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Found 402 results

  1. have just read this interesting article from soccernet... China has 1.3 billion population yet cannot assemble a team to dominate Asia, never mind the world... not even PRC, the overseas Chinese (HK, Taiwanese, Singapore, Malaysia, etc) also tend to emphasize on studies and seldom football, or other sports even Jeremy Lin has to work double hard for his NBA dream, after he has proven his academic brilliance in Havard the football genes are just not in our DNA...
  2. Genie47

    I just did DIY oil change

    Like Tcl099 has said the drain plug is easily accessible w/o jacking up the car. It faces towards the rear and needs a 19mm socket or 3/4" to loosen. Now the word is to loosen. I spent a great deal of time and effort loosening. Those SA mechs could be bulls in real life. Strong but very little brains. I am taught for oil change you finger tighten the drain nut only. The oil gushed out when I removed the plug. I waited two hours for the engine to cool down to warm status. Actually until the exhaust pipe is easy to touch. I got burned bad when I enthusiastically started on it right away. Now the drain plug is facing towards the rear of the car. The plug has a number 8 on it and has a washer. I took care not to lose especially the washer. Now the oil is still draining (into a cheap tupperware container). I have those big metal tin for gasoline which I intend to store the used oil until disposal. I don't mind paying for disposal. $5-10 should be good because you cannot get a $10 labor charge for oil change. What is going inside? Conoco Hydroclear Super All Season 5W30. BTW I called up SA to fix an appointment for the 20k which they say is fully booked. So I scheduled one for Mon. They want me to be there early at 8am so that they can started on the A/C dryer issue . With my DIY oil change, I guess they will have less to do but just inspect the the nuts and bolts are tight and in order.
  3. Hi guys, i just came back fm jb. i did hid single beam taiwan,sun-shade,number plate led light,car mate 5 pcs,the small light on the headlight change to led,door visor mugen,the four door metal plates with lighted blue vios word at the price of S$210 for all and the last offer he gave me was RM$80 for sloar film the whole car except front windscreen but i rejected i find mine pretty alright alredy so dun wan it. It a newly open shop just 2 mths, the boss is very nice guy. Is it all cheap? I think is really cheap. It very near to singapore. If anyone interested i can tell u roughly where it is.
  4. I dont subscribe any Starhub or Singtel tv. So during this period, no matter which tv channel I switched to, they are almost all certainly table tennis! want show olypics cannot other games die die must be only table tennis? .. oops.. posted in wrong thread. mods pls move for me. thanks!
  5. Bought this oil cause mx no mo 40wt or 50wt Amsoil I need. Thus decide to try out this Schaffer supreme 9000 instead. It is good stuff!! Engine is very smooth and quiet. Previously using 50wt and though that 40wt will result in more vibrations or noise but not the case! Its even quieter! Maybe its because of new oil but I am impressed. Now will monitor to see if my FC will improve due to slightly thinner oil. I also did add a bottle of Liquimoly Ceratec additive (usual additive for my car).
  6. Anyone of you here got summon on those demerit point related offence.. Does the letter or the offence get reflected on EDDIES first?
  7. Which animals are better behave ? Yahoo : Zoo meerkat expert sentenced over assault on monkey handler LONDON (AP) — A former meerkat expert at London Zoo has been ordered to pay compensation to a monkey handler she attacked with a wine glass in a love spat over a llama-keeper. A judge at Westminster Magistrates' Court said Wednesday that Caroline Westlake must pay 800 pounds ($1,235) to Kate Sanders for assaulting her in a dispute over colleague Adam Davies, who had dated both women. Judge Jeremy Colman also sentenced 30-year-old Westlake to 12 months community service for assault. The judge said Sanders had suffered a "nasty" face injury in the fracas at a zoo Christmas party on Dec. 8. Westlake had claimed that Sanders punched her first, and said she did not remember hitting her colleague with the glass. She was fired by the zoo after the incident. link : https://sg.news.yahoo.com/zoo-meerkat-expert-sentenced-over-assault-monkey-handler-155618685.html Now she is out of job. I don't mind she is my keeper ....
  8. 6 years old japanese car selling for 30k++ is simply too expensive... am i the only one who feel so? am i missing something here? think my pay didnt go up as much as i think i should be....
  9. sian....forgot to turn off hazard light....battery dead :( any brothers here got lobang of what shop to call for help?? I stay at redhill...if that helps...THANKS!!!
  10. Any opinion if some good and expensive($100 plus) bicycle locks are need or just waste money? example: u shape steel (from trek bicycle shop) + double big chain with hardest yale lock is enough to secure 1.5k bicycle at some mrt bicycle slot near city area.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23254934 BBC News coverage as the Duchess of Cambridge goes into labour.
  12. Ahtong

    Is he trolling or just stupid?

