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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys! We are Battery Empire, Your Car Battery Specialist. We carry car battery brands that consist of cheap all the way to premium cost, to cater to everyone needs. When we say 'cheap', it does not mean that it is lousy. At Battery Empire, 'cheap' can mean good and valued for money as well. That being said, who's up for more discounts? We have something for everyone! Check out our Bundles Of Exclusive Promotions on https://www.batteryempire.sg/ now! Apart from car batteries, we carry car accessories and other interesting items too, which we will be introducing shortly, so stay tune!
  2. Swift Battery Specialist Swift Battery Specialist provides onsite 24hrs Car battery replacement, Car Battery jump start and Car Tyre repair services in Singapore Islandwide. We are the specialist in the automobile field that will fix your car break down issue with our onsite recovery team. Swift and immediate response for pricing matters,call us at: +65 8858 9959 More information at https://swiftbatteryspecialist.sg Why choose Swift Battery Specialist: Genuine and Branded Car Battery at low cost Premium selected Car Battery that will last longer and better performance by Swift Battery Specialist Professional Team. Fresh stock ALWAYS AVAILABLE no matter what car you drive. 24 Hours Singapore Islandwide support and reach within 30-45mins or lesser. Average Car Battery Replacement, Car Jump start and Car Tyre repair time only 5-15mins. FREE Phone call diagnostic and troubleshooting. All Car Battery comes with warranty. Services Swift Battery Specialist Provide Car Battery ReplacementSwift battery specialists mechanics standby all over Singapore and provide 24hrs car battery servicing. Our 24hrs car battery replacement service speed is as fast as 5 minutes time and arrival time within 30 minutes. Rest assure, If we are able to Jump Start your Car Battery we will assist to save up the cost of changing the whole battery! Price Start from as low as $120! Car Battery Jump StartOur Swift Mechanics are all professionally trained in performing Car Battery Jump Start. Without proper safety precautions and knowledge, it could damage your car and you will end up paying more repair cost! Trust Swift Battery Specialist and we get the work done. Price Start from as low as $50! Car Tyre Punctured RepairFlat Car Tyre because you accidentally or unknowingly ran over sharp nails, glass shards or etc? It might be too costly to change a whole new Car Tyre, we can help you to fix the Car Tyre hole! Our Car Tyre Repair solution will last forever without changing a new Car Tyre. Repair cost start from $70 onward. Car Spare Tyre ReplacementWhat if your Car Breakdown on road and Tyre is beyond repair? And worst, you have your own spare car tyre but don't have any tools to change it? Engage Swift Battery Specialist and we will get this done for you! DO NOT DRIVE WITH FLAT TYRE AS IT WILL DAMAGE YOUR RIM! Repair cost start from $70 onward. Process & Procedure: Engage us by calling +65 8858 9959 Tell us your problem and all information then we will diagnose remotely. We will determine the issue and advice further. Pricing will be quoted before heading to your location. (ONSITE RECOVERY ONLY) We will ask for your details and also provide you with estimated arrival time. Swift Battery Mechanic will arrive onsite and fix your problem! WE ALSO ACCEPT PAYMENT WITH: VISIT OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: : Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Carousell
  3. Hi guys, any workshops near Macpherson to Ubi area that you can recommend to diagnose a battery draining problem? The battery level was 50plus% last night, and this morning was down to 29%. I had already switched off my in-car camera which has it's own spare battery pack to eliminate the possibility of the camera or battery pack draining the car battery. I had also disconnected whatever things that were stuck into the 12V plugs and USB ports. This was a problem that was started off by my authorised dealer during regular servicing and replacement of a leaking cooling coil.
