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Found 66 results

  1. Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice restaurant founder Wee Toon Ouut dies aged 81 Source: https://mothership.sg/2019/10/wee-toon-ouut/ Wee Toon Ouut, founder of popular local chicken rice brand Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant, died on Sunday, Oct. 13. He was 81. Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice announced Wee’s passing in a Facebook post on Sunday. No details on the cause of death was given. “As a mark of respect, all our restaurant and outlets will be closed on Saturday 19 October 2019, to send him off on his final journey,” it wrote. The post said Wee’s “warm smile and sincere personality will be missed by all”. It also apologised for the inconvenience caused by the closure. Since 1989 Wee founded Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice in 1989. The chain then expanded into the Philippines, Japan, Korea and Indonesia. There are four branches in Singapore, including three restaurants at United Square, Marina Square & I12 Katong malls, as well as a stall at Makansutra Gluttons Bay @ the Esplanade. The post also said Wee’s philosophy of cooking for customers like how a “mum cooks with passion for their children” will be upheld. The post read: “Rest In Peace, Towkay! – From all of us in the WNK family!”
  2. Wind30

    Another doctor in trouble

    https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/woman-died-mount-elizabeth-hospital-dr-sean-ng-knee-surgery-11912566 was there any disciplinary actions against that doctor?
  3. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/australianz/father-and-son-in-australia-drown-saving-tourist-near-popular-spot-the-twelve Father and son in Australia drown saving tourist near popular spot Twelve Apostles MELBOURNE (AFP) - A father and son life-saving team drowned while trying to save a tourist swept out to sea near one of Australia's most famous sights off the south coast, officials said on Monday (April 22). Mr Ross Powell, 71, and his son Andrew, 32, died on Sunday after their life-saving boat overturned in the surf during the rescue of a 30-year-old man near the Twelve Apostles, a series of massive limestone stacks situated off the Victoria state coast. The tourist, whose nationality and name have not been released, had been wading at the mouth of a river when he got into trouble. He was winched from the water alongside a third lifesaver from the boat, who was seriously injured, by a rescue helicopter and taken to hospital, Victoria Police said. The bodies of the Powells were found in the water shortly after. The tragedy has rocked the small tourist town of Port Campbell where the two men came from, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison leading the tributes. "Surf lifesavers are selfless & brave. We thank them all for their service & extend our deepest sympathies to Ross & Andrew's family & friends," Mr Morrison tweeted on Monday. Surf Lifesaving Victoria president Paul James hailed the pair as heroes, and said the conditions had been rough and "not the place to be swimming". "It's just terrible, it's heartbreaking," he told reporters in an emotional press conference of the death of the dairy farmers and experienced volunteer lifesavers. "I understand the boat was operating in a 2m swell, so a very high swell, and we know that it is very treacherous down there... These brave people, these heroes, have gone out to try and help." Ms Amber Griffiths, the partner of Andrew and who local media reported was pregnant with their second child, wrote about her heartbreak on Facebook. "Today we lost two of the most beautiful people to ever exist - always putting others first," she wrote. "The love of my life, light of my life, father of my baby girl. My heart is broken. I miss you Andrew Powell."
  4. Freeder

