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  1. By now the famous quote by our million dollar minister: https://mothership.sg/2016/10/josephine-teo-said-you-dont-need-a-flat-before-making-babies-sporeans-disagree-vehemently/ This guy's disrupted grieving is a testament of how true the statement is.... Sexy time moaning from 2nd floor flat interrupts guy mourning & burying dead pet cat at Bukit Batok HDB estateFrom mourning to moaning. https://mothership.sg/2018/12/guy-burying-cat-interrupted-moaning/ *disclaimer: chill you prudes.....this is just a light hearted thread.
  2. I will show you what is really BIG hahaha behold and sit tight ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMLPJqeW78Q
  3. I just found this on youtube and want to share it to all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfqN_DDkppc I guess FD2 is the way to go...
  4. http://media.omy.sg/OMYMEDIA/vodcast/News/...h-minister3.mp4
  5. Dont know if you would do what i just did. i cannot take it anymore. i just went to complain to the supervisor of a popular eatery that his male staff (server) who is keeping a long thumb nail had his nail soup into my bowl of bee hoon soup while holding to serve on my table. how could this be happened at all...
  6. Just want to pose the above question to all the drivers out there, feedback is appreciated. Before I start, let me give some info on my current car. Driving a SUV now. Stock wheels were 235/65 R17. A few months back, the tyres were getting bald and needs a change. I have long been a fan of huge chrome deepdish rims. Since it needed a tyre change, I reckon I will go for the full package. After asking around, most of my friends or shop owners will say that 'your FC is going to be super jialat, furthermore with such big rims'. I thought, what the heck, it is not everytime I get to have a car to be able to be fitted with big rims. I went ahead and got a R22 rims with 265/35. The overall diameter is still withn 1% of my stock wheels. I must say, I did not regret my decision. Full chrome with a 3" lips. Before changing wheels, FC was approx 7.8 - 8 km / L. After changing rims, I monitored for 2 months and most of the time, it is quite constant. Many who have seen my rims were WOW, your FC must be crazy. I just told them it is ok, still acceptable to me. Question to the bros and sis here, be it either you have experience with rims upsizing or you hearsay from others, what do you think my FC is currently. I did not purposely change my driving style before or after, style and attitude still remained the same.
  7. http://www.asiaone.com/singapore/after-spate-one-star-reviews-sgsecure-app-suddenly-getting-awesome-five-star-reviews?xtor=CS3-61 Counter productive or counter terrorism ? It seems like national servicemen are still being made to download the SGSecure mobile application. The app was first launched in 2016 by the Ministry of Home Affairs to teach users about counter-terrorism and send alerts of major emergencies and terror incidents. It made the news in July 2017, after suffering a spate of one-star reviews. It turned out the reviewers were national servicemen "forced" by their superiors to download the app, and allegedly faced punishment if they did not. We are reluctant to say "forced", since the Ministry of Defence's explanation that soldiers should have the app downloaded on their phones made sense to us. The app has since racked up more than 100,000 downloads, but more interestingly, the 1.5-star rating back then has improved to 2.6. The number of five-star reviews, at over 400, is slowly catching up to the 600-plus one-star reviews. In the last couple of days, wordy, 'heartfelt' reviews have appeared, indicating another round of backlash towards being ordered to download the app. The strategy seems to have changed, from angry reviews to sarcastic ones.
