bad guys are sleeping. There are alot of trucks though. Switch on all your lights and hazard lights and sit way back. Enjoy the jungle and the cool breeze and quickly call the toll plus guys. I will recommend before setting off any journey, try and find some tow truck company numbers near JB, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur to keep with in case of any emergency. For BMW or other premium car drivers, you can call ur emergency service and they will send down a tow truck. Near JB/SG Call Mr Yeoh from Faster Transport & Crane Services Sdn Bhd, +6017 351 8816 / +6012 780 8913 For tyre/wheel problems in KL. Call Mr Wong, From Heap Wo Tyre & Battery Services, Open on Sundays ! +603 6257 5492 / +603 6257 1902 L. How not to get robbed. 1. While driving in KL, i have experience first hand people around me getting robbed. I have been lucky not to have gotten robbed because I follow the following rules. a. Do not place your valuables on your seat, backseat, center console or anywhere else, while driving and not driving. b. Do not leave your GPS holder stuck on your windscreen. This basically tells the person you have a GPS in your car c. Take out your cashcard, and leave the little cover open, so ppl can see it's empty. d. Cover with a piece of cloth if you have any thing that is stuck on your dashboard. Position it such that you are using to protect your dashboard. e. Going to a shop ? Try and get parking as close to it as possible, and keep an eye out. Look out for any lingering people that are looking at you or your car. Look out for sudden accelerating motorcyles. Leave a buddy near the car if possible. f. Have a flashy car ? Pick and choose the place you shop, eat or visit. Most of KL is safe, just be more attentive. g. Most parking at the major shopping malls or tourist areas are very safe, if you are more worried, park at the valet. It's not that expensive. Generally, Malaysia (JB northwards) is pretty safe. I have visited the most ulu places and I just park my car anywhere. Just avoid break ins. If the person really wanna steal your car, you don't have much a choice. But you can prevent break-ins. I can't say the same for JB though, it's a cesspool of crime so avoid it at all cost. M. Behaving in Msia Remember one thing my fellow singaporeans. You may not like Malaysians or may look down on them for one reason or another. But they are like us, just people with families and stuff. If you treat them with respect, they will do so with you. Act like a typical singaporean, and trust me, you will get the brunt of their anger. We are visitors in their country, follow and respect their rules as best as you can. Like wise, if you visit your friend's home, you don't just decide to s--t on their couch if you know what I mean. I have some Malaysian friends, and their only gripe with us is when we visit their country and we act like we are better than them. Just a dose of reality check guys, how would you feel when foreigners come to our country and they think they are better than us. Msians are cool, smart (they speak 4 languages minimum) and generally friendlier (try saying hello on the streets to a fellow singaporean) than us. So let's keep that in mind when we head over. N. Parking in KL Some parking areas in melaka, penang, ipoh and kl have 'parking helpers' that help you with lots. They don't really do much but they just point out empty lots for you and maybe help those who are bad in parking park properly. Give them RM1 and don't be a stinge with them. Some of them will help take care of your car for you and keep the robbers away so help them out as well. Some other places have lot parkings. Just remember to park as close as possible to populated areas and not at the far end where there is shade. Avoid parking at the side of major roads as these places have heavy traffic. I have seen cars getting scratched by motorcycles so just park at the designated areas. As I said, most places in KL, Ipoh, PG & Malacca, Tggu, Kuantan are pretty safe. O. What to do when pulled over by the cops (in the city) Singapore plate cars take note. Sometimes you will get pulled over for no reason (esp at night). They say they are doing a routine check but sometimes they just wanna disturb you. When they switch on their blinkers, you don't need to stop immediately, put on your hazard light and try and drive until you see a good populated area or a petrol kiosk. With witnesses