    RIP Aunty Lai Meng

    http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1753709 Ah HUI .. li jiak ba buay?
  5. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-43396008 RIP
  6. Another sad news of a performer died while performing. Accident can happen no matter how one is experienced in the field of specialisation. Rest in peace. May the peace be with the family of the performer. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ An experienced Cirque du Soleil performer has died after plunging onto a stage during an aerial straps routine at a weekend show in Tampa, Florida, the company said on Sunday. The incident occurred on Saturday night when Yann Arnaud, 38, fell during a performance of the show VOLTA, according to Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group. The French performance artist died of his injuries at a nearby hospital. Arnaud had been performing in Cirque shows for 15 years and was considered one of the company's most experienced entertainers, president and CEO Daniel Lamarre said in a telephone interview. "We were very surprised, considering his experience, that something like that happened," said Lamarre, speaking from Tampa, where he had flown to be with the show's cast. "I cannot describe to you how the people feel. It's terrible." The death is the third fatality involving a Cirque performer in the company's 34 years, said Lamarre, adding that the aerial strap act is seen as a relatively safe number. "It was awful. You heard all the cries of the audience. There were children there and they were freaking out," spectator Julian Martinez, who witnessed the accident, told local TV station WFLA. Cirque Du Soleil Performer Falls To His Death During Performance Lamarre said he could not share further details about the incident involving Arnaud, a husband and father of two young children. "We are offering our full and transparent collaboration to the authorities as they look into the circumstances of this accident," the company said in a statement, adding the last two shows of Volta planned for Tampa on Sunday have been cancelled. Local media reports said Arnaud appeared to lose his grip on a strap and fell, bringing the show to an immediate halt. Tampa police said the incident is under investigation by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration. on TwitterView image on Twitter http://www.asiaone.com/world/cirque-du-soleil-star-plunges-death-during-florida-show?xtor=EREC-16-4[Emarsys_Newsletter]-20180319&extid=6934d0cfb7b252f1ae9f0dbddf5ff88ca8637e77
  7. Wanted to start a thread for Singaporeans who pass away from accidental deaths (car accidents) or otherwise. I think previously they are all scattered in different threads and sometimes in a bit irrelevant type of grouping. Mods can decide whether this is relevant. Thanks. RIP to this father. http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/singaporean-dies-after-plunging-down-kulai-waterfall-while-trying-to-save-7-year-old
  8. No RIP from me. Luckily his friend and valet didn't die with him http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/drunk-driver-who-died-insisted-taking-over-valet?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook
  9. His parents want you to watch this video. 24 Sep 2015 - Michigan Man Jailed Over Traffic Fine Suffers 17 Days of Untreated Drug Withdrawal, Dies Naked on Cell Floor
  10. sian....forgot to turn off hazard light....battery dead :( any brothers here got lobang of what shop to call for help?? I stay at redhill...if that helps...THANKS!!!
  11. What the H*LL is happening to drivers in Singapore??!!!! http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sg...tong_pasir.html "STOMPer K noticed that a Toyota Vios had veered onto the pedestrian pathway opposite Potong Pasir Block 101 at about 7pm today (June 02). A jogger was hit by the car, and died on the scene."
  12. Hi Anyone knows what the reason. Was waiting for traffic light , idling and car died off. Then start but next traffic light .. same thing happen Is it battery low ?
  13. Ahgong

    Died of disappointment~!

    need to be so drastic or not? piang eh~! 菲律宾一名男子与梦中女神网恋6年,见面时赫然发现“女神”样貌与照片截然不同,当场跳楼自杀身亡。 死者冈萨雷斯满心欢喜,相约“女神”在一个商场见面,有目击者表示听到二人对话,冈萨雷斯问该名女子,“是否真的是你?那个女孩怎可能是你?你有一身黑皮肤,你骗了我6年”!冈萨雷斯感到非常失望,难以面对现实,从商场6楼一跃而下
  14. Mustank

    Alien's creator died

    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/H._R._Giger http://in.mobile.reuters.com/do/urlRedirect?URL=http://in.reuters.com/article%2f2014%2f05%2f13%2fuk%2dpeople%2dgiger%2didINKBN0DT0HV20140513 Haiizzzzz
  15. Picnic06-Biante15