    STOMPer Misnomer wonders why a store would be named something unrelated to its business. This was after coming across a clothing store at a shopping mall that was named like a bakery. The STOMPer wrote:
  13. Minut3s

    Car Detailing in Just an Hour

    Hi guys, Just like to share I have hit a new personal record for detailing my car, in just an hour. Here's what I done: - Rinse my car - Wash my car with car shampoo and clay it at the same time - Wash my rims with wheel cleaner - Rinse my car - Dry my car using a waffle weave, about 70% dry, 30% wet - Apply JW Prime whole car (using a wet soft sponge) - Buff it away - Apply Clearkote carnuba moose wax (wet applicator), wipe on and wipe off Everything done in just an hour =) Every steps were done in high speed. Would probably be 15 mins faster if I not for the fact my rims had stubborn stains on them. Who say you have no time to detail your car? =D But end of it, body damn weak and perfect for a nap.
  14. Hi bros, just bought a OPC Hyundai Tucson for my mum. Mileage on it is about 53k km now. Any specialist wkshop for 05' Hyundai Tucson? Overall the drive is smooth and quiet. I read in STOG recommending Gary (Lavender Esso) but seems like prices are abit high. Any ideas? TIA!
  15. Ok guys.. I’m new to this, virgin.. I just got my house keys last Friday.. it’s a premium flat at punggol MRT area.. Was nice until the contractor came in and gave me the pricing.. $15k for simple works.. Basically, I want to tear down a HDB wall and re-erect a new one at further away. (this, already cost me $1.5k-2k). the re-erect portion can be bricks or just partition.. as we got no plans for it. Then I intend to raise the flooring of kitchen for cabinet, washing machine, 2 x toilets.. Carpentry is really a major cost contributor.. My kitchen is 3.48m long and only have space for floor type.. I didn’t intend to engage any ID, I wish to be my own main con.. I also exploring the possibility of getting carpentry works in Malaysia. Hence is there any tips for me..
  16. Darthrevan

    A licence needed just to cycle?

    Should cyclists be licensed? That's what MP for Nee Soon GRC Lee Bee Wah is suggesting. Video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151693281677934
  17. Copied over from a US Porsche forum. But general principles should apply to all cars in accidents - don't be too quick to write off small dents - hit it in the right spot and its going to be structural! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. America's Cup, the worlds oldest sporting trophy between nations, started on the weekend. Shown on Fox Sports. The racing is fast and intense, but the boats are just down right amazing. Averaging 35+ knots (or 65km/h) around the course. The pictures speak for themselves...
  19. closed moved here http://www.mycarforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2689415
  20. Wondering what to invest with just $5,000, i know not a lot but put in bank the interest is really pathetic =( so i would rather go invest something. I have been investing in Silver but now the price drop like s--t -.- So any advice???
  21. Staff69

    Brutally honest or just daft

    Which eatery has the best toothpicks? Din Tai Fung, says labour chief Lim Swee Say Published on Jul 22, 2013 http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/...labour-chief-li By Amelia Tan When labour chief Lim Swee Say goes to Chinese restaurant Din Tai Fung, his eyes are peeled not so much on its dumplings and noodles, but on its toothpicks. He likes them because they are well-designed and of good quality. "Many restaurants give you toothpicks, but the toothpick is so big it can never go through, but this one is so fine that whatever is inside sure can come out," he said on Monday. In fact, he revealed with a laugh, the Din Tai Fung toothpicks are so good, he "can never resist" - he always takes half a box of them during each visit. I am dumbfounded, yet again
  22. got this from the FB site Fxxking amazing facts: remember, it is just a pile of scrap metal at the end of 10 years.
  23. RadX

    Nice view just out of City

    City fringe view throttle2 bungalow somewhere in those greens there [laugh] menthol too