around, they wouldn't dare do anything. do not at any cost stop at the side of the road alone. Remember, the cops can do anything to you. Do not try and outsmart them by talking too much (in KL itself). Be polite and call them encik. Don't be a smart aleck by probing their intentions, they are not stupid. Don't offer outright any money, as you are just insulting them. Wait for them to start any conversation. -------------- I'll update this post as I gather more adventures. I would like to offer all my forum members my email - [email protected] Please feel free to drop me an email if you need any help in KL (i stay near mt kiara, and I visit malaysia once every 2 weeks). If you need someone to bring you up, I will be more than happy to, if our timing coincides. Or if you need any advise, I will be happy to as well. I'm waiting for my new car to arrive, I have sold my old one so i will be flying up for the time being. But once i get it, I may start driving up again. Till then, safe driving ! The pictures don't seem to load. Please right click and open image in new window :(
  6. Surprise no one posted this yet. It was announced today. I guess this bibgourmand is less prestigious than the star award?? https://guide.michelin.sg/bibgourmand2016
  7. Just sharing my trip as I go along, and I hope to share some tips about the places I visit, as well photos and the adventures along the way.. I think most will be somewhat familiar with Beijing, the current capital of China. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beijing Some common attractions there include some must see places like: Great Wall of China TianAnMen Temple of Heaven and many many more. Truly it's a place of history and culture. Lots of food and shopping too! Where is Ningxia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ningxia Stay tuned as I travelled across China! Some info: No Facebook or whatsapp across the Great Firewall of China - will see if I can remain in touch with Singtel Autoroam... Just a taster... My tour guide in Beijing.. Hope she has friends.... BTW If any knows a place near Dongcheng to buy DVDs/Blu Rays, and tea, please sound out! Thanks
  8. Obviously any profit-oriented enterprise seeks to maximize its bottom line; for those whose bread and butter occur in the immediate online marketplace, the revenue size achieved is directly correlated to both volume and weight of transactions performed, factors which in turn are contingent on purchasing traffic. The more customers the merrier then, you say? Largely so, minus a very small group of folks you are better off avoiding at all costs. These shoppers from hell will cause you an indescribable amount of mental anguish, stress and frustration courtesy of themselves kicking up a shitstorm over nothing, or throwing a hissy fit just because its.......Monday. Cue: crazy, ridiculous requests, threats to rain fire on your certified "unaccommodating" (by them of course) ass. Why end up being severely constipated in the mood department as a consequence of having to endure such unnecessary bollocks? So yes indeed, prevention is way better than cure, its better to be safe than sorry...........yada yada yada. Here is a laundry list compiled to assist you, the merchant, in learning how to sniff out them minions of Satan and banish them to the deepest reaches of your blacklist. Pay real good attention, because it could contribute significantly towards averting a potentially nasty disaster; who knows it might even save your life. Spotting a possibly abusive or problematic online customer: 1. He/she can't be bothered to properly process aka read the information put out for his/her benefit, which means disclaimers and whatnot supplied are simply ignored through and through. When shit hits the fan, he/she will return in a flash and scorch the very ground you exist on. That means unwarranted complaints, barking in your face till you issue a full refund or offer a replacement. 2. He/she is a member of club anal-retentive. Makes inquiries about every single damn thing, perhaps even ask why the sky is blue. Get ready to be skewered big time if he/she uncovers the slightest, tiniest disparity in product quality.
  9. Hey guys, I am going to Hong Kong this coming December and i wanna go and eat till drop as i foresee that winter nothing to buy. Any recommendation? I know the standard ones like Tim Ho Wan and Xu Liu Shan. . . Come contribute to the list!
