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Found 21 results

  1. I would like to highlight my case. Last Saturday, I went to Khatib Central to pick up my wife after she has completed her CNY shopping. My brother borrowed my car so I had to drive my L200. It had a height of 1.95m (after installation of airport light beacons for use in within Changi Airport), i was not able to enter the MSCP located at Blk 848A as it had a height limit of 1.8m. To make matters worse, there were no space to park at the roadside or the loading & unloading lots as the road itself was congested. Thus I did not have a choice but to park at the Season Parking Lot located at Level 1 as its height limit is 2.15m. I came back to my vehicle with my wife to realise that I have received a fine and when i got home i proceed to file an appeal. I am ok to have my appeal rejected but the grounds that it had been rejected is rather lacking in common sense. It was due to the fact that there is people complaining. If it was like you are a repeat offender or your vehicle is below 1.8m you can definitely park at the MSCP, i still can accept it. I can't park anywhere else and I cant possibly ram through the height limit gantry and damage HDB's property. From now on, I will go on foot to Khatib Central but I hope that public servants can solve problems like renovating the carpark to solve the parking problem and not resort to summons. A smart society solves the problem at the root not at the ends. I have since paid my fine
  2. Hello seniors and Enciks I have been looking at 2nd hand car dealer sites. I saw some are selling 5-year coe cars and it comes with 1-year official warranty and claimed that the engine has been refurbished. I am aware 5-year coe cars are non-renewable. But on the surface, it looks like a okay deal since you can drive it for 5 years? I could get a renewable car with 2.5 years left, at the same price. Does it really make any sense to buy 5-year coe cars? What are the considerations? When it means 1-year official warranty, means I could go back to distro? Sounds like a gamble.. Any inputs are appreciated.
  3. When I was 10, time seemed to go by so slowly. I had all the time in the world to do what I wanted. January seemed to never end. Though, December did seem to pass by a little faster than January did in that year. But, it was soon January again, time for school, time for friends, time for new learning. Right now, time passed us by so fast. LKY's passing was more than a month ago. I had not much idea what happened to April. Time. It seems not to be constant, but yet, all our instruments tell us that it is. A second is always a second. A year is always a year. Or is it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNgyEmYyQF4
  4. QFT: 'Why It Makes Sense To Buy Gold' Good article by fund mgr (managing USD150M); article prob written for India audience, but facts about money printing aka Quantitative Easing (QE) initiated by the US FED remain relevant to the citizens of EVERY OTHER export dependent economy- competing to print $$$ (see 'currency war') to keep currency exchange 'stable'/ 'competitive'- e.g. Euro, China, Japan and even Switzerland etc etc will result in escalating price inflation internationally, which would make physical gold an attractive hedge against inflation secondary to money printing (aka QE). See related: - 'Singapore's inflation may remain elevated for years to come: survey' (CNA, 24Jan2013) - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gold_as_an_investment
  5. RadX

    Sense of National Pride!

    Watching the Olympics gives me impetus to start this topic. You see the spectators, and all the national paranaphelia. they have scarves, blankets, shawls, sunglasses, wristbands, caps, shirts, etc etc all in the shape/form of their national flag. I see sooo much pride they have in their country that it really makes you want to cry. However, over at this place, called Singapore, we are not allowed to make scarves, etc etc without the proper legislation. Even the furore of flags flying, and the covers of signal indicators went thru some looooooooong process. Save for the disgusting swimming trunks, some time ago, Which was in bad taste, I wonder why there is no stoping others, like sunglasses, etc... your views, please. Any gahmen bashing will earn some colors
