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Found 25 results

  1. As a professional in this field this thread is for those looking to enhance their health the right way.
  2. 1. It takes 64 muscles to frown and 16 muscles to laugh. 2. Please do not reply in this thread unless you're adding a joke. 3. Please post only 1 Joke per 24 Singapore Hours per UserID to avoid cluttering. 4. Have an open mind.
  3. Turn steering wheel, let go of wheel, car keeps turning - HELP I went for wheel alignment, all is good. 2 reputable workshop can't find any solutions.
  4. My car's mileage 9 years liao. 155,000km. Nowadays I don't feel like driving and sometimes take mrt also... So what's your mileage like?
  5. I think there must be a engine internal oil leakage causing oil from somewhere? in the upper parts of the engine to very slowly leak down into the sump. But what could that be ? ? ? It's an Astra-G with a Isuzu 1.7 diesel, fairly standard/simple engine I think. It does have a turbo, and a EGR valve. There's no other faults or symptoms. The Haynes? book says I should measure the oil level 10 minutes after halting, so that's what I've done, and it's half a liter above min (or half a liter below max if you like) 10 minutes after halting. But if I then come back a couple of hours later, it's aprox half a liter above max ! ? ? I'm fairly sure it was not like that before, and this is my second Astra with this engine. Before this I had oil and filter change of course. Could it be one of the oil filter gaskets ? Or a not quite compatible filter ?. Also before this, I had a too high oil level so I sucked out a little bit using a break fluid vacum pump/hose through the dip-stick (simple and easy). And at the same time before this I had an EGR-error indication, so I had the EGR out (for the second time), cleaned it, tested it, and put it back in. If that was because of too much oil or just ordinary usage I don't know. It's quite a bit of work and I had to do it a couple of years before as well, so I'm generally taking care not to have too much oil on the engine. But I don't measure the volume I pour into it. I just fill it up and check the dip-stick. ... So maybe that's how I got too much. So now, I'm using the car with maybe half a liter too much, but if I check it 10 minutes after halting, it's just perfect. There's no other faults ! ...... Power and performance is o.k. / as normal, and coolant level is steady an nice,... there's no other symptoms that I know of. The level is always the same (except as mentioned). These Y17DT engines (of which this is my second) both had oil leakage from the cam shaft sealing (and possibly some of the other seals as well), causing the register belt to be soaked in oil (but still running though), so for both I had to change the seals, and thereafter I generally didn't have any problems with the engine. Except for the Astra-G version which had a seal in the generator as well (between the vacum pump and the generator) that was of course leaking as well, and this #¤%" EGR on the Astra-G, and the ECM needing replacement on the Astra-G,... but the engine itself is, apart from this, generally quite nice. By the way, also now (and not before),... there is oil long up the dip stick after taking it out, and I have to clean it lower it and pull it up again. I don't think it was like that before. ?. ............
  6. Hi all, Recently realised that the car air flow keeps changing from internal circulation to allowing air from outside to enter and then back to internal circulation. When it is switched to the later, the coolness of the aircon drops. It is normal?
  7. When I was 10, time seemed to go by so slowly. I had all the time in the world to do what I wanted. January seemed to never end. Though, December did seem to pass by a little faster than January did in that year. But, it was soon January again, time for school, time for friends, time for new learning. Right now, time passed us by so fast. LKY's passing was more than a month ago. I had not much idea what happened to April. Time. It seems not to be constant, but yet, all our instruments tell us that it is. A second is always a second. A year is always a year. Or is it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNgyEmYyQF4
  8. Anyone driving along Clementi Ave 6, towards PIE, last night @ about 11+pm (before 11:30pm). The traffic light was green, but the cam keeps flashing. Wonder what's wrong.
  9. My car is 2 yrs old, Mitsubishi few month back, the left brake light bulb keep blowing changed the third time already last change was 2 weeks back, today blow again bulb is 21/5 watt, dunno why, can anybody help?
  10. Very recently my computer seems to be opening enormous numbers of instances of helpctr.exe by itself when I am surfing the net. The system comes to a halt and pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete just shows me many instances of helpctr.exe Any solutions? Computer is Acer Aspire one netbook. Many thanks.
  11. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/technology/201...-with-nintendo/ Nintendo has a new and enthusiastic, if unexpected, spokesperson in 100-year-old Kathleen
  12. take care guys if you stay around the area. ----- Jul 20, 2011 Dengue cluster at Upper Paya Lebar keeps growing By Salma Khalik The dengue threat continues to rise as the large Upper Paya Lebar cluster gets bigger, with 65 people living in the vicinity down with the disease - 11 more since last Wednesday. -- ST PHOTO: MAY LIN LE GOFF THE dengue threat continues to rise as the large Upper Paya Lebar cluster gets bigger, with 65 people living in the vicinity down with the disease - 11 more since last Wednesday. This is in spite of the National Environment Agency (NEA) sending search-and-destroy teams to visit every house in the area as well as public places where mosquitoes might breed. An NEA spokesman said 40 officers have been scouring the area daily, including weekends, and have found 29 breeding spots in the past three weeks. Further north, another large cluster of 11 victims has emerged in Woodlands. On a national level, 215 people were infected last week, the second week running that the numbers have been above 'epidemic levels'. In the first three days of this week, another 58 people have been diagnosed with dengue. More than 2,800 people have been infected so far this year, about 450 more than in the same period last year.
  13. Versatile

    Exhaust keeps leaking!