  10. LEARN TO SURVIVE HIGHWAY THUGS Experts provide tips on how to protect yourself while driving up North By Tan Mae Lynn June 04, 2007 YOU are driving in Malaysia and have to make a pit stop along the highway. A man walks to your car, brandishes a knife and orders you to open the door. What should you do? Judging from the reaction of Singapore motorists involved in recent crimes, few know how to react when faced with such scenarios. Recently, a Malaysian woman, whose husband works in Singapore, opened the car door to an armed man while her husband was at the washroom of a petrol station in Tampoi, Johor. The assailant drove off with her and her young son in the car to a secluded spot where he and an accomplice took turns to rape the 28-year-old pregnant woman. In other cases, Singaporeans were accosted by robbers. Said Mr Lionel de Souza, a former police officer: 'If you're on a highway and being pursued, try and make a dash for a police station or a crowded area. 'If you're outnumbered, just give them what they want. It doesn't feel good to lose something, but your life is more important. You can always earn money back.' He also suggested driving to Malaysia in a convoy. 'At least if one is hijacked, the others can get help,' he said. 'And don't drive a flashy car.' Professional race driver Denis Lian, 35, who drives into Malaysia quite frequently, said the last thing motorists should do is open the door to strangers. He said: 'When you open your car door, or when you just step into your car, you're at your most vulnerable. CHECK MIRROR 'Before you come to a stop, look in your mirrors and see who's around or approaching. If you see anyone around who looks suspicious, or hovering around, or anyone who just makes you feel uncomfortable, drive off.' And never, ever get out of your car when faced with a suspicious situation. 'Your car is your weapon and your only defence. 'It's much safer behind the glass window... It's unlikely the person will smash the window - it's very difficult to do that.' Agreeing, Mr Tan Teng Lip, president of the Singapore Motorsports Association, added: 'Make sure you car is locked from the inside. Never wind down the window to speak to strangers. If you sense trouble, sound your horn to attract attention.' AVOID STOPPING As many Singapore families are expected to head north during the current school holidays, it may be prudent for them to be prepared for overseas road trips. Chief editor of Wheels Asia magazine, Mr Mazlan Samad, advised that even when someone bumps into the back of your car or causes you to hit into their car by braking suddenly, you shouldn't stop the car. He cited these as some of the common tactics robbers use to get motorists to stop their vehicles. 'If you're in foreign territory, alone or don't feel safe enough, take note of the car number but don't get off. Just drive to the nearest police post or petrol station to get help.' He also advised that it would be prudent to note down the telephone number of the traffic police or traffic emergency services in whichever country you'll be driving in. General manager of the Automobile Association of Malaysia, Mr Samuel Saik, added: 'If there's an accident, there's not much you can do anyway. It's better to make the call for the person than to put yourself at risk by getting out of the car.' Also, always keep to the main road and never stop at secluded spots for rest or toilet breaks, especially when driving alone and at night. 'Even Malaysians don't do that,' he said. source: http://newpaper.asia1.com.sg/news/story/0,...,132157,00.html?
  11. Hello, came to know this place on yesterday, Sasaran. very interesting natural phenomenon which only happens 4-5days per month, a mirror effect location: Sasaran, Selangor situated approximately 1 hour away from KL Once you reach Sasaran, you'll have to take a 45minutes boat ride out to the Straits of Malacca so, anyone been there before? worth going?
  12. ok, need quick guide here... im travelling to Vienna/Austria next week (Business trip) and thinking of extending 1 more day for sight seeing.. any good and value for money hotel to recommend? since i only have 1 day, thinking of hotel within walking distant to those "must visit" kind of places... first time to Vienna...excited...
  13. do you think Miss Chiu is jumping into conclusion about McDonald's service? i dun blame her as she cannot see and expect the whole world has come to the awareness and accept the guide dog.
  14. http://www.hps-online.com/tsy4.htm "A man may attain health and longevity if he practices an ejaculation frequency of twice monthly or 24 times in a year. If at the same time he pays careful attention to proper diet and exercise he will have a long and healthy life" [sun Su-mo] "As the great Taoist Doctor Sun points out, diet, exercise and sexual discipline form the three pillars of Taoist health and longevity regimens. The principles of Tao apply equally to men and women...
  15. My parents is selling their flat, and wanting to buy another new one. They are second timer. I understand that Singaporeans can most buy new flat twice. Can any share, can they view the available areas, ask for the price at HDB before they decide? What other procedure needed. Thanks for any advise!
  16. Hi all, Wondering if anyone know how I can go about converting OPC plate to normal plate. Will there be a need for re-inspection on my car again? Just did it during June and don't want to do again due to converting of plate.