  6. Bankrupts' CPF inheritance goes first to... Court of Appeals ruled that money must first be used to pay off debts. Tue, Nov 15, 2011 AsiaOne Any inheritance money from the Central Provident Fund (CPF) willed to a bankrupt, whether discharged or not, will go towards settling the bankrupt's debt, reported the Straits Times. The Court of Appeal ruled that any money left after paying off creditors will be held in trust. This means it will be managed on behalf of the bankrupt. The court also ruled that even if the information on the bequeathed sum surfaces after the bankrupt has been discharged from his or her debts, the money will still go to the Official Assignee (OA), who will hold it in trust. The court set these rulings in a judgment released last week in a case where a discharged bankrupt tried to keep $102,000 left to her by her late sister in CPF money and SingTel shares. The woman involved in the test case, 52-year-old kitchen helper Madam Lim Lye Kiang, had been a bankrupt for 11 years with debts amounting to $1.18 million to 13 creditors when her sister Lye Keow died of cancer in March 2008. When Madam Lim Lye Keow died, her bequest should have been transferred to the OA, as under the law, all assets belonging to a bankrupt are held by the OA for distribution to his creditors. However, the OA was not aware of the inheritance. The paper reported that in October 2009, the OA asked the court to discharge Madam Lim as a bankrupt, as she had been one for more than ten years with no further realisable estate. She had also paid up to $150 for her monthly contributions to her bankruptcy estate. She was then discharged in November of that year after each of her creditors received $11,664 in a final dividend declared by the OA. However, two months later, she tried to claim her inheritance from the CPF. The CPF Board instead transferred the money to the OA, who applied to the court for an order to distribute the money among Madam Lim's creditors. In October 2010, the High Court sided with the OA. Madam Lim had argued that since the CPF authorised the release of the money after she was discharged as a bankrupt, the money belonged to her. According to the paper, the court said that 'the protection extended to the money of CPF account holders did not extend to nominees like Madam Lim, and that the money could thus go to the OA to settle debts'. When she appealed, the appeal court ruled that as she was a bankrupt at the time of her sister's death, the money had to go to the OA. It rejected the argument of her lawyer, Foo Soon Yien, who said that her discharge 'had the effect of revesting the entitlement to the money in her'. The court, made up of Judges of Appeal Chao Hick Tin, Andrew Phang and V. K. Rajah, instead agreed with the OA's lawyer Lim Yew Jin, who argued that the discharge did not reinstate Madam Lim's right to the money. Bankruptcy laws that rule the administration of a bankrupt's estate may continue after his discharge were upheld by the court. The court said that while a bankruptcy discharge releases him from debts, it does not affect the debts themselves. Thus, any assets that surface after a final dividend is paid to creditors will be held in trust by the OA for the discharged bankrupt so what is the point of being discharged as a bankrupt and after 10 years still have to mari kita
  7. Chewy

    Some sense quotes...

    ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws. - Plato (427-347 B.C.)
  8. ...with so many FTS around....and was embarrassed...SG ger study so much for what....she got phd how to find so many phd husbands....not everyone like me got PHD in psychology you know Mr Lee paused and looked at Miss Sim.
  9. The writer, See Leong Kit, was a Colombo Plan scholar. With all the statistics presented, I think Gerard Ee will have a hard time not to do something drastic to cut Ministerial pay to a decent and reasonable level, otherwise ... ..............................Enjoy To: Mr Gerard Ee Chairman, Ministerial Salary Review Committee From: Mr David L K See (63-year old tertiary-educated native-born S'pore Citizen, who had completed full- time National Service) cc: PM Lee Hsien Loong/Other Ministers Opposition MPs, NCMPs Political Commentators Contents Para 1 --- Quick Background/Summary of the Ministerial Pay Issue and the ensuing Public Anger. Para 2 --- Suggestions to address/defuse Public Anger. 1 World-Infamous Obscenely-Humongous Million-Dollar PUBLIC SECTOR Salaries in Singapore 1.1 Quotable Quotes: -- US President Barack Obama (BBC 11 Jul 09): "...No country is going to create wealth if its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves..." -- From a Financial Times article (TODAY 26 Nov 10): "...In a society that lacks political checks and balances, such waves of public outrage can develop a force rarely seen in democratic societies..." 