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Found 26 results

  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159106344728766&id=165507888765 Look.. what I scared the most.. slowly we are progressing to a stage where every single thing that happened and labeled it as racist. Hope this is an isolating incident, if not we are in a big trouble.. There are 2 big concern. 1. The way both mainstream and or non mainstream wrote their article on their agenda. News article can have many way of writing, and they way the article is written can subconsciously led us to think in certain direction that the news article want us to believe in. That's very dangerous if say xzy news media want us to believe that so and so race is racist against another race or so on. 2. The use of social media and it outspread. As we all know social media can magnify things if it went viral. What it all mean is that things can get stroke up and become very negative or even cause more anger among others. So that itself is very dangerous weapon.
  2. Our Minister for Home Affairs and Law K Shanmugam's response to the video. Racism is a sensitive topic to talk about in Singapore but it doesn't mean we should avoid it and pretend that it does not exist. Looking at the world today and even in Singapore, we can no longer shy away from touchy subjects but should stand up to condemn such actions. Indeed a worrying trend and seems like we are starting to see an uptick here.
  3. Former Malaysian PM Mahathir to form new Malay-based party amid talk of possible snap polls https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/malaysia-politics-mahathir-new-malay-party-12999888 Uncle form new party machiam change clothes. This time round might as well just call "Mahathir party" since he's son targeted to take over later.
  4. Ronleo

    Malay wedding

    Hi, First time got invited to a malay wedding. The type at HDB void deck. So not sure how much to give... If one person go, wat the market rate like? And also if Bring wife n little girl, wats the rate? Many Tks in adv!
  5. Kelpie

    Anyone into Malay Pop Songs?

    Hi all, Contemplating to start a Malay pop song list and wondering whether Malay pop songs are as good as those from K-Pop and T-Pop? Found this one from Youtube: Seindah Biasa by Siti Nurhaliza at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO8S5tx-tI4...feature=related Need your recommendation. Thank you very much. Regards,
  6. Neighbour told Malay aunty to stop cooking at home as Malay food is smelly. The next door neighbour must be FT https://www.facebook.com/lisa.hussin/posts/10153314647397090#sthash.jsxfD1lx.dpuf
  7. Picnic06-Biante15

