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  1. Guangzhou the canton Wuhan, the origin Shanghai bund Beijing, the capital Shenzhen, the Silicon valley of china Suzhou, land of beauty and capitaland🤪 Xiamen, nominated one of most clean city in china Changsha, best night food city Guiyang, capital of poorest province in china
  2. I'm thinking of bringing my parents and kids (total 6 of us) for a short vacation in Dec. My parents are in their early/mid 80s, and my mother can only walk very slowly, and not too long distance. They are also scared of cold, so we're thinking of going to one of the Indochina countries, for maybe 3-5 days. (After we come back, we'll likely go for another trip maybe a week or so, to Korea, but without my parents, who cannot tahan the cold...) I'm not familiar with any of these countries, so am hoping that anyone here who is, can provide some advice on which of Bangkok, Cambodia, Viet
  3. heard this news on the radio, so decided to search for the full story online... but only Straits Times and Channelnewsasia covered it the local tour guides, although many of them are free lancing, are badly treated by Singapore Tourism Board many foreigners, on S-passes, come here to moonlight as tour guides, charging cheaper fees and forcing our own local ones out of jobs despite years of complains, the situation does not improve the bogus foreign tour guides have no qualifications (the local ones need to go through 9 months of trainings) and they have limited knowledge of
  4. Long distance relationships these days have been made more convenient thanks to air travel For one Kuala Lumpur native however, choosing to abandon flying favour of an even longer journey that involved driving across the globe to Europe in the name of love is the way to go. Engku Mohammad Hadri Engku Hassan began his journey on Monday, to drive across 25 countries including China, Mongolia, Latvia, Russia before reaching Germany where his fiancée is from. Hadri arrived on the Thai border earlier this morning, updating followers via Instagram that his journey
  5. wanna ask MCFer hiadees/hiabuays. My brother had a tour booked through NATAS that was cancelled. The tour company agreed to refund the deposit. He signed a paper with the company which states it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get his refund via reverse credit card entry which the bank will advise and update in his credit card account. 8 weeks had passed, nothing. Now brother is thinking of complaining to the relevant authorities. CASE as we know is toothless. Should be go to NATAS? anyone can advise or perhaps share similar experiences?
  6. A quick look at some of the new stuff that appeared at the Paris Motor show I’ll do Audi, BMW and Merc (alphabetical order mah, not fanboy hor) and others Audi - New A1, Q3, A6, A7 and the e-tron
  7. hi guys. I'm planning to bring my parents to china for a tour and take the opportunity to spend more time with them while I can. Was shopping around for a tour agent, and heard a lot of horror stories about some china tours. Any reputatable tour agents to recommend? CTC and ASA tours ok? their prices seems more reasonable thanks in advance bros.
  8. No vampires or zombies, but plenty of sun, sand, and sea... And food galore too.. Being a seaside place, you can expect good seafood, but I also saw a few type of food that I have never seen before.. This one left the greatest impression! Looks like... well I will let you guys use your imaginations Of course, there's more regular stuff..
  9. What can you do if all you have is a few hours? Sit around the airport lounge? Or explore the city? What's there to see anyway? There are so many terms in to describe Turkey and Istanbul: The crossroad between the East and West, a smorgasbord of culture, the narrowest point between two continents of Europe and Asia.. and so much more Yet nothing quite prepares you for the sights, sounds and smells that confront you when you land. Yes there are kebabs and wraps. But it tastes so much better than those you find back home. Was that lamb or some other animal mixed together? Well if you ea
  10. going to Dalian China at end of Oct with wife and kid, cos wife got business trip there. any advise? like where is to visit, anything to avoid? 1st time going China.
  11. Anyone went on those Hainan Island 5D4N tour package(land package) that cost around SGD198 per person? The condition of hotel is what I need more info on. I know locally run chinese hotel give you best value for money but Hainan Island is a new place to me and my friend bringing the wife along too. So want to be double sure.
