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  1. While many auto manufacturers are gearing up for the next wave of automotive revolution, to produce more electric cars (including PHV - Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle) in-lieu of gasoline / diesel powered vehicles, are buyers and local government agencies (e.g. LTA, NEA, SCDF, BCA, etc.) ready for this big wave, and I am not merely referring to the basic infrastructure concerns, such as charging and servicing facilities. As the title suggested, this thread is more for taking an in-depth view on Safety and Environmental concerns, with regards to sales, usage, servicing and disposal of electric cars
  2. There's been so much going on about how EVs are the future and how EVs are cheaper to run than ICE cars because of the low maintenance cost - technically the only maintenance for an EV would be your tyres, brakes, fluids, battery and wiper blades lol - and how electricity (per km) is cheaper than fuel (per km). Our colleague Desmond takes the BMW X3 and its electric counterpart the iX3, for an apple-to-apple comparison to figure out if it's really cheaper to go electric. Copied the table above from the article just for those who are lazy to click in but it's an interesting read so c
  3. TL;DR - An owner of a BMW iX Electric gets caught charging his $460,000+ car at a public power outlet. I pay taxes. You pay taxes. We all pay taxes. But, when you see $hit like this, you can’t help but get angry at where some of our taxpayers’ money goes to. Watch the video here to see if it infuriates you as well: How much is the car? A quick search on Sgcarmart revealed that this car is the more expensive variant and costs a whopping $460,888! How expensive does it cost to charge a car? As I’m not an owner of an EV, I just did a quick
  4. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/singapore/electric-vehicles-ev-charging-points-hdb-car-parks-2025-2547471 Nearly 2,000 HDB car parks to have at least 3 EV charging points each by 2025 File photo of an electric vehicle (EV) charging point in Singapore. (Photo: iStock/taikrixel) Grace Yeoh Grace Yeoh 08 Mar 2022 01:37PM (Updated: 08 Mar 2022 01:37PM) Bookmark Share SINGAPORE: To make every Housing and Development Board (HDB) town “EV-ready” by 2025, nearly 2,000 HDB car parks will each have a minimum of three charging points. These charging points will “mostly pr
  5. Lexus show off electric LFA successor at Goodwood! https://insideevs.com/news/594373/lexus-lfa-successor-goodwood/amp/
  6. Whether we like it or not, electric vehicles are the future. With the growing awareness that the world is literally burning, most car manufacturers are making the shift to electric. Here in Singapore, while progress has perhaps been slower than anticipated, we are seeing a gradual shift towards electrification - both on the buyer’s end, as well as the infrastructure to support these cars. And unlike even just a couple of years ago, these days, living with an EV is increasingly easy. 1. More choices In 2014, there was only one electric passen
  7. The Impressive Engineering Behind The Cheapest Electric Car In The World The cheapest new electric car in the world, the $1,200 Changli Nemeca from Chinese e-commerce website Alibaba, is a truly amazing machine. This became clear as soon as my coworker Jason Torchinsky unboxed the car and saw its unexpected features, and even more so when he drove it. But it wasn’t until he and I looked at the tech under the skin that we truly realized the Changli’s unbelievable value. Here’s a look at the engineering behind the incredible 1.1 horsepower Changli. Jason had a vision
  8. TL;DR – Nissan Kicks e-POWER seemingly 'steals' a carpark lot from another car and crashes head first into the MSCP railings. Cam car who witnessed and submitted the video claims that it was an accident. A 20-second video of a Nissan Kicks e-POWER stealing a carpark lot at a multi-story carpark has been circulating around social media and WhatsApp chats today. Here’s the footage What it looks like At first glance, it clearly looks like the Kicks had every intention to steal the carpark lot and received instant karma for being selfish and inconsiderate.
  9. All EVs offer a multitude of measures used to slow down the process of battery degradation. However, the process is inevitable. While electric vehicles have been proven to have considerably lower ownership costs compared to their ICE counterparts, battery longevity remains an equivocal subject. Similar to how consumers ask how long the batteries can last, manufacturers often question the same subject. ''Every single battery is going to degrade every time you charge and discharge it,'' Atlis Motor Vehicles CEO, Mark Hanchett, told InsideEVs. Essentially, it's inevitable that your ele
  10. This is the Alpha WOLF electric pick-up truck, and if you’ve never heard of the company let alone the car, that’s entirely understandable. It’s a Californian EV startup that started making waves last year when it released rendering. But now there’s a real one. One Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix can look, touch, and sit in the back of cross-legged. So let him be your guide to the truck to take on Tesla’s Cybertruck and Rivian’s R1T. Which would you have?
  11. Ford built this concept demonstrator at the request of several police departments. source: https://www.motor1.com/news/532111/ford-mustang-mache-police-concept/ Municipalities around the world are showing interest in electric vehicles for a variety of purposes. With more interior room, significantly lower maintenance costs, and zero-emission operation, they fit with the future narrative playing out in major cities. Police departments are no exception, and several locations in the UK are interested in seeing how the Ford Mustang Mach-E could work as a full-fledged patrol car. Tha
  12. Ever since its first showroom launch in Singapore, Tesla has received a lot of attention and hype from local drivers. Located at One Assembly in Raffles City, the sparkling mini-showroom proudly features two units of what Elon Musk calls an “affordable” electric car – the Model 3 sedan. Intending to bring clean energy solutions to individuals globally, the high-profile American brand has raised the standard through its vehicles and proved that one could achieve a powerful and fast car without fossil fuels. Tesla drivers not only save money overall but save the earth as well. Wi
  13. With growing capabilities, improving charging and expanding choices, the decision to go electric is becoming easier by the day. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future. That's a given. More and more brands are increasingly electrifying their portfolios, and new incentives from the Government are also further encouraging the use of EVs. However, it's perfectly understandable that not every driver is ready to go electric right now. Even as EV technology continues to advance, existing anxiety and questions about EV usage and ownership persevere. Here are six common concerns a
  14. http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/07/18/tesla-model-s-review Read the review. Sounds exciting!