    Johor To Seize Malay Land From Non-Malays

    Malaysia boleh ............ My friend had ever warned me with regards to buying houses in MY, they could seize back anytime.... Yahoo news: Johor to seize Malay land from non-Malays NUSAJAYA: The Johor government will seize Malay reserve land which had fallen into the hands of non-Malays. Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin said several action plans would be enforced to seize land which rightfully belonged to Malays. “This shows that we did not neglect our responsibility in defending or increasing the size of Malay reserve land,” he said to questions from Datuk Maulizan Bujang (BN-Tiram), Ayub Jamil (BN-Rengit) and A. Aziz Ismail (BN-Senggarang) at the Johor state assembly sitting here yesterday. However, he did not elaborate on what the action plans were nor the size of Malay reserve land which had changed hands. Khaled said Johor had 432,157ha of Malay reserve land as of last September, compared with 87,536ha in 1957. “In the Iskandar Malaysia economic region, the size of Malay reserve land is 23,517ha, compared to 1,921ha in 1957. “These include land in Johor Baru and in Kulaijaya. “This clearly shows that the acreage of Malay reserve land in the economic region has grown in size, and not the other way round. “In fact, the size of Malay reserve land has grown by 12 times as compared to 1957,” he said. Link: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/johor-seize-malay-land-non-001539205.html So those who rush in to buy condos or bungalow will now as the developer could build them on Malay land and will be seized back....
  8. Chanced upon this kopitiam where all the stalls served Malay food. Only managed to try it today. It is located at Blk 529 AMK Ave 10. Good for those staying/working nearby. Understand this is a 24hrs kopitiam but not all stalls open 24hrs. Some will closed once their food sold out. Price is $3 for a bowl of lontong. Have not tried others YET. After that, still can tabao Pines Garden pastries home. I am not affiliated with this kopitiam. Just a glutton who can't resist sharing good makan place since yummy Malay food are hard to come by.
  9. I couldn't stop laughing at the pictures! This is so typical! http://www.vice.com/read/the-malaysian-naz...for-a-pure-race Meet the Malaysian Neo-Nazis Fighting for a Pure Malay Race By Nick Chester 329 29 points on reddit A couple of years ago, my friend moved out to Malaysia in search of a life where a winter wardrobe isn't a thing and you don't have to worry about stuff like moronic bro culture or seeing Kim K's face on television. What he found was a job as a bar manager in an establishment frequented by Malay punks covered in swastikas, wearing Combat 18 (a neo-Nazi terrorist organization) T-shirts and harping on about "Malay power." Turns out they're a group of far-right nationalists who want to rid Malaysia of any non-ethnic Malays and stop immigration into the country. Which, although pretty backwards and reductive, isn't all that surprising in the current world climate. What was surprising, and kind of confusing, is that they identify themselves as neo-Nazis, are fond of sieg-heiling and listen to Nazi bands like Skrewdriver and Angry Aryan, yet definitely aren't Aryan themselves. And adopting a worldview that specifically discriminates against your race seems a very odd thing to do. I was told that one of the most popular Malay power bands is an act named Boot Axe, so I got in touch with band member Mr. Slay to find out why exactly a group of Malaysians are going through this bizarre, neo-Nazi identity crisis. VICE: Hi Slay. So what
  10. like that easy lor, since ungrateful and fussy some more, donations can go somewhere and someone else. "While many Singaporeans are contented living in harmony in Singapore, popular Malay musician and arts activist Art Fazil had created ruckus when he posted a photo of Muslims receiving alms from Buddhist monks in front of a Buddha statue during the holy month of Ramadan on Facebook. A photo taken from Suria channel evening Malay news was intentionally taken out of context to sow discord among the Muslims and the non-Muslims. Supporters of Art Fazil felt that the collection of alms in front of a Buddha statue was inappropriate. They even urged Muslims should not be too tolerant towards other religions at the expense of Islam, which opposes idol worship." http://www.sporehallofshame.blogspot.sg/20...-disaffect.html
  11. Hi all, Pardon my ignorance, is there an official record somewhere that explained why our national anthem is or must be in Malay? I'm sure many sing for the sake of singing and may not really understand the full meaning of the lyrics as time goes by. Many also can't sing it properly too . So what is the rationale? Please advise us. Thank you very much. Regards,
  12. Scb11980