  17. Learn this boys. Go be a hero, save the stranded ladies! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjvZw9jZCaE
  18. Thinking of buying new tyres? I list out some of the popular tyres that i personally have tried or tried (from my fren's cars). Tyres are major investment, buying a tyres that doesn't suit your car and your driving style will be like have a beautiful girlfriend that always wear oversize t-shirt and jeans. You need to wait for it to wear off or a sudden tyre puncture before getting a new set. It may be a drag till then. And let be honest. tyres shop owner are like used car dealer. They will always push you with the best profit margin ones or the ones that gonna reach the 1 year mark from manufacturing. And buying tyres now have so many variety and some are even from parallel importers. So how do we know what we are paying for? And what are the popular tyres among the roads? The simplest solution is to buy the same tyres your car came with, and that's a good option - after all, the engineers designed the suspension to match the OEM rubber. So you can't get wrong with it. But if you like something more grip, can withstand tyre puncture or much silent tyres, i will start with my recommendation. Bros here are welcome to add in!!! UHP tyres Dunlop Direzza Sports Z1 Good thing don't come cheap, cheap thing don't come good but this tyres really mix this equation by abit. At a affordable range, this rubber grip well during the dry weather and the handling is superb. Highly responsive in when turning to make the car smooth in transmission. Highly Recommended! Run Flat Tyres Pirelli Cinturato P7 Run Flat Only for those who boot that have not enough space, wanna save weight for fuel saving, or have no expertise on changing tyres and wanna play save. This is the tyres you should take note. The engineers in Pirelli have a very vast knowledge in motorsport racing even thou last F1 there is tyre explosion during the race. But they have understudy the racing characteristic and created this green yet performance level tyres. It have fuel saving technology, eco compatible material to make it "green" and longer lasting thread life (which i don't think so.) But never the least, Handling during the dry and even the wet is impressive. This can be a track tyres in my humble opinion. The only downside might be the noise. But when u are driving at 140km/h, i am sure you will focus in your steering more than the noise it produces... Super Quiet Tyres Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 With its latest ActiveBraking Technology, this isn't a gimmick that goodyear come out with. Great response and oother than that. This tyres give you a quite ride. That's all i am gonna say. Come share your tyres review and best is you got lobang to share lah. Currently still at 16" (:
  19. Buying a car in Singapore is both exciting and nerve-racking, for the joy of having your own set of wheels is accompanied by the toil of paying for it by instalments. Before you sign on the dotted line, think carefully about these: THE RIGHT MACHINE Buy the vehicle you need and not the one you want, because the latter usually ends up costing you more than it’s worth. It doesn’t matter if you’re a petrolhead – if you have two toddlers, for instance, it’s more practical to get a saloon instead of that sporty coupe you’ve been eyeing. BUDGET CONSTRAINTS According to a financial consultant who spoke to Torque, you should allocate no more than 35 per cent of your monthly income to servicing loans. Assuming that 20 per cent of your salary goes towards your home mortgage, you’re left with just 15 per cent for your car loan. So if you draw $3,000 a month, your monthly car instalment shouldn’t exceed $450. ‘HIDDEN’ COSTS These motoring-related expenses aren’t obvious upfront, but definitely make a big impact on your wallet. Parking, petrol, road tax and motor insurance can be a drain on your finances. For example, year-long season parking in an HDB multi-storey carpark would cost $1,080 ($90 x 12 months). That sum alone is more than the annual road tax for a 1.6-litre petrol car. TEN-YEAR TEMPTATION Although it appears more affordable, choosing a 10-year, 100 per cent car loan is actually a decision you can ill afford. Zero downpayment means a larger loan quantum that takes longer to repay, and the total interest in the long run will be higher. Car buyers should also be aware that longer loan tenures mean that their ride will be in negative equity for a longer period. This article was written by Jeremy Chua, writer for Torque.