1.2 Very Telling PAP Political U-Turns (confirming that PAP has lost its "moral compass"):THEN (Straits Times 21 August 1989 ) "To build a country, you need passion. If you just do your sums --- plus, minuses, credit, debit --- you are a washout." --- PM Lee Kuan Yew 18 YEARS LATER (Straits Times 5 April 2007 ) When it was put to him that people hoped for leaders who were willing to make sacrifices and who were not there for the money, he (MM Lee Kuan Yew) replied that these were "admirable sentiments but we live in the real world". NOW (Straits Times 22 May 2011 ) " Politics is not a job or a career promotion. It is a calling to serve the larger good of Singapore." --- PM Lee Hsien Loong 1.3 "Monkey Politics" in Singapore: PAP say: Pay PEANUTS and you will get CORRUPT Monkeys! S'pore Voters say: Pay BIG BANANAS but still get INCOMPETENT Chimpanzees !!! [ Just one example of INCOMPETENCE taken from a long list --- The Mas Selamat Great Escape Monumental Fiasco, which led to Singapore (and its Prime Minister) becoming a laughing stock amongst the International Coalition Against Terrorism ] "Monkey Antics" of Singapore Political Elite: I scratch your back, you scratch mine. I cover your butt, you cover mine. 1.4 Main Bug-Bear of many Singaporeans is the HIGH COST of LIVING --- arising from high cost of government; high cost of homes (both HDB and private); high cost of healthcare; high cost of transport (both private transport and public transport), etc...... HIGH COST of GOVERNMENT in Little Red Dot Singapore: (a) A BLOATED CABINET comprising an extravagant entourage of one Prime Minister, one Minister Mentor, two Senior Ministers, two Deputy Prime Ministers --- followed by 15 Ministers, 10 Ministers-of-State --- plus 4 Parliamentary Secretaries, 5 CDC Mayors and 82 PAP MPs [ Parliament set-up, prior to 2011 GE ] (b) A BULGING BLOATED BUREAUCRACY with 9 Organs of State, 15 Ministries and 64 Statutory Boards. NOTE: The high cost of this Top-Heavy Government is paid for NOT from PAP Party Funds BUT from PUBLIC FUNDS (i.e. the hard-earned monies of S'pore Taxpayer-Voters collected through numerous taxes/dues) 1.5 PAP Government's World-Infamous Double Records: (a) PM Lee Hsien Loong confirmed as "World's Highest-Paid Politician" by Economist/Financial Times. (b) All the world's Top 30 highly-paid politicians are found in SINGAPORE (in PM Lee's Cabinet, of course!). 1.6 Singapore's fat-cat ministers getting fatter each year: BASIC Annual Pay (Source: Straits Times reports) President's pay: $2.6m(2006) $3.2m(2007) $3.9m(2008) [ THIS MUCH for a largely ceremonial post (shaking hands, kissing babies, cutting ribbons, opening Keppel Bay bridge, attending charity functions, hosting state dinners ....) ??? ] PM/MM/SM pay: $2.5m(2006) $3m(2007) $3.8m(2008) DPM pay: $2m (2006) $2.5m (2007) $3m (2008) Minister pay: $1.2m(2006) $1.6m(2007) $1.9m(2008) [ Current MP Allowance (for a part-time job!) = $13,500 per month ] [ PM Basic Pay = $3.8m per year = $320,000 per month = $10,000 per day ] [ Minister Basic Pay = $1.9m per year = $160,000 per month = $5,000 per day ] 1.7 Justifiable/Understandable Anger of S'pore Voters: (a) We, Singaporeans, Not DAFT !!! Neither are we uncivilized nor barbaric to expect our Politicians/Bureaucrats to work "for free" or to survive on "fresh air and love of the people". We will readily support adequate/reasonable remunerations. BUT the above figures are not just humongous but obscenely-humongous salaries, going by both local/international PUBLIC SECTOR standards !!! (b) How could tiny Singapore's PM be earning six times the pay of the American President and ten times that of the Japanese PM and the Australian PM ??? [ All the latter three Heads of State are governing very big countries with large populations, and very complex political/economic/social issues. ] If Singapore's PM screw up, only S'poreans will suffer. But if the American President screw up (and presses the wrong buttons), the whole world (including little red dot Singapore and its entire Lee Family) could go up in nuclear smoke !!! © Are we paying TOO MUCH for TOO LITTLE transparency and accountability ??? Do we really have a "visionary and competent" Government or just "grossly over-paid" Politicians/Bureaucrats ??? With such obscenely-humongous public sector salaries, how can these PAP politicians ever earn the "moral authority" [much less the respect] of S'poreans to govern this tiny island nation ??? [ "People do not always hate the rich. People hate those who are immorally rich."--- Mr Qiu Liping, professor of social stratification at Shanghai University. MYP 16 Dec 09 ] 1.8 AN IMPORTANT NOTE: (a) The above-stated mind-boggling SINGLE-DIGIT MILLIONS represent just BASIC Annual Pay i.e excluding mid-year bonus, year-end bonus, Performance Bonus, GDP Bonus, CPF/PENSION
  10. Over the past few days where i had many errands to run all over singapore, i realised that there are more and more young chinese girls wearing super tight spagetti strap tops and super short shorts... are young chinese girls getting more liberal? i also realise that there are more and more malay young girls wearing the malay cloth like bandana on their head (dont know the name). are young malay girls getting more religious? but they are all subjected to the same singapore education so why the difference?
