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  1. able to elaborate the workaround strategy? 3.88 is one of the highest I see too. Multiplier is at 3.8 if all category met
  2. Extremme

    New Subaru XV

    The SE told me on paper is abt 14 but actual its about 10-11. My friend driving outlander is achieving abt 10+ with the same capacity
  3. Extremme

    Solar Film - 3M, CoolnLite, Zen Tint, Vkool

    Zen seems like the best value for money...getting my car soon. Not sure if there is more recent reviews of Zen
  4. Extremme

    New Subaru XV

    Yeah am most likely getting Blackvue too. Do you mind taking photo of where you place it ?
  5. Extremme

    New Subaru XV

    the car cam? I seldom see car cam on the driver side though..will it obstruct the driver's view?
  6. Extremme

    New Subaru XV

    http://zencar.com.sg/ ??
  7. Extremme

    New Subaru XV

    For the benefits of others, this is the brand they used for Solar film and specs https://ibb.co/2ScKYn2 Is it decent? I am still contemplating if I should totally change it.
  8. Extremme

    New Subaru XV

    Where did you all install the Car Cam? I was told that it has to be at the passenger side because it will be too Low to be installed at below the rear mirror plus it will obstruct The Eye sight ?
  9. Extremme

    Pioneer HU z5250bt vs z9250bt

    someone selling $788 for Z9250 on carousell. He said he is doing wholesale but no warranty...abit skeptical
  10. Extremme

    Pioneer HU z5250bt vs z9250bt

    how much did you get for 9250 with installation?
  11. Extremme

    Subaru EyeSight on 2019 Forester

    Bringing this up again as I am buying my first Subaru. What is the recommended solar film And specs that works well with Eyesight 2.0?
  12. Extremme

    Pioneer HU z5250bt vs z9250bt

    The connection is still bluetooth between my phone and the HU? When you say plug in, you meant to charge your phone right? Autoimage is quoting me $680 plus installation for 5250, ok price?
  13. Extremme

    New Subaru XV

    Anyone upgrade their HU to P2 generation? Hows the performance ?