  20. To the sunshine-loving motorist, few things can top the sensation of driving with the top down. But in the current COE climate, buying a brand-new convertible is prohibitively expensive, so the next best option would be to pick up a pre-owned unit. Aside from the usual buying tips, such as making sure that the vehicle has a sound service history and hasn’t been in an accident, would-be owners also need to focus on several key areas that are unique to convertibles. The most obvious would be the roof system. According to Ivan Koh, sales director at Vincar, if the roof is made of fabric, you should inspect it closely for tears on the canvas. Don’t forget to take a careful look at the “inside” portion that covers the cabin, too. If the convertible has a folding hardtop, Ivan’s advice is to operate the roof while listening for any unusual noises and watching for “hiccuping” movements in the mechanism. A problem-free roof will not emit creaking sounds and its action will be smooth, whether going upwards to deploy or downwards to stow. The same applies to manually operated soft-tops, perhaps on a two-seater roadster. First-time “topless” drivers might not be aware that convertibles generally aren’t known for their interior insulation. Be it a soft- or hard-top, it is normal to hear some rattling from the roof area, especially when the car is driven over rough road surfaces. A convertible’s roof should also be free from leaks. If a dealer claims that they’ve put the vehicle through a car wash, they should have no qualms about doing it again to prove that the canopy is indeed waterproof. Look out for any water that seeps into the cabin – even a few drops could be a sign that the overhead seals have deteriorated. Now, if the topless wonder you’re eyeing meets the aforementioned criteria, all that remains is for you to ascertain the dealer’s after-sales support. Ask the agent how quickly they can get you a new or refurbished roof in case your existing one needs to be replaced. Good dealers (Vincar being among them) will be able to source the item in about a month’s time. Keep these pointers in mind when buying that nifty used number and you can look forward to many kilometres of topless, trouble-free cruising This article was written by Jeremy Chua, writer for Torque.
  21. What is points? You are awarded points when other members “Praise” your post. You are deducted points when other members “Dislike” your post. Your number of points determine your Rank in the forum. What does the Reaction mean? When you find a post useful, you should give it a "Praise". This will increase the points of the poster. With more points, his rank will increase The inverse is true for the "Dislike" Emoticon. If you find a post offensive, useless, off topic, etc, you should give it a "Dislike". This will decrease the points of the poster. If the poster ends up with negative points, his account may be suspended or fall under moderation. Other Emoticon eg: Angry, Shocked, Sad and Laugh don't affect the points. How do I react to a post? There is a thumb button, when you hover, it will show other reaction, you can choose your preferred reaction What is Power? The Power is the number of points you have left to award or deduct other members. It replenishes every 24 hours. The higher your rank, the more Power you have per day. See below table for the relationship between rank, points and Power. What is the limitation on the Praise/Dislike function? There is a Point spread figure. If your Point spread is 20 meaning that after giving points to user X, you have to give points to 19 other members before you can give points to user X again. As your rank increases, your point spread is reduced. Refer to the table above for the point spread Does number of posts affect rank? The ranking system used to be based on your number of posts. But we have scraped that, and rank is based solely on points. My points is zero? Can I praise or dislike? No, you can only start to praise or dislike when you have 25 points