    Surdiman - Malay movie star

    just cant find any information on this Malaysian movie star and singer the last heard he die of pneumonia at a very young age anyone know about him i enjoyed his movies but cant find them sad thanks for any lead
  13. - this relic of malaysia's umno in singapore is imploding again and again. can't even hide contrabrand properly! i think they still attend umno general assemblies up north and cry to their "abang" umno malaysia about discrimination in singapore etc. http://www.todayonline.com/Singapore/Singa...-cigarette-raid The president of the Singapore Malay National Organisation (PKMS), Ali Asjadi, was arrested on Saturday morning following a raid by the Singapore Customs for contraband cigarettes. A Singapore Customs spokesman said three other men were also arrested in the operation along Changi Road, where the PKMS building is located. Singapore Customs seized a "sizeable quantity" of illicit cigarettes. The spokesman said: "As part of its routine operations to stamp out contraband cigarettes, Singapore Customs seized a sizeable quantity of contraband cigarettes along Changi Road on Saturday morning. "As a result of the operation, four men, including one Mr Ali bin Asjadi, have been arrested and charged in court. They are now under remand for Singapore Customs to further conduct its investigations." Ali, who is in his 50s, has been president of Singapore's only Malay-based political party for about a year, said PKMS deputy president Abu Mohamed. The 60-year-old freelance director in an oil services company added that he was unable to comment further until he knew "the precise details" but said he would be calling for an emergency meeting with other members tonight. Mr Abu said that a group of plain clothes Customs officers had visited the party's office within the PKMS building on Saturday at around 11am. They checked the president's office and asked to look at the accounts of the organisation. "If any member - even the president - is engaged in any criminal or unlawful activity, then he will be out of PKMS. I am worried for the organisation, that this is happening," Mr Abu said. Carolyn Quek
  14. Over the past few days where i had many errands to run all over singapore, i realised that there are more and more young chinese girls wearing super tight spagetti strap tops and super short shorts... are young chinese girls getting more liberal? i also realise that there are more and more malay young girls wearing the malay cloth like bandana on their head (dont know the name). are young malay girls getting more religious? but they are all subjected to the same singapore education so why the difference?
  15. Have you guys seen this? Quote: PRC man boasted about beating up a Malay Singaporean on new citizen forum A PRC man working in Singapore posted a potentially seditious comment in a new citizen forum for mainland Chinese living in Singapore which cast aspersions on the Malay community on 9 June 2011. Read entire post in Chinese below: http://bbs.sgchinese.net/thread-4537683-1-1.html Using the moniker of 奈何惹尘埃, he described his experience of nearly knocking down a Malay Singaporean when he was doing his delivery on a particular day in a post titled
  16. Hi there. Looking for a Malay guy who drives an air trek and last week bought the coilover and air filter from man exhaust. Please contact him soon. Urgent case. As u all know Man from Man exhaust is very trustworthy and understanding chap. But the story Man told me really irks me when this happen.
  17. dear all... 1ST AND FOREMOST.... this thread is not about Malay drivers or Red-Plates... just so happen this Malay Red-plate pissed me off... Lately my mood has been very down... due to being over-worked, stress... moving hse... wife problems... honestly with all these problems should be damn bad mood... but no leh... i so depressed and sian that i have to fake looking happy and cheerful at work... especially in front of my customers... and to my surprise, when on the road kanna cut, instead of blasting my horns, just cursed him in my heart... i had more stressful problems to deal with than idiotic drivers... yesterday after an event at Sembawang, while leaving for hm, decided to go in JB top up some petrol n buy ciggies... not much of a jam... took my own sweet time and came out in abt an hour... after getting out of Woodlands checkpoint, once i entered the bridge into BKE, there was this snail Blue Aveo on the right lane going at maybe 50km/h... its ok i thought, he's probably picking up speed... next 10secs still snail speed... so i high beam... still snail speed... i still waiting for him to chnage lane so that i can speed up... so i tailgate very close to show him i wanna speed up... and he tap his brake.... i cut left wind down my window and stared at him... (by then behind got a row of cars liao)... all the passengers looked at me... all except the driver... so i shouted ..."you tap the brake ah?... you cheesepie knn... fish you bus-third... ni na bu cheespie..."... STILL the driver looked infront while the (i presume) mother and wife all looking at me... i gave a final middle finger good-bye and speed off on the 2nd lane to cut into SLE... while he was still holding up a long row of traffic on the 1st lane... c--k sia i was kinda disappointed at myself for losing it... but i told myself this would not have happened if the asshol3 did not tap his brake... i mean wtf?... want to tio tai chi ah?... knn i am ok with slow drivers... my mun is... just keep left lah... bloody fisher... if it wasnt because the whole family was in the car i would have scolded even more... haiz... dont know how many strands of hair i lost over this incident....
  18. I feel a closeness to my Malay and Indian fellow citizens during this election that was not apparent before. A strange feeling cos we are supposed to be one country and the GRC was set up to attain closer integration and goodwill amongst the races. I guess this feeling arose from the sub conscious that we are one people after all. Perhaps it is also the primal feeling that we need to band together as one against the deluge of foreigners that have flooded in and caused many to feel like strangers in their own land. I have to thank the incumbent government for letting me feel what it means to be Singaporean, as one people, one nation. I am pretty sure they did not mean for it to happen this way though. With pride. A brave lion I will be.
  19. Hi anyone can advise how to to give Ang Pow for HDB void deck Malay Wedding? Heard give $10 can liao issit? Please advise. Dun want to malu myself
  20. Csnewbie

    Teach Us Malay Language Pls

    Saya=me. Selamat pagi=good morning. Babi=pig. Makan=eat. Aku tak tahu=i don't know. I am Chinese.Anyone with Malay Language-Knowhow is welcome to teach us the language. So that more are conversant with the language.And also make us understand more of our Malay Comrades. Thanks in advance. Many Regards!
  21. Ahtong

    Question about Malay names

    If I am not wrong, Malay names like Mohd, Noor and Abdul are actually a prefix right? So what is the proper way of addressing someone with a prefixed name? Must I say "Abdul xxxxxx" or is xxxxxx enough? And what is the meaning of these prefixes? Can anyone have them or is there some requirement?
  22. Dualie

    Where can learn Malay?

    Hi, I'm interested in learning the Malay language. Just for simple conversational use. Anyone can recommend?