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Found 16 results

  1. Dont know if you would do what i just did. i cannot take it anymore. i just went to complain to the supervisor of a popular eatery that his male staff (server) who is keeping a long thumb nail had his nail soup into my bowl of bee hoon soup while holding to serve on my table. how could this be happened at all...
  2. Hi my friend is winding up her company for good, does anyone know any vendor that buy 2nd hand out of warranty, maintenance but serviceable IBM system x server, 3Com switch hub, server rack and telephoney system plus UPS
  3. Billcoke

    BF3 server under stress???

    Can't access BF3 for the pass 1 hr, is it down?
  4. Cerano

    Used Server Racks

    Any bros have any kan taos for used server racks? Small compact ones would be good because for Hifi usage
  5. Mllcg

    Which DNS server to use

    Configuring my router now. which DNS to use for my hubstation? use starhub DNS or google DNS? whats the diff? which is better?
  6. Luckcent

    Anyone notice MCF's Server

    is slow in responding ?. Is it lack of maintenance or something else. Any moderators can give an answer ?
  7. Theone2010

    CNA's Market Forum Server Down?

    i fear after election, many local forums, including MCF will also kanna. all MCF pro-opp will have to go hibernating for the next 5 years.
  8. Bigg

    .com and server question

    hello bros/sis, can i ask if any one use this website before, hostgator.com i kena arrow do company website...so thinking of getting domain + server with them. will have news, pictures, about, contact and company blog. will these features be able to 'tahan' the pages above? they seem like good, good specs, etc (most i dont understand one! ahha) and read alot of good reviews outside. then theres this coupon where u pay 1st month only 1cent! is this too good to be true or is it scam? any of you experience in this field, do share your tips and etc.
  9. The Mycarforum server will be undergoing routine maintenance on this coming Saturday (14-Feb) from 2359hr till next day (15-Feb) 0500hr. The website will be shut down during this period. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.
  10. David

    MCF Server Response Slow

    I seem to experience when posting a thread, it takes forever to be delivered - something like 10sec. Any members face similiar encounter?
  11. Dear users, We will be moving our server to a new data center location on 30th July 2008 in the afternoon from 12pm onwards. The downtime is expected to last till 6pm in the evening. http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/gforum.cgi...ew&post=2469210 Tomorrow will have cold turkey for about 6hrs
  12. Dear users, We will be moving our server to a new data center location on 30th July 2008 in the afternoon from 12pm onwards. The downtime is expected to last till 6pm in the evening. After the migration, the IP address of MyCarForum will change and will be reflected in the DNS. However some of the ISP might have cached the old IP address and hence you might not be able to access MyCarForum for a longer period of time. This is the first step of our forum migration. After this move, MyCarForum will still be hosted on our existing server so you might not see any immediate benefit but it will help us complete the forum migration to a new server. Regards.
  13. Singer

    MCF - Server Down?

    Izzit MCF or my PC? Whole aftn just now cudnt get thru...
  14. Dear users We will be performing a server migration on Friday evening(24 November) at 8pm and we will be shifting to a new data center. There will likely be a few hours downtime for the entire site due to the DNS changes but this will defer from ISP to ISP. For some users, it may be for the entire weekend. We hope to have the entire site available to all users by next Monday. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Regards.
  15. Welcome to the new MCF server everybody!! Initially wanted to do a banner showing some fireworks to commerate the opening of our very own MCF server... But too lazy so you guys/gals can use your imagination instead. We are now on our very own MCF server. Apologies to everyone who had to endure our ups and downs over the past 1-2 months. Our ex-hosting provider have a lot of hardware issues on their side, which up to now, they still have not ironed out. The worst thing is that everytime after an outage, some tables and files go missing or get corrupted and I have to recover from a previous backup, resulting in missing stuff here and there. Good luck to them and their remaining clients... With our own server, I can finally do some tweaking and enhancement to the underlying system itself for better performance. So hopefully you can all notice a speedup in the serving of the forum pages. Since our new server has lots of space, I have also tweaked the forum to accept attachments of up to 384kb(from 256kb). I have carefully chosen a new host who is located at 1Net, home of Singapore One, so for those of you at home on broadband, that means even faster connection to our server. I am now hopeful that this should mean an end to all our recent outages. Baring any unforseen events, we should now have a stable forum. So no more deja vu. No more matrix. For the future, since we are no more restrict by our harddisk size, I intend to slowly add on more stuff. But I am going to keep everyone in suspense. So stay tuned folks. And lastly for those of you out there who are curious, these are our current statistics which I got from our ex-host (in case you think hosting MCF on a virtual hosting plan previously was easy). Forum database size + attachements : Around 1.5GB (excluding any backups) Total postings made : 550,000+ (including those deleted) Monthly hits : 7.5 million Monthly pageviews : About a million. Monthly data transfer : 100 GB Can't compare to any big forums out there but we are not so small ourselves... All comments and suggestions on how to further improve the forum, pls do so here. http://www.mycarforum.com/forum/gforum.cgi?post=557102 Enjoy and thank you everyone! P.S. For technical follks only... I did read some posting on other forums from concerned users who believe that our forum is CGI-based and suggested that I switch to a PHP forum. Well let me assure you that it is not. Although the extension is .cgi, I am actually running off mod_perl, which is somewhat equivalent to php.