  11. Ahtong

    Ris Low talking a lot of sense

    The kiasu and kiasi of being Singaporean According to former Singapore Miss World Ris Low, Singaporeans are always hustling and bustling. Life is very stressful, very
  12. Ticklish8

    Making sense of market turmoil...

    Most U.S. banks were in dire straights and all of the too-big-to-fail banks (the largest banks in the U.S.) were insolvent as a result of the credit crisis that hit in 2008. Both the U.S. Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve (which is run by bankers, essentially for banks) recognized that they had to save the banks at any and all costs - otherwise the U.S. economy and the global economy would collapse into a depression of catastrophic proportions. Money was pumped into the financial system by means of several government and Federal Reserve programs. Interest rates were kept so low that the overnight rate that banks charge each other, which is engineered by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was, and still is, at historic lows in the range of 0.00% to 0.25%. With money borrowed at essentially no cost, banks bought risk-free U.S. Treasuries. The banks used the Treasuries they bought as collateral to borrow more money in the short-term "repo" markets. And with those additional borrowed funds, the banks bought even more Treasuries. The interest that the banks collect on the Treasuries created a profitable "interest-rate spread" - the difference between the interest they earned on the bonds they held and the almost-interest-free "loans" they took out in order to leverage their balance sheets. Ok here where the problem start. With borrowed money at technically "zero interest" rate, the banks, fund manager and the hedge fund started to look for "investment" that can maximise their profit. The first to benefit is of course stock market...... That what you have been witnessing so far with QE1 and QE2.... next in line is of course commodity like Oil, Gold etc.... then currency.... that why u see currenct like Australian Dollar and the Brazilian real surge... the next to go up is of course PROPERTY. So the bull market that powered U.S/Singapore/Asia stocks off their March 2009 bear-market lows was the result of the massive monetary stimulus put in place by Washington and the U.S. Federal Reserve. The U.S. monetary stimulus - billions of dollars worth- went into banks and other financial institutions - and not into the economy. That's why stocks have benefited - even in the face of an economy in US which growth has been lackluster, if not downright flat.......... So now you have situation that so called "hot money" is chasing the same thing, ie stock, currency (emerging market), commodity and property.... So what happen. Well the music have to stop.... ie after QE2 was withdrawn, u can see how ugly the REAL economy is, especially in US and Europe.... So the fund manager and hedge start to deleverage... Like I said, first u have situation ALL the hot money chasing the above (until u create a bubble), then u have reverse...... So that what you are witnessing right now...... I may be wrong in my analysis.... Please share your inputs... thanks....
  13. Hey guys im cosidering buying a 2nd hand car in the future but im thinking. does it make sense to buy a 2nd hand car?? Assume im buying a BRAND NEW M3 at $394,800 with 90% loan over a period of 10 years. The monthly installment would be $3518 (1.88%interest) I am then able to drive the car for 10 years at $3518 installment for 10 years. However, if I buy a 2ND HAND 2010 M3 at $328,888 with 90% loan ($295999) over the remaining life of the car. The monthly installment would be $3204 (1.88% interest) I am then able to drive the car for 9 years with $3204/mth for 9 years. That doesnt make sense after you count that the car is USED and may have certain wear and tear parts that require changing. Can someone elighten me on this?