  4. Source: https://mustsharenews.com/car-battery-free/ Generous Owner Offers Cash-Strapped Couple A Car Battery For Free, After They Paid In Coins & Vouchers Couple Attempts To Pay For Car Battery With Coins & Vouchers, Generous Owner Offers It For Free We can all relate to not having enough money to buy what we want, but what if we badly need it? A cash-strapped Malaysian couple desperately needed a car battery worth S$54.44 (RM165) for their Proton Wira. They struggled to pay with coins and vouchers and the car shop owner – Nicky Tan – was heartbroken upon witnessing the sight. Source The generous owner was not a stranger to poverty so he decided to pay for it himself. According to World of Buzz, here’s how it happened. Generous owner offers free car battery On Wednesday (28 Aug), Tan shared the tale through a Facebook post. He recalls, They gathered all the money they had which amounted to RM90, with a gift voucher and coins that made up about RM10. It seems that the couple didn’t know the exact price of the car battery until they received the quote at the shop. Source After finding out that they were short in cash, they searched the armrests and compartment of their Proton Wira to find as much money as they could. Source While the woman found some coins, Tan observed that she was clutched it as if it’s all she had. He understood that the couple didn’t have much so he decided to do something for them instead. He writes, I told the uncle I would give them a new battery and asked them to keep the coins and RM10 for their trip back to Subang. Couple turns down free car battery The couple did not want to exploit Tan’s generosity so they turned down his free offer. They explained that their financial situation was still manageable. They insisted to pay him with RM80 (S$26.39) plus free vouchers in exchange for the car battery. Source According to World of Buzz, Tan said, Even after I offered the voucher back to them, they said their daughter gave them the voucher to buy groceries and they still have a lot at home. Generous owner relates to poverty Money will always be important in business, however, Tan didn’t mind offering a discount. The couple’s struggle reminded him of his own experience with poverty. He might’ve established a successful car shop though once upon a time he barely had money for food. He wrote in the post, I’ve been through their situation before. I’m not rich but I’m not hungry. I think I’m so blessed as it is. His post has unexpectedly gone viral with more than 8,500 likes and 1,500 shares. Despite the praise and attention, Tan hopes that his kind gesture will inspire others to help their fellowmen regardless of their religion and race. Be kind to fellowmen Not many of us can opt to offer anything for free. Even if we’re short on cash, Tan’s story reminds us to be kind to our fellowmen through small gestures. Since we each have our own burdens, treat everyone with respect and kindness. If you see someone struggling, then don’t hesitate to offer a helping hand. When you do good things for others, it can come back to you in unexpected ways. How have you helped your fellowmen? Let us know in the comments below. Featured image from Facebook.
  5. Guys, Came across this article on SgCarMart that I thinks explains well for the 3 main types of car battery today. http://www.sgcarmart.com/news/events_features.php?AID=3534 Now we know what type of battery to replace for our individual cars.
  6. Jacklim82

    Hitachi Car battery

    Anyone knows or is using hitachi car battery? So lucky my car no batt and get the onsite service. Ask them to provide amaron but when came say no amaron stock and use hitachi 40b19L. He claimed is as good as amaron.but no choice so take it. Anyone can advise.
  7. Am looking for a 60Amp battery ... budget < $100 preferably. Any good recommendation ? Those branded one I think is easily $150 while those cheapo one as low as $55 right ?
  8. Hi Anyone knows what the reason. Was waiting for traffic light , idling and car died off. Then start but next traffic light .. same thing happen Is it battery low ?