  8. Slump in Singapore vehicle sales to worsen in 2019: Fitch ** I doubt that would be the case. Most likely they will reduce the quota to improve the road congestion. https://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/slump-in-singapore-vehicle-sales-to-worsen-in-2019-fitch *********************************************************************************************The contraction in vehicle sales will accelerate next year and hit rock bottom in 2021 despite an improving consumer outlook and a rise in ride-sharing demand, said a Fitch Solutions report yesterday. It noted that the drop in new vehicle registrations will worsen sharply from an estimated 11 per cent contraction this year to 20.1 per cent next year. In the longer term, new vehicle registrations will continue sliding, contracting at an annual average rate of 25.4 per cent over 2020 and 2021 before bottoming out. A rise in ride-sharing demand may also have mitigated some of the pressures during this contraction. However, Fitch analysts said the demand for vehicles from ride-share firms is unlikely to persist to the same extent over the remainder of their forecast period as Uber agreed to sell its South-east Asia business unit to its main rival, Grab. "We believe that this will diminish the pace at which vehicles will be purchased for ride-sharing purposes as there will be less competition and therefore less urgency to expand operating fleets in the country
  9. Was chatting with a fellow brother and we were arguing about how having turbo will contribute to FC. I was on the camp that having turbo, FC friendliness will only be achieved if the required gear-ratio vs RPM is achieved. He was on the camp that turbo is FC friendly regardless, only the max BHP is the difference at the correct gear-ratio vs RPM. so, just to generate some chit chat. i am bored. share your views.
  10. The Fiat Punto is the first car to have a zero star NCAP rating.. https://www.msn.com/en-sg/cars/news/fiat-punto-the-first-car-ever-to-be-awarded-zero-stars-following-euro-ncap-crash-tests/ar-BBGFYaG?ocid=spartandhp Do you know of any current production cars with poor safety ratings?
  11. SGWireless etc are FU, not counted. I m actually surfing in this food court, totally free, not crowded, strong signals!! Some of you might used it before. Orchard Rd. Some private clubs have it too, and they allow non members to use it if you somehow know the password which is reset weekly or even only monthly..
  12. For example Golf is 176 torque with 112 bhp. But the pickup seems faster than a stock civic which have higher bhp and torque
  13. from CNA news : Air disaster narrowly averted in China: report SHANGHAI : A Chinese pilot's refusal to give up his landing slot to a passenger plane that issued a distress call to say it was running out of fuel almost caused a disaster, state media reported Thursday. China's privately-owned Juneyao Airlines confirmed that one of its pilots refused to give way when a Qatar Airways plane contacted air traffic controllers at Hongqiao airport, asking permission to land immediately. The pilot of the Qatar plane said it had just five minutes' worth of fuel left after it was diverted from Shanghai, the Global Times newspaper reported, adding that a disastrous accident was only narrowly averted. The Qatar plane was travelling from Doha to Shanghai when it was ordered to divert due to a thunderstorm on August 13. Air traffic controllers in Hongqiao, about 45 kilometres (30 miles) from Shanghai, ordered the Juneyao pilot to circle the airport and allow the Qatar plane to land first, but the pilot refused. The Global Times said the Juneyao pilot claimed he had been waiting "a long time" and needed to land "right now", citing comments posted online. Shanghai-based Juneyao Airlines, which was founded in 2005, said the pilot and crew had been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, but that the "rumours on the Internet are far from the truth". "It remains doubtful whether the fuel on the Qatar Airways plane was really fewer than five minutes," the paper quoted a spokeswoman as saying. "And why didn't it inform the tower controller earlier?" At one point, the two aircraft came perilously close for there to be a risk of collision, according to an aviation forum quoted in The Global Times. "A Mayday is rare and means the plane is in an extreme emergency and may even face the danger of a crash," the paper quoted an unnamed senior air traffic control official as saying. China's civil aviation authority said in a statement it was investigating the incident and those responsible would be "severely punished". The Qatar plane landed safely after the incident. The pilot is really one of a kind ......
  14. Anyone use this Z-5 PRO b4 ? How much it cost? Can It be use at hm or must with professional help ? http://www.sgcarmart.com/directory/merchant.php?MID=12534 Please help .
  15. Folks, Keep on seeing the Black Garlic advertisements on TV and shopping malls. Is it really that good for health as claimed? Has anyone really benefited from this product (e.g. lower blood pressure, cholesterol), is black garlic really that different from normal garlic? Price difference is huge.