  14. Excellent points that are obvious but should be repeated over and over again to the those who are daft until they stick. One thing really stands out - Mr Mah apparently does not like the fact that public housing policy is stack in favor of Singaporeans? === A wrong sense of housing affordability: NSP's Goh by Tan Weizhen 01:25 AM Apr 26, 2011 SINGAPORE - Paying nothing as a deposit for a new flat or covering monthly mortgages with Central Provident Fund contributions do not mean public housing is affordable, the National Solidarity Party said yesterday. At current housing prices, buyers will have to service their loans for the next 30 years, which will wipe out the CPF accounts of many buyers, leaving them with little for retirement, NSP secretary-general Goh Meng Seng said in response to recent comments by National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan. Mr Mah had said on Sunday that eight in 10 couples who buy new flats use only a quarter or less of their salaries to service their home loans, because they use their CPF. Combined with housing grants, a couple earning $4,000 could get a flat with "zero deposit", he had also said. But Mr Goh said many young people he has met on the ground cannot afford flats, even with a 30-year mortgage: "A 30-year mortgage isn't affordable. It would mean that all the youngsters now, in 30 years' time, wouldn't be able to retire; CPF would be zero. So what gives? Our future generation will suffer. "To say that - not forking out cash for deposit - is a myth. It has created a wrong sense of affordability." His NSP team distributed flyers at the Tampines MRT Station last night. The NSP is contesting Tampines Group Representation Constituency, where Mr Mah is the People's Action Party anchor minister. Mr Goh also defended his proposal that permanent residents should have a longer minimum occupation period for HDB flats: Eight years, compared to five for Singaporeans. Mr Mah had rejected that proposal as housing policy was already "stacked in favour" of Singaporeans. Mr Goh responded by saying there should be a mindset change with regard to PRs: "Whoever we want to attract, we should have the motive to make sure these PRs will become our citizens. We don't want (PRs of) a migrant nature." He believes that raising the criteria to eight years will elicit more commitment from PRs, as a flat will then become a home to them and "the natural path is to become a citizen". As for local issues NSP will campaign on, Mr Goh said Tampines has a number of problems, including an ageing population, lack of car park spaces and poor estate maintenance. Some ageing HDB blocks have leaking roofs and peeling paint, he said. His proposals include a community hospital to serve the elderly in Tampines, Simei and Pasir Ris-Punggol.
  15. Quoted from ST online THE drive to be a Global City has come at a price for Singaporeans and their quality of life, said three prominent figures, including Workers' Party chairman Sylvia Lim, on Monday. And while Singapore may have first-world infrastructure, it suffers from a lack of creativity and intellectual freedom of the sort found in other Global Cities, they argued during a panel at the annual Singapore Perspectives seminar. Noting that she found the terms Global City and Endearing Home a contradiction, Ms Lim said that there has been a 'palpable sense of loss of identity' among Singaporeans due to the pace of change over the last few years. She said that the change in population mix in particular - in 1990, 86 per cent of the population were local; this fell to 63 per cent in 2010 - has had an adverse impact on Singaporeans and their sense of security In fact, she noted that she has heard from some who have emigrated elsewhere that they believed they would be better taken care of as permanent residents in other countries, than as citizens in their own. This perennial tension between the frenetic pace of a Global City and the sheltering stability of a Nation-State was singled out by author Derek Da Cunha, a fellow panellist, as an issue that will prove critical in the forthcoming General Election. Link What do u guys think? I will have to agree with her.... the identity is lost somewhere :angry:
  16. Epica Diesel "Both the Chevrolet Epica and Chevrolet Captiva SUV models are now offered with a diesel power plant. Both models now get the 2.0 liter turbocharged diesel engine which is good for 148HP and 320Nm of torque. More importantly, this new engine is supposed to improve performance figures on both models. Compared to the Epica with a 144HP 2.0 liter petrol, sprint figure is improved by 0.9 seconds to 10.6 seconds and top speed is rated at 205 km/h with the diesel engine, instead of 195 km/h with the 2.0 petrol. In the Captiva, the 2.0 diesel is able to propel the SUV to the 100 km/h mark in 12.2 seconds compared to 12.5 seconds with the 136HP 2.4 liter petrol, and top speed is figured at 180 km/h instead of 178 km/h. Both the Epica and Captiva models with diesel comes with a 6 speed automatic and a 5 speed automatic transmission respectively. On top of the reduction in diesel taxes in Singapore, Chevrolet is absorbing half of the diesel tax for the first three years for the diesel powered Captiva to encourage more buyers to take home diesel powered vehicles. However, no news yet regarding the similar promotion for the Epica. The Captiva SUV with diesel carries a price tag of S$ 89,200 inclusive of COE. Pricing for the diesel powered Epica is yet to be released. " Especially when paired up with this (promises of up to another 20% lower FC) and Nice comfy sedan, huge boot, good FC + good power + fantastic torque, 6spd auto!!! I wonder how much it is going to cost the end user.