  22. Taken from SHC by someone getting an Accord JDM .....pretty good guide! 1. Buy from reputable dealers. You want a reputable dealer. What is important in the reputation is that they deliver your ride on time and also they'll still be around when your ride has problems. The question then arises as to who is reputable? Not easy to answer but you can start by checking up this forum. The more the PI invest in their business, the greater likelihood that they'll be around. Most PIs outsource the servicing aspects of the car to "Authorised Workshops". A few actually have their own workshops, e.g. Ricardo, Mova and Motorway. These require a much heavier investment. Some PIs just operate out of a small office with bare furnishings and staff whereas some PIs are quite big with a few offices located all over the island, not just in Ubi Automobile Megamart. Again this gives an indication into their intention to be around. On saying this there are some small PIs who do give great service and good deals though I would be extremely wary especially of those giving the "best" deal. Be EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY careful of dealers who call themselves "Honest" (like the shark who claims it is not hungry .......). 2. Understand how the car is priced. The advertised price can be extremely deceiving. The price may be with or without COE. Or with Off-peak COEs. Or with COEs pegged to ridiculous figures. The best way of pricing to you would be "Immediate Delivery", and expect the car to be delivered within the week. If you can get it cheap at this price, go for it. Just make sure that it is not a rejected car (check wrappings, wear and tear, odometer etc). Some even advertised "Guaranteed Delivery". This may sound funny to people used to buying from Authorised Agents ....BUT one of the greatest problem with PIs is they DON'T deliver on time; may be MONTHS before you actually take possession of your ride! And what if they close down before you get your ride? Will you get your deposit back? Often the price quoted is after financing. E.g. actual price is $80K but they advertise as "77K". This may be after rebates of ?months installment depending on ?loan (70-100%) and duration (3-10 years). Interest can be significant, e.g. at 3% interest, for 80% loan for 5 years, interest is $80,000 X 0.8 X 0.03 X 5 =$9600. For just another .5% ...i.e. 3.5% interest - $80,000 X 0.8 X 0.035 X 5 = $11200. Anyone wants to work out the interest for 90% loan at 4% interest for 10 years? Quoted price may require you to take some form of minimal loan. Always start with price of car before any financing rebates. 3. Freebies? I doubt there are much things free in life .....so whatever freebies are thrown in will only sweeten the deal but it should not be the deciding factor and will come at a cost. Some common "packages" include leather, rims, V-cool, HID, premium CD changer sound system, fog-lights, body kit, reverse sensor etc. Which means that the bare package does not include those:) Sometimes it may be preferable to get those "freebies" yourself, e.g. rims - you may get better choice elsewhere. Forget about the "Free labour for 3/5 years"; this will only be free if you use their parts/products which I am told will inevitably be priced just a little higher .... 4. If possible, buy from PIs with ready stocks in SG. This will save you the grief of delays in delivery and also assure you of the OMV. I would hesitate to believe these phrases " .....on ship coming now .....in port awaiting customs ...... no problem, can come within a month ......COE successful .....OMV guarantee high....." Nothing beats having the actual real car. Sometimes "Ready Stocks" can mean ready until the sales agreement is signed. Then when the loan is approved, no more stocks - coincidentally all just sold out while waiting for loan approval ....... I would personally advise that ALL potential buyers from PIs include a penalty clause in their deal,i.e. if they don't deliver by a specific time, make them pay a penalty for every day of delay. BTW I doubt most PIs will do this for you ..... Don't fall in love with the brochure. 5. If you have a car to trade in, check around for the trade-in value. You may get a better trade-in (+/- $2000) elsewhere so your $1000 cheaper (seemingly) price on the JDM you are eyeing may not be that much cheaper .... The PIs can also make on your trade-in car - quite a few PIs start of as second hand car dealers. They may not make any money for the JDM sold to you but give you maybe just 1K more than paper value for your old ride, incur another 2K cost and resell your ride in New Zealand for 10K. Go figure how much they make in the end. And then give you crap service because they are not really interested in your Accord JDM deal. 6. Expect good service. Of course service should be good. Imagine how service will be AFTER you have bought the car if they can't even give you good service before you sign on the dotted line. Again check here on the forum for service quality post-sale from the elders ... 