  9. Guys, do you guys have any portable electric tyre inflator** and battery charger to recommend? **My car does not come with spare tyre hence I want to buy for contingency. Thks
  10. Self maintenance Battery Introduction Boliden is the Leading Automotive Battery. The Lead Acid battery was invented some 150 years ago and is the oldest rechargeable battery available today. The term Lead acid refers to the construction of the battery in that it uses Lead plate and Sulphuric Acid in order to create a potential of 2 Volts. Batteries are made up of 2V cells to produce 6 and 12V batteries. Each cell, in a charged state, is made up of electrodes of Lead (Pb) and Lead Dioxide (PbO2) in and electrolyte of Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4). In a discharged state, both electrodes turn into Lead Sulfate and the electrolyte becomes primarily water. This process is completely reversible when the battery is recharged. In recent times there have been advances in battery technology and VRLA batteries have become very popular. VRLA stands for valve regulated lead-acid and is the designation for low maintenance lead acid batteries, also called recombinant batteries. VRLA batteries are commonly further classified as: • Absorbent glass mat battery (AGM) • Gel battery These batteries are often called sealed lead-acid batteries, but this term is misleading. A sealed battery would be a safety hazard due to overpressure risks when overcharged and there is always a safety valve present, hence the name valve-regulated. Sealed is opposed to vented (also called flooded). Because VRLA batteries use much less electrolyte (battery acid) than traditional lead-acid batteries, they are also occasionally referred to as an "acid-starved" design. The name "valve regulated" does not wholly describe the technology; these are really "recombinant" batteries, which means that the oxygen evolved at the positive plates will largely recombine with the hydrogen ready to evolve on the negative plates, creating water--thus preventing water loss. The valve is strictly a safety feature in case the rate of hydrogen evolution becomes dangerously high. One result of this design is a much higher ratio of power to weight than large, flooded type battery systems; another is a high-rate power capacity, though of relatively short duration. As a result, VRLA batteries are frequently employed in UPS or other high-rate applications. Batteries can be subdivided further by application. They are many jobs batteries are asked to perform but the everyday jobs can be listed as follows: Engine Starting Lead acid batteries designed for starting engines are not designed for deep discharge. They have a large number of thin plates designed for maximum surface area, and therefore maximum current output, but which can easily be damaged by deep discharge. Repeated deep discharges will result in capacity loss and ultimately in premature failure, as the plates disintegrate due to mechanical stresses that arise from cycling. A common misconception is that starting batteries should always be kept on float charge. In reality, this practice will encourage corrosion in the electrodes and result in premature failure. Starting batteries should be kept open circuit but charged regularly to prevent sulfation. Deep Cycle Specially designed deep-cycle cells are much less susceptible to degradation due to cycling, and are required for applications where the batteries are regularly discharged, such as Photovoltaic systems, electric vehicles and UPS systems. These batteries have thicker plates that can deliver less peak current, but can withstand frequent discharging Marine/Motorhome batteries, sometimes called "leisure batteries", are something of a compromise between the two, being able to be discharged to a greater degree than automotive batteries, but less so than deep cycle batteries. Sizing your Deep Cycle battery: The chart below shows some typical examples of calculations necessary when trying to size your deep cycle batteries. Description Watt @ 12V Amps X hrs/day = Ah Autopilot 20 1.67 5.0 8.33 Echo sounder 4 0.33 7.0 2.33 Instrument Lamp 10 0.83 5.0 4.17 Log 2 0.17 7.0 1.17 Nav. Lamps 80 6.67 6.0 40.00 VHF Transmission 50 4.17 0.2 0.83 VHF Reception 5 0.42 5.0 2.08 Fridge 55 4.58 8.0 36.67 Bilge Pump 50 4.17 0.1 0.42 Sink Pump 50 4.17 0.3 1.25 FM Radio 40 3.33 2.0 6.67 TV 40 3.33 2.0 6.67 Reading Lamp 15 1.25 3.0 3.75 Sundry 60 5.00 3.0 15.00 TOTAL 129.34 The total load in this scenario is 129.34Ah. Unfortunately you can use a 130Ah battery as the battery will not be able to provide a useful voltage at 100% discharge. The recommended maximum depth of discharge for optimum battery performance and life is 50%. Therefore in this example you should have a minimum battery capacity of 260Ah. This can be made up using one very large 12V battery or multiple smaller batteries. It is important to remember most manufacturers recommend a maximum of three batteries in parallel. This is to avoid battery imbalance which can occur during normal cycling. Call us to enquire for your battery replacment : - 6363 5112
  11. [extract] The Swedish automaker is currently testing the viability of using the body panels of an electric car as a battery, by taking part in a