  17. The letter attached by a fellow citizen expresses the dire straite the current situation is that is we ars so disillusion. I hope some from this forum will some day take the initiative to lead our country please give support to our fellow countryman who are in a worse situation that all of us here thank you http://tankinlian.blogspot.com/ Lost the sense of bonding and togetherness Dear Mr. Tan Kin Lian I am a retiree in my sixties and, like you, my heart sentiments and empathies are for the man-in-the- street, ordinary Singapore citizens, and the senior citizens, who are not able to express themselves on their plights and miseries, for lack of ability, education, literacy, IT skills and media know how. The plight of the poor misguided uncles and aunties, and including my wife and I, who laboured all their lives trusting in the government's promise of a better life, when they can retire with their CPF nest eggs, have just had their dreams shattered and crumbled by the latest chain of events from the financial collapse from around the world. Some of us may be in the same age bracket as a few of our longstanding national leaders, some of whom have passed on, and some who are still giving counsel on the affairs of state. How does one compare the earning of a poor cleaner or bus or taxi driver, with that of those whose monthly salary income is 2000 times as much, or whose lifetime savings is not even one fifth of one months salary of some. It is not my mission and agenda to protest against the establishment, just for protest sake. But we are now talking about retirees and hardworking citizens who have saved diligently and conscientiously for nearly all their working lives, and as they now walk into their sunset years, they have just suddenly seen the sun go down, without being sure whether it will rise up again the next day. This is a very sad and human tragedy for Singaporean leaders to address quickly. There is no point in building more of the asset rich Singapore hardware, when the national heartware is in tatters. We have to offer a temple of hope, in order to create a real sense of community belonging in this small so called ' Red Dot island paradise' Whilst we are shut out our city to entertain and accomodate our foreign guests, as they pop champagne and feast on caviar and veal, whilst they watch some silly machine zooming by, our taxi drivers, retailers and restaurants are hurting from lack of patronage and support. Whilst Rome burns, we are makiing sport. It is paradox, and an irony, when well qualified and able young Singapore born sons and daughters, leave this 'island paradise' for greener pastures in Australia, NZ, the U.S., Canada, and may not come back home, and we then encourage new alien migrants from neighbouring feeder countries, offering them PR or Singapore citizenship after two years, because they can play better ping pong, or badminton, or football to add to our talent pool. On the one hand we have full born and bred political opposition members who risk and sacrifice all they have and owned to speak up for the silent Singaporeans, but they are crucified on our court altar, for their their defiance and different points of view. Are we supposed to behave like obedient Singaporean sheep that goes "baa baa, yes sir, yes sir, you're right again, all the time" . What has happened to the days of the "gotong royong" when we were more kin and kind as near equals with 'cangkuls and poon kees' in hand, to re-build track roads and clean up the beaches. That was a time when we truly felt the kampong community spirit of collective self help, and we could relate and identify very strongly with our MPs and national leaders fighting for this country's survival. What has happened to the recognition and memories of some of our surviving pioneer old guards like Toh Chin Chye, Goh Keng Swee, Othman Wok, Ong Pang Boon, Jek Yeun Thong? Are they forgotten, because they have now become irelevant today? What about those who have also contibuted but are no longer with us - Devan Nair, S Rajaratnam., E.W Barker, Howe Yoon Chong, George Bogaars, Hon Sui Sen, Lee Siew Choh, Lim Chin Siong, J.B. Jeyaretnam and others. This country and this nation's progress in the last 40+ years has been one of miraculous transformation, if we judge our report card by stainless steel, gleaming glass, bricks and mortar, and manicured trees and the landscaped gardens. No Singaporean in their 50 -80 years, would deny our government this credit. Our port, airport, CBD, MRT, highways, public housing, schools and institutions of learning stand out as wonderful trophies to our national sense of accomplishment, and much pride for the civil servants, town planners and estate managers. I, myself, have been a beneficiary of this economic progress, when I recall, as a kid, how I used to take my bath from a public stand pipe, or well, and poo into a bucket. Yes, I am grateful to this goverment for improving our creature comfort, dignity and quality of living, but not of life. But somewhere along the