    Anybody encounter exhaust leaking very frequently? My leaking always come back after my trip back from malacca.
  14. Newkidontheblock

    IU Unit keeps falling

    ai guys my IU Unit (the thing used to insert ur cashcard for ERPS and all) keeps dropping off from the glue... i think its because i went to tint my car and they removed it and sticked it back... now not as sticky liao so keep dropping... any solution guys ?
  15. I notice that my car aircon compressor r those that does not auto kick in/out... it is "on" all the time as long as I turn the on the A/C, no matter at what temperature set. when I increase the temp., the compressor does not stop working but only heat from the engine allows to enter the interior fan coil in order to set the cabin temperature. For such car with such tech., how long can the compressor last if it keeps working and how fuel efficiency it is?
  16. sometimes wife drive car out with kid or her mom since she got her license. but she always knocked here knocked there. in less than 2 months, she dented car doors, badly scratched front bumper, and made two dents on rear bumper. workshop quoted $600 to repair and it's already the cheapest. my car is quite new less than one year old. blamed her no use. and cant blame too hard you know. hope her to get a sense of responsibility so asked her to pay the repair but got refused. she does not seem to care at all for all these. expert please help...what to do?
  18. Hi Bro, One of my rear tyre keeps loosing air pressure from 38 PSI to 25-20 PSI (tyre spec is 50 PSI max) after two weeks of driving. I did visual check but can't find any foreign object stuck on the tyre. Any idea what is the caused for the lost in pressure?
  19. I occasionally noticed that some red light cams keep flashing non-stop, are they faulty? Also, the flashes don't seem to be very bright unlike what I have heard about their blinding effect, are these flashes the actual brightness of the real thing? If so, then they are not really that noticeable to me at least
  20. Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:27pm EST By Anthony J. Brown, MD NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - During the last weeks of pregnancy, many women become so large in the middle that they look as though they might tip over. But through evolutionary processes, nature has devised a way to keep them upright on their sometimes swollen feet. In a new study, U.S. researchers show how the lower spine in females has evolved to support the obstetrical load experienced by species that stand upright on two feet, so that the center of balance is repositioned over the hips. "Most previous studies on the evolution of how human mothers have accommodated pregnancy have focused on the pelvis and the problems of birthing; this is the first study to look at how mothers cope with the considerable challenges of stabilization while they are pregnant," senior author Dr. Daniel E. Lieberman, from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, told Reuters Health. The normal curvature of the lower spine helps position the trunk above the hips in humans, thereby stabilizing the upper body over the legs, according to the report in the issue of Nature. Pregnancy, however, complicates matters as the weight shifts forward. In their study, Lieberman's team shows how over time the lower vertebrae in human females have become reinforced to allow the exaggerated curved position of the spine assumed by pregnant women when they are standing upright. This position allows the trunk's center mass to remain above the hips. By studying fossils of Australopithecus, the researchers found that these vertebral changes actually preceded the evolution of Homo sapiens. "For me, the biggest surprise was that we can see this maternal adaptation in the fossil record so far back," Lieberman said. "It makes sense that evolution would have favored mothers who were better at coping with these demands, but I didn't expect the fossil record would be good enough to yield such evidence." In future studies, he added, "I think we need to look more at the costs of this adaptation and how it relates to the back problems that so many of us regularly experience." SOURCE: Nature, December 13, 2007.
  21. According to studies, 20-25min of car washing will burn off 100calories. Now assuming it is a full wash and wax job (wash, surface prep, wax, buff...the works). That will be 3X100 for one hour (60min assuming 20min burns 100cals) = 300cals. A 3-hr job will burn 3X300=900cals!
  22. Hi dear MCFers..my fren's hyundai sonata's rpm keeps going up and dwn between dat range..wat might be wrong..and whn the accelerator is stepped..the car move and stop move and stop...watz wrong? the car just accelerate and decelerate whn stepping on the accelerator constantly
  23. One of my tail light keeps failing ie blown up........ the car is a 99 model, so it's not that old, but every time i got to fork out $7++ to replace the bulb????? (free labour)..... (btw, the mechanic says that's the price for the 'correct spec' bulb, i tot it's damn ex.... or it's normal to cost that much juz for a bulb...???) Help...