  12. Hei Hei! Greetings from the land of the never-ending sun! Just sharing some tips, info and photos of my current trip :) Some basic info first: Helsinki Helsinki; Swedish: Helsingfors, is the capital and largest city of Finland. It is in the region of Uusimaa, located in southern Finland, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, an arm of the Baltic Sea. Helsinki has a population of 605,523, an urban population of 1,159,211 and a metropolitan population of 1,361,506. Some links to guides: http://www.fodors.com/world/europe/finland/helsinki https://www.lonelypl
  13. For those thinking of visiting Munich, here's my writeups on the Welt / Museum. WELT: https://garage36.wordpress.com/2017/06/05/home-base-visiting-bmw-welt/ Museum: https://garage36.wordpress.com/2017/06/06/history-lesson-visiting-the-bmw-museum/
  14. If this has been posted or lurking in old thread apologies . . . . . SG Widow and China Tour Guide Asset Tussle . .. . http://www.straitstimes.com/news/singapore/courts-crime/story/tussle-over-widows-40m-assets-turns-ugly-20140903 A seven-hour stand-off between an 87-year-old Singaporean widow and a 34-year-old woman from China ended yesterday after the younger woman agreed to leave the widow's $30 million bungalow, where she had stayed for a year without rent. It was the latest twist in a saga that began in 2008, after the widow, retired physiotherapist Chung Khin Chun, m
  15. Planning to do a self drive in Japan. Any bro here have experience with rental cars? I did some research, one of the recommended car rental is Times cars. http://www.timescar-rental.com/. Are there any other recommended car rental companies with help desk staffs that speak English. Secondly, understand the Garmin GPS doesn't have maps for Japan, so need to use the GPS provided by the rental car. And they use map codes or phone numbers to locate your destinations. Will be my first time using map codes, care to share your experience? I checked the map code here http://www.mapion.co.j
  16. Any bros bought travel packages from them?? http://wanbao.omy.sg/local/story20140108-20205 伍星旅游申请清盘 8间店面全面停业 伍星旅游申请清盘!伍星旅游所有分行全面停业,许多订票回家过年的顾客大受影响。 据了解,伍星旅游负责人今天已到警局备案。伍星旅游设在珍珠坊的总公司从今天下午起也大门深锁,员工进出时都神情凝重,看到记者上前都刻意避开,一些顾客原本上门买票,也扑了个空。 记者拨电联络负责人和伍星旅游的7间分行,也无人接听电话。 还有大约20天就是农历新年了,许多在新加坡工作的马国人都纷纷抢购车票回国过年,此外也有许多国人纷纷出国游玩,伍星旅游突然倒闭,相信有大批顾客都受到影响 - See more at: http://wanbao.omy.sg/local/story20140108-20205#sthash.YQo28FWT.dpuf 怀疑陷入财务问题,伍星旅游总部的大门下午深锁。据了解,伍星本地所有办事处都关门了。据大厦业主声称,伍星已拖欠好几个月租金。大厦职员目前守在现场。同行得知消息,纷纷到场探査。 --狮城6点半/ 晚间新闻 Ch 8 news Five Stars Tours for liquidatio
  17. And we thought Malaysia will do such cases, Italy also not safe. So where is safe??
  18. I wish I wish~~ I will be able to drop by this cool island one day http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/its-raining-cats-and-tourists-japanese-island Love them all! Be kind to animals , you dun have to love them but don't abuse them
  19. Hi All, My wife and I are thinking of going to hokkaido for a week with my 8th month kid. With the fukushima situation still not solved, I hope to gather some opinions from the wider crowd. Is this trip advisable? Thank you, F
  20. Dear fellow bros, I would like to find out wat r the must visits in kaoshiung and Izit possible to do a 2day one night over there? Many thanks
  21. Hello guys, im planning to go taiwan from 23 to 29 April. Anyone got any lobang for driver? Need it to chauffeur my group of 5 pax
  22. http://ride.asiaone.com/news/general/story...our-bus-geylang AsiaOne | Thursday, Jun 6, 2013 SINGAPORE - A tour bus driver was arrested for running over a pedestrian in Geylang on Wednesday morning in a horrific 'double' accident. According to Chinese evening daily, Shin Min Daily News, the driver did not realise he had run over the man. It was also reported that the front and back wheels of his bus had run over the victim. The driver had also reversed over the man, but was unaware until a cleaner from a nearby condominium alerted him to stop.
  23. Although Melaka is just 200 over km away from Singapore. A day or two driving there to chill out, especially for food, is a hobby for many road tripper here. So I start this thread "again" to share, and will also want to gather some othe good recommendations bros here been before. At least we will have alternatives next time. I always visit this shop 天合成 ( Tian Hup Seng) to buy their Kuih Wangi and their white coffee. The folks love it. Recommeded. The most famous Capitol Satay Celup in Melaka. I will skip this the next visit. Not the standard like before any
  24. considering going to korea for holiday this year ... anyone had any good experience with any good travel agent to recommend ? ** i know NATAS show is next week ... but still hope to hear some good recommendations.
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