way, coming to where we are today, we seem to have lost that sense of bonding and togetherness with our founding fathers. Our progress reminds me of the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. With the success of the physical transformation of the environment, there has also been an attitudinal and spiritual transformation of another kind. It has been a gradual process and shift of our cultural values and national priorities As our leaders work and live in fine comfort, we the citizens of Singapore are mortgaged to our hilt, and now even our hard earned savings are going up in smoke, because the people in charge knows how to set up the traffic rules, but did not do anything to monitor and track the traffic flow. Hence for many of us who continue to place our blind faith and trust in a government backed and publicly endorsed brand name, and then to be told when the bottom falls out, "you make your own bed, you lie in it". " If you fall down from bed, through no fault of your own, that's too bad. That's life. The market forces of caveat emptor will have to prevail " It is like saying, we have proudly built for you a wonderful zebra crossing, but you can cross at your own risk, without the need for traffic light controls.. You are a brave man for doing what you are doing now, and I will refrain from egging you on, by being just an entertained spectator. Some people will do that, but when the riot vans come around, many will scatter and hide. I am a peace loving person, but like many Singaporeans who have helped to build and make this place our home, I too have my gripes and grouches, at the way we are often being programmed and manipulated by those who know what is best for us. It will be interesting to see if the Prime Minister will still deliver on his national rally pledge, that no one will be left out of the national banquet and pie sharing, even in this difficult and trying time. To the rich dining in aircon comfort, an unfinished bowl of rice is only just $0.50 cents. To the impoverised and starving, that same bowl of rice, could represent a days wage, of burning and straining in the hot sun, or some bent old lady collecting tin cans and discarded cartons just to stay alive, let alone calling it a living. May God bless, and keep you. PatAngel
  18. Are the stories in this program fiction or real people? Is it another propaganda to show locals grass is not greener elsewhere?
  19. Who never met some no common sense driver on road? I seen 2 incident along Paya Lebar road towards the MRT station. Traffic isn't that bad yesterday as everyone was driving smoothly and sturdy speed. I saw one Mark X white car from Shell station, which I believe he go on opposite direction as the arrow indicate going in. I had no issue since some did that in order to get to the extreme right lane. But I saw the driver window was winded down with a ciggie on hand right at the petrol kiosk which is just less then 10m away from the pump. Next, I drove up towards the MRT station, and saw one black Nissan Sunny waiting by the road side near the bus stop. Knowingly that the traffic is quite heavy, he still park there and wait for someone without realising all vehicles had to siam him. I had no problem people waiting by road side but at least look at traffic first. Just another Tuesday blue posting. Why not just share together by posting what you seen?
  20. I saw this paragraph from an article on July Torque magazine, is it true? As far as performance cars go, the rule of thumb is that turbos are better suited to automatics, and naturally-aspirated (high-power) engines should be mated to manual transmission. So that means Evo and WRX should all be auto instead of manual? WRX auto is better than WRX manual? All the while, I see Evo only have manual transmission right?
  21. Food for thought: Since my office pple did a grp buy, 4 out of 4 pple who have tried it claim they feel a noticeable smoothness and ease of revs after putting in the concentrate, I personally havent put it in as my oil change is coming up soon; Does the theory at the website make sense and how come supposingly good and newish oils benefitted from it if they claim they are so good anyway/ http://www.oilextreme.com The theory: When viewed under a microscope, all metal surfaces are rough. University studies suggest the actual contact area of two surfaces is only 10% to 20%. If the microscopic hills and valleys called asperities can be filled with a hard tribochemical film, the load on that metal part can be spread over a much larger area. This will reduce friction and wear up to 10 times. Over the years, ZDDP, graphite, moly, micro metals, PTFE resins, and chlorinated ingredients have been used in the attempt to reduce friction and wear. ALL these ingredients have their drawbacks. Lead has been banned, and other ingredients discredited. Most additive companies won't even tell you what their magic ingredient is. Calcium Carbonate is already used as an alkaline reserve in all motor oil additive packages. Oil Extreme's