  16. http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?autoco...mp;product=4361 Even the oil filter element is so expensive!! Wow!! I wonder how much does a Porsche bolt or nut cost?
  17. Hi all, Not sure if u have tried booking airline tickets on a last-min basis close to those peak periods. I tried booking tickets to Thailand for a quick getaway this coming week. I did a comparison of their prices. Air Asia prices for 2-way tickets is about $460+ per pax. But Thai Airways is going for about $450+ per pax. Even Singapore Airlines is going for about $530+ per pax. No prizes for guessing which airline I chose in the end. Just wondering, budget airlines is meant to offer low-cost air travel. But if their prices is close to or even higher than full-fletched airlines, it defeats the purpose, isn't it? I fear they are another HDB-in-the-making.
  18. Click here for more details http://ca.autos.yahoo.com/p/2461/how-often...ge-my-motor-oil
  19. Oh my god .............. The best 8 yr old live Singing ! WOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBGMQ9Kx9iI&index=7&list=RDrFWs2Z_RZ3Y
  20. another catchy tune CRJ
  21. I wish I wish~~ I will be able to drop by this cool island one day http://news.asiaone.com/news/asia/its-raining-cats-and-tourists-japanese-island Love them all! Be kind to animals , you dun have to love them but don't abuse them
  22. I have often read about postings here that condemn MIK cars, and most often without any personal experience but just quoting stories from friends of friends or uncles of uncles. Of course it could be true, and the opinion could have formed over 10 or 20 years ago. Similar to what VW owners went through now. I believe since then, MIK rides have improved by leaps and bounds. I have owned a 2009 Kia Carens for 2 years, and it served me very very well except for a faulty ABS sensor which is non-critical. As such, I would like to invite fellow MCFers to put your personal experience down by taking part in the poll attached. The options are not exhaustive, but I am sure we could learn a lot about the performance of MIK rides by genuinely putting our personal experience down. I stress it is only for personal experience, not counted if the ride belong to your daddy or uncle or colleague or friend as you do not handle the ride and would not know if the ride has been maintained properly. Also, I hope you would be kind enough to put down the details of your MIK ride (model and year) and problems faced if there are. I could definitely have been lucky with my previous MIK ride. Please contribute and help this community to have a genuine picture of MIK rides.
  23. https://www.imoney.my/articles/is-ron97-really-better-than-ron95-part2-tried-and-tested
  24. Julie Roberts Clover products....really so lucky? anyone brought and tested it? really so lucky?
  25. Figures taken from "Cost (S$) For Cars Registered in June 2009" from LTA the left figure is for basic car cost inclusive of ave omv,arf,custom tax,gst,COE. the right figure is the dealer selling price with COE. are china cars THAT cheap? let the figures speak for themselves... of course conti makes the profit margin is higher...but for budget car? hmmm CHERY A5 1.6 MT 30,143 50,999 --> 20k profit CHERY QQ 0.8L MANUAL 24,335 35,999 --> 10.5k profit CHERY T11 1.6 MT 33,731 55,999 ---> 22k profit CHEVROLET AVEO 1.4MT 34,709 48,199 --> 14k profit HONDA CIVIC 1.6L 5AT 68,665 82,800 ---> 14k profit HONDA JAZZ 1.5L A 68,485 80,100 ---> 12k profit KIA CERATO FORTE 1.6(A) 44,499 50,499 ---> 6k profit KIA RIO 1.4 AT 2WD 5DR 35,853 42,499 ---> 7k profit MITSUBISHI LANCER 1.6 CVT SPORTS GLX 42,911 50,988 ---> 8k profit NISSAN LATIO 1.5L AT ABS D/AIRBAG 2WD 4DR 54,207 65,500 ---> 10k profit TOYOTA COROLLA ALTIS 1.6 AUTO 51,768 67,988 --> 16k profit
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