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Found 5 results

  1. Dont know if you would do what i just did. i cannot take it anymore. i just went to complain to the supervisor of a popular eatery that his male staff (server) who is keeping a long thumb nail had his nail soup into my bowl of bee hoon soup while holding to serve on my table. how could this be happened at all...
  2. Diners at a vegetarian eatery in Bangkok were shocked to find minced meat in their noodles, so they made a report to local authorities. What the authorities discovered during an inspection, however, was far more grisly. The extra ingredient was human flesh instead of minced pork or beef. When the police rushed to the deserted eatery, they found its kitchen walls splattered with blood and its floor covered by pieces of human flesh. A further check of the premises revealed that the body of a 61-year-old man was dumped in a septic tank. The disfigured victim was identified as Prasit Inpathom, a frequent patron of the eatery who was last seen having drinks there on Oct 21. According to reports, Prasit sustained grave injuries from a fight with the eatery's boss. He was hit in the head with a blunt object and had multiple knife wounds on his body. Preliminary investigations revealed that the eatery's boss had attempted to dispose of the body by cooking and serving it to customers. Police are now on the hunt for the suspect. ** some photos at the link ... RA **
  3. Chanced upon this kopitiam where all the stalls served Malay food. Only managed to try it today. It is located at Blk 529 AMK Ave 10. Good for those staying/working nearby. Understand this is a 24hrs kopitiam but not all stalls open 24hrs. Some will closed once their food sold out. Price is $3 for a bowl of lontong. Have not tried others YET. After that, still can tabao Pines Garden pastries home. I am not affiliated with this kopitiam. Just a glutton who can't resist sharing good makan place since yummy Malay food are hard to come by.
  4. Shortly after the discovery of dimsum at Blk 108, St 11. I found out another shop that took over the famous bak kut teh shop. Now it is called Bai Jia Yuan Cai Guan (Blk 108, AMK Ave 4, #01-84) I decided to give this shop a try yesterday night. I ordered the following items:- 1) Fried french beans with dried shrimps 2) Sweet & sour pork-small 3) Foo Yong Tan-small 4) Salted Veg Soup-small 5) Diced chicken-small 6) Salted fish fried rice-medium The damage plus 3 canned drinks came up to $35.64 (4 pax) after 10% disc. This shop is run by a China couple. Not sure whether it was a gimmick or truth when they said they have run out of white rice thereby we have to opt for fried rice. Overall the dishes not too salty. Lady Boss came and asked for feedback. Truthfully speaking, for that price, cannot complain. If you just want to fill your stomach, this is do-able but if you want tasty food at slightly higher price, can go to Hao Xiang Seafood (豪乡海鲜小厨) at Blk 158, Ang Mo Kio Ave 4. This morning, I went to check out Alif Corner Restaurant 24Hrs besides the 7-11 convenience store. They are located directly opposite Blk 172, AMK Ave 4. I tried 2 kosong prata, 1 puttu mayam & 1 teh tarik kurung manis which came up to $3.00. The prata is a little overdone, not cripsy but browned yet still soft & hot once you sink your teeth into it. The mutton curry that accompanied it was spicy but a little too watery. For the puttu mayam, it is not that fresh and they run out of coconut so I had to make do with just the orange sugar. For those who had tried freshly made hot pipping puttu mayam before, this one taste more like 1 day old puttu mayam. The teh tarik is more like susu tarik with colouring and I think sugar is very cheap nowadays despite asking for kurang manis. This shop is for those who want their prata fix yet don't want to travel to Jln Kayu which is abt 20mins drive +/-. If you hv a certain expectations of how you like yr prata, then this is definitely not the place for you. As for service, haiz, be prepared to remind the blokes abt yr order otherwise they will gather at one corner & start to chatter away.
  5. Darth_mel

    Your favorite turtle soup eatery

    Please list :) Tai Seng is not bad but portion getting smaller.