  15. As shared by SG Road Vigilante on its Facebook page, this driver entered a Multi Storey Car Park at Punggol, only to see a BlueSG turning out of the lot and heading straight at him. Well, this wouldn't have been a problem if they were on a two-way road... Understandably, both drivers stopped in their tracks, stunned for a moment. Where is the BlueSG trying to go anyway? Right, just hop over that kerb and reach for the exit like there isn't a gigantic obstacle painted in striking yellow and black... I've always seen BlueSG cars driving fast and sometimes dangerously on the e
  16. Alibaba and SAIC have joined forces to launch an all-new automotive brand called IM (智己). Set to become China’s latest premium electric vehicle maker, the company will have a lineup that includes a stylish sedan and crossover. The sedan features a streamlined design and an intelligent lighting system which reportedly consists of 2.6 million pixels of light. They can be used to show animations as well as the charging status. Besides the high-tech lights, the sedan has flush-mounted door handles and aerodynamic wheels. We can also see a panoramic
  17. With the planned phasing out of combustion engines by 2040, we find out from Cars & Coffee about how an electric car might just work out well today. Thinking of getting an Electric Car (EV) in Singapore? Well, it isn't as hard as you think it is. With the government planning to phase out the sale of new cars with Internal Combustion Engines by 2040 along with added incentives, EV ownership is set to increase in the next few years. But can you make that choice today? We go to Cars & Coffee to find out more with its large lineup of cars, that also includes EVs.
  18. https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/electric-car-sharing-scheme-to-hit-the-roads-dec-12-9466622 Electric car-sharing scheme to hit the roads Dec 12 The first fleet of cars for an electric car-sharing scheme will hit the roads next Tuesday (Dec 12). BlueSG, a subsidiary of French transportation firm Bollore Group, said it will deploy 80 vehicles which users can book via the BlueSG mobile app. The app will be available on the App Store and Google Play from Dec 5. By Elizabeth Neo @ElizabethNeoCNA 04 Dec 2017 02:21PM (Updated: 04 Dec 2017 10:31PM ) SINGAPORE: The
  19. Hello everyone! This week, we had chance to drive, Tesla’s flagship sedan, Model S P100D. With the super electric car, we have done 0-60 using ludicrous mode and tried using auto pilot system. Is it worth all the money? Do you buy this to save planet or for your enjoyment. Let’s find out Alex’s youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/KoreanAlex https://youtu.be/oMJV6JJOX70
  20. An affordable electric car? That's right! MG is making its re-entry here onto our sunny shores with this new ZS EV, and we take it out for a proper spin! Oh, and James is back as well! The MG ZS EV will get you a full charge in just seven hours of charging, or half an hour of fast charging. Pretty decent, in our books, so now all we have to do is wait for more charging options. But how does it perform as a regular car? Looks like rear bench seating could be more generous... And the drive? Watch the full video to see why the long faces
  21. An image uploaded on Beh Chia Lor's Facebook page of a green taxi parking on a patch of green grass happens to be the talk of the office today. Here's the image for your reference courtesy of Beh Chia Lor. What we know Image from https://www.taxisingapore.com/taxi-companies/hdt-electric-taxi/ This green BYD taxi belongs to a taxi company called HDT Taxi. I've not seen or sat in one, but we know that the company's fleet comprises of fully-electric vehicles with a focus on "Going Green". Also, we know that the patch of grass the taxi is on, is not a parking lot
  22. Supporting Cleaner and Greener Vehicles for A Sustainable Land Transport Sector 1 Under the Land Transport Master Plan 2040, we have committed to encouraging adoption of cleaner and greener vehicles for a more environmentally sustainable land transport sector. As part of Budget 2020, Government is introducing measures to facilitate adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs), which is one of the cleanest and lowest-emission vehicular technologies available today. We have also reviewed the road tax framework to better reflect the current trends in vehicular efficiency and parity w
  23. This is the the limited-edition NIO x Razer ES6 Night Explorer. The electric car was displayed at China Joy 2019, a digital expo and conference in Shanghai. It was announced as a collaboration between the homegrown gaming brand and NIO, a Chinese automobile company manufacturing smart electric vehicles. Before you get too excited, the exclusive automobile is only limited to 88 units for sale in China. But interested Razer fans shouldn’t fret, as the new electric SUV is the first of several future partnerships between Razer and NIO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBMSM2VOQOc
  24. Users of Google Map can now have real-time availability of charging ports at the charging station, removing the chances of driving there and finding no available slots for your Electric Vehicle. However, only owners in United Kingdom and United States of America can benefit from this updated function for now. That said, once Google gets this new feature inserted into future versions of the app for Singaporeans, users simply have to fire up the app and search for “EV charging stations.” A list of nearby chargers will then appear, showing how many open ports are available at each sta
  25. This week, we have tested an all electric car from Kia motors. We test drove & tested charging the 2019 Kia Niro EV for 3 days. How is Kia Niro EV to drive and charge? Let’s find out if it is a good electric car and also a compelling as a car. 2019 Kia Niro EV -64kW battery & 150kW electric motor (201hp & 291lb-ft) -172.2x71.1x16.8x106.3 inch -215/55R17 Competition: Tesla Model3, Hyundai Ioniq EV, Kia Soul EV, Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Bolt EV, Jaguar I-PACE https://youtu.be/wLG6vusdvbQ
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