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Found 13 results

  1. Source: https://mustsharenews.com/bluesg-failing-btt/ Man Rents BlueSG Cars 49 Times In 2 Months Despite Failing Basic Theory Test Every aspiring driver in Singapore has to go through the initiation process of passing the Basic Theory Test (BTT) before getting the chance to sit behind the wheel. However, when a 21-year-old man, Chen Chengquan – name transliterated from Chinese – failed his BTT, he went to rent a BlueSG car to drive around. In total, he did this 49 times within 2 months by using his friend’s driver’s licence. On 28 Feb, Chen pleaded guilty to 3 charges,
  2. TL;DR – A BlueSG car signals right but changes to the left lane, almost sideswiping cam car who swerved away just in the nick of time. Most of us should be familiar with the whole ‘pay by the minute’ business model of BlueSg, a car-sharing company. Paying by the minute is indeed a lot more affordable than driving your car or booking a private hire vehicle. Moreso if you can reach your destination quickly. But, that doesn’t mean drivers should rush from point A to B with blatant disregard of traffic rules. Like this BlueSG driver In this 35-
  3. In a recent Facebook post, a driver shares his horrific story of how renting a BlueSG car almost got him killed. On 1st November 2021, as the driver was driving his BlueSG while running errands, he notices something odd with the vehicle. According to him, the car was making weird sounds and he felt a tremble while driving. It was at this point that he decided to stop the car and inspect it at the side of the road. As the car comes to a complete stop, the front left wheel suddenly pops out and rolls away. Shocked, the driver manages to chase the wheel and le
  4. Bolloré Bluecar - Any BlueSG user here? Share your experience here! The Bolloré Bluecar is a small four-seat, three-door electric car supplied by Bolloré, designed by Pininfarina and manufactured by Cecomp in Bairo, Italy, under a joint venture owned by Bolloré and Pininfarina called Vehicule Électriques Pininfarina Bolloré (VEPB). The car has a 30kWh lithium metal polymer (LMP) battery, coupled to a supercapacitor, that provides an electric range of 250 km (160 mi) in urban use, and a maximum speed of 120 km/h (75 mph).[1] Originally shown as the Pininfarina B0 concept car in 2008,
  5. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have really missed the F1 action in Singapore. The rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel (when he was still with Ferrari) and also admiring young drivers like Charles Leclerc and Alexander Albon. But today we have our own Formula One action along the KPE toward ECP by a Bolloré BlueSG. Color me impressed after watching this feat of insanity. The driver manages to cut from the first lane to the fifth lane (exiting toward Tanjong Pagar) with no incident and in four-seconds no less. So without further ado, let's wa
  6. After being told to move off from a handicapped lot, a BlueSG driver turned into an uncouth Ah Beng and confronts the cam car. This incident happened at Block 371 Clementi Avenue 4, involving the cam car and a BlueSG driver. Here is a clearer overview of the location where the incident took place. The following occurrence was not in the video, but according to the cam car driver, he lightly honked the BlueSG driver as an indication for him to move off from the handicap lot he was hogging. However, things took a turn. And yes, this time, it was captured on video.
  7. A BlueSG car recklessly speeds up in a merging lane and forces the camcar driver (with his pregnant wife in the car) to swerve and prevent a collision. Like all electric vehicles, the Bollore Bluecar comes with instant torque which allows the vehicle to accelerate quicker than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. You can clearly see the disparity in acceleration in the video. Let's look at some R&R (not rest and relaxation) But, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter how fast you can accelerate. There are rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. A
  8. Earlier this morning, a photo of a BlueSG driver's unfortunate situation at Tampines was posted on Facebook. Judging from the caption, it seems like the driver tried to park the vehicle but ended up over-reversing onto the cement kerb. Even the electric charger was knocked down in the process as well. Netizens' reactions After seeing this post, netizens went to comment on their opinions of the driver's haphazard parking technique: What are your thoughts on this? Is a BlueSG car really that hard to handle, especially for beginner drivers?
  9. Alrighty readers, let's waste no time to discuss today's hot topic - A BlueSG driver who allowed his son to get behind the wheels of the car! No video though, so here are the images. I am not an expert in parenting, but I am quite sure this boy is definitely not 18-years old and not of legal age to drive. He even has the same bowl cut hairstyle I had when I was a kid (not like anyone's asking). What is the legal age for driving? The minimum age to drive a motor vehicle with a Qualified Driving Licence (QDL) in Singapore is 18 years old. How many people can sit on the drive
  10. As much as I like to eat my char siew rice at Fatty Cheong @ ABC market (not sponsored), I also like to diss all the irresponsible BlueSG drivers out there. Today, we have a YP BlueSG driver dangerously crossing a double white line at the exit of an expressway. Remarkable driving? I beg to differ. What is a double white line? What's the penalty? For driving without due care or reasonable consideration - Charged in court, up to $1,000 fine or imprisonment for up to 3 years or both (first offence) and a ban from driving for at least 2 years.
  11. As shared by SG Road Vigilante on its Facebook page, this driver entered a Multi Storey Car Park at Punggol, only to see a BlueSG turning out of the lot and heading straight at him. Well, this wouldn't have been a problem if they were on a two-way road... Understandably, both drivers stopped in their tracks, stunned for a moment. Where is the BlueSG trying to go anyway? Right, just hop over that kerb and reach for the exit like there isn't a gigantic obstacle painted in striking yellow and black... I've always seen BlueSG cars driving fast and sometimes dangerously on the e
  12. Home-grown transport and engineering group Goldbell is in advanced talks to buy over an electric car-sharing outfit in Singapore. The Straits Times understands that discussions for the takeover of BlueSG's operations have gone on for about a year, and an in- principle deal has been struck. BlueSG is owned by a unit of French transportation giant Bolloré Group. It was launched in 2017 as the first electric car-sharing operation in Singapore. The company now runs a fleet of around 670 cars, with about 1,500 charging points across the island. It has around 80,000 subscribers. The i
  13. It must have been quite humiliating for this particular Volkswagen Passat. Spotted on ROAD.sg's facebook page over the weekend are a few photos of a BlueSG car that needed to be returned but the driver found himself blocked out of the BlueSG parking lot by an irresponsible VW Passat. We guess the driver of the BlueSG vehicle must have been in a rush and realising that he had no other choice, decided to leave his BlueSG car in front the Passat before proceeding to charge his car. While netizens are all in support of the blueSG driver serving justice to the Passat o
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