7. If still unsure. Once you think you have a "good" deal, before you sign on the dotted line (or more like get your IC photostated), you can check your deal again here:) It'll also gives you time to think without being unduly pressurised by the salesperson. 8. When you are ready to commit. After deciding to buy, INSIST that the entire deal including freebies, delivery date and details be put down in BLACK and WHITE on paper. Include penalties if possible, e.g. delay in delivery (the most common complaint), agreed OMV price etc. It is entirely up to you to trust the PI otherwise 9. Still have last minutes jitters? When you are about to sign, and still feel extremely uneasy ....WALK AWAY! Don't feel bad, don't be scared ...there must be at least another 30 other PIs you can go to if you really, really want a JDM Accord. Take a look at the list below ....and it is still growing - every other week there seem to be a new one popping out ....... btw the price really, really don't vary that much but if you want to have fun shopping ....... Just be prepared to get a good recommendation for doctor when you start vomitting blood in 2 months time .... These sites may also be useful, too ..... http://www.smallclaims.gov.sg/ http://www.case.org.sg/ I am sure there are many more experienced "tai-kohs" here who can give a better guide but I am bored waiting for my ride ...... Below is a list of PIs who advertised that they deal in JDM Accords. It is a continuation from here: http://www.shc-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=57157&start=75 1. Motorw-- (BMerah) * = Motorway * (BMerah); W3Y/60K, www.motorway.com.sg 2. Mov- (BMerah) * = Mova Automotive * (BMerah), AAS Approved; W3Y, 3 services free, www.mova.com.sg 3. Cartim-- ** (CWealth, Ubi) = MBM Wheel Power (SMing), AP, AF, Mega Auto (ECoast), www.cartimes.com.sg 4. World of Wheels (Ubi) ** = Comfort Automotive Services (7 wshops), ST, KST Motorworks, BKS Motorwork (Senoko). 5. Chip Gua- (TCity) * 6. Garag- - (Thomson) = Garage R * 7. Auto Impressi-- (Bedok) = W3Y/60K, 3 free services 8. Autoh-- (SMing) 9. Automag-- (JPemimpin) = Autoworld (JPemimpin) 10. Autopoi-- (Ubi) 11. Autotru-- (Ubi) 12. Benchma-- Motori-- (TCity) 13. BH- (Ubi) = AP, Autofix (SMing) 14. Ca- Resourc-- (KBukit) = Jackspeed (Tampines), AAS Approved; W3Y, FS 5Y 15. Chua- Ca- (Ubi) 16. Eur- Motor- (Balestier) 17. Frank-- Moto- (FrankelAv) = 3 free services. After that $25 surcharge if bring own oil. 18. Hu- Yan- (CWealth, SMing, TCity, Ubi) = Sportswagen Auto (Ubi), Proswift Auto Services (Ubi); W3Y/60K, FS 5Y. 19. Hu- Lon- (TCity, Ubi) = World Auto (JPemimpin); W3Y/60K, FS 5 yrs; surcharge $40 if bring own oil(27/02), http://www.hlautomobile.com/ 20. H- Car- (TCity) = W3Y/60K, FS 3Y 21. Jac- Car- (ChangiRd) 22. Jetly- Holdin-- (StillRd) 23. Ken- Cor-(JBesar) 24. Lec- (Ubi) = AP, Mega Auto (East Coast), www.lecomotor.com.sg 25. Lega-- Motor- (Serangoon) 26. Motop-- Ventur-- (East) 27. Nag- Moto- (YCKang) 28. Pinnac-- (Ubi) = Jackspeed (Tampines), AAS Approved 29. San Hu- Be- (KBukit) = MBM Wheel Power (SMing); W3Y/60K, FS 5Y 30. S- Vehicl-- Tradi-- (ChangiRd) 31. SH- Pte Ltd (Commonwealth) 32. Shun Hen- (Ubi) = Jackspeed (Tampines), AAS Approved, www.shautomobile.com.sg 33. Ta- Hua- (Commonwealth) 34. Wah Le- (Ubi) = AP; FS 5Y 35. Vinc-- (Ubi) # = MBM Wheel Power ** (SMing), www.vincar.com.sg. 36. Motor Trade-- (TCity) # a. AF - http://www.hbiz.com.sg/html/autoforce.htm b. AP - http://www.autoplus.com.sg/index.asp c. CAS - http://www.mycas.com.sg/ d. ST - http://www.stpowered.com.sg/ *# * one star equates one favourable comment. # whatever you make of it Of course double confirm NO guarantee that the information here is accurate, comprehensive or even current ..... anyone who knows better is welcome to contribute/add on/make corrections esp to the list.
  23. Dear all, All along my wiper is changed by the AD who just change the just normal black rubber but costing a bomb. Can any member intro me what is a good brand and place to get wiper for. Do those life time wiper really worth the $$$? There is also some fancy type like no frame type? It is for Nissan Teana Thank you for your kind attention and time. Best regards, Rust
  24. Singapore Girls Nature Guide curry sauce: Date King: Singapore Girls Nature Guide
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