    "Marlboro Man" Died Of Smoke Related Disease

    Many of us from the 70's will remember this man ........... I started smoking after seeing you but quit much earlier than you ... R.I.P. yahoo news: Ex-Marlboro man dies from smoking-related disease LOS ANGELES (AP) — When it came to portraying the rugged western outdoorsman who helped transform a pack of filtered cigarettes into the world's most popular brand, Marlboro Man Eric Lawson was the real deal. Ruggedly handsome, the actor could ride a horse through the wide-open spaces of the Southwest, from Texas to Colorado to Arizona or wherever else the Phillip Morris tobacco company sent him to light up while representing a true American icon, the cowboy. And he really did smoke Marlboro cigarettes, as many as three packs a day. Lawson was still smoking in 2006 when he was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He died of the disease at his home in San Luis Obispo on Jan. 10. He was 72. For three years in the late 1970s and early '80s, Lawson portrayed one of the most iconic figures in both advertising and popular culture. And for the past several years, Lawson had spoken out fiercely about the hazards of smoking, doing a public service announcement for the American Cancer Society in the 1990s, years before he was able to bring himself to quit. "He tried to speak to the kids, telling them don't start smoking," his wife, Susan Lawson, told The Associated Press. "He already knew cigarettes had a hold on him." more on his news, link: http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/ex-marlboro-man-dies-smoking-related-disease-034350253.html
  16. Picnic06-Biante15

    Man Died In SAF Detention Barrack

    Executive Assistant...... civillian or uniform service ???? from CNA: Defence executive assistant dies after collapsing at SAF detention barracks SINGAPORE: A defence executive assistant with the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), who was detained at the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) detention barracks to assist in investigations, has died. MINDEF said 54-year-old Sivaperumal Tanggayelu collapsed while taking a shower at about 6.50pm last Friday. It said the duty medic immediately started resuscitation efforts on Mr Sivaperumal, who was unconscious and without a pulse. At 7.09pm, Mr Sivaperumal was moved to Tengah Air Base Medical Centre, where an SAF doctor assessed that he had suffered a cardiac arrest. Advanced life support intervention was initiated and he was moved to the National University Hospital (NUH) Emergency Department at 7.44pm. MINDEF said resuscitation efforts continued en route to the hospital. At NUH, Mr Sivaperumal was resuscitated at 8.15pm, but remained in a critical condition. He died on Monday at about 8.50pm at NUH. MINDEF said before his detention, Mr Sivaperumal had been assessed to be medically fit for remand. Since starting his detention on 15 October, Mr Sivaperumal had not reported sick or complained that he was feeling unwell. MINDEF said he had also been excused from physical activities. It added that the SAF is providing assistance to the family and is investigating the incident. - CNA/xq
  17. hello my friend car (auto, Nissan), facing a problem. When his car stopped at traffic light, the RPM will dropped and the engine died. Anyone have similar experience and what could be the issue? Thanks in advance.
  18. Zacxaviqer

    IU died on me

    What should I do? Do I bring it to LTA for a replacement or go to any workshop will do?
  19. It happened in Bukit Timah area. Not very sure about the details. Have a 1 year old daughter. Full time Despatch Rider. Prior to the accident, deceased was spotted racing with another friend and showing off his riding skills. While racing, they crashed and one died while another was transported to hospital with multiple injuries. The dead rider was 31 year old with a proper family. How on earth did he behave like a 18 year old newbie mat rempit I really donno Very sad for the wife and one year old daughter. This type of accidents CAN be avoided
  20. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drin...je-4086736.html
  21. http://forums.asiaone.com/showthread.php?t=54099
  22. FaezClutchless

    Carroll Shelby can finally be laid to rest

    [extract] Automotive legend, Carroll Shelby, who passed away this year in May, will finally be laid to rest. You might wonder why it takes so long for his family to give him a funeral. Apparently, after his death, there was a dispute regarding on what to do with his remains. This dispute was between Carroll Shelby
  23. Thumb drive died, how to retrieve data?
  24. http://news.omy.sg/News/Local%2BNews/Story...525-334368.html 【维多利亚街车祸】遭法拉利拦腰猛撞 德士司机脑死 [Victoria St. Accident]Ferrari accident, Taxi driver brain-dead 遭法拉利拦腰猛撞,德士司机内出血,昨晚宣告脑死,医生知他情况非常不乐观,交代家人做好心理准备,即使他能奇迹生还,也可能成为植物人。 这名无辜惨遭横祸的德士司机是秦德福(52岁)。 《新明日报》今午走访医院,德士司机的太太说(49岁,家庭主妇)说,丈夫是夜班司机,下午四时才取车,可是迟迟没回家。